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A Face for God

Reections on
Trinitarian Theology
for our Times
Maria Clara Lucchetti
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August 2013
Since the dawn of time, humans have been seeking
the face of God. Our times are no different. We live in a
world in which we nd the coexistence of secularism
and atheism, and religious institutions with ancient roots
existing alongside new religious movements that
formulate their own new synthesis in order to give
expression to the reality of God. Within this pluralism,
which points toward the never-ending search in
the human heart, a need emerges for a deepening
of the Christian conception of God.
A Face for Godis a spiritual and theological reection
on contemporary beliefs about God. After addressing
the philosophical background of todays prevailing
post-modern attitudes and rapidly changing cultural
expressions, the author questions whether it is still
possible to offer a prole and face for God, one with
consistency and personality, amid the ambiguous
religious feelings of our times.
The author offers useful suggestions for enriching the
search for, and the experience of, God in our lives by
drawing a prole and face of God through the Trinitarian
understanding of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Maria Clara Lucchetti
Bingemer is Brazilian. In 1975
she graduated as a journalist
at the Ponticia Universidade
Catlica do Rio de Janeiro where
she also completed a Master
in Theology. She obtained her
Doctoral Degree in Theology
at the Pontical Gregorian
University in Rome. She is
regardedas an expert on lay
spirituality emerging from the
basic Christian communities
in Latin America. Among her
publications are: Simone Weil:
Una mstica en los lmites;
Un rostro para Diosand Sentir
y experimentar a Dios de un
modo femenino.
Jos Antonio Pagola was
born in Spain in 1937. He
completed his theological
studies in 1962 at the Pontical
University in Rome and his
studies in Sacred Scripture at
the Papal Biblical Institute in
Rome in 1966. He also studied
biblical sciences at the cole
Biblique in Jerusalem. Pagola
is a professor at St. Sebastian
Seminary and at the Faculty of
Theology of Northern Spain.
Present day neoliberal ideologies are generating
a frightening and unpredictable growth of poverty,
leaving millions of unemployed citizens and thousands
homeless-mercilessly pounding the weakest, creating
and growing real dramas of inequality between rich
and poor.
At the same time, we are witnessing the deterioration
of the existing social model, cutting such basic rights as the
right to health care or education, growing the risk
of public exclusion of the poorest groups, weakening
the defense of communal property, and damaging
social cohesion.
The difculties seem insurmountable. What can
be done of the tyranny of nancial powers to the world
Jos A. Pagola stresses the urgent need for us to study
what Jesus thought of money and to learn through
his words and gestures the messages that can bring us
together towards a common destiny that serves a
united humanity.
For Love or Money
Rampant Capitalism
and the Praxis of Jesus
Jos A. Pagola
Library Bound
US $ 22.59
November 2013