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Matthew 7.

13 Enter through the narrow

gate because the gate is wide and
the road that leads to destruction,
and many who go there.
But narrow the gate and narrow the
road that leads to life, and few who
find it.



Examination of conscience must

confess "broadcast"
1st Commandment: Love the Lord your
"Sins against faith: Do you believe in
GOD, that has created you and loves
you? have you committed apostasy
that is the total rejection of the
Christian faith, criticizing the priests
and other members, refusing to
receive the sacraments baptism,
communion, confirmation, eucharist,
confession, or marriage?
"Sins against hope: Are you desperate
to problems, anxiety, putting trust in
-Sin of presumption: I assume save
without the help of God or hoping to
obtain his forgiveness without
conversion, without repentance?
"Sins against charity: As been
ungrateful to God and warm and lazy
to pray, attend or pick to talk to him?
You shall have no other gods before
Sins of divination: As consulted with
the dead or practices that reveals the
future, horoscopes, astrology, palm
reading, interpretation of omens,
metaphysics, magic or sorcery,
attending healers?
Not tempt the Lord your God
"As tempted to GOD? Sacrilege to
profane the sacraments, receiving
the body of Christ in mortal sin.
2nd Commandment: THE NAME OF THE
"As promised others in the name of
God being unfaithful to those
"As blasphemed, with words of hatred,
Safi against God and the church, the
holy and sacred thing?
"As sworn?
3rd Commandment: KEEP THE LORD'S
-Precept of the Church: On Sunday and
other holidays of obligation, the
faithful have the obligation to attend
"As deliberately missed this obligation?
Please advise others to perform this
duty and not prevent anyone from
attending mass.
4th Commandment: Honor your father
and your mother
A man and a woman united in marriage
with their children form a family
"domestic church".
Duties of members of the family.
Duties of children:
- Do you respect, love, and thank your
parents for the gift of life, love and
work. The meekly obey what they
send you to do "Except that it is
morally wrong.
"Adult child to fulfill its responsibility to
your parents, by providing material
and moral support in old age and
during the illness?
The duties of parents:
Parents are open to life, moral
education and spiritual formation?
Educate to fulfill the commandments
of God, showing yourselves obedient
to the will of the Father of heaven?
"As heart forgiven your family, without
working hard for offenses, quarrels,
injustices and omissions?
5th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Kill
Ye have heard that it was said not
kill, and whoever kills shall be liable
to TRIBUNAL.PUES I tell you, every
one who is incensed against his
brother shall be liable in court.
"As killed directly or indirectly?
Have you made one or more abortions,
or participate in this or it advisable?
Not kill the embryo by abortion and
prenatal diagnosis if testifies that
there is bad training or illness, shall
not amount to a death sentence.
Do you accept euthanasia? Ending the
life of sick or dying.
"Thought about or attempted suicide?
Shocking "your neighbors with
attitudes that lead to making bad
fashion, bad words and so on. ...?
Respect for health. Do you practice the
virtue of moderation, avoiding any
kind of excess, abuse of food,
alcohol, snuff .... Take drugs or sell?
Do you hate someone?
6th Commandment: DO NOT fornication
not commit impure acts
Chastity: Choose to control your
passions and finds peace, or you let
yourself be dominated by them and
you become a slave. Do you practice
chastity in the state where you are?
If you are single Do you practice
chastity in continence, knowing that
having sex outside marriage is a
mortal sin?
If you are married Do you practice
conjugal chastity open to life? Keep
you faithful to your spouse? Holding
s sex with another person commit
adultery within marriage.
Do you masturbate? It is seriously
disordered, is outside of marital
relations contradicts its purpose.
"As seen pornography? It offends
chastity because it perverts the
sexual act.
Do you practice prostitution? Are you
gay or lesbian?
Wife: use contraceptives, IUDs, etc ...
causing abortions when conception.
Such language suggests a false
statement to not be totally to the
other, there is not only a positive
refusal to be open to life. But also to
a falsification of the truth.
Periodic continence "natural methods"
and the use of infertile periods,
respect the bodies of the couple.
Are you for divorce? It is a serious
offense. "What god has joined that
the man does not separate.
7th Commandment: No Robaras
"As usurped the goods of another
against the will of the owner?
Did you cheat in games, cards, etc ...?
"As wages withheld or denied to the
worker? Practice works of spiritual
and corporal mercy to your neighbor.
God blesses those who help the poor
and rebukes those who refuse to do
so. "WHEN did it not WITH ONE OF
8th Commandment: DO NOT LIE
God is the source of all truth: "I AM
You reject all malice, deceit, hypocrisy
and jealousy?
"As lie? The lie consists in speaking a
falsehood with intent to deceive.
Satan is a liar from the beginning.
"You gave false evidence in a lawsuit
challenging: to accept as true a moral
act in the neighbor without
Of malice manifested defects and faults
of other people who ignore it.
Of calumny by remarks contrary to the
truth you damage the reputation of
others by giving false judgments
concerning them.
9th Commandment: not covet anything
that belongs to your neighbor
You purify your heart by virtue of
chastity. Lets us love with an upright
By the purity of intention: it seeks to
find and carry around the will of God.
By the purity of interior and exterior
look: through the discipline of the
senses and imagination, refusing all
complicity in impure thoughts that
incline on the path of the
Through prayer: speaking with God who
knows everything.
10th Commandment: You shall not
covet your neighbor's wife
"Everyone who looks at a woman
Wishing her committed adultery in
their hearts."
Forbids coveting the goods of others,
following the theft, robbery and
fraud. You envy your neighbor? It is
a cardinal sin.
By envy are born hatred, detraction,
calumny, joy caused by the
misfortune of others and the sadness
caused by his prosperity.
I came to call sinners.
Jesus said, "the healthy NOT NEED A
DOCTOR Q, but the sick."
God is waiting with open arms to
embrace his prodigal son who neglect
to follow the slave of sin.
In the sacrament of confession, God
forgives you and you reconcile with
the church. Confess all mortal sins
and venial.
Frequents this sacrament of healing to
form a right conscience and bring
others to Jesus Christ.
1 time per month confession.