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Module 9

ECG Case Scenarios

54yr old woman who has been experiencing episodes of
chest ache for 4 days, worst episode this morning - 5hrs ago.
59yr old diabetic lady who has been experiencing some mild
chest and back ache for 5hrs today.
82yr old man with COPD has had chest ache for 2 days, worst
episode yesterday afternoon. He still has some residual pain.
44 year old male who has developed sudden onset of central
chest pain 1 hour following lunch.
77yr old lady with breathlessness; becoming worse late last
night; associated with some heaviness in her R arm.
67yr old lady, developed R arm pain 4hrs ago whilst hanging
out her washing.
29yr old female who admits to taking Cocaine on a regular
basis. Today, has developed severe crushing chest pain -
2hrs ago. She looks clammy and cyanosed.
45yr old man, who developed severe epigastric and back
pain today whilst at work. He has now had the pain for 2hrs.
44 year old lady, today was woken up by chest tightness,
similar to usual angina, at 6am (2hrs ago).
48yr old man who has had previous history of 2 MIs. Today, was
at work at a call centre, when he experienced very severe chest
tightness. Took GTN spray x 2 but pain has not alleviated.
42yr old man who has been feeling generally unwell for 1 week.
This evening, whilst eating a meal, developed sudden onset of
severe central crushing chest pain (approx. 4hrs ago).
64yr old who is still in ICU following AAA repair yesterday.
Had been well overnight, but developed central chest
heaviness after lunch today - around 4hrs ago.
38yr old man playing football this evening, developed severe
chest tightness - not relieved by GTN in the ambulance.
63 year old lady who has presented with 3hrs retro-sternal
pain, which has worsened over the last 1hr.
80yr old lady, who has had angina (usually stable). Today her
pain has become worsened and is not relieved by GTN.
44 year old male who has developed severe crushing central
chest pain today whilst at work as an architect. Pain
commenced approx. 2 hrs ago.
67 year old man with no previous medical history. Awoke
4hrs ago with central crushing chest pain.
70yr old man who has been gardening today. Developed chest
ache and indigestion whilst mowing the lawn; approx. 3hrs ago.
80yr old man who has a long standing history of angina, was
watching TV this morning and experienced a sudden onset of
breathlessness and feeling of general malaise.
84yr old lady who has been admitted from a nursing home
today with breathlessness and palpitations.
90 year man who has been admitted today with episodes of
78yr old man has been experiencing chest tightness for 1 wk;
becoming worse at lunchtime today approx. 3hrs ago.
28yr old man who has had 4wk history of viral illness - flu-like
in nature. Today, has experienced 3hrs chest pain.
59yr old man developed severe crushing chest pain 2hrs ago,
whilst making lunch. He collapsed after taking his GTN spray.
64yr old lady, was awoken from sleep 4hrs ago with central
chest discomfort.
79yr old lady who has history of SVT and takes beta-blocker.
Has come to outpatients for regular check-up and assessment.
78yr old man developed mild chest discomfort whilst playing
bowls. Indigestion remedies have not helped the discomfort.
72 year old lady, who has history of panic attacks and
depression. Today, has complained of feeling unwell, lethargic
and lightheaded.
44yr old lady, who has no previous medical history, but is
currently being investigated for thyroid problems. Just after
breakfast, began to experience palpitations and dizziness.
56yr old lady, whilst watching TV this evening developed neck
and jaw pain like toothache, now lasting for 3hrs.
88yr old lady, finding it very hard to catch her breath. She
feels weak and dizzy and is visibly tachypnoeic.
50yr old man, who has previous history of hypertension. Has been
feeling unwell for 2 wks, experiencing tiredness and lethargy.
Today, got up to use toilet and felt lightheaded and dizzy.
40yr old fit and well Ambulance man, presented at A/E with
concerns over his own ECG.
75yr old lady developed central chest and L arm pain today
(1hr 30mins ago), pain unresponsive to GTN.