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This is a little HTC Leo

applications review and
recommendations guide.

In this guide I will post a little apps review. I will
sort apps by bussines,media,fun and games. It is
not must have, but thats my opinion in how to get
most out of this rom. I personaly use this apps on

1. Introduction
2. Bussines 1
3. Bussines 2
4. Bussines 3
5. Media 1
6. Media 2
7. Social Networking
8. Games



As every smartphone is made for bussines (with
aditions to music and other shit) HTC Leo is on this
field overpowered phone. Even with Windows Mobile
6.5,Leo is ultimate tool for bussines with android u
only basicly get market and newer posibillites.
Anyway bussines apps are essential
Here is my recommendation for bussines users :
E-Mail! Gmail app does job I cant crush that. But
for serious user (exchange servers,push) HTC
Stock E-Mail is currently best android e-mail
clinet. It is free and nice has all settings like
gmail(even more) but biggest things is u can
disable thread wiev(which in gmail kills me since I
have large e-mail traffic, HTC Email does good
stuff with atachments and has HTML message.So
for e-mail I suggest stock htc app.
PDF! Adobe reader does great jobs and it comes
integrated with rom so use it. Nothing beats PDF
better than adobe :). Adobe PDF on market
Task! Taskos is the only program that I know that
can successfully sync with google tasks. So if u
depend on tasks like me try it. You will like it :)
Taskos on market


Office on the go! For office document manager I
suggest Quick Office Pro. I do not use office on
the go a lot. Since I have notebook. But when its
needed quick office does the job

As you see quick office support a lot of online
storages I personaly use sugarsync but if I do
online transfer and availability of documents I
use google docs for it. Its the best. Quick office
only for e-mail or transferred files. Quick office
is paid app so either buy it or find it :). As
alternative if u are unable to by or find I
strongly suggest Google Docs
Quick Office Pro on Market
Google Docs on market


File Management/ FTP ! For file management and
ftp browsing I use ES Explorer. It is great root
explorer and excellent ftp tool. IT has lots of
addons like task manger etc. ES Explorer on
Calendar management! When u add exchange
account on HTC Leo u solve 3 things. Contacts.E-
Mail and calendar. Stock calendar does great
jobs for all calendar tasks so I am stick to it.
Notes! For notes management I use implemented
Evernote app with widgets. Its nice and has sync
which is important to me so I can maintain
productivity independent from device to device.
Also it has PC/MAC/Linux app.
Download evernote for windows
Evernote on market
Barcode scanner ! App that lets you scan QR
Codes. Easy to use. Means a lot. Even if you think
you dont need it. Just install it :)
Barcode Scanner on market



One big aspect of HTC Leo is his media
performance. Phone that was crippled by Windows
Mobile 6.5 is shining under any android platform.
Leo has nice video performance but thing I use it
most is music.

Music playback! When it comes to music playback I
mostly use stock sense media player cause of
lockscreen widget and nice performance and
aditions. Also in later time I am using Google
Music. Google did great job making that app.
Unfortunately google music works only in US.
But you can use application anywhere.
Google Music Signup
Google Music app
Video Playback. For videoplayback again stock
player. To get best performance convert video to
800x480 at 15fps. Mp4 format. For video
conversion I personaly use AVS4YOU video
converter but u can find free alternatives via
Vevo! Vevo is youtube music videos in HQ(High
Quality). Only thing u can find on Vevo is musical
videos. Again cause of copyright infregiment Vevo
is only available in US but u can download app
and install it. Current version is 1.08 and its
needed to work. You can either find it or w8 for
me to upload it.


Shazam! Is the best program I ever had on my
phone. Since im music lover shazam lets u
recognize most of the songs by putting your
phone near speaker of radio or whatever. Shazam
is great program but dont expect it to work on
all genres of music especialy your country older
Flash player! Web is full of flash so its good
idea to have adobe flash player on your phone.
Adobe Flash Player on Market


Social Networking
There are 4 social networking applications that I
have on my mobile. They are docked on home page
GTalk! Is the app that is crucial to android users.
Basicly you can communicate for free via internet.
Gtalk comes as part of android
Twitter! Is the best place when facebook gets too
hot. On facebook there may be idiots or sociopats
on twitter is much less of them.
Twitter on Market

Skype! Skype is too much famous for me to analyze
it. It is free VOIP calling service. Also you can
buy credits to make international calls cheaper.
In home network its pointless.
Skype on market

Facebook! Is the most known social network on
earth and many people are addicted to it. It is
helping in communications but it needs
control/self control.
Facebook on market
Facebook messenger on market

LinkedIn! Linked in is facebook for professionals.
U can find work or employees you choose.
LinkedIn on market


Altough gaming on android is not near gaming on
iOS on android it can be fun. There are many
games but I will post most fun to me and other
people playing with my phone.
Angry Birds! Angry birds is most downloaded
game on handheld devices. It is for fun only
but needs a little brain if u want 3 stars :). I
enjoy playing it while waiting.
Angry Birds on market
Angry Birds Season on market
Angry Birds Rio on market
Robodefense FREE. Nice tower defence game.
Needs brain and thinking. Nice gameplay and
fine graphics.
Robodefense Free on market
Tower Defense : Nexus Defense Free!Same as
robodefense but much more prettier graphics
and gameplay. Worth of trying.
Tower Defense : Nexus Defense on market
Defender! Nice game when u are on the run
and boored. Try it. Point is to defend castle
from waves of invaders.
Defender on market


There are many more games but this one I
wrote is to get you strated. Im not a mobile
gaming fan cause android to be true sucks as
gaming platform but we will survive since It has a
lot other advantages over other platforms.

Cheers and happy new year and holidays