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Renewables: Secure investment with future

and sense of responsibility
Wind power is on course of becoming
a key player of Europe's power mix.

By 2020 EWEA business forecast sees

180 GW of wind generating 12% of
EU's total electricity requirements
and 300 GW by 2030. 1
Worldwide installed
Photovoltaics capacity
(EPIA/advanced scenario)

• 2000: 1,2 GWp

• 2006: 6,6 GWp
• 2010: 28,9 GWp
• 2020: 241 GWp
• 2030: 1,272 GWp

Renewables - the energy of tomorrow

Only recently, Christoph Wolfsegger of EPIA said: "The feed in model has
worked wonders in Germany and also in Spain. We are already seeing the
beginning of a similar upsurge of growth in Italy and Greece." 2

The Greek Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE) after the June 2007
amendment has decided that by 2020 the installed capacity of photovoltaic
parks must be 840 MWp. Thus, a 4 billion € PV market is expected to develop
in the years to come. 3

New legislation regarding solar parks has introduced favourable conditions

including state grants of up to 40% of total costs, high feed-in tariff and
guaranteed sale of total electricity produced to the Utility (DEI) for 20 years.


• Non pollution of environment

• Silent and non-disrupting operation
• Long lifespan of 25+ years
• Minimal maintenance and operating costs
• High return on investment

Add the attractive and highly predictable gains of renewable energies and
you can rest assured of maximum returns at a minimum risk for extensive
periods of time - and all these with a good conscience included.

Our team of expert engineers follows
the latest trends in building integrated
photovoltaics and roof mounted

Incorporation of renewable systems

in existing and new buildings saves
energy with excellent aesthetic results.

A partner you can trust

At Sungris we develop high-quality solar parks and wind farms, individually

tailored to suit you. We will be delighted to consult and support you in
selecting ideal products for specific properties, plan ready-to-install systems
and, at your request, create gain forecasts and cost-effectiveness calculations..

The use of top-quality components and energy efficient materials reliably

guarantee a long lifecycle and the trouble-free operation of the system.

Who can benefit from our services?

• Investors
• Construction companies
• Industrial businesses
• Commercial businesses
• Hotels and Resorts

Connection to the grid is only the first step in our


Once the project is operational, ensuring maximum output is what

really matters.

We are committed to offering complete solutions in operational

management, system monitoring, maintenance and repair services,
continuously adding value to your business.

Our core business
values are:

• Quality from planning

to delivery
• Guaranteed compliance
with deadlines

How can you benefit from our


What we offer

• Site inspection -field or roof- for the evaluation on the usability

of the property
• Certified measuring wind regimes in order to design efficient
layouts for wind farms
• Conducting feasibility study based on the structural conditions of
the property and the regional solar radiation
• Preparation and coordination of the paperwork for authorizations
and grants from public bodies, such as environmental impact studies,
electricity production licenses, installation and operation licenses
• Securing the interconnection agreement with the Utility and
the Power Purchase Agreement with DESMIE/DEI
• Project planning of the entire solar power system
• Application for the investment incentives law
(State subsidies up to 40%)
• Construction and testing

We will monitor your solar yield at all times

One of our value added services is solar monitoring via the internet for
electricity production and error checking. Through this exceptional
technology, we can also run thorough operational checks at all times,
giving you that extra peace of mind.

For more information, visit us
 at ENERGY 2007 at booth D-42

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