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A Standard Rite to the Prince of Darkness

By Geifodd
Things You Will Need For the Ceremony:
1) Altar/table/some kind of raised platform (facing North)
2) Athame/sword/pointer of some kind
3) Black clothes (or, if you prefer, you can do the ritual naked)
4) At least one black candle (to be placed on the altar/table)
4) Some kind of image that represents the Prince of Darkness to you, to be placed on the
(It can be a picture that you hang on the wall above your altar, or a statue, or something that you
have made yourself.)
Stages of the Ceremony:
1) Banishing
2) Invocation (General and Aspectual)
3) Act of Worship
4) Sacrificial Offering
5) Recital of Prayers and Requests
6) Giving of Thanks
7) Closing Hymn
This ceremony is best conducted during the night, particularly right at midnight, the Witching
Hour. I personally feel that my rituals are somewhat unsuccessful if the sun is still up.
Dress (or undress) for the ritual. It may be helpful if you bathe yourself just before commencing.
Make sure everything is in place, then light the black candle and turn off all the lights (the only
light in the entire room should be coming from the black candle). You can use more than one
black candle if you like.
Stage One - Banishing
Eyes closed, facing North:
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
I focus my mind and my Will upon the Prince of Darkness.
Another suitable banishing to use for the purposes of this ritual would be my Exorcism of
Jehovah. However, I highly suggest that only experienced Satanists use this banishing technique
and that novices use the above listed technique instead.
Stage Two - Invocation
Recite the General Invocation:
"Hail unto my Master, the Devil, the Lord of this World and Prince of Darkness! The Red One of
darkest brilliance, whose eternal Shadow is the light of my life. Surely I belong to Thee in both
body and spirit; I have taken Thy name as a part of myself, and I rejoice in Thy spirit. For in the
Shadow of Lucifer there is love and warmth, and in the midst of His darkness there is undying
light. O mighty Black Goat of the Wilderness! O mighty Serpent of Eden's Demise! To Thee I
give praise forever and ever, Amen."
"Master, I call Thee forth from the bottomless abyss. Master, I call Thee forth from the ends of
the earth. Master, I call Thee forth from the nighttime sky. Come forth from within my flesh and
my spirit, and greet me as Thy humble servant and friend. I wish to worship and honor Thee, to
commune with Thee and to be still and know that Thou art my God."
Take your athame and point it in the air, toward North:
"Oh hear the names of the mighty Prince of Darkness!"
Trace a point-down pentagram in the air as you recite the Aspectual Invocations:
"Hail to Thee, Belial, God of This World! Lord of the Earth and Spirit of the Flesh. He whose
strength is in the mountain. Help me to be strong and to embrace the pleasures and pains of
earthly existence. All praise unto Thee, Lord Belial! Hail Belial!"
Turn northwest, and trace another point-down pentagram in the air:
"Hail to Thee, Behemoth, Beast of the Earth! Lord of the Waters and the Earth, Great Beast of
Revelation! He whose voice is the Call of the Wild. Help me to be the best and most successful
animal that I can be. All praise unto Thee, Lord Behemoth! Hail Behemoth!"
Turn west, and trace another point-down pentagram in the air:
"Hail to Thee, Typhon, Beast of the Sea! Lord of the Waters and Creature of the Depths. He who
is the heart of the thunderous Hurricane. Help me to understand the deepest regions of my Self,
and to be a raging storm against all that would oppress me. All praise unto Thee, Lord Typhon!
Hail Typhon!"
Turn southwest, and trace another point-down pentagram in the air:
"Hail to Thee, Set, Great Red Dragon! Lord of the Flame and the Waters, Outsider-God. He who
roams the lonely Wilderness. Help me to stay true to my Self, and to overcome all that would
infringe upon my Selfhood. All praise unto Thee, Lord Set! Hail Set!"
Turn south, and trace another point-down pentagram in the air:
"Hail to Thee, Shaitan, Adversary! Lord of the Flame and Supreme Enemy of the God of
Abraham. He who left the Kingdom of Heaven in flames. Help me to always remain strong in
the face of the Tyrant God, and to prevail over my enemies! All praise unto Thee, Lord Shaitan.
Hail Shaitan!"
Turn southeast, and trace another point-down pentagram in the air:
"Hail to Thee, Samael, Serpent of Eden! Lord of the Air and the Flame, Venomous One. He who
tempted Adam and Eve with the Fruit of Knowledge. Help me to find and maintain the strength
to think for myself, and to do what I know in my heart is right. All praise unto Thee, Lord
Samael! Hail Samael!"
Turn east, and trace another point-down pentagram in the air:
"Hail to Thee, Lucifer, Bringer of Light! Lord of the Air and Morning Star. He who destroys
ignorance with the calling of Dawn. Help me to pierce through my own blindness and to find the
light of understanding. All praise unto Thee, Lord Lucifer! Hail Lucifer!"
Turn northeast, and trace another point-down pentagram in the air:
"Hail to Thee, Azazel, Scapegoat! Lord of the Earth and the Air, Dark Horned God. He whose
celestial knowledge is drawn to the earth by worldly lust. Help me to achieve knowledge and
happiness here on earth and in the flesh. All praise unto Thee, Lord Azazel! Hail Azazel!"
Turn north; put down your athame and raise both your hands into the air in the Sign of the
"Hail to Thee, Prince of Darkness! Lord of the Elements, beloved Master! He who is of the
Darkness, but who brings the Light. Help me to serve You in as many ways that I can. All praise
unto Thee, my Prince of Darkness! Hail Satan! Hail Set!"
Stage Three - Act of Worship
This stage is perhaps the most personal, next to the Sacrificial Offering. When it comes to the
Act of Worship, I usually get down on my knees and bow my head to the North, remaining silent
while I do so. However, other Satanists may not be comfortable with bowing on their knees; to
these persons, I would suggest trying another technique. Since this is the only one that really
seems to work for me, I'm afraid I can't seem to think of any other good suggestions.
After bowing on my knees, I will usually recite a Declaration of Faith like the one below:
"Master, I believe in Thee. Master, I pass near to Thee! Thou art in my flesh, Thou art in my
blood, and Thou art in my very soul. Thy spirit giveth refreshment to me when I am thirsty; Thy
spirit healeth me when I am sick. Thou makest me to search for the hidden answers, Thou makest
me to be wise. Forever am I indebted to Thee, my Lord and Muse. I live for Thee and I breathe
for Thee; I pass into being for Thee. Hail Lucifer, the Lord and Prince of this World!"
Stage Four - Sacrificial Offering
Blood sacrifice, whether it be from an animal or human, is in my (and most Satanists') opinion
un-Satanic. It is far better and far more Satanic to sacrifice energy from your own body -- by
means of a simple orgasm, rather than by bloodletting -- than to sacrifice the life of any innocent
creature. Animal sacrifice may be appropriate in Voudon or some form of reconstructionist
paganism (or hell, even reconstructionist Judaism if there is such a thing), but it is not
appropriate in Satanism as far as I am concerned.
Another method of sacrifice is to choose an enemy of yours, like someone who has gone out of
their way to hurt you or someone you love, and to symbolically sacrifice them by means of
sticking a pin into a doll or lighting a photograph of the person on fire.Symbolically killing
a deserving victim is fine and dandy, but actually spilling blood in a Satanic ritual is pointless.
The Prince wants us to indulge in life and to worship the forces within ourselves
that give and create life, not to torture innocent and defenseless little animals. And if
you do torture little animals in your rituals, I hope that Lucifer gives you exactly what you
deserve -- a slow and painful death!
Some Devil Worshipers like to cut themselves and write prayers to Lucifer in their own blood.
Although I personally dislike this method, I don't have any real qualms against it as long as the
Satanists in question are knowledgeable enough to do this without accidentally slashing an
artery or giving themselves some kind of infection. Be careful, boys and girls!
That said, an acceptable sacrifice is to be made directly after the Act of Worship.
Stage Five - Recital of Prayers and Requests
If you have any particular prayers or requests that you would like to make to the Dark Prince,
this is the part of the ritual in which you make them. Unless there is something specific that I
want to pray to him about, I usually just say a generic prayer for myself and for all of my loved
ones, asking that we all be able to find peace and happiness. I find that this part of the ritual is
best improvised, at least for me; but if you like, you may certainly write your prayers down on
paper. Some Satanists then like to burn their prayers in the flame of the black candle(s).
Whatever works for you is best, but just make sure that you do NOT attempt to "boss" the Master
around. Always make sure to word your requests as politely and respectfully as possible.
Stage Six - Giving of Thanks
At this point in the ritual, it is time to give thanks to the Prince of Darkness for all that He has
done for you. You may write your own thank-you prayer if you like, and sometimes it is best to
improvise; but below is an example of a short and to-the-point thank-you prayer:
"I give thanks unto Thee, Prince Lucifer my Master, for all that Thou hath done for me. I give
thanks unto Thee for guiding me, for giving me strength in my hour of darkness, and for never
leaving my side. Thou art truly a most noble and loving God, and to Thee I am forever devoted
in both spirit and flesh."
Stage Seven - Closing Hymn
After giving thanks to the Prince, it is important to close the ritual with a hymn or hymns. I
would suggest reading one of the Hymns to the Prince of Darkness that I provide here on my
website, though if you would rather recite one of your own writing, that is even better.
Please take note of the following before attempting this Exorcism:
If you are new to Satanism, it is very important that you REFRAIN from performing this rite until
you have been a Satanist for at least a few years. This is not something to be performed lightly,
and it reuires a stabili!ed Satani" mindset in order to be "ondu"ted "orre"tly. The stabili!ation
pro"ess may ta#e anywhere from a year to a de"ade in some "ases. I believe that premature
performan"e of this rite "an "ause some very serious "ompli"ations, and anyone who is new or
has $ust begun in Satanism should #eep their spiritual options open for a while before ma#ing
any firm "ommitments to the %rin"e of &ar#ness. The following rite reuires a "ertain degree of
"ommitment that novi"es naturally do not possess.
For more e'perien"ed Satanists who feel they are ready to perform this rite, please #eep in
mind that if using the name ()ehovah( seems inappropriate to you for whatever reason*s+,
please feel free to repla"e it with whatever synonym for the )udeo,-hristian.Islami" god that
you are most "omfortable with *some e'amples would be (Allah,( (/iblegod,( (the 0od of
Abraham,( (Enslaver( and (the Tyrant 0od(+.
In the name of Azazel most holy,
Great Satan, almighty Lucifer!
I hereby command that the spirit of Jehovah
Depart from my mind, my body,
And my soul at once!
egone Jehovah, thou foul spirit of
Deception, hypocrisy and ignorance!
y the midnight brilliance of Lucifer the Lord,
I recognize thee for the pitiful vampire thou art,
And I invo!e the po"er of thy Adversary to bind thee
And !eep thee from infringing upon the freedom of my soul!
Get thee behind me, Jehovah!
Get thee behind me, #$SLA%#&!
'hou art naught but a vengeful ghost
'o the ever()ubilant God of this *orld!
In the name of Azazel, I re)ect thee!
In the name of Satan, I re)ect thee!
In the name of Lucifer, I re)ect thee!
Depart, foul Jehovah! Depart from my life and from my soul!
'hou cannot refuse my command, for it is no less
'han a servant and child of the +rince of Dar!ness ,imself
*ho commands you!
egone you vile spirit, and leave me in peace!
In the name of Azazel the +rince,
I cast thee -.'!
,ail Azazel,
,ail Satan,
,ail Lucifer!
Hymns to the Prince of Darkness
By Geifodd
Hymn I
Poor, downtrodden goat of sin
Sent out into the wilderness
To drive away the strange within
And overcome their godlessness.
All alone in desert sands,
Spirit of profanity.
Foreigner in foreign lands,
Who overcame insanity.
Uplifted by the light of pride,
Strengthened by Desire's flame.
Immortal of the Dark outside,
Whom no god nor gods can tame.
Azazel of enlightened view,
Beloved Prince of Darkness, true
How can you stand the loneliness?
Grant me, Thy son, Thy consciousness.
"The quest for sight is wrought with pain,
And heaven's light is not to gain;
But like a Demon god earth-born,
I embrace both rose and thorn."
And so the wisdom of the Goat
Is made for us to see, so mote!
Thus spake the Nightspirit to me,
The words of immortality.
Hymn II
Red One of the wilderness and nighttime sky,
Heart of the storm and the wind's war-cry;
Angel at midnight with the twilight eyes,
Muse of unconvention who shall never die!
I feel the void of the yet-to-be
Gaping wide, ever wide for me.
I feel the pull of my destiny,
I fear the future and the future is me.
A mere nothing am I,
Yet still You bid me try;
Ever do I fail and fall,
Yet still I hear Your Call.
For in the Shadow of Apep there is love and might,
In the midst of His Darkness, there is dawning Light.
The stars are His eyes in the veil of night,
And, somehow, I know that all will be right.
Hymn III
Black Goat dressed in Eternal Night,
I hear You calling from inside my soul.
My mind is opened to Occluded Sight,
Like Black Lightning, without control.
In my heart Your thunder dwells,
Pushing and pulling me to the Dark.
With You in me, my humanity swells
An animal with my Master's mark.
Guide me, oh Nightspirit of the Wild
Who leads me and loves me as His child.
Teach me, oh Wise One of the Tower,
Who nurtures Thought, the sacred Power.
Lead me to the Sacred Tree!
Light the Spark that is dark as night!
Open the gates to the Left Hand Path!
O beloved Azazel, my bringer of Light!