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CAST 2011 UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2

Group 5
Project Reflection Sheet for UDL Educators
How did you use technology to implement the 9 UDL
guidelines? Explain in the nine boxes below.
Resave the file as Group # UDL checklist

I. Provide Multiple Means of Representation: Your notes
1. Provide options for perception
1.1 Offer ways of customizing the display of
1.1 The Promethean board will be used
throughout the lesson to display the
1.2 Offer alternatives for auditory information
1.2 A Voki that states the objective of the day.
This will also serve as a model for students to
follow when they create their own Voki that
conveys a character trait of the character in a
poem they read.
1.3 Offer alternatives for visual information
1.3 A Wordle of character traits will be on
display for the students to reference while
choosing the character trait of the main
character in the poem they read.
2. Provide options for language, mathematical
expressions, and symbols

2.1 Clarify vocabulary and symbols
2.1 Review what character traits are and reveal
the definition on the Promethean board
2.2 Clarify syntax and structure
2.2 Review the structure of poems while reading
the model poem as a class.
2.3 Support decoding of text, and mathematical
notation, and symbols
2.3 Model picking out key details using the poem
Kevin King of the Jungle by Jack Prelutsky.
Then ask the students to turn and talk with their
partners about what character traits they
identified in the poem. The teachers will write
some of the character traits they found in the
poem on the Promethean board and ask what
clues in the poem made them choose those
character traits.
2.4 Promote understanding across language
2.4 Review academic language used in the
lesson. The poems are very short and use words
familiar to the students. Clip art on the handouts
of the poems will enhance the students
understanding of the topic.
2.5 Illustrate through multiple media
2.5 Provide an audio version of one of the
poems for the students with an IEP.
3. Provide options for comprehension
CAST 2011 UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2
3.1 Activate or supply background knowledge
3.1 Review of character traits using a chart to
categorize good and bad character traits and
modeling the activity using Kevin King of the
3.2 Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas, and
3.2 Since the students have experience with
character traits, the lesson is a review. Teachers
will point out that dialogue is a key feature in
choosing a character trait. Teachers will also
point out that adjectives are key features in
choosing a character trait.
3.3 Guide information processing, visualization, and
3.3 First the teachers will review character
traits. Next the teachers will have the students
identify a character trait in the poem. Then the
teachers will have the students provide
examples from the poem that made them choose
that particular character trait.
3.4 Maximize transfer and generalization
3.4 Teachers will give a specific amount of time
for the students to complete the assignment.
Teachers will provide a timer to ensure that
students know how much time they have and to
help keep them on track.
II. Provide Multiple Means for Action and Expression: Your notes
4. Provide options for physical action
4.1 Vary the methods for response and navigation
4.1 Students will categorize good character
traits and bad character traits in a chart on the
Promethean board.
4.2 Optimize access to tools and assistive
4.2 Access to computers to create a Voki for the
class blog.
5. Provide options for expression and communication
5.1 Use multiple media for communication
5.1 Model a Voki that states the objective for the
5.2 Use multiple tools for construction and
5.2 Students will use a Voki to explain what
character trait best fits their character and why
they chose that using specific examples from the
text. They will post their Voki to the class blog.
5.3 Build fluencies with graduated labels of support
for practice and performance
5.3 The teachers will evaluate each students
assessment worksheets and voki character
based on each students individual progress.
6. Provide options for executive functions
6.1 Guide appropriate goal setting
6.1 One student has an IEP and will need more
individualized attention and directions will need
to be repeated. The poems that this student uses
will have very clear character traits. This
student will also be provided with an audio
version of one of her poems.
CAST 2011 UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2
6.2 Support planning and strategy development
6.2 Give students adequate time to turn and
talk with their partners about character traits
from the poem. Give students adequate time to
read each poem independently, choose a
character trait, and choose examples to support
that choice.
6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources
6.3 Students will each have a computer to use
when creating their Voki to post to the class
blog. Students will also have a worksheet to
write their character traits and the examples
from the poem they chose to support their
6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress
6.4 Teachers will complete a model worksheet
and a model Voki using Kevin King of the
Jungle so that the students will see what they
are expected to do for the assignment.
III. Provide Multiple Means for Engagement: Your notes
7. Provide options for recruiting interest
7.1 Optimize individual choice and autonomy
7.1 Students are able to choose which poem they
create the Voki from and are able to be creative
in designing their Voki based on the character
trait they chose.
7.2 Optimize relevance, value, and authenticity
7.2 For the warm-up, the teachers will ask
students to give themselves a character trait.
Each teacher will provide a personal example so
the students can see what to do. Each student
will provide a character trait for himself or
herself and will provide an example of why they
chose that trait. This will help make the lesson
more relevant to them.
7.3 Minimize threats and distractions
7.3 Students will work at their desks to allow
them to work independently on the computers.
Students who have a tendency to cause
distractions or have behavioral issues will move
their desk to an independent location.
8. Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence
8.1 Heighten salience of goals and objectives
8.1 The teachers will explain and discuss the
goals and objectives for the lesson. The teachers
will review the goals and objectives and discuss
them with the students after the lesson.
8.2 Vary demands and resources to optimize
8.2 The GT students will have poems that have
multiple options to choose as a character trait.
They will also have to provide more examples to
support their choices.
CAST 2011 UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2
8.3 Foster collaboration and community
8.3 Students will each create a Voki for a
character from one of the poems each of them
read. All of the Vokis will be shared at the end
of the lesson.
8.4 Increase mastery-oriented feedback
8.4 Teachers will constantly give positive
feedback. Teachers will also reward students
who are working diligently with Panda Paws
(school wide reward system).
9. Provide options for self-regulation
9.1 Promote expectations and beliefs that optimize
9.1 Teachers will give clear instructions about
how they expect their students to behave during
the lesson and about what they should do to
complete the assignment
9.2 Facilitate personal coping skills and strategies
9.2 Teachers will provide positive feedback for
students during the lesson and activity.
Students will be given Panda Paws for good
work ethic. Students who cannot stay on task or
cause disruptions will be moved to an
independent area and checked on frequently.
A timer will be used to keep students on task
and aware of their use of class time.
9.3 Develop self-assessment and reflection
9.3 Students will be able to keep themselves on
track by using the timer. Students will also be
able to reflect on their choices for character
traits and examples when they create their voki
How did you integrate technology into the goals, materials,
methods, and assessment for this lesson to improve students
understanding of content?
We incorporated technology in a lot of ways for
this lesson. We used ActivInspire to present the
the goals and lesson to the students. We also
used a wordle to help the students remember
words to use as character traits. Each student
used a laptop computer to create his or her own
voki character as a means of assessment at the
end of their assignment. We also provided an
audio version of one of the IEP students poems.
CAST 2011 UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2
What technology was used? By whom? Why was this
appropriate technology to integrate?
The teachers used ActivInspire to present the
lesson. The teachers also wrote words for
character traits on the Promethean Board. The
teachers also used a wordle to make a list of
words to use for character traits. The students
used the voki website and the class blog to
create their own voki character from their
poems and to post them to share with the class.
ActivInspire was appropriate because it is more
interactive and engaging than simply writing
information. The voki website was appropriate
because it was engaging for the students and it is
relatively easy to use. The class blog was
appropriate because it gave the students one
place to post their work where everyone in class
could view it.