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I - VIOLENCE ERUPTS (again) - May, June, October 2012

Violent Events, Tensions Boil - The Spark Is Not The Root

Most people, particularly in the international community, think that the large-scale violence that happened in
Arakan on June 8, 2012 was due to the rape and murder of Thida Htway - who was raped and murdered by 3
Bengali youths in Kyauknimaw Village, Rambray Township on May 28, 2012 - and the subsequent retaliatory
murder case in Taung Goke where 10 Bengali Muslims were killed by a group of people on June 3, 2012.
Many Aggressions and Disturbing Justification
The rape and murder of Thida Htway sparked the cycle of violence
that subsequentially spiraled out of control, but, it was not the root
cause. It was one of many sparks. There are many rapes of Buddhist
women and girls, mainly in the Muslim dominated townships of
Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathaydaung. In these townships, and
others with large Muslim populations, the Rakhine Buddhists
continually complain that the Bengalis steal their property, their
cattle and crops, and harass, attack and sometimes kill the Buddhists,
and other non-Muslims. (See the many Interviews in this Report)
And, disturbingly, the Bengalis seem to even find justification, for
being contemptuous of the Rakhine people, their culture and their Buddhist faith. The Muslims are beholden
to the insular dictates of their faith, which does not encourage assimilation with others, nor admiration or even
tolerance, but upholds expansionism, superiority, and the inarguable belief that Islam will - by Allahs (Gods)
decree - be accepted by all people, everywhere.
MAUNGDAW - June 8, 2012
MAUNGDAW - Town Explodes With Prepared Violence
On June 8, 2012, violence exploded in the town of Maungdaw - the closest big town to the Bangladesh border,
and the town in Arakan with the greatest percentage of Muslims (now, about 96%). The area around
Maungdaw is Maungdaw Township, which has changed from majority Buddhist to 90% Muslim in just 60
years. But, disturbingly, that change is due to murder, intimidation and ethnic cleansing by the Bengali
Muslims against the indigenous Rakhine Buddhists.
On Friday, June 8th, Muslim men poured out of the
central mosque in unusually large numbers (around
1000), after Friday prayers ended, most of them
armed with long heavy sticks, metal rods, knives,
swords, rocks and gasoline bombs - which had,
apparentally been stored in the mosque in
preparation. They were several distinct large mobs,
and they were instructed to branch out in different
directions. Photos and film show this. They were
loudly yelling taunts and death messages to the
Buddhist - people had never heard such a loud, and
terrifying, collective sound. The Muslims surged in
great numbers up the roads, breaking the windows, and
looting Buddhist owned shops, and beating or killing
Buddhist that they could catch. The Buddhist population
of several thousand fled in sheer panic. The Muslims
started torching buildings - especially the Buddhist
temples and monasteries. They did not consider the
peaceful Buddhist monks to be worthy of any respect or
reverence, and monks were badly wounded, beaten, and
sometimes viciously killed. And, many Rakhine people -
including elderly and children - were severely wounded,
killed, trapped in burning buildings, or were trying to
hide or running for their lives. The Bengalis even
callously raided Maungdaw Hospital causing severe
By evening there were fires raging in every direction. Dozens of villages were burning out of control, and
thousands and thousands of Buddhist (and also Hindu minority, Christians, and even Muslims who were not
Bengali) were fleeing, or becoming a victim of the Muslims campaign to eliminate the Buddhist and other
non-Muslims, and seize the land for their own pure Islamic land.
The next day, June 9, Maungdaw was under curfew and troops
started to enter to rescue Arakanese people - in some quarters of
the town - who were trapped and extremely fearful.
ln our vlllage of Mawra Waddy we had a ollce
osL wlLh 3 pollcemen. When Lhe rloung Musllm
mob appeared Lhe pollce red warnlng shoLs. 8uL
Lhe mob knew Lhe pollce wouldn'L shooL aL Lhem
dlrecLly and so Lhey kepL on comlng and nally
burnL Lhe place down and kllled Lhe women and
chlldren who couldn'L run. 1he pollcemen also
ran," solJ o vllloqet ftom Mowto woJJy vllloqe.
INTERVIEWS with Monks, a Grandmother, and Teachers
"&)%*!"%+, -./01 2 3#&45 2 6*7&83#)9%*5 2:; 2 )%7'9%*
- Semng re Lo Lhe houses of lnnocenL people and Lhe local communlLy ls noL proper for anybody or any
rellglon, buL, Lhls ls happenlng ln Arakan because we have deceluul people ln our land. Cur ancesLors
hosLed Lhese people and now we are suerlng from Lhelr Lerror. 1hus, Lo avold Lhese klnd of evenLs from
happenlng agaln Lo our nexL generauon, Lhese LerrorlsL-mlnded people should be senL ouL of 8akhlne
SLaLe. 1o have susLalnable peace and securlLy ln our land, Lhese savage demon-mlnded LerrorlsLs should
noL exlsL on our land. We have also proposed Lhls Lo our omclals.
!"#$ &' ()*+ ,-''#.- $) $"- &/$-+/#0)/#1 2),,*/&$( +-.#+3&/. $"&' 2+&'&' *4)/ $"- 5#6"&/- 4-)41-7
-8akhlne SLaLe ls a land ln whlch muluple eLhnlclues and rellglons have coexlsLed peacefully. We have been
llvlng here harmonlously wlLh oLhers (Chrlsuans, Plndus, anlmlsL, oLher Musllm groups) llke Lhey are our
slbllngs. 8uL Lhese 8engalls are noL llke humans - Lhey are lnLoleranL demons whlch splll human blood and
lnlcL paln and suerlng on oLhers. 1hus, we musL reslsL Lhem.
u komoto - mook, oeot 5ltetwoy
-We always have Lo sLay alerL because of Lhe callousness and vlclous naLure of Lhe 8engalls. lL ls very
lmporLanL Lo lnform Lhe new generauon abouL Lhe 8engalls. 1he 8engalls don'L know whaL Lolerance ls
and Lhey don'L have any heslLauon Lo harm and klll, even Lhose who Lry Lo help Lhem. 1hey are very cruel,
lnferlor and Lhey have Lhe amLude of superlorlLy and lnLolerance. l especlally would llke Lo warn Lhe new
generauon LhaL Lhey should noL llve wlLh Lhe 8engalls LogeLher any more, for Lhelr own safeLy.
Moooq looe lbto - 81 yeot-olJ qtooJmotbet, look lbto ltooq vllloqe, kotboyJoooq 1owosblp
- Slnce 2 pm, Lhe slLuauon was noL sLable. AL rsL, Lhe 8engall Musllm groups of men were comlng Lo Lhe
gaLherlng area aL our vlllage 8uddhlsL pagoda. 1hen Lhey sLarLed semng re Lo our 8uddhlsL monasLery.
So, all Lhe governmenL servanLs gaLhered ln one of Lhe Leachers' house. 1he slLuauon became worse and
worse. We were all ln a dllemma on whlch way Lo ee. Mobs of 8engall Musllms suddenly enLered Lhe
vlllage. eople were runnlng back and forLh, and ln all dlrecuons. l was carrylng my baby and l fell down
Lhe embankmenL of Lhe vlllage pond and could noL geL up, and Lhen was surrounded by a 8engall mob.
When Lhey saw me, some of Lhem sald, sbe ls oot vllloqe teocbet. And Lhey also Lold oLher 8engalls
LhaL were [usL [olnlng Lhls mob LhaL sbe ls oot teocbet so Joot botm bet, and also Lold Lhem ln 8engall
language, sbe bos o boby. 8uL, some of Lhem sald LhaL Lhey would klll me, and some dldn'L wanL Lo klll
me. Some of my sLudenLs' parenLs repeaLedly pleaded LhaL l shouldn'L be kllled, slnce l am Lhelr vlllage
Leacher, and also, LhaL l had a baby. 8uL, l heard some say LhaL l should be kllled and beheaded. l was very
worrled abouL my llfe, and my baby's llfe, and l pleaded wlLh Lhem noL Lo klll me, LhaL l'm a Leacher of
Lhls vlllage.
1wo young 8engall sLudenLs of mlne arrlved, and Lold Lhe oLhers LhaL l was Lhelr Leacher, and Lhey
plcked me and my baby up and quleLly Lold me whlch way Lo run Lo escape from Lhe vlllage. 1hen l
ed, passlng a man chopped Lo deaLh.
uow Nyo Nyo wotm - teocbet, ftom 5ltetwoy, ttoosfetteJ to MoooqJow

!"#$%&'% < =>:?:@A;
"&)%*!"%+, -./01 2 $#'7$ 3#&4 2:; 2 )%7'9%*
- Cn !une 9, 2012, abouL 230 houses ln Lhe Sak8onSu quarLer of SlLeLway, and four monasLerles lncluded
Saydl-prawn monasLery were seL on re aL abouL 3:00 pm by 8engall Musllms and aL abouL 3 pm, as Lhe
dark evenlng began, Lhe monks and people of Sak8onSu quarLer had Lo ee for Lhelr safeLy Lo 8aw1har?ar
vlllage. Cn !une 10, 2012, abouL 1,000 8engall from narzl quarLer foughL wlLh monks of uamarama
monasLery ln 8aw1har?ar vlllage. 1wo young monks were ln[ured by Lhe 8engalls' ghung. 1he pollce and
army arrlved [usL ln ume and sLopped Lhe 8engall's ghung.
9): :#' $"- '&$*#0)/ ); 5#:<"#+=#+ >&11#.- #?-+ $"- @-/.#1&' #A#267
- Aer Lhe pollce and army sLopped Lhe 8engalls' ghung, Lhe pollce and army le our vlllage wlLhouL
deploylng any securlLy forces. Cn !une 11, we observed 8engalls organlzlng Lhelr groups and gaLhered
weapons, such as swords, spears, arrows and caLapulLs (sllngshoLs). 8engalls were plannlng Lo ghL
Arakanese vlllages and 8uddhlsL monasLerles ln Arkyab-Law-kone. We Lherefore, organlzed vlllagers and
formed a defenslve group Lo proLecL our vlllagers, our nauonallLy and our peaceful rellglon from Lhe
8engalls' deadly plans of conquesL. Moreover, Lhree monasLerles were already under conLrol of 8engalls
near 8aw1har?ar vlllage before Lhe !une 10Lh ghung. So, on !une 10Lh our Arakanese defenslve group
counLer-auacked and Look back conLrol of Lhose monasLerles and vlllages.
9): 3) ()* ;--1 #/3 :"#$ 3) ()* $"&/6 #B)*$ $"- @-/.#1&C' D."0/.7
- l feel so sorry and angry wlLh Lhe 8engalls, and Lhe governmenL also. Arakanese are Lhe lndlgenous people
of Arakan and an eLhnlclLy of 8urma, buL 8engalls are mlgranLs who lllegally enLered lnLo Arakan, oen
uslng brlbes. Cn Lhe oLher hand, Lhey are noL cluzens of 8urma. 1hey foughL locals and desLroyed our
vlllagers' houses, properues and even rellglous monasLerles. 1he maln enuLy causlng Lhls conlcL ls Lhe
lmmlgrauon ueparLmenL of Lhe 8urmese governmenL. Some of Lhe Lhem Look brlbes from 8engalls and
lllegally allowed Lhem Lo enLer lnLo Arakan SLaLe. So, unnecessary unresL occurred ln Arakan.
u loool-to - beoJ mook lo loool-tboto Mooostety, Akyob-tow-kooe, 5ltetwoy
- Slnce noon on LhaL day (8 !une), many Musllm 8engalls were aL Lhe mosque. 1he news was spreadlng LhaL
someLhlng would happen ln Maungdaw. 8uL l dldn'L expecL LhaL Lhe problem would be so serlous and
deadly. Aer Lhe frlday prayers, around noonume, many many 8engalls came ouL of Lhe mosque and
gaLhered aL Lhe local markeL of ZawmaLeL. l esumaLed LhaL Lhere were some 6,000 8engalls, oLher Leachers
esumaLed up Lo 10,000. 8engalls sLarLed semng re Lo a shop. Aer LhaL, Lhey seL re Lo Lhe loresLry
reservauon Camp and Lhen Lhey headed Lo Lhe 8uddhlsL monasLery Lo burn lL down. Aer LhaL, Lhey
desLroyed Lhe 'Pouse for Lhe SplrlL' near Lhe monasLery and seL a nearby shop on re. 1hey Lhen headed Lo
our dormlLory and forced Lhelr way lnLo Lhe dorm where boLh male and female Leachers llve and desLroyed
everyLhlng Lhere aer Laklng away whaL Lhey wanL from Lhe dorm, and Lhen Lhey seL lL on re. AL Lhls
momenL, Lhe 8engall Musllms, who were aL Lhe souLh and aL Lhe fronL of Lhe vlllage enLered lnLo Lhe vlllage
ln groups. 1hey desLroyed all Lhe Arakanese houses and Look away Lhe properues Lhey wanLed and seL re
Lo all local Arakanese houses ln Lhe vlllage.
ntwoo Motm lou - teocbet, ftom kyook-pbyto, bot teocbloq lo kowtboltkoy
June 2012 - SITETWAY
Burning, Rioting, Death and Destruction
As the rioting Bengali Muslims were burning and looting Maungdaw and the surrounding villages, Sitetway,
the capital of Rakhine State was tensely anticipating the violence to spread there, as the news and situation
was steadily becoming worse.
The first bad news, on June 9, was the arrest of two Bengali Muslim youths
who were each carrying a large can of petrol into the Sitetway Myoma
Bazaar. It is clear that they intended to burn down the Bazaar, but, alert
Rakhine neighborhood-watch group members caught them before they
could do serious damage and the two boys were delivered unharmed to the
local police station.
The next bad news was that groups of
armed Muslims were gathering, menacingly, near Nhazi Village - a
majority Bengali Muslim village near Sitetway (2700 households, 90%
Muslim, 10% Buddhist). The whole town of Sitetway was on red alert - as
the situation was ominous and the Bengali Muslims were becoming
disturbingly agitated.
Then, in the late afternoon of June 9, about 1,000 Bengali Muslims - from
the Bengali villages of Tapaing, Bumai, and Thechaung Bengali, near the
Sitetway Airport - armed with knives, swords, heavy sticks, and petrol
bombs had begun to march towards the town. The mob withdrew only after
the Security Police fired warning shots over their heads.
But the Bengali mob didnt disperse, and from their side of the railway
track they were throwing stones at the Security Police taking position on the town side of the tracks. Those
three Bengali Muslim villages are on the coast, and men seemed to have snuck over from Bangladesh to help
stage an attack on the Buddhists in Sitetway during the night.
Buddhist Minority Flees Their Village - June 2012
The Buddhist residents of Nhazi Village just outside Sitetway started to abandon the village.
The large village had 5 Buddhist monasteries: Zeya Mingala, Zedi Byin, Sanda Lawka, Dahma Wihara, and
Gyit Chaung. By the next morning three of the monasteries and most of the Buddhist homes were burning.
The main water distribution pipeline to Sitetway goes through Nhazi Village which meant that the Bengalis in
Nhazi could destroy it or try to poison the water supply, as has happened before, elsewhere in Arakan. The
Sitetway town municipal authorities ordered the pipeline turned off.
June-October 2012 - Simmering Tensions, Muslim Media Demonizes Buddhists
Since the large-scale violence of June 2012 happened tensions remained high, conditions were often dismal,
and the prospects of peace were abysmal. Small-scale incidents continued to happen - some homes burned,
people ambushed and attacked, wounded, or killed.
Even in other countries related incidents happened. In the nearby Islamic country of
Malaysia, Muslims attacked Burmese (whom are usually Buddhists, sometimes
Christian) owned restaurants, ransacking and burning
them, beating or killing owners, staff and/or customers.
Arab Muslim countries called for all Muslims to join in
Jihad (Holy war) against Burma, and the Arab Muslims
demonized the Buddhist people and Buddhism itself in
the most vulgar ways, and even branded Buddhist monks
as Buddhist terrorists and killer monks, and labeled
photos of monks chanting prayers as: racist monks
praying for genocide. This was spread by the Muslim
media, giving a green light to attack Burmese, or actually
any Buddhist, anytime, anywhere.

The Burmese Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia
was attacked by a large Muslim mob, and
fortunately was prevented from breaking into
the Embassy where they most certainly would
have killed anyone inside.
If embassy officials refuse to talk with us, I
demand all of you break into the building and
turn it upside down, a leader shouted.
Others shouted, Every drop of blood that is
shed from a Muslim must be paid back.
Go to Myanmar and carry out jihad for your
Muslim brothers.
INTERVIEWS with a Grandmother and a Local Man
"&)%*!"%+, -./01 2 6*7&83#)9%* 2:; 2 $#'7$ 37&
E+#/3,#F 2#/ ()* -G41#&/ :"#$ "#3 "#44-/-3 3*+&/. $"- +&)$7 H)/ I*/- JF KLMKN
- Cn !une 8, 2012 aL 4 pm, 8engall mobs had gaLhered and were headlng Lo local Arakanese vlllages. So, we
lnformed Lhe reglonal commander by phone. And also, we phoned Lhe vlllage chalrperson and monk and
Lold Lhem LhaL we could be kllled, and LhaL we could no longer sLay ln Lhe vlllage. We requesLed LhaL Lhe
auLhorlues please send some securlLy forces Lo help us geL ouL. 1hen, Lhe securlLy forces arrlved ln Lhe
vlllage. lf Lhey had arrlved [usL ve mlnuLes laLer, Lhe people from Lhls vlllage may have been kllled. Lven
as Lhe pollce arrlved ln Lhe vlllage, Lhe 8engalls dldn'L reLreaL. So pollce red gunshoLs ln Lhe sky ln order
Lo dlsperse Lhem. AL LhaL ume, 8engalls dlspersed wlLhouL darlng Lo enLer Lhe vlllage buL soon Lhey were
gaLherlng aL Lhe enLrance of Lhe vlllage. 1he pollce Lhen shoL many gunshoLs lnLo Lhe alr Lo dlsperse Lhem.
9): &' $"- 2*++-/$ '&$*#0)/ ); ()*+ >&11#.-7
- We don'L go ouLslde of Lhe vlllage due Lo securlLy concerns. We manage Lo work on Lhe paddy farms LhaL
are nearby our vlllage. 8uL we are noL able Lo work on Lhe farms LhaL are away from our vlllage due Lo Lhe
fears of hosullLy, rape and auack by Lhe 8engalls.
!"#$ #+- ()*+ 3&O2*10-' /):7
- now we are relylng on rauons donaLed by dlerenL donor and rellef groups. We have Lo share Lhe rauons
recelved from donauons wlLh Lhe vlllage, as Lhe donaLed rauons are llmlLed.
9): ,#/( ")*'-' #+- $"-+- &/ $"- >&11#.-7
- 1here are over 80 houses ln Lhe vlllage. 8uL we had Lo Lake shelLer aL Lhe reglonal securlLy camp for 11
days due Lo safeLy and securlLy concerns.
9): 3&3 $"- @-/.#1&' 2),- $) ()*+ >&11#.-7
P AcLually, our vlllage was surrounded by many 8engalls and Lhelr vlllages. So Lhey came Lo our vlllage from
dlerenL dlrecuons and locauons ln groups. 1helr lnLenuon and plans were LhaL Lhey would desLroy all Lhe
agodas, SLupas and burn down monasLery and Lhe enure vlllage as well.
Q)F "): ,#/( R+#6#/-'- >&11#.-' #+- #+)*/3 $"-+-7
- Cur vlllage ls Lhe only Arakanese vlllage here.
o CtooJmotbet lo MoooqJow 1owosblp
- When l woke up on Lhe conlcL day, l heard desperaLe volces saylng LhaL 8engalls are auacklng us and
burnlng our houses". So, l wenL ouL wlLh my frlends, Lo know why Lhey are auacklng us and burnlng our
houses. When l arrlved Lhere, Lhe vlllage was on re. We had abouL 100 people, so we wenL Lo Lhe
8engall vlllage and asked Lhem why you burn our houses?". 1hey had abouL 300 people. 8engall women
Lold us ?es, we burn your houses, so whaL?", and LreaL us very badly by showlng us Lhelr asses. 1helr
chlldren are also challenglng us Arakanese come here, we wlll klll you". When we were ln LhaL condluon,
we heard Lwo gunshoLs from Lhelr slde. So, we had Lo run away. 1hose 8engalls followed us and kllled
some of us wlLh Lhelr swords. l was also hurL by a sLone Lhrown by a 8engall boy. So, we were senL Lo Lhe
8aLhaydaung hosplLal. 1here were also some dead Arakanese bodles aL Lhe hosplLal.
nlo ntoo 1belo - MoooqJow 1owosblp
October 2012 - Violence Erupts Again, With Fury
In late October 2012, violence erupted again in Arakan - with fury. In the downtown of Minbya, a Buddhist
man, U San Thein, was shot with an arrow by a Muslim man whom was bothering U San Theins wife. As he
cried out for help many fellow Arakanese rushed over to assist him. Crowds of both Buddhists and Muslims
gathered and began fighting with sticks, knives, swords, and firebombs. In that incident 18 of 200 homes of
Muslims in the Muslim ward of Paik Thei were burned down. In the days that followed there were more
villages burned - both Buddhist and Muslim.
On October 23 there were violent attacks and arson in The Mrauk-U Township villages of Thet Yet Okk
(Buddhist) followed by a retaliatory attack on Pa Rim (Muslim) with about 100 homes burned, and a Buddhist
monastery and a mosque destroyed. Numbers of other villages were destroyed similarly.
Sometimes the Buddhist attacked the Muslim villages after enduring rapes and hostilities, and countless
threats against them, and demands for them to convert to Islam or die. They could see that they would be
killed otherwise.

!"#$%&!$'( *+,- #*. /01 23.4 (+,0,*56
"&)%*!"%+, -./01 )-> 3A: BC>D ,./A/-2E1
S#/ ()* $-11 *' #' ,*2" #' ()* 6/): #B)*$ $"- @-/.#1&TR+#6#/-'- >&)1-/2- $"#$ "#44-/-3 &/ $"- U*/.#/
V*#+$-+ ); Q&$-$:#( )/ I*/- J$"7

Cn lrlday !une 8Lh, aer Lhe 8engalls had nlshed Lhelr prayers aL Lhe mosque, we saw a mob of 200 or
300 people was gaLherlng by Lhe rallway. We heard Lhe nolse and wenL Lowards lL, Lo look and see whaL
happened. 1he Arakanese people from Lhe nearby row of houses could see Lhe 8engalls dlrecLly, and Lhey
waLched and crled fearfully. 1he 8engalls had broughL weapons - knlves, sucks and caLapulLs (sllngshoLs) -
and Lhey were belng hosule Lowards us. We were shocked by Lhe weapons Lhey readlly broughL wlLh Lhem
wlLh Lhe lnLenuon Lo harm us. We called Lo Lhe nelghborlng vlllages for help. 1hen young Arakanese and
elders from our quarLer came Lo LhaL place, because Lhey, also, had never heard such loud and omlnous
nolse. Many young and old people, lncludlng me, gaLhered knlves, sucks, and caLapulLs Lo defend
ourselves. When we goL Lo Lhe sLreeL, Lhe 8engalls sLarLed Lhrowlng sLones aL us. 1hen, elders, omclals,
and mlnlsLers arrlved and convlnced us all Lo sLep back, llve ln peace and noL creaLe problems beLween
our communlues. 1he omclals le aer sooLhlng and calmlng Lhe slLuauon, 8u1, ln [usL 10 mlnuLes, Lhe
8engalls had gaLhered agaln and Lhey auacked us. revlously Lhere were abouL 300 people ln Lhelr slde
buL lL had swelled wlLh many more people. We had gaLhered around 80 people. When Lhe communal rloL
occurred agaln, Lhe omclals and mlnlsLer arrlved back here agaln. 1he omclals and mlnlsLer seemed Lo
convlnce Lhe Mawlawls (An lslamlc uLle glven Lo a hlgh lslamlc scholar) from Lhe group Lo exlsL ln peace
wlLh Arakanese and Lhe slLuauon seemed calm.

8uL aer 10 p.m., Lhe 8engalls lnsulLed Lhe Arakanese by shouung wlLh foul words from Lhe oLher slde of
rallroad. We observed Lhe 8engalls are gaLherlng Lhelr forces. We couldn'L sLay ldle and we gaLhered
around 100 people Lo defend ourselves agalnsL Lhese 8engalls. Whlle we were defendlng ourselves Lhe
pollce from Mungan pollce sLauon arrlved. 1he pollce red lnLo Lhe alr Lo conLrol Lhe crowd, buL Lhe
Musllms dldn'L reLreaL. 1he 8engalls even rudely showed Lhelr buuocks Lo Lhe pollce. 1he pollce LhoughL
Lhey could conLrol Lhe slLuauon and came wlLh only 4-3 omcers. When Lhey couldn'L conLrol Lhe mobs
wlLh such a small force, Lhey called Lhe rloL pollce. 1hen Lhe 8engalls reLreaLed. Meanwhlle, Lhe 8engalls
seL some of Lhelr own houses on re.
!"#$ 6&/3 ); 2"#11-/.-' 3) ()* ;#2- 3*- $) $"&' +&)$'7

1here are many dlmculues. l feel dlsLressed aL Lhe momenL. Lven now, we have Lo form groups Lo paLrol
for for our securlLy. ln order Lo llve peacefully, Lhe sLaLe auLhorlues musL rmly defend us from Lhe
hosullues of Lhe 8engalls.
wooq 1belo - qolJsmltb, Mooqoo Ooottet, 5ltetwoy

Cn LhaL nlghL, (!une 14, 2012) abouL 3,000 8engalls came Lo auack our vlllage. 1he nexL mornlng, Lhere
was a deadly ghL agalnsL our vlllagers wlLh Lhe swords and macheLes.
R+- $"-+- #/( @(+#&4"+* >&11#.-+' :") .)$ 2")44-3 3-#3 B( $"- @-/.#1&'7

?es, Lhere are ve people who goL kllled by Lhem.

9): ,#/( 4-)41- ;+), ()*+ >&11#.- #++&>-3 "-+- H+-;*.-- ;#2&1&$(N7

1here are 136 people.

Htwan Oo Zun - 5ltetwoy area
Oct 2012 - KYAUK-PHYU - Truth is Not Obvious
Human Rights Watch Brings Out Satellite Photos, Jumps to the Wrong Conclusion
Wrongly Blames the Buddhists
Four local residents tell how Muslims planned, carried out attack, but miscalculated.
On October 22 and 23, 2012, the large town of Kyauk-Phyu (and other towns in Arakan)
burst into terrifying flames and violence.
Coral Arakan News interviewed four residents of Kyauk-phyu about the terrifying events
which unfolded on October 22nd and 23rd.
They were: a female school teacher, a small-scale contractor, a T-shirt maker and a
Kyauk-phyu based journalist.
1hls lncldenL recelved a loL of nouce ln medla around Lhe world, buL nearly all of Lhe medla
parroLed Lhe rsL concluslons - wlLhouL quesuon! 1he aermaLh of Lhe res le a mosLly Musllm
quarLer (one of several Musllm quarLers) burnL and desLroyed. WlLhouL heslLauon or lnvesugauon
lnlual reporLs [umped Lo Lhe concluslon LhaL Lhe 8akhlne 8uddhlsL lnlcLed Lhls upon Lhe 8engall
Musllms for no good reason - only raclsL blgoLry - and LhaL concluslon was copled around Lhe
world, accompanled by saLelllLe or alrplane phoLos, comparlng before and aer vlews of Lhe
devasLauon, wlLh graphlcs polnung ouL Lhe one desLroyed Musllm quarLer. Slnce LhaL early and
erroneous concluslon was made - or concocLed - lnvesugauve lnLervlews wlLh local people of
kyauk-phyu - who experlenced Lhls calamlLy ln person - palnL a far dlerenL LruLh, and, a connlvlng
plan of eLhnlc cleanslng by Lhe 8engall Musllms, LhaL falled, and ln facL backred upon Lhem.
Coral Arakan: When did the attacks break out?
Answer: On October 22nd, 2012. Around one oclock at night, a fire started at
an old mosque in Anauk-paing neighbourhood. When Arakanese around that
area went to the building to put out the fire, three Bengali boys ran out from it.
When the Arakanese went after them, two of them managed to escape but one
was caught. After questioning him for some time, he admitted that they set fire
to the mosque, and then he was turned in to the police.
Coral Arakan: Let me ask you one question here. As mosques are places of worship for Muslims, to them as
sacred. For this reason, how is it that they could set fire to their own mosque.
Answer: Let me explain a little bit about this. First, the mosque in question is actually not a functioning one
and it was just a residence before they used it for Islamic religious gathering. They just changed this
residential building into a mosque by themselves without any permission by authorities. Then authorities
ordered them to stop using it as a religious building. Second, as it is in an Arakanese neighborhood, most of
the buildings around it are Arakanese peoples houses. Above all, the most terrifying thing is that a house
adjacent to its next door one had a large storage of petrol for retail selling. So, if the mosque was on fire,
then the whole neighborhood would surely be burnt down. Then, the fire would spread to the whole town.
That is why they tried to set fire on that building.
Coral Arakan: What happened next?
Answer: While Arakanese people in the neighborhood tried to extinguish the fire, firetrucks arrived the place
in time. Luckily, that place was close to the fire station. After this arson, we stayed alert and kept watching out
for Muslim arsonists the whole night with little sleep. But, in the evening of the next day around 8 p.m., fire
broke out again in Pike-seik quarter (a neighborhood with a Bengali-majority population).
Coral Arakan: How did the fire start?
Answer: As it was a Buddhist Sabbath day, most downtown people were in monasteries. In the morning, a
Bengali Muslim boy came to the Sar Pyin Kywin quarter carrying a bottle of petrol made into a fire-bomb.
When some Arakanese people saw that him with the fuel bottle, they caught him and handed him over to the
police. Then, the whole day passed with widespread worries among Arakanese, and then the fires started at 8
p.m., and Pike Seik Quarter was burning. A Muslim guy with a name of Lar Lu started the fire on his
Arakanese neighbors house. According to eye-witnesses, his Muslim accomplices were wearing white
headbands. The Arakanese woman of the burning house shouted for help.
Buddhist people rushed to her house and tried to put out the fire. But those Muslim arsonists shot at us with
jingalis (short sharpened metal rods made into arrows and shot with a slingshot) and no one could come
closer to the torched building.Then, the Muslims came
out and threw firebugs (fire rings) and fuel bottles.
Whenever Arakanese people tried to get near to the
house which they were trying to set fire on, Muslim
attackers rushed to them with machetes. So, our people
(the Arakanese) had to fall back. The fire was firstly
burning on the roof only, but later the Muslims got into
the house, placed some fuel somewhere inside the
house, and rushed back. After that, the house was
completely on fire. And it spread.
Coral Arakan: How did they use fire bugs (fire rings) ?
Answer: They tied fire rings to the end of rope and then swing it towards the targeted house. Magnetic strips
were put in those fire rings (fire bug), and they were covered with a piece of cloth which was soaked with
Coral Arakan: Okay. They set fire to Arakanese houses. How were the Muslim houses razed?
Answer: There were reciprocal attacks. Arakanese people took apart some burning pieces from the burning
houses and threw them back to Muslims houses. Muslims houses and Arakanese peoples houses are very
close to one another, and the fire was spreading everywhere. In the course of the incident, the wind started
to change its direction into Muslims houses. Their houses were mostly built with bamboo which could
easily catch fire. The houses were very close to each other and the fire easily engulfed them one after another.
Coral Arakan: And then?
Answer: As their houses were being burned, they fled by sea in motorized boats. Before leaving, they also set
fire on their own fish shelves (fish stands).
Coral Arakan: Were those fish shelves (fish stands) their own ones?
Answer: Yes, they owned them.
Coral Arakan: Why did they set fire on their own things?
Answer: Those fish shelves were simply made with bamboos to desiccate fishes. They were not anything of
much value. They burned them, because they didnt want to
let the Arakanese have their fish after they left. More than that, they just wanted the world to see that all their
possessions were burned down by the Arakanese terrorists.
Coral Arakan: How many motorized boats went into the sea?
Answer: About sixty boats. People in many of these boats were reportedly rescued by Aung Su Mon Fishing
Vessels which is owned by a Muslim business man from Mawlamyaing.
Coral Arakan: How many people do you think were wounded in this communal violence?
Answer: About ninety Arakanese people were injured by Muslims handmade jingali arrows. One injured
patient died while trying take out the arrow from his neck at the hospital. Some got fire burns.
Coral Arakan: Did some die?
Answer: As far as we can know, four Arakanese people died. In addition to these four, Muslims killed all
Arakanese spouses of Muslims before they left by boats. But they spared lives of children of those inter-racial
marriages. During the violence, one Arakanese husband of a Muslim woman was forced by the Muslim mob
to set fire to an Arakanese fish shop in the Muslim neighborhood of Peikseik, in order to show his loyalty to
the Muslim community. But, that Arakanese man, after reluctantly setting the fire was killed anyway, by the
Muslim mob.
A second person of the four people interviewed answers: The fleeing Muslims in boats raised the cut-off body
parts of the dead spouses for the Arakanese people on land to see. Those murderous Muslim guys are living in
refugee camps as refugee-warriors receiving humanitarian support from international groups.
Another person adds: When those Bengali Muslims were fleeing with boats, they raised some parts of the
dead bodies for the Arakan people to see. Those bodies were Arakanese women who had to become Muslim
after becoming married to Bengali Muslim men. Now, the ones who are shouting about themselves being
refugees are those same sort of Bengali Muslims who killed Arakanese people and fled by sea.
In fact, among those refugees are these kind of killers.
Coral Arakan: Did the fire department make their best efforts to
extinguish the fire?
Answer: Yes, they did. But, the problem was that Bengali Muslims
were not only shooting the Arakanese and security forces, but also
shooting at the firemen with their handmade jingali arrows.
Bengalis who had stationed themselves on the top of the Ywar
Haung Jerme Mosque shot at the firemen and me (a reporter) with
jingali arrows - which were falling on us like rain.
So, we had to hide behind the fire truck and we went
forward. Houses were very close to one another in Pike
Seik Quarter. One desperate Muslim man rushed to us and
asked us to spray water on his burning house. Firemen
were spraying water on it for some time until a nearby
Arakanese house caught fire and the firemen had to turn
to it and spray water on the fresh flames. As Bengali
Muslims were continuously throwing fire-rings onto
Arakanese houses, the efforts to extinguish the fires were
in vain. Then, suddenly water stopped coming out of the
nozzle - even though the pump was running. As we
quickly checked it out, we saw that the hose was cut
somewhere behind us. Then we really feared that we could be attacked at any moment, and cut with a machete
- like that hose was. As the situation was now very dangerous for us, we had to turn back. As we began to
retreat out of the burning area, hiding behind one side of the fire truck, we heard the dack-dack-dack sound
of the jingali arrows hitting the other side of the firetruck. By the time we withdrew one military officer and a
fireman were wounded by jingali arrows.
One of the four interviewees offers this analysis: It seems, the Muslims might have thought that they would be
victorious. They started this, and they thought that they would win. The first indicator is: they had preparation.
Even though they continuously shot at us with their jingali arrows throughout the day and the night, they still
had a large supply of jingali. On the other hand, the Arakanese were shooting back at them with mud pellets.
Their Muslims opponents were using jingali arrows made and stockpiled systematically for their attack. And,
the Muslim attackers had made and were using shields made out of tin roofing sheets.
Another indicator is: they had a strategy for the violence of that night. The Arakanese population of Kyauk-
phyu was surrounded by three Muslim-majority neighborhoods, namely Pike-seik quarter, Than-pan-chaung
quarter, and Ah-ra-shi quarter.
This was their strategy, according to our findings gathered before and after their attack:
1) When the Bengali Muslims in Peik-seik quarter -
on the eastern side of Kyauk-phyu - start attacking
the Arakanese people and homes, then,
2) the Bengalis of Than-pan-chaung quarter - in the
northern part of town - would set fires on
neighboring Arakanese houses, then,
3) the attention of the Arakanese people in downtown
areas would be drawn to putting out the fires in the
northern Than-pan-chaung quarter, and then,

4) the Bengalis from Pike-seik quarter could more easily
enter downtown Kyauk-phyu and burn and
destroy the Arakanese shops and homes, and attack the Arakanese people in the downtown area.
5) At that same time, the Bengalis in Ah-ra-shi quarter would start their assigned violence coming from their
But, thankfully, just before the plan started the police caught two Muslim leaders in Ah-ra-shi quarter with
about fifty fire-rings stored in their houses for an attack, and those arrests made the Muslim Ah-ra-shi quarter
neighborhood leaderless.
Another blow against the wicked plan came from the low morale of some of the Bengali Muslims living in the
Than-pan-chaung quarter. Some of those Bengalis didnt want to have any conflicts with their Arakanese
neighbors. One Bengali member of RNDP (Rakhine Nationalities Development Party) made his best efforts in
persuading his fellow Bengali people not to go into any conflict. He had always expressed his desire to live
peacefully together with the Arakanese people. But, evil forces won over his neighbors, and he could not stop
them when his fellow Bengali neighbors started their violent and murderous plan.
Thus, the strategy of attacking from three sides could not, and did not, work on that night. Before the Muslims
in Than-pan-chaung and Ah-ra-shi quarters could start their violent action, Arakanese villagers from nearby
villages came to rescue and save Kyauk-phyu and it's peaceful Buddhist Arakanese. To speak frankly, even on
their side, there were some people who wanted peace and harmony and wanted to have peaceful co-existence.
There are some Bengalis who did not want to create any problems with Arakanese people.
Coral Arakan: Why do some of them want to create problems?
Answer: Let us explain you about what has already happened in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships in the
northernmost part of Arakan state. Less than a century ago more than seventy percent of the population were
indigenous Rakhine Buddhist people of the land. Now, more than 95 percent of the population of that same
area are border-crossing illegal immigrants from the Bangladesh area, and they have a completely different
faith which teaches them that they cannot respect, tolerate or live with our Buddhist people. Why? The high
fertility rate of the Bengalis was not the only factor contributing to this problem.
Rob-Rape-Raze is the strategy of this exploding population and has long been the way to drive out the local
Buddhist, and make them a minority in their own land. They rob the Buddhist, they rape the Buddhist
women, and they raze their properties. Now local indigenous people are only around five percent of the total,
and Muslim intruders are now making around 95 percent of the total population. Such scare tactics have long
been successful in their memories, and, they know, in their blood, that such tactics will succeed. And they
believe they have won, in the recent violence.
End of interview with 4 residents of Kyauk-phyu
INTERVIEWS: a Mother who
lost her Husband and Son, and a Laborer

"&)%*!"%+,1 2 3#)9%* -0> F>G/ 0AC 9H,I7&8 2:; ,#& 5 2:; 2 $7I#*%*
- 1he house of my moLher-ln-law was seL on re by 're-rlngs'. A re-rlng ls a hand-made weapon whlch can
be Lhrown from a cerLaln dlsLance Lo sLarL a re. vlllagers Lrled Lo puL ouL Lhe re. 8uL Lhe 8engalls
conunuously seL re on Lhe oLher houses around lL. llreghLers eorLs Lo puL ouL Lhe re were noL
successful slnce Lhere were res belng sLarLed ln every dlrecuon. l was waLchlng Lo see wheLher or noL Lhe
res would spread Lo my house buL l saw LhaL l had no cholce buL Lo leave my house and we sadly and
hearL-palnfully waLched my house burn down Lo ashes. l have losL klLchenware, cloLhes, and value
properues. l have noLhlng aL all, l dld noL even have Lhe chance Lo puL on my sllppers.
!-+- #11 ;#,&1( ,-,B-+' 4+-'-/$ :"-/ $"- ->-/$ "#44-/-37
- My elder son and husband were ghung Lhe res burnlng Lhe oLher houses. My younger son, elder
daughLer and l ran Lo Lhe monasLery.
9): 3) ()* ;--1 #B)*$ 2*++-/$ 2+&'&'7
l am very sad loslng my house and my happy famlly llfe. l am sad as we are now fully dependenL upon Lhe
abboL (senlor 8uddhlsL monk). We dld noL even have a chance Lo en[oy our newly bullL house. lL ls all
rulned now. l feel broken-hearLed whenever l look aL my chlldren and see Lhem ln Lhls condluon.
1belo Moy - motbet, 8ollkooe, kooe uoo Ooottet, 5luwe
- l feel Lhey (8engall Musllms) are cruel people. lL ls because Lhe Moulovls (rellglous leaders) use Lhe rellglon
(lslam) Lo preach Lo Lhelr followers LhaL lL ls accepLable Lo klll non-Musllms, ln facL, Lhey wlll be awarded by
Allah for kllllng lndels. And, Lhese Musllms can'L quesuon or ob[ecL Lhe words of Lhelr holy book (Lhe
Curan). 1hey are LaughL LhaL people who have doubLs, or ralse quesuons abouL Lhe readlngs wlll suer
greaLly for quesuonlng Allahs' message. lor Lhose reasons, l LoLally re[ecL Lhese cruel 8engalls. l wlll Lell Lhe
sLorles abouL how we have suered by Lhe evlls of Lhese 8engalls, we wlll Lell our sons and daughLers, and
our grandklds before we dle.
Moo ntwoo - mooool lobotet, Mooqoo poottet, 5luwe
SUMMARY OF 2012 VIOLENCE - May, June, October 2012
- 1he rape, LorLure and bruLal kllllng of Ma 1hlda PLway on May 28, 2012 was especlally helnous, and
become a rallylng polnL for Lhe 8akhlne 8uddhlsLs Lo reacL Lo Lhe ever ongolng abuses and
aggreslveness of Lhe 8engall Musllms (also known as 8yohlngya). 1hree Musllms young men were
laLer arresLed for Lhe murder and rape of Lhe 8uddhlsL glrl.
- uays aer Lhe rape, 10 Musllm men were Laken o a bus and kllled ln a bloody and bruLal reLallauon
for Lhe rape.
- Whlle some may belleve LhaL swl and forceful pollce acuon could have sLopped Lhe lmpendlng large
scale vlolence from happenlng, reallLy on Lhe ground ls dlerenL. llrsL, Lhere ls no professlonal force
LhaL could be qulck enough and declslve enough Lo neuLrallze Lhe rapldly rlslng Lenslon, and secondly,
Lhe Musllms were preparlng Lo launch anoLher round of vlolenL auacks on Lhe 8uddhlsLs anyway - as
Lhey have done wlLh greaL frequency - as Lhls reporL wlll demonsLraLe.
- Cn !une 8, 2012, aer lrlday prayers aL Lhe cenLral mosque ln Maungdaw, many hundreds of Musllms
swarmed ouL of Lhe mosque, many armed wlLh long heavy sucks, recelved Lhelr lasL mlnuLe
lnsLrucuons, and ln several large mobs, swarmed ln dlerenL dlrecuons down Lhe sLreeLs, beaung and
kllllng 8uddhlsLs, bumlng homes and shops, and causlng Lhe 8uddhlsLs Lo run for Lhelr llves.
- Cn Lhe same day, and Lhe followlng days, auacks on Lhe 8uddhlsLs were launched ln numerous oLher
Lowns and vlllages.
- Much of Lhe news - worldwlde - was overwhelmlngly blased, manlpulauve, and shamelessly falsled -
especlally ln Musllm counLrles where 8uddhlsL people and 8uddhlsm lLself was demonlzed ln Lhe mosL
vulgar ways, and 'news' sLorles Lold Lales of Lhousands of Musllms belng slaughLered every slngle day
ln 8urma. WlLh Lhls grossly lnaLed and lnamaLory rheLorlc Lhe Musllm medla, gave a green llghL Lo
auack 8urmese, or acLually any 8uddhlsL, anyume, anywhere, and lncldenLs happened. ln Lhe nearby
lslamlc counLry of Malaysla, Musllms auacked 8urmese (whom are usually 8uddhlsLs, someumes
Chrlsuan) owned resLauranLs, ransacklng and burnlng Lhem, beaung or kllllng owners, sLa and/or
cusLomers. Arab Musllm counLrles called for all Musllms Lo [oln ln !lhad (Poly war) agalnsL 8urma.
- ln CcLober of 2012, anoLher wave of vlolence exploded ln several blg Lowns. ln kyauk-phyu, Musllms
sLarLed res, lnLendlng Lhem Lo burn ln Lhe dlrecuon of Lhe wlnd, buL Lhe wlnd changed dlrecuons,
and came back lnLo Lhe Musllm CuarLer, burnlng LhaL CuarLer compleLely - (helped by Lhe facL LhaL
Musllms had sLored quanuues of peLrol, for arson, ln Lhelr homes - whlch exploded easlly).
- ShorLly aer Lhe blg re ln kyauk-phyu PuMAn 8lCP1S WA1CP Lroued ouL saLelllLe phoLos, [umped Lo
Lhe wrong concluslon, and erroneously and mallclously accused Lhe 8uddhlsLs. 1hls lncldenL recelved
a loL of nouce ln medla around Lhe world, buL nearly all of Lhe medla parroLed Lhe rsL concluslons -
wlLhouL quesuon! WlLhouL heslLauon or lnvesugauon, reporLs [umped Lo Lhe concluslon LhaL Lhe
8akhlne 8uddhlsLs lnlcLed Lhls desLrucuon upon Lhe 8engall Musllms for no good reason - only raclsL