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A) Fill in the blanks with the correct FUTURE forms:

(Will / Going to / Present Continuous / Simple Present)

1. A: What you (do) when you grow up?
B: I (be) an acrobat in a circus.
2. I havent seen him for a long time but I think I (recognize)
3. A: I need some tokens to telephone my friend.
B: I (give) you some.
4. I got the plane tickets. I . (fly) on Sunday.
5. A: Have you got any plans for the summer?
B: Yes, we . (go) to Italy in June.
6. Dont play with those matches; you . burn yourself.
7. A: Whose is that night dress?
B : Its mine. I (wear) it at Johns graduation party.
8. A: Why did you call your grandma?
B: I .. (visit) her at the weekend.
9. If your passport isnt valid any more, you (not / be able
to) go abroad this month.
10.A: What are you doing with that brush?
B: I (paint) my room.
11.A: Why are you wearing your anorak?
B: I (go) out.
12.I dont know the meaning of this word so I (look) it up in
the dictionary.
13.Look out! You (hurt) yourself with that knife.
14.A: Ive got a terrible headache.
B: Have you? Wait there and I . (get) an aspirin for you.
15.Mother: Your face is dirty.
Child : All right. I . (wash) it.
16.A: What time the next bus . (arrive)?
B: 13 minutes later.
17.. you .. (open) the door for me, please?
18.Were early. The film (start) at 2:30. Why dont we go and have
something to drink?
19.He (call) the police as soon as he gets home.
20.A: What .. you (do) with that dress?
B: I . (shorten) the skirt.
B) Fill in WILL or BE GOING TO:
1. A: Why do you need so much sugar?
B: I make a cake.
2. A: Oh no! Ive left my purse at home and I havent got any money on me!
B: Dony worry. I . lend you some.
3. A: I dont know how to use this mixer.
B: Thats OK. I .. show you.
4. A: Why are all these people gathered here?
B: The Prime Minister open the new hospital ward.
5. A: Did you remember to buy the magazine I asked for?
B: Sorry, I didnt. I . buy it when I go out again.
6. A: Whats that on your curtains?
B: Its a stain. I .. take them to the dry cleaners tomorrow.
7. A: These bags are very heavy. I cant lift them.
B: I carry them for you.
8. A: I hear youre going to Leeds University in September.
B: Yes, I . study French and German.
9. A: Why dont you tidy your room?
B: I .. play football in ten minutes, so I havent got time.
10. A: How can we get all this home?
B: I . ask James to come and help.
11. She has bought some wool. She . knit a sweater.
12. A: This problem is very difficult.
B: I . help you to solve it.
13. A: Why are you taking down all the pictures?
B: I .. paint the room.
14. I climb that mountain one day.
15. Look at that young man. He looks very pale. He . faint.
16. A: Why are buying that spade?
B: I plant some trees in my garden at the back of the house.
17. She .. get better. There are positive signs.
18. Im hungry. I . have something to eat.
19. I be 38 years old next week.

C) Put the verb in to the correct from using WILL or GOING TO:
1. A: Why are you turning on the television?
B: I (watch) the news.
2. A: Oh, Ive just realized. I havent got any money.
B: Dont worry. Thats no problem. I . (lend) you some.
3. Those clouds are very black, arent they? I think it (rain).
4. A: Ive got a terrible headache.
B: Have you? Wait here and I . (get) an aspirin for you.
5. A: Why are you filling that bucket with water?
B: I (wash) the car.
6. A: Ive decided to re-paint this room.
B: Oh, have you? What colour . (you / paint) it?
7. A: Look! Theres smoke coming out of that house. Its on fire!
B: Good heavens! I call the fire-brigade immediately.
8. A: The ceiling in this room doesnt look very safe, does it?
B: No, it looks as if it .. (fall) down.
9. A: Where are you going? Are you going shopping?
B: Yes, I .. (buy) something for dinner.
10. A: I cant work out how to use this camera.
B: Its quite easy. I . (show) you.
11.A: What would you like to drink tea or coffee?
B: I . (have) tea, please.
12.A: Has George decided on what to do when he leaves school?
B: Oh yes. Everything is planned. He (have) a holiday for a
few weeks and then he .. (start) a computer programming

D ) Use the verbs in brackets in the correct future tenses. Use will-future, going to-
future, Simple Present or Present Continuous.
1) The train 11:45. (to leave)
2) We ................. dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday. (to have)
3) It .................. in the mountains tomorrow evening. (to snow)
4) On Sunday .................. at 8 o'clock I my friend. (to meet)
5) They .................... to London on Friday evening. (to fly)
6) Wait! I .................. you to the station. (to drive)
7) The English lesson ................... at 8:45. (to start)
8) I ................... my sister in April. (to see)
9) Look at the clouds it ................... in a few minutes. (to rain)
10) Listen! There's someone at the door. I .................. the door for you. (to open)

E) Choose the correct form of the verb.
1. I'll meet / I'm meeting Jane in town tonight.
2. Louise can't come. She is taking / will take the car to the garage at 5 p.m.
3. What time does your train leave / will your train leave tomorrow?
4. 'I'm very thirsty.' 'I'll get / I get you something to drink. Coke or tea?'
5. This bus is stopping / stops at every village, so it's very slow!
6. 'Did you buy some butter?' 'Oh, I forgot. I'll get / I'm getting some now.'
7. I think it rains / will rain later today.
8. 'Have you chosen a new car yet?' 'Yes, we are going to buy / we will buy a Ford Focus.'
9. 'Why have you put the TV on?' I'm going to watch / I will watch the news.'
10. 'Frank, I can't go out because I haven't got any money.' 'Don't worry. I lend you / I'll
lend you some.'

F) Future: going to OR will OR present continuous?
My friend is going to live in Italy. That boat is going to sink there are too many
1 Match the sentences with the explanations.
1 Hi, Dan! What are you doing at the weekend? e)
2 Im staying at home on Saturday.
3 What are you going to do?
4 Im going to revise for my exams.
5 Will you be free on Saturday evening?
6 Yes, Im not doing anything in the evening.
7 Good. We can watch the match on TV. Ill come at 7.30.
8 OK. Ill see you on Saturday.
I must go now. The cats on the table. Its going to eat my dinner!

a An intention, a plan made before the moment of speaking.
b An intention, a decision that we make now, at the moment of speaking.
c A future event or action that seems certain because of something we can see now.
d A simple future fact.
e An arrangement made for a particular time in the future.

G) What do you say? Use the present continuous or will or going to.
1) Youre 16. Its your birthday next Friday.
I (be) ................................ 17 next Friday.
2) To celebrate your birthday, your parents wanted to take you to a restaurant, but
you decided to have a big party.
I dont want to go to a restaurant. I (have) a big party.
3) Youve invited twenty people. Theyve all accepted the invitation. Youre telling your
about the arrangement.
Twenty people (come) to my party.
4) You arent sure what to wear on Friday. Decide!
I know! I (wear) my white trousers.
5) You want to have the party outside. Youre watching the TV weather forecast.
Great! It (not rain) on Friday.

H) Which sentence follows the rst sentence? Underline the correct verb form.
1 Im free tomorrow. (Im not working. / I wont work.)
2 Ive decided to go into town. (Ill buy / Im going to buy some new clothes.)
3 My sister cant come with me. (She works / Shes working tomorrow morning.)
4 Who can I ask to go with me? I know! (Im going to phone / Ill phone Kate.)
5 We can get the 8.30 bus. (Well be / Were going to be in town at 9.00.)

I) This is a dialogue in a romantic lm. Complete the dialogue, using the present
continuous (x 2), will (x 2) and going to (x 1).
When (1 you leave) ............................................. ?
Tomorrow. (2 I get) ............................................. the 8.00 train.
When (3 you be) ............................................. back?
In a year, two years I dont know, but I promise (4 I come) ............................................. back.
Two years! Oh, Ralph, Im so unhappy. (5 I cry) .............................................