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Refer to the exhibit.

On the basis of the IP configuration that is shown, what i

s the reason that Host A and Host B are unable to communicate outside the local
Host A was assigned a network address. Host B was assigned a multicast address.
Host A and Host B belong to different networks. The gateway address was assigned
a broadcast address.
Which combination of network id and subnet mask correctly identifies all IP addr
esses from through
What purpose does a hostname serve on a router?
uniquely identifies a router on the internet used by routing protocols to identi
fy peer routers provides device identification to users logging on remotely dete
rmines the hosts that are allowed to connect to the device
Which device should be used for routing a packet to a remote network?
access switch DHCP server hub router
Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct destination socket number for a web pa
ge request from Host A to the web server?
00-08-a3-b6-ce-46 C is d
irectly connected, FastEthernet0/0
When connectionless protocols are implemented at the lower layers of the OSI mod
el, what is usually used to acknowledge that the data was received and to reques
t the retransmission of missing data?
Ethernet a connectionless acknowledgement an upper-layer, connection-oriented pr
otocol or service
Refer to the exhibit. Host X is unable to communicate with host Y. Which command
can be run at host X to determine which intermediary device is responsible for
this failure?
telnet ping ftp tracert
Refer to the exhibit. Host A wants to access the Internet. Which combination of
a Layer 2 address and a Layer 3 address will enable this access from host A?
Destination MAC: 0030.8596.DE83 Default gateway: Destination MAC
: 0030.8596.DE82 Default gateway: Destination MAC: 0030.8517.44C4 Def
ault gateway: Destination MAC: 0030.8517.44C4 Default gateway: 209.16
Refer to the exhibit. The network containing router B is experiencing problems.
A network associate has isolated the issue in this network to router B. What act
ion can be preformed to correct the network issue?
issue the clock rate command on interface Serial 0/0/0 issue the description com
mand on interface Serial 0/0/1 issue the ip address command on interface FastEth
ernet 0/0 issue the no shutdown command on interface FastEthernet 0/1
A user types the enable command. What task can be performed at the privileged EX
EC mode?
Configure the device. Configure individual interfaces. Configure individual term
inal lines. Issue show and debug commands.
Refer to the exhibit. Interface Fa0/0 on router A is generating excessive broadc
ast traffic. Which LAN segments will affected by the excessive broadcasts?
Only the network will be affected. Only the link between 192.16
8.1.201 and port Fa0/5 on SW1 will be affected. Both the and 19 networks will be affected. Only the links between a
nd port Fa0/7 on SW2 will be affected.
The Layer 4 header contains which type of information to aid in the delivery of
service port number host logical address device physical address virtual connect
ion identifier
Refer to the exhibit. In a network, host A is sending data segments to host B. T
he flow control of the segments that are being exchanged is displayed. Which two
statements are true about this communication? (Choose two.)
The initial window size is determined via the two-way handshake. The window size
for the TCP session that is represented is initially set to 3000 bytes. Acknowl
edgment number 3001 indicates that host A will send the next segment with sequen
ce number 3001. Host B expects that the next received segment number will be 300
0. No more acknowledgments will be exchanged.
Refer to the exhibit. Host A attempts to establish a TCP/IP session with host C.
During this attempt, a frame was captured at the FastEthernet interface fa0/1 o
f router Y. The packet inside the captured frame has the IP source address 172.1
6.1.5, and the destination IP address is What is the source MAC add
ress of the frame at the time of capture?
0040.8596.DE82 0060.7320.B826 0060.7320.D632 0010.4F74.AC09 0040.8596.DE81
Examine the graphic with current configurations. Host A in the Clerical office f
ailed and was replaced. Although a ping to was successful, the replace
ment computer cannot access the company network. With proxy ARP disabled on the
Fa0/0 interface of the New York router, what is the likely cause of the problem?
network card failure network cables unplugged IP address incorrectly entered sub
net mask incorrectly entered
Which three addresses belong to the category of private IP addresses? (Choose th
Refer to the exhibit. A web browser running on host PC1 sends a request for a we
b page to the web server with an IP address What sequence of s
teps will follow in order to establish the session before data can be exchanged?
The session will be initiated using UDP. No additional acknowledgment will be re
quired to establish the session. The session will be initiated using TCP. No add
itional acknowledgment will be required to establish the session. The session wi
ll be initiated using UDP. The returned web page will serve as an acknowledgment
for session establishment. The session will be initiated using TCP. A three-way
handshake must be successfully completed before the session is established.
Refer to the exhibit. A technician uses the nslookup command on the PC and views
the output that is displayed in the exhibit. What is the IP address of the prim
ary domain name server used by the host?
What are two primary responsibilities of the Ethernet MAC sublayer? (Choose two.
frame delimiting data encapsulation logical addressing error detection accessing
the media
Which two types of media can provide bandwidth up to 1 Gb/s? (Choose two.)
10 BASE-T 100 BASE-T 100 BASE-FX 1000 BASE-TX 1000 BASE-SX
What is the effect of the command copy running-config tftp?
copies the configuration from a remote machine into RAM copies the configuration
from a remote machine into NVRAM copies the configuration currently in RAM to a
remote machine copies the configuration currently in NVRAM to a remote machine
A network administrator wants to restrict access to the router privileged EXEC m
ode. Which password should the administrator use?
enable aux console VTY
Which OSI layer uses a connection-oriented protocol to ensure reliable delivery
of data?
application layer presentation layer session layer transport layer
s network administrator, what is the subnet mask that allows 510 hosts given the
IP address 255.255.255.
Which memory contents will change as a result of using the Router# erase startup
-configcommand on a router?
Which two functions of the OSI model occur at layer two? (Choose two.)
physical addressing encoding routing cabling
media access control
While configuring a router, a network technician wants to name the router. Which
prompt should the technician see when entering the hostname command?
Router> Router# Router(config)# Router(config-line)#
Which communication tool allows real-time collaboration?
wiki e-mail weblog instant messaging
Refer to the exhibit. What three statements are true about the IP configuration
that is shown? (Choose three.)
The prefix of the subnet mask is /26. The network on which this computer resides
can have 30 hosts. The computer is unable to communicate outside of the local n
etwork. The address that is assigned to the computer represents private addressi
ng. The IP address that is assigned to the computer is routable on the Internet.
The IP address that is assigned as the default gateway is valid for this host.
Refer to the exhibit. A user wants to access the Internet from the PC. A part of
the running configuration of the router is shown. Which default gateway IP addr
ess should be configured at the PC to enable this access?
Refer to the exhibit. Host A uses router A as its default gateway. If host A sen
ds an ICMP echo request to, what ICMP response will host A receive.
echo reply source quench route redirection destination unreachable
Refer to the exhibit. PC1 is unable to access PC2. To troubleshoot this problem,
the technician needs to confirm that the next hop interface is operational. Whi
default gateway address should the technician ping from PC1 to confirm this?
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is troubleshooting a link that is
down between Router1 and Router2. To correct the problem, which wire pairs need
to be switched on one of the Ethernet cable ends?
pair 1 and pair 2 pair 1 and pair 3 pair 2 and pair 3 pair 2 and pair 4
Refer to the exhibit. Each media link is labeled. What type of cable should be u
sed to connect the different devices?
Connection 1 - rollover cable Connection 2 - straight-through cable Connection 3
- crossover cable Connection 1 - straight-through cable Connection 2 - crossove
r cable Connection 3 - rollover cable Connection 1 - crossover cable Connection
2 - rollover cable Connection 3 - straight-through cable Connection 1 - crossove
r cable Connection 2 - straight-through cable Connection 3 - rollover cable Conn
ection 1 - straight-through cable Connection 2 - straight-through cable Connecti
on 3 - straight-through cable
Refer to the exhibit. A technician has been asked to test connectivity from PC1
to a remote network. Which action will indicate if there is remote connectivity?
First picture
What is a benefit of using private addressing for the internal LAN?
Implementation is easier. Manageability is improved. Troubleshooting is easier.
Public address space is conserved.
What information is contained in the header of Layer 3 to help data delivery?
port number device physical address destination host logical address virtual con
nection identifier
What can the user do from the command prompt, Router(config-line)# ?
Configure one of the network interfaces. Configure one of the physical or virtua
l lines. Verify the running configuration on the device. Configure the parameter
s for one of the routing protocols.
To enhance security in a network, the network administrator uses these commands:
Router(config)# line console 0 Router(config-line)# password j1mdi2 Router(conf
ig-line)# login What two conclusions are evident from these commands? (Choose tw
Users who attempt to connect to the console port of the router must enter a pass
word. The entries permit access through the console by the use of j1mdi2 as the
password. The entries eliminate the need for authentication. Access through the
console will be denied because the console configuration is incomplete. The entr
ies prevent passwords from being displayed as plain text.
Which fiber connector supports full-duplex Ethernet?
Third picture
Which TCP/IP model layer creates additional overhead on network resources due to
acknowledgments, tracking, and retransmission of data?
internet transport application network access
Refer to the exhibit. Which logical topology describes the exhibited network?
star ring point-to-point multi-access
Refer to the exhibit. Which set of devices contains only intermediary devices?
A, B, D, G A, B, E, F
C, D, G, I G, H, I, J
Which statement is true about the running configuration file in a Cisco IOS devi
It affects the operation of the device immediately when modified. It is stored i
n NVRAM. It should be deleted using the erase running-config command. It is auto
matically saved when the router reboots.
What information can be gathered by using the command netstat?
the default gateway the routing protocol active TCP connections the locally conf
igured subnet mask
Refer to the exhibit. All devices in the network use default configurations. How
many logical address ranges are required in this topology?
2 3 4 5 6
Refer to the exhibit. For connecting two routers with an Ethernet crossover cabl
e, which interface should be used?
Refer to the exhibit. The PC, the routing table of which is displayed, is config
ured correctly. To which network device or interface does the IP address 192.168
.1.254 belong?
PC switch router interface fa0/0 router interface fa0/1
What is the protocol data unit that is associated with the data link layer of th
e OSI reference model?
data frame packet segment
Which password would allow a user to establish a Telnet session with a Cisco dev
VTY password enable password console password enable secret password