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Soft Ware Testing:
Why did you choose this Course?
* 1. Scope of getting job is very high.
2. No need to depend up on any technoogies.
!. "esting remains forever
#. $ %ant to be consistent through out my ife
Why e&picity the s'% companies are recruited the test

1. One person cannot efficienty perform t%o tas(s at a time
2. Sentimenta attachment.
Who can do the course?
)ny graduate can do this course at this point of time
What e&acty %e re*uire to get a job?
1. Stuff
2. Communication s(is
!. Confidence
#. +ynamism
,roject is some thing that is deveoped based on the particuar customers
re*uirements and used by that customer ony . /.g.- 0arriage addu1
It is some thing that is developed based on the companies specification and used by
the multiple customers e!g!: Thirupathi laddu"
$lassical definition for %uality: & #uality is defined as 'ustification of all the
re%uirements of customer in a product!
(OT): #uality is not defined in the product* it is defined in the customers mind
+efect: & +efect is defined as deviation from the re%uirements 1
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-atest definition for %uality: & %uality is defined as not only the 'ustification of
re%uirements but also the presence of value .ser friendliness"
Testing is processes/ in 0hich the defects are identified/ isolated/ sub'ected for
rectification 1 ensure that the product is defect free! In order to produce the %uality
product in the end and hence customer satisfaction!
2idding The Pro'ect:
2idding the pro'ect is defined as re%uest for proposal/ estimation and signing off
Official agreement"!
3ick Off 4eeting:
It is an initial meeting conducted in the soft 0are company soon after the pro'ect is
signed off! In order to discuss the overvie0 of the pro'ect and to select a pro'ect manager
for the pro'ect!
.sually high level management/ Pro'ect managers/ team managers/ %uality
managers/ team leads and %uality leads 0ill be involved in this meeting!
PI( Pro'ect Initiation (ote":&
It is a mail prepared by the pro'ect manager and sent to the $)O of the soft 0are
company in order to get the permission to start the pro'ect developments!
Soft0are +evelopment -ife $ycle S+-$":&
S+-$ contains si5 phases they are
1! Initial phase or re%uirements phase!
,! 6nalysis phase
7! +esign phase
8! $oding Phase
9! Testing Phase
:! +elivery 1 4aintenance Phase!
I. Initial Phase or Requirements Phase :
a" Tasks: Interaction 0ith the customer and gathering the re%uirements!
b" ;oles: 2usiness 6nalyst 2!6"/ )ngagement 4anager )!4"
Process: <irst of all the business analyst 0ill take an appointment from the customer/
collects the templates from the company/ meets the customer on appointed day/ gathers the
re%uirements 0ith the help of template and comes back to the company 0ith the
re%uirements documents!
Once the re%uirement document has come to the company the engagement
manager 0ill check 0hether the customer gives any e5tra re%uirements or confused 2
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re%uirements! In case of e5tra re%uirements he deals the e5cess cost of the pro'ect! In case
of confused re%uirements he is the responsible for prototype demonstration and gathering
the clear re%uirements!
Proof: The proof document of this phase is ;e%uirements +ocument! This is called 0ith
different names in different companies!
1! <;S <unctional ;e%uirements Specification"
,! $;S $ustomer ;e%uirement Specification"
7! .;S .ser ;e%uirement Specification"
8! 2++ 2usiness +esign +ocument"
9! 2+ 2usiness +ocument"
:! 2;S 2usiness ;e%uirement Specification"
Some companies may maintain the over all business flo0 information in one document and
the detailed functional re%uirement information in the other document
Templates: It is a pre defined format/ 0hich contains the predefined fields/ and used
for preparing a document in an easy/ comfort and perfect manner!
Prototype: &+efined as a roughly 1 ;apidly developed model 0hich is used for
demonstrating to the client/ In order to gather the clear re%uirements and to 0in the
confidence of a customer!
II. Analysis Phase:
a" Tasks:
1!<easibilty Study
,!Tentative planning
7! Technology Selection
8! ;e%uirement 6nalysis
b" ;oles: System 6nalyst/ Pro'ect 4anager/ and Team 4anager!
1! <easibility Study: & It is detailed study of the re%uirements in order to check
0eather the re%uirements are possible or not!
,! Tentative Planning: In this section the resource planning and the time planning
scheduling" is done temporarily!
7! Technology Selection: & The list of all the technologies that are re%uired to
accomplish this pro'ect! Successfully 0ill be analy=ed and listed out in this section! 3
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8! ;e%uirement 6nalysis: & The list of all the re%uirements that are re%uired to
accomplish this pro'ect! Successfully 0ill be analy=ed and listed out here in this
S;$& System re%uirement specification
Proof: & The proof of this phase is system ;e%uirement specification!
III. Design Phase: -
1! >igh level designing
,! -o0 level designing
;oles: >igh&level designing is done by the chief 6rchitect 1 -o0 level designing is
done by the Technical -ead
Process: The $hief architect 0ill be dra0ing some diagrams using unified modeling
language in order to divide the 0hole pro'ect in to modules!
The Technical lead 0ill also dra0 some diagrams in order to divide the modules in to
sub modules!
The technical lead 0ill also develop the PS).+O code in order to make developers
comfortable 0hile de7veloping the actual code!
Proof: The proof document of this phase is Technical design document!
IV. Coding phase:
a" Task: +eveloping or Programming
b" ;oles: +evelopers or Programmers
Process: +evelopers 0ill develop the actual code by using the technical design document
as 0ell as follo0ing the coding standards like Proper indentation/ color coding/ proper
commenting and etc!!/
Proof: The proof document of this phase is source code +ocument!
)!g!: The programmer 0ill develop some programs every one 0ill develop his program in
different colors but the soft 0are companies 0ill ask the developers to develop the
program according to the company standards using proper color/ coding/ commenting! So
as to understand it easily!
V. Testing Phase:
a" Task: Testing 4
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b" ;oles: Test engineers
1! <irst of all the test engineers 0ill collect the re%uirements
document and try to understand all the re%uirements
,! While understanding it at all they get any doubts they 0ill list out
all of them in a revie0 report!
7! They 0ill send the revie0 report to the author of the re%uirements
document for clarifications!
8! Once the clarifications are given and after understanding all the
re%uirements clearly/ they 0ill take the test case template and
0rites the test cases!
9! Once the first build is released then they 0ill e5ecute the test cases
:! If at all any defects are found! They 0ill list out all of them in a
defect profile template then
?! They 0ill sent the defect profile document to the development
department and then 0ill be 0aiting for the ne5t build to be
@! Once the ne5t build is released then they re&e5ecute the test cases!
A! If at all any defects are found they 0ill update the profile document
and sent it to the development department and 0ill be 0aiting for
the ne5t build to be released !
1B! This process continuous till the product is defect free!
Proof: The proof of the testing phase is #uality Product!
Test $ase: def" Test case is an idea of a test engineer based on the customerCs
re%uirements in order to test a particular feature or a function!
VI. Delivery & aintenan!e Phase:
a" Task: & Installing the application in the clientCs environment 5
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b" ;olls: &+eployment engineer or Senior test engineers!
Process: & The senior test engineer or deployment engineer 0ill be going to the clients place
and install the application in their environment 0ith the help of the guidelines provide in
the deployment document!
6fter delivering the soft 0are 0hile using if at all any problem occurs then
that problem becomes a task/ based on that problem corresponding roles 0ill be
appointed/ the roles 0ill defined the process and solve that problem!
Some clients may re%uest for the continuous maintenance in such situations a group
of people from the soft0are company 0ill be continuously 0orking on the clients place and
taking care of the soft 0are! 6