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The City Sentinel 06/08/2014

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June 12, 2014 June 18, 2014 BUSINESS/REAL ESTATE
Jack L. Werner, Ph.D. - Lic. #255
We are known for being the
most thorough
commercial &
inspectors. 405.412.7861
Your house A to Z
Pre-Market Inspection Pays Off
By Jack L. Werner, Ph.D.
A to Z Inspections
The real estate superstars
recommend a pre-inspec-
tion, an owners inspection
before the home is put on the
Usually referred to as pre-
inspections, the industry
leaders believe that securing a
thorough inspection up front
will result in a faster sale and
net more dollars to the owner.
Knowledge is power ap-
plies here. If an owner can
lay down a comprehensive in-
spection in conjunction with
an offer, it places the owner
in the drivers seat. The own-
er can then say: I know you
need to get an inspection.
I have had a really tough
one done, and here is what I
will or will not fix in order for
me to accept your offer. The
statements I hear about why
sellers dont get a pre-inspec-
tion appear to revolve around
these thoughts:
If I know about it, I have to
disclose it.
I dont want to spend mon-
ey on an inspection.
There is nothing wrong
with my house.
oughness, preparation and
honesty pay off. If you want
the names of the real estate
superstars - or articles or
books recommending Get a
pre-inspection as priority ad-
vice -- contact me at 405/412-
Jack L. Werner, Ph.D., is the
owner of A to Z Inspections.
He was the first designated
Master Inspector by ORCIA
(Oklahoma Residential and
Commercial Inspection As-
sociation). Werner holds a
degree in construction from
OSU and teaches Certified Ag-
ing in Place Specialist (CAPS)
and Universal Design & Build
for the National Association
of Home Builders. He teaches
home inspections for Francis
Tuttle Career-Tech. He can be
reached at 405/412-7861.
AT&T Names Steve Hahn President of AT&T Oklahoma
Staff Report
AT&T said that Steve Hahn
has been named president of
AT&T Oklahoma. Hahn most
recently served as president of
AT&T Kansas.
As president of AT&T Okla-
homa, Hahn will oversee the
companys local, state and fed-
eral government relations ef-
forts in the state. In addition, he
will work closely with commu-
nity and business leaders, elect-
ed officials and others at AT&T
to continue to bring advanced
communications technologies,
including 4G LTE and other
broadband services, to consum-
ers and businesses.
Hahn has held numerous, key
leadership positions at AT&T.
Prior to serving in his most re-
cent role as president of AT&T
Kansas, he served as Director of
External Affairs at AT&Ts cor-
porate headquarters in Dallas.
Prior to that assignment, Hahn
led the Three-Screen Opera-
tions team in AT&T Entertain-
ment Services where he direct-
ed the first initiatives to deliver
on the companys commitment
to offer compelling content
across 3 screens-- televisions,
computers and wireless devic-
Hahn is a graduate of Uni-
versity of Texas at Austin and
earned his M.B.A. from Texas
A&M University. He is mar-
ried to Julie Hahn and they have
three sons. He is an avid out-
doorsman and enjoys golf, soc-
cer, tennis, hunting and fishing.
A helpful guide to hiring a remodeler
By Glen Hunter
Manager RGP Restoration &
Construction Group
Are you comfortable with
the home remodeler and con-
fident that this company will
do the work according to your
plans, budget, and specifica-
To ensure youre satisfied
with the answers, ask for a
written estimate of the work to
be done based on a set of plans
and specifications. Be prepared
to pay for this package. If the
estimated cost of the project is
more than you can afford, see
if you can trim something or
postpone part of it so you can
still work with a professional
home remodeler.
Ask the home remodeler to
explain the plans and specifi-
cations and company proce-
dures to you. For instance, once
construction begins, how does
the company handle changes
to the initial design, choice of
materials, or schedule? If you
compare your estimate with
another, be sure each one is
based upon the same set of
plans, specifications, and scope
of work. If your home remodel-
er suggests any deviations, ask
the home remodeler to present
them as options separate from
the main proposal.
BEWARE of vast under-
bids of other contractors. They
may have the best price, but
that doesnt guarantee the best
Such contractors may cut
costs on quality for your home
remodel, which can end up
costing more when the home
owner has to redo the work.
Find out whether the home
remodeler uses a detailed,
written contract that protects
both of you and that complies
with local, state, and federal
laws. The contract must spell
out the work that will and will
not be performed and provide a
fair payment schedule.
Select the home remodeler
with a track record of a variety
of excellent projects and plenty
of experience with your type of
All professional home re-
modelers should be insured
and able to show proper insur-
ance verification.
The Oklahoma State Remod-
elers Council was created to
assure property owners that
their remodeler has a proven
track record of financial re-
sponsibility, technical compe-
tence and fair dealings with
the public. Examples include:
1) Remodeler must have been
in an Oklahoma business for 5
years. 2) Must be a member of
the National Homebuilders As-
sociation. Must carry at least
$1,000,000 General Liability
Here are a few helpful hints
in finding a reputable remod-
BEWARE of paying cash or
payment in full before starting
the job. Shady home remodel-
ers demand cash and then run
with the money. Many home
owners have been stranded by
paying in full up front.
BEWARE of difficulty con-
tacting the home remodeler.
Professionals have a physical
address (Not just a PO Box),
phone and email. They should
respond to your queries in a
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