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Module A: Comparative Study Frankenstein and Blade Runner

Viewing & Representing Task

Time Allowed: 45 minutes + 5 minutes reading time
Date: Thursday 3 April 2014


You will be provided with an essay question at the start of the task. This question will require
you to discuss the ideas explored in Frankenstein and Blade Runner and how these ideas are
shaped by their composers context. You must discuss how these ideas are represented in each
text, based on your reading and viewing of the texts.

To prepare for this task, you must view and discuss at least two scenes from the film Blade
Runner from the following list of scenes:

Prologue (C. 1)
Los Angeles November 2019: Eye on the city. (C. 2)
Leon and the Voight-Kampff Empathy Test. (C. 3)
Upper City: New Life in the off-world colony.
Lower City: Deckard. (C. 4)
Air-car through the city: Deckard and Gaff.
Deckard and Bryant: "We need the old Blade Runner."
(C. 5)
Deckard and Bryant: Replicant profiles. (C. 6)
Air-car to the Tyrell Corporation.
Deckard meets Rachael. (C. 7)
Tyrell meets Deckard.
Rachael takes the V-K Test.
Deckard and Tyrell: "More human than human is our
Air-car through the City.
Leon's apartment: Photos and clues. (C. 8)
Roy and Leon: Time enough. (C. 9)
Eye Lab: If only you could see what I've seen with
your eyes.(C. 10)
Deckard driving through LA tunnel.
Deckard's apartment: Rachael learns the truth. (C. 11)
Deckard alone.
Pris meets J.F. Sebastian. (C. 12)
Pris and J.F. in the Bradbury Building.
J.F.'s apartment: His toy friends.
Deckard's apartment: Unicorn dream. (C. 13)
Computer photo scan. (C. 14)
Lower City: Deckard following the clues. (C. 15)
In a Chinatown bar.
Salome's dressing room. (C. 16)
Pursuing Zhora. (C. 17)
Deckard retires Replicant. (C. 18)
Deckard and Bryant: How many to go? (C. 19)
Deckard and Leon: "Wake up. Time to die." R. retires
Leon. (C. 20)
Deckard and Rachael: "I am the business." "I owe you
one." (C. 21)
The real thing? (C. 22)
Pris and Roy at J.F.'s. (C. 23)
"We need you, Sebastian." (C. 24)
Elevator to Tyrell's: The chess game. (C. 25)
Roy meets his Maker: "I want more life, fucker." (C.
Deckard gets J.F.'s address: "No way to treat a friend."
(C. 27)
The Bradbury Building: the hunt begins.
Deckard and Pris: Death among the menagerie. (C.
Roy returns: "Proud of yourself, little man?" (C. 29)
Roy with Pris: "More human than human."
Role reversal: Roy stalks Deckard. Roy's Hand. (C.
Roy stalking Deckard. (C. 31-32)
Deckard on the edge: "Quite an experience to live in
fear." (C. 33)
Roy saves Deckard: "All those moments will be lost in
time like tears in rain." (C. 34)
Deckard and Rachael: "It's too bad she won't live. But
then who does?" (C. 35)
In your answer you will be assessed on how well you:
demonstrate understanding of the meanings of a pair of texts when considered together
evaluate the relationships between texts and contexts
organize, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form