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Visiting Sacred Spots

By Ariadne Green
A woman meditating in the lotus position on the beach
There are countless spots on the planet considered powerful, sacred, and holy. Power
spots such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the prehistoric megalithic structure of
Stonehenge and the ancient nca ruins of !achu Picchu in Peru are some of the most
popular destinations of pilgrims see"ing spiritual transformation. f you ha#e had the
chance to #isit one of these spots, you undoubtedly ha#e a story you$#e told at least a
hundred times.
%rom geological wonders li"e Spider &oc" in 'anyon de 'helly, Arizona and Ayers &oc"
()luru* in Australia to architectural wonders such as the +,th and +-th century
cathedrals strategically positioned on the &ose .ine in /urope, sacred spots are
spectacular to the eye and touch us beyond the senses. 0hen we #isit, we gain entry
into a rich history of spiritual heritage and are pushed through a portal into what mystics
and spiritual seers deem di#ine territory.
Sacred spots can produce pea" spiritual e1periences for those whose intention it is to
open to the energies that infuse the area. Tra#elers on pilgrimages e1perience #isions,
heightened consciousness, transcendence, heart opening, and healing. The
transformati#e nature of the energies ignites the higher mind, soul and spirit of the
indi#idual and opens a window into unseen dimensions. The e1periences are often
described as magical, otherworldly, transformati#e and meaningful.
The term 2power spot2 is said to ha#e originated in the 34$s when a well5"nown
6apanese psychic named 7iyota !asua"i, coined 2power spot2 to mean a place where
the earth$s energy can be collected. 8owe#er, spiritual portals, #orte1 points as well as
the intersections of the planet$s energy grid lines ha#e been recognized as 2power spots2
for centuries.
Power spots to indigenous tribes are often designated as sacred ceremonial land
because the area is rich with spiritual tradition. The mythologies and legends of the
tribes passed down generation to generation often tell of the site$s importance. Also,
there are those places considered holy by religious traditions such as the Temple of
6erusalem and healing waters of .ourdes. The energies ha#e built in these places o#er
time because for centuries people gathered in prayer, ritual and ceremony raising the
#ibration of the area. Those energies can be e1perienced by those whose hearts are
open and especially by those who ha#e a well5de#eloped psychic sense. 0ith the
heightened consciousness catalyzed by the energies at a sacred spot, new potentials
emerge from deep within the soul. The shift can be life5changing and long5lasting.
f you are called to #isit one of the hundreds of sacred places on the planet you$ll want to
rely on more than a guideboo" to ma"e your 9ourney memorable and a transformati#e
e1perience. 8ere are some enlightened basics for ma"ing the most of your e1perience:
ntention Powers ;our /1perience
n +3<3, #isited 'anyon de 'helly, Arizona, "nown to the 8opi and =a#a9o as the
sacred land of their ancestors. According to 8opi mythology, the roc" formation called
Spider &oc" is the home of the earth goddess Spider 0oman. She is said to guard the
portal from where the tribes of the /arth first emerged. !y intention set the tone for my
e1perience within the canyon. The night before my partner and arri#ed said a prayer
in preparation, as"ing to see the canyon through =a#a9o eyes. 0hen we arri#ed li"e
magic we were ta"en aside by a =a#a9o elder and ta"en down the steep, less5tra#eled
=a#a9o trail to the bottom of the canyon. The descent to the bottom of 'anyon de 'helly
was a about +>, mile and gripped the side for the roc" wall most of the way down
holding on for dear life. didn$t "now at the time if my dizziness and #ertigo was from the
high energy or from a sudden fear of heights. But when we reached the bottom, was
awa"ened. !y =a#a9o eyes had been opened. 'olors were #ibrant and brilliant and the
roc"s came ali#e, appearing li"e ancient faces car#ed in stone that reminded me of a
Amando Pena painting of the same canyon in which the sandstone walls were painted to
resemble =ati#e American spirits. was humbled to tears and continued my cathartic
crying 9ag for more than an hour as greeted the faces in the roc" one by one. The
spirits tal"ed to me. Through my intention to see the canyon through =a#a9o eyes a
whole new #iew of an ancient world opened up to me.
Tuc" Away ;our Guideboo" and Be Guided by ;our ntuition
Guideboo"s can be full of information, pointing out the features of the landscape, the
history of the site and other details most tra#elers wouldn$t want to miss. But with your
nose in a guideboo" you may miss the point of your 9ourney ? to e1perience something
out of the ordinary and more spiritually uplifting. There may be natural signposts and
magical encounters with wildlife along the way. A bird perch on a roc" 9ust abo#e an
ancient pictograph or petroglyph, a crow cawing summoning you to mo#e in a particular
direction, or any number of intuiti#e hunches pointing you to towards the in#isible
dimensions of the land will re#eal more than you might imagine.
.oosen /1pectations
0hen #isited Stonehenge, fully e1pected a lightning bolt of energy to ignite my
third5eye, because heard many stories of the powerful energies emanating from the
monolithic stones constructed in a circle by ancient @ruids. But when arri#ed to the
area it was so commercialized that you couldn$t get within a hundred yards of the stones
because of an encircling tourist barrier. n fact, the only energy tuned into was the static
buzz of hundreds of tourists chattering as they wal"ed round the outs"irts. But my hopes
were renewed ,4 miles down the road at A#esbury, another ancient @ruid site build in
the same prehistoric period. =o, the monolithic stones set in a similar pattern as
Stonehenge weren$t as grand, but the energy emanating from the stones was so
powerful it was mind5altering and produced a natural high. &emember, e1pectations that
are too high can de#alue your e1perience.
8onor the Sacredness of the .and and ;ou 0ill Be 8onored with Visions and @reams
Pic" up litter as you find it, lea#e stones and pot chards undisturbed, show respect for
e#ery creature and hold gratitude for the path you wal". @o e#erything with re#erence,
holding open your heart to embrace the beauty and magnificence around you. n this
way, the ancestral energies and spirits will honor your Auest for spiritual transformation.
;ou might be initiated and awa"ened to your soul$s memory of an ancient time in your
own soul$s legacy, be awarded with a transformational dream or gi#en secret "eys of
spiritual "nowledge tied to the site if you are worthy of the offering.
&ecord ;our /1periences
n a 9ournal, ma"e notes along the way, 9otting down what you see, hear and ha#e
en#isioned while meditating. ;our thoughts will be of a deeper nature and you may be
surprised by the poetic rhythm to your writing and the insights you deri#ed from your
e1perience that flow from your pen. 0riting down a dialogue between you and a roc"
may sound nonsensical, but the #oice of the ancestral spirit housed within it deser#es
your open ear. ;our dreams during your 9ourney will be memorable ? uplifting, lucid,
transcendent and full of spiritually meaningful symbols. ;ou$ll want to record these
dreams so that you can contemplate them later and gain insight into their special
f you are planning to #isit a sacred spot, whether you consider it a serious pilgrimage, a
#ision Auest, or 9ust a needed #acation, gi#e yourself ample time to e1plore both the
#isible and in#isible realms and to soa" in the energies. The more time you spend the
more li"ely it is that you$ll ha#e a pea" spiritual e1perience.