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Curriculum Vitae

Mobile No: +65 9092 9016
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A result oriented Professional as a


Well experienced in diverse aspects in construction industry, which involves
planning, project execution, quality control, and management in the structural and
architectural aspects suit to industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Core competence:

o Good communication, inter personal, co-ordination and problem solving
skills with the ability to work in multi cultural environment.

Career Synopsis:-

1. Work Experience: In Singapore:-

ADDP Architects LLP Project Manager
Nature of Business: Project Management & Architectural Consultant
Nov 2012 to
Project: BTO for HDB, Montreal Ville at Sembawang: SBW N5C1B
Project value: S$77 Million.

Project Scope: HDB BTO project Managing and site supervising. It consists of 5
residential blocks of 578 Dwelling Units built with 2 Rooms, 3 Rooms and 4 Rooms
units and a multi storey car park with necessary infrastructure and land scape.

o Evaluate the programme of works.
o Monitor work progress.
o Check safety management system.
o Monitor submissions by contractors and clearances from
consultants & Authorities.
o Monitoring the quality.
o Evaluate MOS and arrange sample unit inspections.
o Issue Site Memo if not comply with the requirements.
o Monitor testing and commissioning.
o Verifying contractors progress payment.
o Monitor the Supervising & Inspection- MIR & WIR.
o Coordination in b/w among consultants, HDB & Authorities.
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o Assisting in investigation and liaising with public and relevant
authorities on public feedback.
o Identify potential or actual causes of delay and take preventive
or remedial actions.
o Pre-cast component managements.
o Reporting to HDB regularly and implementing HDB policies
and etc.
Complete and handed over project in 26 Months.
Average BIT score is 4.0.
BCA Conquas Score : Structure and Architecture is

Far East Organization
Nature of Business: Developer & Project Management Company.
Mar 2004 to Aug 2007 and Jan 2010 Oct 2012.
Project: ICON: Singapore Highest Residential Building and Floridian.
Project Value: S $ 95 million and S $ 154 million

Project Scope: Block of 41 storey and block of 46 storey apartment (Total 646 Units)
with a provision for commercial/shops at 1st & 2 nd storey, car park at 3rd storey 6th,
club house, swimming pool at 7th storey at gopeng street/tras street.144300M2.

Project Scope: Erection of 11 towers of 10 sty high class residential apartments(336
units) with fully connected 2 basements car park and 1storey with club house,
swimming pool and roofs with common facilities and Tennis courts at Bukit Timah

o Q.M Management and implementation for the building.
o Build-ability,
o Dealing with private certifiers and local Authorities.
o Q. Management of all construction issues from tender to project
o Implementing Quality Mark standard by the BCA Singapore.
o Q.M status reporting.
o Project forecasting and reporting to internal and external parties.
o Inspection and quality control.

Q.M scores over 90% and awarded by B.C.A Singapore

Black & Veatch (SEA) Pte Ltd
Nature of Business: Consultant and Project management
Nov2001 to Feb2004
Project: Construction of Chestnut Ave Water Works, Singapore.[Public Utility
Board of Singapore]
Project Value: S$ 167 Millions.

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Project Scope: Constructed the structure are Raw Water Screen, Alum Saturated
tank, Chlorine House, Ammonia House, Membrane filter, Re-lift Pumping Station,
Flow Division Chambers, Chemical Building, Static Mixer Chambers, Contact Tank,
Carbon Di Oxide, Administrative Building cum Control Room, Treated Water
Pumping Station, Wash Water Neutralization Tank, Lamella Sludge Thickeners,
Sludge Transfer Pumping Station, Power Generation Plant 7 MW, Surge Relief
Tank, Compressor Air System, Roads, Transformer Building 1, 2, 3 & 4, Guard
House, Drains and etc.

o Ensure the construction project according to the drawings and
o Reviewing the shop drawings.
o Reply to RFI.
o Evaluate the E.O.T and V.O.
o Prepare the daily reports inclusive resources of the 3M.
o Initiate and monitor the strict quality control.
o Carry out the site inspection then and there.
o Preparing defect lists.
o Testing and commissioning.
o Operational monitoring.

World Largest Membrane Plant.
Capacity of Treated Water: 90MGD (273MLD).
Award for Design and Development Excellence from
Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore for the year

Chon Hwa Construction Pte Ltd - Project Engineer
Nature of Business: Main Contractor
Nov 1997 to Oct 2001.
Projects: Residential and Commercial

Villa Marina Construction of Condominium: Consists of 28 Blocks of 4sty to a
total of 432 units with the car park at basement floor connecting all blocks At Jalan
Sempadan Singapore. Project Value:- S $ 96 Million.

Central Place & Hougang Point: Construction of 13 Sty High Rise Condominium
cum shopping complex Consists of 74 units of residential, shopping complex and car
parks at Basement & 3 sty At Hougang Ave 9, Singapore. Project Value:- S $ 45

Paradise Palm: Construction of 17 Sty High Rise Condominium with 64 units, 2
Pent House and 2 Basement floors of car parks At Dunman Road - Singapore.
Project Value: - S $ 10.8 Million.

o Execute the construction project according to the drawings and
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o Implementation of ISO 9002 for Quality standards.
o Carry out the inspections to meet the CIDB Conquas Quality Standard.
o Initiate and speed of the project at lower levels.
o Site coordination among the various trades of construction.
o Planning and Arranging Material, Manpower & Machinery resource.
o Regular meeting with the Client, Architect & Consultants.
o Project meeting with the sub contractors.
o Implementing the Safety rules and Regulations with aid of safety team.
o Hand over the units after completion.
o Defect rectification.
o Maintaining the project during the DL Periods.


We Achieve the CIDB Conquas Standard Award by Score More Than
80% for the CENTRAL PLACE for the year of 2000.
We are the first Project site represented the company for ISO 9002
ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System.
ISO 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System

2. Work Experience: In Dubai:

DP Architects Assistant Resident Architect
Nature of Business: Architectural Consultant
Sep 2007 to Dec 2009
Project: The Dubai Mall
Project value: Dhs 2.6 Billion.

Project Scope: To do the design and Consultation with supervising for the shopping
mall. A wide spread shopping area with 4 active business floors and 6 service floors.
Consisting of shops, incorporated with World biggest Ice Rink and Aquarium,
Entertainment Centre Cinemas & Kids Mania, Food Courts, Gold Souq, Fashion
island, Fountain Oasis, Lake, Multi storey car parks for over 16000 cars in a wide
spread landscape area of 560 000 M2.

o Reviewing the Shop drawings.
o Coordinating the works.
o Reply to the RFI.
o Mock up inspections.
o Monitoring the quality.
o Handing over the tenancy areas to clients.
o Issue SCI and NCR- if not comply with the requirements.
o Testing and commissioning.
o Preparing punch lists
o Inspection- MIR & WIR.
Largest (Eight) mall in the World.
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It has World largest Aquarium.
It has World largest Ice Rink.

3. Work Experience in India:
Karpaga Vinayagar Builders - Project Manager
Nature of Busienss: Developer and main contractor
Sep 1994 to Oct 1995
Project: Construction of 40 Units of High Class Condominiums

o Monitoring the construction project according to the drawings and
o Inspecting and counter check the quality at each and every stage of
o Leading the team of engineers and supervisors to insure the project
completion according to the direction of planning and schedule.
o Preparing the reports on day-to-day process on material, manpower,
machinery that had been used.
o Certify the contractors bill of quantity for progress payment.
o Reviewing the problems encounter during the execution and solving
them according to the need of preferences.
o Review the proposals of the submissions by the contractors.

South India Corporation Ltd - Site Engineer / Site Supervisor
June 1988 to June1994.
Nature of Business: Main Contractor
Projects: Construction of a Textile Mill consisting of blowing room with cellar
floors, spinning hall, weaving area, packing area, ware house, plant room, power
stations, canteen, rest rooms, pumping stations, staff quarters, guest house, club
house, admin building, huge over head tanks, union office, service yards, staff
quarters, cable trenches and etc.

Project: The structures constructed are as follows Medical Collage Mens Hostel
Phase 1 & 2, Medical Collage Hospital Ward Blocks 1 & 2, Nursing Hostel,
Engineering Collage Hostel, Administrative Building, Ladies Hostel, Staff Quarters,
Out Patient Clinic, Laboratory Building, Emergency Ward Block, Canteen, Power
House, Service Yards, Huge Overhead Tank, Roads, Drains, Generator Building and

o Execute the construction project according to the drawings and specifications.
o Setting out and leveling.
o Supervising subcontractors and organizing labors.
o Prepare the resources for 3M.
o Prepare the sub contractors bill of quantity for progress payment.
o Carry out the site inspection.
o Reporting to the project engineer.

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Educational Qualification

M.E Structural Engineering from Annamalai University in year 1997 with
First class.

B.E Civil Engineering from Annamalai University in the year 1994 with
First class.

D.C.E Diploma in Civil Engineering with First class in the year 1988

My Personal Traits:

Participative leadership style.
Good listener
People oriented - Concerned towards people.
Self starter and self motivator.
Believing in self rather than others and luck.
Love to take new challenges. This strives for higher goal setting.
Respect everybodys feeling.
Having more of professional ego. But will avoid conflicts.
Believe in team work. Encourage everyone ideas.
To conclude simple Man with soft hearted, Believe in Human relation is the
key for everyone success

Personal Details:
Date of Birth : 08
March 1969
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Singaporean

Er. C. P. Lim Professional Engineer Mr. David McLeod C. R.A
C. P. Lim & Partners - Singapore DP Architects - Dubai
H.P +65 96212969 H.P +971 50 4587129

Miss. Lillian Wong Mr. Donald Ng Chng
Project Director Project Director
ADDP Architects Singapore HDB - Singapore
Tel: +65 6221 8816 Tel: +65 6490 3214

Er. Alaster McNeill
Resident Engineer
Black & Veatch Singapore
Tel: +65 6738-4022