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This is an edited repost because Blogger pulled down the original.

The terms of the

injunction forbid uploading and linking to the trailer. Garcia's brief performance is the toxic
[Updated with a link to the video uttered and published outside m! blogs "ccording to
#alid $hoebat Garcia sa!s that %akoula told her that he is a &uslim. Shoebat implies that
Obamination was on both sides: commissioning and condemning the video. 'ublication
of the video would be an act of apostas!.
Gawher has the oiginal script here. Vice claims to have the current script here. The
authori(ed screenpla! was available in hard cop! from "ma(on. but ) am unable to find the
[*ou can view the video here+!"4#$4%#"&
There is some objectionable porno on that site so it is best not to venture be!ond )nnocence.,
)n researching the original edition of this post ) spent approximatel! two hours searching
for the trailer before finding it. The embed was clean but the page where ) found it contained
indescribabl! foul pornograph! which decent people do not want to know about much less
view. )f !ou are an ogre happ! hunting.
)f !ou are interested in the legal issues of the appellate ruling read about it at 'ivelea k .
-or an excellent verification of the trailer's content see (sama )a*do*+s anal,suis . Usama
can read the original texts in "rabic which ) can not do. [%ote+ ) am unable to make his
media pla!.,
. "t last report the /
circus turned down the appeal for an en banc rehearing. --" has an
email out urging reconsideration. "ll we can do is wait.
0ere is m! own anal!sis of the conceptual content of the trailer.
)ts )nternational 1udge &uhammad 2a! revisited and !ou are on the bench3 ) am presenting
the evidence which will empower !ou to assess the veracit! of the concepts presented b! the
video clip entitled 4)nnocence of &uslims4. 0erein !ou will find 5uotes from the 6ur'an
hadith $hari'ah 7amp3 tafsir linked to source for eas! confirmation. *ou will also find
5uotes from Tabari's Tahrik and Guillaume's translation of )sha5's $ira. To verif! them go to
the topical 5uotes appendix of . 'lease review the video
then examine the evidence. %ote that ) have added emphasis with !ellow highlights to bring
out the most important clauses.[-O) was taken down recentl! and now appe5rs to re5uire a
password to gain access.,
&oe is portra!ed as a demon possessed lunatic suicidal terrorist pederast lecher and
genocidal barbarian warlord. )f he was he blessed sure was not a &essenger of God because
God would not hire and retain an unrepentant sinner. God did not allow 8ing 2avid to build
his Temple because of 2avid's adulter! 7amp3 murder. 0ow could he tolerate a close
relationship with a child molester lecher murderer and genocidal warlord9
)f the central concepts conve!ed b! 4)nnocence of &uslims4 are valid then )slam is not of
God it is demonic3 a horrific fraud and war crime perpetrated against &uslims and the whole
human race.
The video begins with a statement that goes against the grain of ever! U.%. resolution
condemning 4defamation of )slam4+ 4)slam : terrorism. The statement is either true or false.
"re men terrorists with )slam and normal humans without it9 )s )slam the cause of
terrorism9 The 6ur'an and hadith hold evidence which must be examined to find the answer
to this crucial 5uestion.
.llah said:
/ will cast terror
":!0! . #e shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because the! joined
others in worship with "ll;h for which 0e had sent no authorit!3 their abode will be
the -ire and how evil is the abode of the <;lim=n >pol!theists and wrongdoers?.
":!01. "nd "ll;h did indeed fulfil 0is 'romise to !ou when !ou were killing them
>!our enem!? with 0is 'ermission3 until >the moment? !ou lost !our courage and fell to
disputing about the order and disobe!ed after 0e showed !ou >of the boot!? which !ou
love. "mong !ou are some that desire this world and some that desire the 0ereafter.
Then 0e made !ou flee from them >!our enem!? that 0e might test !ou. But surel!
0e forgave !ou and "ll;h is &ost Gracious to the believers.
$:!1 . >@emember? when !our Aord inspired the angels 4Beril! ) am with !ou so
keep firm those who have believed. ) will cast terror into the hearts of those who have
disbelieved so strike them over the necks and smite over all their fingers and toes.4
stri*e terror
$:0# . $o if !ou interlock >!ourself? with them in #ar C then b! >routing? them strike
terror in those that are behind them per chance the! get admonition.
$:&% . "gainst them make read! !our strength to the utmost of !our power including
steeds of war to strike terror into >the hearts of? the enemies of "llah and !our
enemies and others besides whom !e ma! not know but whom "llah doth know.
#hatever !e shall spend in the cause of "llah shall be repaid unto !ou and !e shall
not be treated unjustl!.
.llah cast terror
"":1& . "nd those of the people of the $cripture who backed them >the disbelievers?
"ll;h brought them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts >so that? a
group >of them? !ou killed and a group >of them? !ou made captives.
"":1#. "nd 0e caused !ou to inherit their lands and their houses and their riches and
a land which !ou had not trodden >before?. "nd "ll;h is "ble to do all things
02:1 . 0e it is #ho drove out the disbelievers among the people of the $cripture >i.e.
the 1ews of the tribe of BanD "nE%adDr? from their homes at the first gathering. *ou did
not think that the! would get out. "nd the! thought that their fortresses would defend
them from "ll;hF But "ll;h's >Torment? reached them from a place whereof the!
expected it not and 0e cast terror into their hearts so that the! destro!ed their own
dwellings with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Then take admonition
G !ou with e!es >to see?.
3ou scare them more...
02:!". )ndeed !ou strike more terror in their hearts than their fear of God. This is
because the! are people who do not comprehend.
.llah rewards terrorists
2:!1% . )t was not becoming of the people of "lE&adinah and the bedouins of the
neighbourhood to remain behind "ll;h's &essenger >&uhammad when fighting in
"ll;h's Hause? and >it was not becoming of them? to prefer their own lives to his life.
That is because the! suffer neither thirst nor fatigue nor hunger in the Hause of
"ll;h nor the! take an! step to raise the anger of disbelievers nor inflict an! injur!
upon an enem! but is written to their credit as a deed of righteousness. $urel! "ll;h
wastes not the reward of the &uhsin=n
2:!1!. %or do the! spend an!thing >in "ll;h's Hause? E small or great E nor cross a
valle! but is written to their credit that "ll;h ma! recompense them with the best of
what the! used to do >i.e. "ll;h will reward their good deeds according to the reward of
their best deeds which the! did in the most perfect manner?.
4oe said:
victorious with terror
Sahih 5u*hari Volume !6 5oo* #6 7umber ""! +
%arrated 1abir bin '"bdullah+
The 'rophet said 4) have been given five things which were not given to an! one else
before me.
I. .llah made me victorious b, awe >b! 0is frightening m! enemies? for a distance
of one month's journe!.
J. The earth has been made for me >and for m! followers? a place for pra!ing and a
thing to perform Ta!ammum therefore an!one of m! followers can pra! wherever the
time of a pra!er is due.
K. 8he boot, has been made 9alal :lawful; for me ,et it was not lawful for an,one
else before me.
L. ) have been given the right of intercession >on the 2a! of @esurrection?.
M. <ver, -rophet used to be sent to his nation onl, but / have been sent to all
Sahih 5u*hari Volume 46 5oo* 016 7umber 11% +
%arrated "bu 0uraira+
"llah's "postle said 4) have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the
widest meanings and / have been made victorious with terror >cast in the hearts of
the enem!? and while / was sleeping6 the *e,s of the treasures of the world were
brought to me and put in m, hand.4 "bu 0uraira added+ "llah's "postle has left the
world and now !ou people are bringing out those treasures >i.e. the 'rophet did not
benefit b! them?.
"llah would cast terror and did cast terror so that people were killed enslaved and
dispossessed. "llah commanded &uslims to strike terror b! harsh treatment of defeated
victims and b! maximi(ing their militar! strength. "llah told &oe that the 1ews were more
afraid of &oe than of him. &oe said that he was made victorious b! terror. "llah promised
&uslims extra credit towards an upgrade in their seat in his celestial bordello for an! act of
&oe deliberatel! constructed a reputation of barbarian rapine so as to terrif! his intended
victims compelling them to surrender without a fight or making them disorgani(ed scattered
eas! pre!. 8errorism is an intrinsic sacrament of /slam.
Violence against =opts
impunit, > complicit,
) will leave this matter to an expert+ Bill #arner who compiles the evidence+ Bulletin of
Christian Persecution July 30 - Aug. 31, 2012.
)emon possession
2id &oe reall! run home to his wife and hide under her skirt scared witless9 $ahih
Bukhari has the answer to this 5uestion.
Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 87, Number 111 :
Narrated 'Aisha:
The commencement of the Divine Inspiration to Allah's Apostle was in the form of
good righteous (true) dreams in his sleep. He never had a dream ut that it came
true li!e right da" light. He used to go in seclusion (the cave of) Hira where he used
to worship(Allah Alone) continuousl" for man" (da"s) nights. He used to ta!e with
him the #ourne" food for that (sta") and then come ac! to (his wife) $hadi#a to ta!e
his food li!e%wise again for another period to sta"& till suddenl" the Truth descended
upon him while he was in the cave of Hira. The angel came to him in it and as!ed him
to read. The 'rophet replied& (I do not !now how to read.( (The 'rophet added)& (The
angel caught me (forcefull") and pressed me so hard that I could not ear it
an"more. He then released me and again as!ed me to read& and I replied& (I do not
!now how to read&( whereupon he caught me again and pressed me a second time till
I could not ear it an"more. He then released me and as!ed me again to read& ut
again I replied& (I do not !now how to read (or& what shall I read)).( Thereupon he
caught me for the third time and pressed me and then released me and said& (*ead:
In the Name of "our +ord& ,ho has created (all that e-ists). Has created man from a
clot. *ead and .our +ord is /ost 0enerous...up to..... ..that which he !new
not.( (12.34)
Then Allah's Apostle returned with the Inspiration& his nec! muscles twitching with
terror till he entered upon $hadi#a and said& 4Hover meF Hover meF4 The" covered
him till his fear was over and then he said& (5 $hadi#a& what is wrong with me)( Then
he told her ever"thing that had happened and said& 'I fear that something ma"
happen to me.( $hadi#a said& 'Never6 7ut have the glad tidings& for " Allah& Allah will
never disgrace "ou as "ou !eep good reactions with "our $ith and !in& spea! the
truth& help the poor and the destitute& serve "our guest generousl" and assist the
deserving& calamit"%afflicted ones.( $hadi#a then accompanied him to (her cousin)
,ara8a in Naufal in Asad in 'Adul '9::a in ;usai. ,ara8a was the son of her
paternal uncle& i.e.& her father's rother& who during the 're%Islamic 'eriod ecame a
<hristian and used to write the Araic writing and used to write of the 0ospels in
Araic as much as Allah wished him to write. He was an old man and had lost his
e"esight. $hadi#a said to him& (5 m" cousin6 +isten to the stor" of "our nephew.(
,ara8a as!ed& (5 m" nephew6 ,hat have "ou seen)( The 'rophet descried
whatever he had seen.
,ara8a said& (This is the same Namus (i.e.& 0ariel& the Angel who !eeps the
secrets) whom Allah had sent to /oses. I wish I were "oung and could live up to the
time when "our people would turn "ou out.( Allah's Apostle as!ed& (,ill the" turn me
out)( ,ara8a replied in the affirmative and said: (Never did a man come with
something similar to what "ou have rought ut was treated with hostilit". If I should
remain alive till the da" when "ou will e turned out then I would support "ou
strongl".( 7ut after a few da"s ,ara8a died and the Divine Inspiration was also
paused for a while and the 'rophet ecame so sad as we have heard that he intended
several times to throw himself from the tops of high mountains and ever" time he
went up the top of a mountain in order to throw himself down& 0ariel would appear
efore him and sa"& (5 /uhammad6 .ou are indeed Allah's Apostle in truth(
whereupon his heart would ecome 8uiet and he would calm down and would return
home. And whenever the period of the coming of the inspiration used to ecome
long& he would do as efore& ut when he used to reach the top of a mountain&
0ariel would appear efore him and sa" to him what he had said efore. (In 'Aas
said regarding the meaning of: 'He it is that <leaves the da"rea! (from the
dar!ness)' (2.12) that Al%Asah. means the light of the sun during the da" and the
light of the moon at night).
Ibn Sa'd Volume 1, Parts 1.51.1
/uhammad In =9mar informed us> he said: .unus In /uhammad In ?udalah
al%@afari related to me on the authorit" of his father> (second chain) he (In Aa'd)
said: $athir In @a"d related to me on the authorit" of al%/uttali In 'Ad Allah
In Hanta> the" said:
The Apostle of Allah& ma" Allah less him& had seen his people departing from him.
He was one da" sitting alone when he e-pressed a desire: I wish& Allah had not
revealed to me an"thing distasteful to them. Then the Apostle of Allah& ma" Allah
less him& approached them (;ura"sh) and got close to them& and the" also came
near to him. 5ne da" he was sitting in their asseml" near the $a=ah& and he
recited: (7" the Atar when it setteth(& (;ur'an& 4B:3) till he reached& (Have "e
thought upon Al%9::a and /anat& the third& the other(. (;ur'an& 4B:31%CD) Aatan
made him repeat these two phrases: These idols are high and their intercession is
e-pected. The Apostle of Allah& ma" Allah less him& repeated them& and he went on
reciting the whole surah and then fell in prostration& and the people also fell in
prostration with him. Al%,alid In al%/ughirah& who was an old man and could not
prostrate& too! a handful of dust to his forehead and prostrated on it. It is said: Au
9ha"hah Aa'id In al%'As& eing an old man& too! dust and prostrated on it. Aome
people sa": It was al%,alid who too! the dust> others sa": It was Au 9ha"hah>
while others sa": 7oth did it. The" were pleased with what the Apostle of Allah& ma"
Allah less him& had uttered. The" said: ,e !now that Allah gives life and causes
death. He creates and gives us provisions& ut our deities will intercede with Him&
and in what "ou have assigned to them& we are with "ou. These words pric!ed the
Apostle of Allah& ma" Allah less him. He was sitting in his house and when it was
evening& 0ariel& ma" peace e on him& came to him and revised the surah. Then
0ariel said: Did I ring these two phrases. The Apostle of Allah& ma" Allah less
him& said: I ascried to Allah& what He had not said.
Then Allah revealed to him: (And the" indeed strove hard to eguile thee
(/uhammad) awa" from that wherewith ,e have inspired thee& that thou shouldst
invent other than it against 9s> and then would the" have accepted thee as a friend.
And if ,e had not made thee wholl" firm thou mightest almost have inclined
unto them a little.
Then had ,e made thee taste a doule (punishment) of living and a doule
(punishment) of d"ing then hadst thou found no helper against 9s. (Al-ur'an, 17!7"-
75. This narration is not acceptale& ecause none of the first narrators is a
<ompanion. ?or a detailed discussion see Ahili& Airat al%Nai& 3st edition& p. 3E2)
11:01 . %ever did #e send a &essenger or a 'rophet before !ou but3 when he did
recite the revelation or narrated or spoke $hait;n >$atan? threw >some falsehood? in
it. But "ll;h abolishes that which $hait;n >$atan? throws in. Then "ll;h establishes 0is
@evelations. "nd "ll;h is "llE8nower "llE#ise+
Great Slaughter
2oes God desire great slaughter or does genocide come from $atan's corner9 "llah made
great slaughter &oe's price of admission to his celestial bordello.
$:&# . )t is not for a 'rophet that he should have prisoners of war >and free them with
ransom? until he had made a great slaughter >among his enemies? in the land. *ou
desire the good of this world >i.e. the mone! of ransom for freeing the captives? but
"ll;h desires >for !ou? the 0ereafter. "nd "ll;h is "llE&ight! "llE#ise.
)bn $a'd Bolume I 'arts I.LM.L
'"ffan )bn &uslim informed us+ 0ammad )bn $alamah informed us on the authorit!
of 0isham )bn 'Urwah he on the authorit! of 'Urwah+ Beril! the "postle of "llah
ma! "llah bless him said+
N 8hadijah ) see light and hear sounds and ) fear ) shall be a soothEsa!er. $he said+
Beril! "llah will not do it with !ou N son of ."bd "llah. Beril! !ou speak the truth
return things entrusted to !ou and fulfil >obligations of? relationship.
/bn Sa+d Volume !6 -arts !.40.0
*ah!a Ibn "bbad and ."ffan )bn &uslim informed us3 the! said+ 0ammad )bn
$alamah informed us3 he said+ "mmar )bn "bi ."mmar informed us3 >variation?
*ah!a )bn ."bbOd >onl!? said+ 0ammad )bn $alamah said+ ) think >he narrated? on
the authorit! of )bn ."bbas+
Beril! the 'rophet ma! "llah bless him said+ G 8hadijah ) hear sounds and see
light and ) fear ) am mad. $he said+ N son of ."bd "llah F "llah will not do it with
!ou. Then she approached #ara5ah )bn %awfal and related >the incident? to him.
0e said+ )f he is true then he is nomos as in the case of &oses. )f ) am alive when he
is commissioned >to prophethood? ) shall support him help him and believe in him.
The stor! of &oe's child bride is well represented in the authentic hadith collections
compiled in this pdf file+!%%2!%"00/.isha?s?.ge ) will
reproduce one of them here linked to the source3 !ou can easil! find the others b! reading the
surrounding ahadith and using !our favorite hadith search engine to find the rest.
Sahih 5u*hari Volume 7, Book #$, Number #% :
Narrated 'Aisha:
that the 'rophet married her when she was six !ears old and he consummated his
marriage when she was nine "ears old& and then she remained with him for nine
"ears (i.e.& till his death).
The +ife of /uhammad& page B33 [)mage PIQN in the on line archive,.
In the riwa"a of .unus I. I. recorded that the apostle
saw her (9mmu'I%?adl when she was a a" crawling efore him and
said& 'If she grows up and I am still alive I will marr" her.' 7ut he died
efore she grew up and Auf"an . al%Aswad . ' Adu'I%Asad al%/a!h:umi
married her and she ore him *i:8 and +uaa. . . .
)on*e, interview
*eah right &oe asked 5uestions of a donke! and got answers. This stor! is one measure
of his insanit! and the credulit! of &uslims. -or the full stor! see+ http+RRwww.answeringE
islam.orgR$hamounR!afoor.htm. This GH@ result from the Snc!clopedia of Hanonical 0adith
is a bit rough but !ou can get the gist of the stor!. The stor! is on page TU of the pdf file
page LI of the text.
Be! 0!dera bad I/TN )) pp. KNJ f.
)n one version it was the 'rophet who asked the
donke!+ W#hat is !our name9X W *a ( d b. $hih bX
the don ke! is said to have answered. Thereupon the
'rophet said+ WBut ) shall call !ou *a f rJ.X #hen it
was offered a sheEass it declined. )n an other version
it was the donke! that be gan the con ver sa tion
telling the 'rophet that it was once owned b! a 1ew.
$ince it made a habit of stumb ling on pur pose so
that its master fell off it was refused food and it
was reg u larl! given the stick. "s the last surviving
don ke! of his grand fath erXs sixt! off spring which
had all been used in the past b! proph ets as riding
ani malsK it was now pre pared to serve him the
'rophet of )s lam the seal of the proph ets. &u ammad
used to ride it and when he was in need of
sup plies he used to release it and send it awa! to
the shop of a merchant on whose door it would
knock with its head. )n a var iant+ WY and when the
own er of the store came outside the donke! would
give him a to ken with its head that he was to love
the &essenger of God+ W" ibba ras la Xll hFX )n a
variant we read here+ W"jib ras la Xll hF respond
to the &es sen ger of GodFX #hen the 'rophet died
the donke! went to the well of "b XlE0a! tham b.
atETa!!ih n and threw itself down there in out of
grief and thus that well became its grave. But as
all versions assert there was no truth in the stor! of
course and its isn d strand was no good an!how.
)n )
j. Ai s n ibidem )bn alE1aw( is 5uoted as
sa!ing la ana Xll hu w
i ahuF i.e. ma! God curse
the fabricator of this traditionF -or a ver! detailed
stud! of the asses and mules which are associated
with the 'rophet see 0. SisensteinXs paper in 2er
)s lam AZ)) I/QM pp. /QEINT.
Tabari Bolume B))) 'age IKI
)n this !ear 0atib b. "bi Balta'ah came back from alE&u5aw5is
bringing &ari!ah and her sister $irin his female mule 2uldul his
donke! *a'fur and sets of garments. #ith the two women alE
&u5aw5is had sent a eunuch and the latter sta!ed with them.
0atib had invited them to become &uslims before he arrived with
them and &ari!ah and her sister did so. The &essenger of God
lodged them with Umm $ula!m bt. &ilhan. &ari!ah was beautiful.
The 'rophet sent her sister $irin to 0assan b. Thabit and she
bore him '"bd alE@ahman b. 0assan.
" provincial ruler whom &oe intimidated gave &oe two Hhristian slaves the talking
donke! and other goods in tribute to appease him and stave off con5uest. &oe gave one
slave awa! and kept the other assigning her to 0afsa one of his wives.
)t would seem that after 1esus brought a new dispensation with celibac! instead of
lecher! celibac! would be the model for future prophets. But not for our hero &oe. &oe
had nine wives at once and used to divide his time between them. *ou saw a dramati(ation
of his tr!st with &ari!ah a slave who was given to him as tribute in 0afsa's bed on her
turn. 2id that reall! happen9 #ould ) bring it up here if it did not9 $unan anE%asa'i holds a
clue for !ou.
@ "4!! )t was narrated from "nas
that the &essenger of "lllah had
a female slave with whom he had
intercourse but '"isha and
0afsa would not leave him alone
until he said that she was forbidden
for him. Then "llih the &ight!
and $ublime. revealed+ 4N 'rophetF
#h! do !ou forbid >for !ourself? that which "llih has
allowed to until the end of .the Berse. >sahih?
&&:! . G 'rophetF #h! do !ou ban >for !ourself? that which "ll;h has made lawful to
!ou seeking to please !our wives9 "nd "ll;h is GftE-orgiving &ost &erciful.
UU+J. "ll;h has alread! ordained for !ou >G men? the dissolution of !our oaths. "nd
"ll;h is !our &aula >Aord or &aster or 'rotector etc.? and 0e is the "llE8nower the
UU+K. "nd >remember? when the 'rophet >? disclosed a matter in confidence to one of
his wives >0afsah? so when she told it >to another i.e. '"ishah? and "ll;h made it
known to him he informed part thereof and left a part. Then when he told her >0afsah?
thereof she said+ 4#ho told !ou this94 0e said+ 4The "llE8nower the "llE"ware
>"ll;h? has told me4.
UU+L. )f !ou two >wives of the 'rophet namel! '"ishah and 0afsah? turn in repentance
to "ll;h >it will be better for !ou? !our hearts are indeed so inclined >to oppose what
the 'rophet likes? but if !ou help one another against him >&uhammad ? then veril!
"ll;h is his &aula >Aord or &aster or 'rotector etc.? and 1ibrael >Gabriel? and the
righteous among the believers and furthermore the angels are his helpers.
UU+M. )t ma! be if he divorced !ou >all? that his Aord will give him instead of !ou
wives better than !ou &uslims >who submit to "ll;h? believers obedient to "ll;h
turning to "ll;h in repentance worshipping "ll;h sincerel! fasting or emigrants >for
"ll;h's sake? previousl! married and virgins.
Gn pages QQ 7amp3 Q/ of The 2ecline and -all of the @oman Smpire we learn a little
more about 0afsa and her slave &oe and <einab. Aecher!9 )s it possible9
)n his adventures with <eineb the wife of
<eid and with &ar! an Sg!ptian captive the amorous
prophet forgot the interest of his reputation. "t the house
of <eid his frcedman and adopted son he beheld in a loose
undress the beaut! of <eineb and burst forth into an ejaculation
of devotion and desire. The servile or grateful freedman
understood the hint and !ielded without hesitation to the
love of his benefactor. But as the filial relation had excited
some doubt and scandal the angel Gabriel descended from
heaven to ratif! the deed to annul the adoption and gentl!
to reprove the apostle for distrusting the indulgence of his
God. Gne of his wives 0afsaITL the daughter of Gmar
surprised him on her own bed in the embraces of his Sg!ptian
captive3 she promised secrec! and forgiveness3 he swore
that he would renounce the possession of &ar!. Both
parties forgot their engagements3 and Gabriel again descended
with a chapter of the 8oran to absolve him from his
oath and to exhort him freel! to enjo! his captives and concubines
without listening to the clamours of his wives. )n a
sohtar! retreat of thirt! da!s he laboured alone with &ar!
to fulfil the commands of the angel. #hen his love and
revenge were satiated he summoned to his presence his
eleven wives reproached their disobedience and indiscretion
and threatened them with a sentence of divorce both
in this world and in the next+ a dreadful sentence since
those who had ascended the bed of the prophet were for ever
excluded from the hope of a second marriage. 'erhaps the
incontinence of &ahomet ma! be palliated b! the tradition
of his natural or preternatural gifts +
he united the manl!
virtue of thirt! of the children of "dam 3 and the apostle
might rival the thirteenth labour
of the Grecian 0ercules.

The marriage+ Tabari Bol B))) pg IKL tells us more about how &oe got <a!d's wife and
issued situational scripture to sanction the deal.
Then the &essenger of God married <a!nab bt. 1ahsh b. @i'ab b.
*a'mur b. $abirah. Q/M 'reviousl! she was married to <a!d b.
0arithah b. $harabil freedman of the &essenger of God but she
did not bear an! children with him. >)t was? about her that God
revealed+ 4#hen !ou said to him whom God had blessed and !ou
had favored '8eep !our wife to !ourself and fear God' !ou conE
cealed within !ourself that which God was about to reveal. *ou
feared other men but it is more fitting that !ou should fear God.
#hen <a!d had accomplished the necessar! >formalit! of 2ivorce?
from her #e gave her in marriage to !ou so that there should not
be an! fault for the believers in respect to the wives of their
adopted sons after the! have performed the necessar! formalE
it! [of 2ivorce, from them. "nd God's command must be fulE
filled.4Q/U God married her to him and sent Gabriel concerning
that matter. $he used to boast to the other wives of the 'rophet
sa!ing 4) am the most honored among !ou because of the Gne
who gave me in marriage and the one who was m! intermediar!
>i. e. Gabriel? >[akramukunna wali!!'an wa akramukunna
"":"# . "nd >remember? when !ou said to him ><aid bin 0;rithah3 the freedslave of
the 'rophet ? on whom "ll;h has bestowed Grace >b! guiding him to )sl;m? and !ou
>G &uhammad too? have done favour >b! manumitting him? 48eep !our wife to
!ourself and fear "ll;h.4 But !ou did hide in !ourself >i.e. what "ll;h has alread!
made known to !ou that 0e will give her to !ou in marriage? that which "ll;h will
make manifest !ou did fear the people >i.e. &uhammad married the divorced wife of
his manumitted slave? whereas "ll;h had a better right that !ou should fear 0im. $o
when <aid had accomplished his desire from her >i.e. divorced her? #e gave her to
!ou in marriage so that >in future? there ma! be no difficult! to the believers in respect
of >the marriage of? the wives of their adopted sons when the latter have no desire to
keep them >i.e. the! have divorced them?. "nd "ll;h's Hommand must be fulfilled.
KK+KQ. There is no blame on the 'rophet >? in that which "ll;h has made legal for
him.That has been "ll;h's #a! with those who have passed awa! of >the 'rophets of?
old. "nd the Hommand of "ll;h is a decree determined.
KK+K/. Those who conve! the &essage of "ll;h and fear 0im and fear none save
"ll;h. "nd $ufficient is "ll;h as a @eckoner.
KK+LN. &uhammad >? is not the father of an! man among !ou but he is the &essenger
of "ll;h and the last >end? of the 'rophets. "nd "ll;h is Sver "ll"ware of ever!thing.
2id God have as his last and best messenger an unrepentant murderer9 &oe commissioned
hits on critics. 0e would have m! head for uttering and publishing this blog post which
exposes the truth about &oe to public view. *ou watched the dramati(ation of the murder of
Um 6irfa was that for real9 Turn to page &&4 of Guillaume+s The Life of Muhammad to
find out.
. 6a!s b. alE&usahlIar alE *a'muri killed &as'ada b.0akama
b. &alik b.0udha!fa b. Badr and Umm 6irfa -atima d. @abi'a b. Badr
was taken prisoner. $he was a ver! old woman wife of &alik. 0er
daughter and' "bdullah b. &as'ada were also taken. <a!d ordered 6a!s
b. alE&usalIlIar to kill Umm 6irfa and he killed her cruell! >T. b! putting
a rope to her two legs and to two camels and driving them until the! rent
her in two?. Then the! brought Umm 6irfa's daughter and &as'ada's
son to the apostle. The daughter of Umm 6irfa belonged to $alama b.
'"mr b. alE"kwa' who had taken her. $he held a position of honour
among her people and the "rabs used to sa! '0ad !ou been more powerful
than Umm 6irfa !ou could have done no more.' $alama asked the
apostle to let him have her and he gave her to him and he presented her
to his uncle 0a(n b. "bu #ahb and she bare him' "bdu')E@alIman b.
8he stor, of the murder of Aab .shraf is told in /shaB on page "&#.
The apostle saidEaccording to what' "bdullah b.
alE&ughith b. "bu Burda told meE'#ho will rid me of )bnu')E"shraf9'
)&uhammad b. &aslama brother of the B. '"bdu')E"shhal said ') will
deal with him for !ou N apostle of God ) will kill him.' 0e said '2o so if
!ou can.' $o &uhammad b. &aslama returned and waited for three da!s
without food or drink apart from what was absolutel! necessar!. #hen
the apostle was told of this he summoned him and asked him wh! he had
given up eating and drinking. 0e replied that he had given hi.m an undertaking
and he did not know whether he could fulfil it. The apostle said
'")l that is incumbent upon !ou is that !ou should tr!.' 0e said 'N apostle
of God we shall have to tell lies.' 0e answered '$a! what !ou like for MMI
!ou are free in the matter.' Thereupon he and $ilkan b. $alama b. #a5sh
who was "bu %a'ila one of the B. '"bdu')E"shhal fosterEbrother of 8a'b
and '"bbad b. Bishr b. #a5sh and alE0arith b. "us b. &u'adh of the B.
'"bdu')E"shhal and "bu' "bs b. 1abr of the B.0aritha conspired together
and sent $ilkan to the enem! of God 8a'b b. "shraf before the! came to
him. 0e talked to him some time and the! recited poetr! one to the other
for $ilkan was fond of poetr!. Then he said 'N )bn "shraf ) have come to
!ou about a matter which ) want to tell !ou of and wish !ou to keep secret.'
'Ber! well' he replied. 0e went on 'The coming of this man is a great
trial to us. )t has provoked the hostilit! of the "rabs and the! are all in
league against us. The roads have become impassable so that our families
are in want and privation and we and our families are in great distress.'
8a'b answered 'B! God ) kept telling !ou N )bn $alama that the things
t warned !ou of would happen.' $ilkan said to him ') want !ou to sell us
food and we will give !ou a pledge of securit! and !ou deal generousl! in
the matter.' 0e replied '#ill !ou giv\ me !our sons as a pledge9' 0e
said *6U want to )nsult us. ) have fnends who share m! opinion and
) want to bring them to !ou so that !ou ma! sell to them and act generousl!
and we will give !ou enough weapons for a good pledge.' $ilkan's obje\
was that he should not take alarm at the sight of weapons when the!
brought them. 8a'b answered '#eapons are a good pledge.' Thereupon
$ilkan returned to his companions told them what had happened and
o\dered them to take their arms. Then the! went awa! and assembled with
him and met the apostle.... Then after a space he did it
for the third time and cried '$mite the enem! of GodF' $o the! smote
him and their swords clashed over him with no effect. &uhammad b.
&aslama said ') remembered m! dagger when ) saw that our swords were
useless and ) sei(ed it. &eanwhile the enem! of God had made such a
noise that ever! fort around us was showing a light. ) thrust it into the
lower part of his bod! then ) bore down upon it until ) reached his
genitals and the enem! of God fell to the ground. "lE0arith had been
hurt being wounded either in his head or in his foot one of our swords
having struck hitn. #e went awa! passing b! the B. Uma!!a b. <a!d
and then the B. 6ura!\a and then Bu'ath until we went up the l1arra of
alE'Ura!g.I Gur friend alE0arith had lagged behind weakened b! loss of
blood so we waited for him for some time until he came up following our
tracks. #e carried him and brought him to the apostle at the end of the
night. #e saluted him as he stood pra!ing and he came out to us and we
told him that we had killed God's enem!. 0e spat upon our comrade's
wounds and both he and we returned to our families. Our attac* upon
God+s enem, cast terror among the Cews6 and there was no Cew in 4edina
who did not fear for his life.+1
The &urder of &arwan's daughter is detailed on page UTU .
#hen the apostle heard what she had said he said '#ho will rid me of
&arwan's daughter9' 'Uma!r b. '"di! alE8hatmi who was with him heard
him and that ver! night he went to her house and killed her. )n the morning
he came to the apostle and told him what he had done and he said
'*ou have helped God ana 0is apostle N 'Uma!r' #hen he asked if he
would have to bear an! evil conse5uences the apostle said 'Two goats
won't butt their heads about her' so 'Uma!r went back to his people.
8orture >ampD rape of captives
*ou saw a dramati(ation of the torture death of 8inana and sei(ure of his widow. #hat is
the realit!9 2id that reall! happen9 -or the answer we turn to Tabari Bol. B))) page IJJ.
#hen $afi!!ah became the bride of 8inanah b. alE@abi' b. "bi
0u5a!5 she dreamt that a moon had fallen into her lap. $he told
her vision to her husband and he said 4That is onl! because !ou
are wishing for the king of the 0ija( &uhammad4 E and he gave
her face a slap that blackened her e!e. $he was brought to the
&essenger of God with the traces of it still there3 he asked her
what it was and she told him this stor!.
"ccording to )bn )sha5+ 8inanah b. alE@abi' b. "bi alE0u5a!5
who had the treasure of the Banu alE%adirMNQ was brought to the
&essenger of God who 5uestioned him3 but he denied knowing
where it was. Then the &essenger of God was brought a 1ew who
said to him 4) have seen 8inanah walk around this ruin ever!
morning.4 The &essenger of God said to 8inanah+ 4#hat do !ou
sa!9 )f we find it in !our possession ) will kill !ou.4MN/ 4"ll right4
he answered. The &essenger of God commanded that the ruin
should be dug up and some of the treasure was extracted from it.
Then he asked him for the rest of it. 8inanah refused to surrender
it3 so the &essenger of God gave orders concerning him to alE<uba!r
b. alE'"wwam sa!ing 4Torture him until !ou root out what he has.4
"lE<uba!r kept twirling his fires tick in his breast MIN until
8inanah almost expired3 then the &essenger of God gave him to
&uhammad b. &aslamah who beheaded him to avenge his brother
&ahmud b. &aslamah.
2id &oe reall! sei(e the widow of the man he tortured and add her to his harem9
Sahih Bukhari Volume %, Book 5$, Number 1%":
Narrated Anas in /ali!:
The 'rophet said to Au Talha& (<hoose one of "our o" servants to serve me in m"
e-pedition to $haiar.( Ao& Au Talha too! me letting me ride ehind him while I was
a o" nearing the age of puert". I used to serve Allah's Apostle when he stopped to
rest. I heard him sa"ing repeatedl"& (5 Allah6 I see! refuge with .ou from distress
and sorrow& from helplessness and la:iness& from miserliness and cowardice& from
eing heavil" in det and from eing overcome " men.( Then we reached $haiar>
and when Allah enaled him to con8uer the ?ort (of $haiar)& the eaut" of Aafi"a
int Hu"ai in A!hta was descried to him. Her husand had een !illed while she
was a ride. So Allah's A&ostle sele'ted her (or himsel( and too! her along with
him till we reached a place called Aad%AsAaha&' where her menses were over and he
too! her for his wife. Haris (a !ind of dish) was served on a small leather sheet. Then
Allah's Apostle told me to call those who were around me. Ao& that was the marriage
an8uet of Allah's Apostle and Aafi"a. Then we left for /edina. I saw Allah's Apostle
folding a cloa! round the hump of the camel so as to ma!e a wide space for Aafi"a
(to sit on ehind him) He sat eside his camel letting his !nees for Aafi"a to put her
feet on so as to mount the camel. Then& we proceeded till we approached /edina> he
loo!ed at 9hud (mountain) and said& (This is a mountain which loves us and is loved
" us.( Then he loo!ed at /edina and said& (5 Allah6 I ma!e the area etween its
(i.e. /edina's) two mountains a sanctuar" as Araham made /ecca a sanctuar". 5
Allah6 7less them (i.e. the people of /edina) in their /udd and Aa (i.e. measures).(
5arbarian rapine
Go back and reEread KK+JU 7amp3 JT b! clicking this lin*3 use !our Backspace ke! to
return here.. &oe attacked the settlement killed the men raped the women and enslaved the
children sei(ing their propert!. "llah facilitated it. #as that a singularit!9 )s jihad
exclusivel! defensive9 Gr is it a regular pattern part of &oe's mission9 Sxamine the
evidence carefull! before making a decision.
Sahih 5u*hari Volume !6 5oo* $6 7umber "$# +
%arrated "nas bin &alik+
"llah's "postle said E/ have been ordered to fight the people till the, sa,: +7one
has the right to be worshipped but .llah.+ .nd if the, sa, so6 pra, li*e our
pra,ers6 face our Fibla and slaughter as we slaughter6 then their blood and
propert, will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them eGcept legall,
and their rec*oning will be with .llah.4 %arrated &aimun ibn $i!ah that he asked
"nas bin &alik 4G "bu 0am(aF #hat makes the life and propert! of a person
sacred94 0e replied 4#hoever sa!s '%one has the right to be worshipped but "llah'
faces our 6ibla during the pra!ers pra!s like us and eats our slaughtered animal then
he is a &uslim and has got the same rights and obligations as other &uslims have.4
0eda!a Bol )) Book )Z Hh. I 'g. ILI '2- IML )slamic law codified b! the 0anifi
school of fi5h.,sorguide%%hamigoog@page/n!04/mode/!up
The destruction of the sword is incurred b! infidels although the! be not the
first aggressors as appears from various passages in the sacred writings which
are generall! received this effect.
&arginal %ote+ )nfidels ma! be attacked without provocation.
&oe dictated and dispatched extortion letters to intended victims. ) include this one because
it is extremel! clear leaving nothing to the imagination.
In the name of ALLAH the compassionate, the Merciful
From Muhammad, Prophet of Allah
To the People of Aqaba
May peace be on you. I praise Allah ho is one and e!cept hom there is nobody else to be orshipped.
I do not intend to a"e ar a"ainst you till you recei#e my ritten reason for it. It is better for you, either to accept Islam
or a"ree to pay $i%iya and consent to remain obedient to Allah, His prophet and his messen"ers. My messen"ers deser#e
honour. Treat them ith respect. &hate#er pleases my messen"ers, ill also please me.
These people ha#e been informed of the orders about $i%iya. If you desire that there should be peace and security in the
orld, obey Allah and His Prophet. Thereafter none in Arabia and A'am (Iran) shall dare cast an e#il eye on you. *ut the
ri"hts of Allah and His Prophet can at no time be ai#ed.
If you do not accept these terms and set them aside, I do not need your presents and "ifts. In that case, I shall ha#e to
a"e ar (to establish peace and security). Its result would be that the big ones shall be killed in war and the
commoners shall be taken prisoners.
I assure you that I am a true Prophet of Allah. I belie#e in Allah, and His *oo+s, and His Prophets and am of the faith that
Maseeh (Messiah) son of Mariam (Mary), is a Prophet of Allah and His ord.
Hurmala (,a%iallah AnhoA.) ho brou"ht to me - asaq (about . quintals) of barley, recommended your case. Had it not
been in compliance of the command of Allah and the "ood opinion of Hurmala for you, it ould not ha#e been necessary
for me to correspond ith you and instead of it, there ould ha#e been a ar. If you ill obey my messen"ers, you shall
immediately ha#e my support and the help and support of e#eryone ho is attached to me.
My messen"ers are /huraih0beel, 1baiy, Hurmala and Hurais (,a%iallah AnhoA.) and hate#er decision they ta+e in respect
of you, shall be acceptable to me.
2our people are under the protection and responsibility of Allah and His Prophet.
/upply pro#isions to the $es of Maqna, for their 'ourney to their country.
If you accept obedience, may peace be on you.3
/eal4 Allah3s Prophet Muhammad .!"#T$!"#T%E!"#&%IE'(!"#$'!"#)*)+)
Hrom page 1$2 of Guillaume's The Life of Muhammad :
The! said that when the apostle heard about "bu $uf!an
coming from $!ria he summoned the &uslims and said 'This is the
6ura!sh caravan containing their propert!. Go out to attack it perhaps
God will give it as a pre!.'
On page 0!1 we find another eGample .
'"bdullah b. "bu Bakr told me that one of "slam told him that
B. $ahm of "slam came to the apostle and complained that the! had fought and got
nothing and found nothing with the apostle which he could give them. 0e
said+ \G God *ou know their condition and that the! have no strength
and that ) have nothing to give them so con5uer for them the wealthiest
of the enem!'s forts with the richest food.' The following da! God con5uered
the fort of alE$a'b b. &u'adh which contained the richest food in
*ou have been told b! bloggers that this is a 4crapp!4 video3 b! the U.%. 'resident
$ecretar! of $tate 7amp3 Hhairman of the 1oint Hhiefs of $taff that it is a 'disgusting4 video.
%ow !ou have seen the evidence of the veracit! of the main themes of the video. @etire to
chambers contemplate the evidence and render !our verdict in a comment.