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Gonoral Guidelines

lhe Enoli6h lert vill !e6r


alrllry ln lndgGrandlnq Engladh 6r,ud!Ee a.d e.dano Extr, lt empbys .

muhlple choie lomat and I tak* l0 nlnut6 to do ihe tst

ThotsstMp *

lwo lolo{ing Ftu:

L Pa.t 1:40 numb€E ot slrudus .n.l Writlon

2, Pad 21 60 nunbeE otlrodbuh.y.nd R



Ytu tuy cho@ to h€gin wrk on ANY p.n

Fq dcll namb€( yoo may ont.ho@ oN€ En5w. Oiviig m6 tlsn



alll iot glvs you €ny

Forech numbF, you *i lie l@r p€ibre

ansr*, hated (A), (B) (c) aM (D). ch.o$ lololt n,

rnd l0l in h.



the. on ydr ansrer she€t, lind lh€ numbd of $e queslon

fEl @@ep.nd. b tE

cicL c€nnol bF 34n.

letEr ol lhe amMr wu h4e chosei. FiI in tE sp€c6 5o rhal $e l6i.r h.id6 h.


The queslions s


in .

vadety ol difrcu lly levels. You sh@ld ty io ans@. all ol them, as tld6 is NO

PEMLTY for lneft.l a.$es

OiE ron! ,or efth pan ol the test w lL be giH at th6 beginning of eeh p.(

ll you ind an enor in arry prinl€d it6m ot tlF re.l, lu6t 9!s lh6 anser as best as you c.n .nd 6ntnua.

sEcllo I


Thb $otion is d.s gn.d to m.asuB you abilriy ic @qntze taiOuage flat ts appbpiat€ for .iandard

srilt€. Eiglish The€ : E two l}pes of qu€.tion6 in rhis sectoi, ufth sp


dt@toc tor e€dr tyDe.

DLEctlois: oueslions 1'15 are inohplete enlel* B€n4ih each sht6i6

phEs6, nad<ed (A), (B), (c), and (D). chGe l]le qe

Tr\€n, on you aneMr sh


you ril *

talr Nrd3 d

Nrd or ph@ uat b$r 6mpr€L. dE ssa

rlnd tne numb€r ot lh. que.tion and fil in d16 3p!€ that @@sp.rds b dE




hn€r ot tlo .ns*r you haE chosen Fill in tE 5pE*.o tEr die retbri.sid€




found in vi.tlElly

every sunty in fE vdnd.

(4 swamF €nd maEh.s wnich



sMnps and daBhes

(c) st mps .nd m.Eh€e

(D) Notr thal Mmp€ snd maBh€g



Th. 36nlEn@ shou d rcad, 'Sv.mps .nd

Theefoe, rlu ihourd choo* ans@r (c).

maEh* .E lound in vldlally .very 6unry in ih6 mrtd '


Milk is pshudz€d by h€.ting it lor lhiRy minucs

at about 63d cenug€de, Epldly c6lhg il and he.

it.t. iampBii !€ b€l6w 10. cendoEd


Th. aeniene shoold G.d, 'Mlrk E

lrlad by hMlng rt lor

U ldy nin uhs ar Ebour 63. C.ntigEd€l


you 6hould

Epidly @ lng ll 4d *lon storing ll515 lomp6Etu6 bdry 1e C.nligFd€.'Th€

N@ begln elk on t'. que6nond.



1, CaMdiai 0e@, _

eglons, hn out

& wams southem

scrc* th. 6ky in an ordedy V

(B) 6.nnualml96tlon

(0) iheir a.i ual mis Edon

2. tui. foerb so6laln such E potusion of plsntr


5nd €njmala _

0Ey ae @dadly

Most suc@sstul $i€nri6r6 6B theodEb eno

@n s@ beyoid th€ bclr and


ihe gene€l principlos flar und€di€ rh€m.


Ewry spd.g l@l * rell $[on.l nek io Keuk€nhoi Gaden in the


Nethedsnds, _

rts m.gnli6t, colo.tul

Nol unul G€ndfira Mc€4 rh.




.rt, E.ched tne aqe ot 76!.r

her un(oe depicrions of @ryd.y life on a

(B) did sho b€gin lo paint

Fhdhg it difcull

betwM s @E€r in

hw and i. medioin., Raha merged her &! inierslr aid decided io .tudy io@nsic


orchds hare long b&n a pl e ess




erclio b.€uty


IrcasuEd ior rheir oxoic beaut

(c) They aG t€.Buino ie exotlc beaut

(D) Thelr *otic bsuty is much teduBd

3, Th6

b€ll€r lEined lhe dolphins.l And ats,




lh€y willsive a better oedomsne

lhe@ wilrb6 a moF .njoyabr.

lhe pe'lbm€nc. will be no@


(o) lhe moE enjoysbb $ p€dom.i@

tom hamluivito* or bactoda to

p@id€ immunlt io p€nicutar

pelsEtion ot v.@lnes

(B) Thal !@h6 a6 pl€p.Ed




\e@in6e aB pBparcd


h PePd is v5@ine6

10. Th6 Ebility ol

co*toys h tE 19F c€ntury

E slEer or bEk a coll cdld n€.n

{Ntual tor the eady s.nbF in rh€ wlrd w*l,




Doriig lh6 la€l ir .qE, mort ot No h An.d.a

€s @6rcd by s wsr bl.ntot ol bei

.ht6s.dtheE dr! firlt at marry

pt*. _ in



nr@ enomusrY hevy F-Eht drel

(c) iE Gishl or d'o .nmoB m.s ot i@

(D) ordicb h6 Fisht & eMoust hevy

pmMd6 r liMno for hsll ot lho p.opls ln


l.2004, Chana M @ny _


lhd. by h. lJ.S.

situ r n€d.lE

14. A l.F

bem t6 t.c@ringty

u6€d in

gnd in hd6ny _

hishty a@€lE cudnjr B

(B) eh6Mr

15 Aldrdgh fto P6.idst

ont cd.e.*l\€

ot ity€nmar had


th€ bod€r

(4 $

rhcE M. sfl nghfis

(B) butrsl' m6tln.FduD


no nE@p. otnohhs o@r€d

(D) fehuno stillfa6d up


qj@!qg: ln qu€siions

16-40 s.niEne h.s iour lnd6diied mds d phles

the ooe uhdedin€d

Then, on

lrle four lnder ined

prft of rh. s.rsn4 3ts mft€d (A), (B), (c), snd (D) rdenijry

be ch5ng€d n order tor lhe senhnce rD be gEmm.ri*lly 6r€ct

numb.r of nE queslion aid fll in the sp€ce itut co@ponds lo fie lelter ot the ansrer

md or ph@ u1ar must

.Brer 6he! fnd the

yoo h*







Th.86nrEn@ should ead. 'Mead. la.ts ae abool ihesame

3Ee as @bin6, butth€y haw h€avi€r

bodis, shod4lairs, and ronqer bins.'Th.EfoE, you should choo* .n$er (B),

W!o ae€rrqporls

exc*d j!4!9!E a


The seniene sho! d Ead, 'when ovoEll expo.E dceed imp.lts, a muntry is eld io have a Lade

surpr6."therefore, !!u should chobse ans@r (c).

N beo n Mrk on ihe quesiions.

16 R.oj*tun€-uDs and oilchanoesac moortanlior$eoerto'manceota€r €ss l*lot



ne$!!g!y an66 lr e_ 5 €rg r.

17. Fa@d wih @!S!e4 siig oilpi€s and fa[€.ind economios, Euopean Union munld$.G G!4[4


lne way in h.messind wind enersy.

1S Sc'e.hsb .o€e fiat v i.nin c €n



rF.6dsnrv o, @ d6 but nor pl!ye!!4jj! n*'4 a



eE!!!3E!!1 by sEkeho dec ql!!e lucElive phamaeuliGl bosh*s.


Surur d ord6 e9!!gEgr! in rhe polluled a r of Le @uilry 6 .odnem egion

renrimes rhe r*r conside€d

9el9 by in€haiional sEndard.

20. ln a oollllca eleclion, lhe ooliiici8n 5 advedisefr eil on pdde-t me lelevisioi is a qrlcltl laclor tFt

!EEI4ld4 the ourcome of th6 electio. lor l!! candidaie.




2r Bud.p€sr 6i€d on bor,t b.nk of rhe




Danrbe F'vd 's hro$ for !I!l spas whtct^ dw @ler (noM


ror jtslgCiqjEl pbp€d$ rom rrd€rsrcurd rh€ma .pr ns!


throughoul Asi. ree @mplaiiing a!eu!

$€ ; ficulty or t!!!i!q quariied biling ual job appli€iE.


philosoptty a!!! br her chrit i. sril is.



2. fte shipweck ol d and6n sF'p !q!!r 'n se 'cy @reB or canada! NodM3l Pa$ase r40 teg6

25 'lhorqf Eg!@ or ln€m *€ only €.u. arqr4rle4 'r hish sch@ , rhey seE der ohed ,ner fi6t

het €ch other o. @uous at the smo univ.E ly n London.

26. Whped by stoT sirds,lte *ildfi'e @a€d on lhe nounIg,n. ops dlFlw'lh lnalvillages

ron ns slFe 5000 p@ple evac{ralino then homes

27 9eE!9!2005 b 2010 US sha € s* prodLclon s@ an astol+ no.s% a Far, !cl3!y c@drg

23. Not slllllh sun's ultEv oi€t Edial on en E€oh h6



Eann's.urfae be@u$ th. doie t.y€r



2S Add ng lo rha

'--F-" --!-


govemierl cgul.uon people *ho 66 st ll $ind o d .1€rovsTltr no

30. Ooclo6 oI l\s rNrs sl b. sbl. io L* hsrrrr.nG lo. $!et& dnatys s t1.r w. I rtp $em

d,€snG. rh€ dB** noe a.clEt.



.nd decid6 .n rts lr.Etnenl


31 . The ron9e6t oir pip€rin€ in th€ sdd bes lm i4!e o I ietds or BEk in A4'ralan and e!BD!E to th

$ulh 99ls.E C.yh e*!4ln rukey

32. T.d€y @m p!t.r .xp€ rll .e mr lh+use or advan@d lrhFotosy l!#e! exper rents ro \

@mpuiets Esmdind kl a 6iE6 ot spoks rcdr.

e iruG

3l k ie vd h.d, f not mD@lue








tai dunm the rush noLE ol



-F tr61ol tie b.d. lnal lv euuwarcs b ums r@iom belo€ snier *gj!, piOsns Ec ts


34 a <e

€ble ro oirrt tleli€lws in th6 sky by @dins tE pcitio ot fle sln sd rh. 3r,B

35 Fd d.e mome.t he srhlladd oi shale gas E al s slsldsrill b€6ue plG hd6 doppd ro lt&qlE ollts b@n lwels.

36 s€ lous y mlu€d by E!!ei Malala only l'fleen ,aE old. De*tre the i\4i bot or @L Ese .nd

@.r' chon as a wuns ch5Toion fqhlt! t


rhe nqh o .du€rion ror srl gids in P.k sirn

37. For a @r.l @t to oB *€11. it neds wam shallow and



a cl6am43 of *.rds

smod stu sill

33 SlElns ol tub@lGls lhal ae esisranl ro. € r tnM Ta dru$ r@nlry slrbed



slLTs of lndis, .nd €Lsed ser rhm




oLlb@k o, rh€ otd dises

,n rh€ ctEw€d

39 Urler h€*y pEs$c EE.nm.LnsFis oEanh,ucns. dany zs ffi

tr mtomed t om

p $n k€pr.6 &r4i!o!!!e!ts !!die!oq tle r ia&El habilat

40. w@nng tu hab and trimnxd 6bes w th r6p5rd skin, nom easleo rbstjoin lh. !9Ig3o!!

dtuals snd isslviiis in lh€ old c ly of Lh* j!_eleqa&ljt the'IbeEn N4Y@r


sEcloN 2


Dhction.: ln lhis s.ction


will @d ereral pasg€,

Eaoh Fssg iB follMd by quslions abour


Th€n, on your an6@r sheer find

to lhe leh€r of your .mrer choice.

iL cno* tu one besr snser,

th. iumber ot he qusstion

(A), (B), (c), or (o), tor each

8nd fll in lh€ d.l th.l mrcBpond6

An*r all qu€sbons based on eh5r is sLlEd or lmplied i. rhe

R€.d lh. lollowlng p


A nw h€adng devics s nw€ for Bome h€. nq impoied p€ople. This dvi@ u6es a nagnet to hold the delachable snd-pr@ssing podjon in plae. Like oh.r aids, ir conved! .ound

inlo vlb€rions But it ls ! nlque h lhal it €n tEnsn il 0l. vibEiions

io rh€ inn€ This podues

drecty io the hagnet, .nd then

r*ki6d h€anng


a deaer s.d,-lhe iw ddic6 wilt not hel! aI

lhos. wilh . henng lc

ltl hea ng-im pan€d p6p e on y

in lne middl-. ear rt {dn

ItGe p@pl€, hMv.r, wllo h

@osed by inl€ction or som. other pDbtem


prcbabt help no more than 20 p€rc.nt or an ptrpte with

pa6i8ieil ear inreuons should fnd rcliet and

Whal is tho author s main pueos€?

lo de$ b€ a ns cuE tor ear inf*llo.s


(B) to i.fom frE r€ads of s ne ddie

(C) io u'se docb6 lo use a .w devie

(o) b € rhe use or a

The autho. s main pulPo* is to lnlom lhe €ader of a


sh.uld .h@se a.Mr (B).


Th€ Nrd 'cli.f in line 7 man.

(A) less distcss

(c) diltaclron


n* devi@ for h.5dng-imDalcd oeoole


IlE phEs.1.$ dislB*- B simll.r h nea.ins to'Bl el in Ihis *ntene. Therefo6, you shoutd ch@*

NN begi. with the quslions.

On March 11,2011, a maqiitude 9.0 undE. eardquake o@rd 43 miles ot th6 shoE ot

Jap.n Th€

dhq oeneEled

a n unexp€cr.dly massive rsu nsmi rhar eashed ovor esI.m Japa n

noE thln 15,300

p@pte and tnju ng morelhan6,100. MoE rian

sinu arions by Sianrod

soientbb Eveat that

fol N*, @mput$

rcughly 30 minur4 rarar, kifing


2 600 p€op 6 .€ Bliil ona@ounl€d

(5) sund earea in ih. ocean ptoduoed by the @dnquake pobably E5ch.d taid teis of m nurs ber.e rhe Glnam r rl corcciy i.terpcl€d, lhoy could have otbEd a samii I that a ta E6 tsu n.m i w4 on the

Although ladous systems en

dol€ct undeFea €dhquak.s, lney €r1 Etiabty 16I yhich wil tom

TheE ae o@n,bas€d devic.6

ftat en sense a. onomtig

mhlte6 of ad€n€ mrning Be€uss th. sound nom a

3uegest tEl id€ntittng


alsunamiorpedicrlhesizeofrh€e e

lto) bunami, but hey 9pioally pEvide only . fs

seismlc event will reoh


land e€ll b6foE lhe @ler ltsetf, the c@rch@

sprcilE aoousrio signEruE of Eun.mi€eneol i9 eannquk$

syslem tor massiv. r6unami3.

The foding ms som€rhing of. surpase.

undsMl€r JEpan

The @nhqu.k.i

olJap.nslallerblaid over shy Ite sdtqrake

aased on 6x sling knowl€dga of€afiquak$

aplu e p'opag€t.d lrcm fie utergroJlo


c€ar19. rassve Lp*rtu


6utd l@d io i fasr6F.cting warihg

in this.@, setsnot€isls prztlad


.I rE {ay

epiceit r hEd bsn tEced !o the

TEich, . subducuon 2od6 about 40 mil$ ea.t otTohoku, fE nonhe4len 69 on

up lo $. e.afoor, of h€ lark k6

prcl€$or of geophysiF in rhe sch@torEanh and

rlal csutEo ,1 l,re tsJ.aT o're.t ob*to.hois

so Errc ouihafr, an a$slanl

f20J Jercmy Kozdon, . po.ldoclo€l .esearch.

wo*ino with Dunham beg.n usi.g lhs otusr6r ot

Eanh and Envi@nmentat scion@ (cEEs) to

sup€rcompoteE .t sranrod s cenier tor computsrional

simulsre how rh6 lEmoB moved fircugh ths @si .nd o@n.

Ttu Es4rcheE burrt

a high,@sLution mod6lth.r in@QohiEd lhe kndn geotog c tturcs of rh

fruratio.s ro id€nrift posribte rupturc hislories @nrotibk

models.@uratety pr€dicled lh€ r.afio.r uptifr seen in lh

Mve heighlE a nd atso s n utated sou nd

Mv* thar

iis ohl into lh€ sbmic €vents as th6y tik.t ecured

lhe speiicfaul

enditions ne@;ary 6l ruptuE

a@L3l c daE:;n lrerisl



Jap.n TEnch and u*d cEEs s

l25J wilh lhe availablo d.ra Relrcaclively, !\e

eanhqu a ke which is di@tly B at6d to Eu nami

pEpagated ailhin t1e o@n. ln addidd ro valu.bte

duing lhe 2011 €.rdquake lhe l@archB identiied

ro Bact th€ saa1m, ad ( Ecl rdse

tsLrrE rr mddare

/90) R€l€uon ol fE . n Jraxol @s lhal rsursnE e 1rc sL rbce-breatins a DtuB tite lhe 20 I I dlo urke:

prcdoca higher

$ond MV4 sourd have tErelod rhEugh ihe @ier and indit d lhat they reachen shoE 15 !o 20

ampritude o@an a@usijc MVs

thai those rtut do nol,

rhe modet shMd hN


mi.ul€e b€ior€ rhrd r6unaDi

Dunham and lGzdon pohted olt lhat idenrifying a rElnani


doesnr @nptele Ih€ wrming

d€ptoyed on th€ seail@r or on

a threat, both ot ehtch

deg@ ot en inty

135) sysrom. undoR€ld mi@phones led hydrcphon. mutd .eed to b6

buoys ro dsl€ci rh€ sig nar sh rch eutd

could be cciy. Polirymake6

n€€d to be anaty2ed to conf h

euld also need ro wlk w[h sctentstE to sd. on the


n€6d€d b€tm pu ning the d6m tf thse


de p@ious minui66 6l an evaouaiion.

poinc c.n be Mded o ut, lhou g h, rhe bcnnlq ue coutd heti

41. Whrch ot the lon@ing rculd most tik€ly be lhe

frain id€a of IhE .nriB



(a) cEEs drhorations illusr

rhe frmalioi

ol a m.ssive kunami

in Japsn.

(E) Eanhquake s@6rlcs en hdi@te ta

m*sive lsunami s aboutlo h.ppei

{C) O@an-basod ddlc4 ae no ong6r

ieeded tndet€.t und*aa


(D) Slantod ihye$igacd why .

gEat lEunami happen€d h Japad in

!2 A(oding to ih€ paEsag. whEh ot rE ro[owing


(A) rt @ured


eadhquaLe,n l.oan?

i*r lh€ 3ho€ or Japan.

(B) lt happ6n.d in rhe friddte of the n ghl.

(C) Mo@ than 20,000 peop e be€nsviclime

(o) Nonheh Jap€n r€@iv.d ihe qo*t



Tle@d'th€y in lie 6 rct6lo

Amding !o lhe passage, which ol

!E irflding

ls NoT lh€ shoncomlng ol other undeGea

(A) They a6 extrcm€ly expensire and ditiort

(a) They en only g w seveEtminutu otea y

(C) ftey

a€ unabre to pEvide lnrom.tion

aboul tE si4 oa lh€ e.8


Th€y ennot a@uEtet prcdict whbn

eadhqusk4 wlll cau$ tsun.miB.

Th6 word'puzted'in line 16 is in

It can b€ infered fiom paEgEph 4 that sound

(A) gsn€E ry rcacn fie shoE €s bst as


do not r@t@I ftrcugh Mter in he o@n

w ll be slMr if the unde@ €dhquak€s

(O) give valoab e dala for

gvacuation if

analrz€d .iid !*d *l



47. Which ol th. lotioetns belt exrc*

opposite m€ning oa ths mrd




43. ILe author trdd pEbabty use ot the

loll@ing eode io d€$db€ CEES


49. Th6 pg.3.g. Mutd pbbabty bs. prn ot an

$siqned Eadlig in wfiich ot dE btb{^g

50. Amrding b tne pas$se, *nth ot h ioltow

is NoT ne€ded


b ompteE t€ mmrlg sFbhi

on rE *an6

inst l menl ol hydEphones




a @lhboElion bel*n pdiqm.ks and

eady Muaton tr.inrhq t .h toel


ana ysis ol6tgnats frm the hydEphon*


The 6 dple chick€n's egg hG long been known as . symbo ol n* lif

Horevei less wen kiown

nclud ng agents to

molecu *,

is lhal eggs n be tuhed inlo incubatoG lo produce a Efi oi oiher


ifi tl

b nd lo invadin

riB eh ch a re sDeo alized lroteins

o o196 nisms and tox ns blodk lh,7 actt lv a id ialg€l

nfantry Anl

bodi$. $ cncu ate lor e(ended

ol ihe 3.m6 bugs thet miqht irv i0

ng ofi $

me ol their own ait bod €s

l5J rh€mfordestuclonbyolh*m.mb€rsofiheimnune

!6iods n u1e bood,

pbvidins ons'lem prcledton agaiist any

make a com baok and molhe G prctgot their otrs p nq by siphon

and.ddlng lhem lo the ioeb c;ubton durng

chickens, 6ul wilh lhe dlfieen6

anlibodies aqainsl

fie lafler pan of pregnancv Th6 sameis alsotrueof

u sl a l€w reeks every €99 the

lhal ihay add lheir anlibodies lo th€ yo ks ol ure eq$ ihev lav.


lh€s€ oEan sms. lr a chicken is injecled with s6mp



Thercin ries a rherapeutic oppodunity b.*us6 exposue !J sp€clc vruses or bact6rl. tiggets

of ihe

chicGis lo orcduce

eme painog€ns, ihis a $ achieves

lhe 6ame .fi€.i ln ract, wilhln

.hickei lays wil @ni, n hig h levels or an(ibdi6

these ail bod *

€. b€ puit€d from lhe

Giving pe'itmed anftod €s to

spe fi y large(iiq lhose virues o' bacieda Mobvel

yolks b prcduce what s ahosl antibodies on_lap


p@de who

have b6€n €xposed to a panicular lnr?otio!5 aq€nl

Hisbnca y lhe* aitbodies hare bem obLined

m ted avaiabililv

I on io our med ioaL arserr/ Eggs a E plent lul

.s a way ol limiting d sa*

syslem ld€Ecs

has lmg i6en reognized


Henc€, chickEn egg aiiib.dies mlght be a valuable add

and 3rly hafr.sLd. Justto4eggscan

prcdu@ as much anlibodv as an enli€ guinea piq Mor€

chlcken anr b.di* much berler lhan.nlibodies frod

124 impod.ntly, lhe human lnmune

rt has b€en almost tveniy y€ars since tle iiFl stldi* uslng egg

aitibodv to lrcat v El diseas€ in

rNt shNen thal ca ves cou d b.


bod i*


in the

animabreG.ubrished Back in 1ss4,. team ot Japan*e sciont sls

s T cl crereqqan'bodies

zrr ah


rie Lso oreqq

lr rtp

rrt i-andlJl or;h'

h umans

ior be 1g

rr0) Lsed


a.,oooes ror

rr*r€rs oi5ease

Sludies a also cull;.tly

rEaimeni ofthe rnrecijons eused bi

u ndeMay to erplorc lhe effer venees of es s_ant

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51 ThE ionNLno aE qu6stions lhat the pa6 tdes io addE* DGEPT


(A) Why Erc chickn .gg anl bod as sup,"dor

l(l oiner .nlibodi$?

(B) Hd €n chioken €gg yo k-anl bodies be

us€d lo tea( lir€cl on5?

(C) Whal.rc the

possible dano6 ol $ing

inf€d on-fighlino chicken €gg


How cloE€ aG re to usinq ch cken egg

.nl bodies for hum.i disease

The @rn "ih6il in liie 4 efeE io



(B) membe6 oI fle hmun. intanty.

p@ordiig to ure passage which ol lhe ioneing

ls NoTTRUE.boul anlibodles?

(A) They n be p6ssed on by nolhe6 lrt

(B) They in $e blood for € rons

(c) Non6 prodoc.d by a.ihab en b€ ille€ted

(D) Thy are pbdu€d by the body to @unler

54 WichoffEtoll l.gslaiErenr.€b.urohbk n


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o. egg adjb.dies


con@raie on indins cutss ror w


(B) haresh4iiic@si.qryprcmiohsBurE.



are under $delllan@

ot porqmakeG.

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onduct€d iiAsia.




notvdy iiiercsied ln usinq

(B) Sde.U6b.E



ihem 10


ourc disea64.

esotJtaln€d |rom lhefr ac

b.i.f .lal tu tEing

chlcken l.aecilo

nFele.limiLdsio.koldrbken.!g.sih 59.€ulicegE






(B) opiimisllc.




dllinr€E.t d.

Tn6 @d 'inl€cloue' n lln. 15 n6.n!



pEeniou' i6ldiouB.


(D) @niagiNs.

56. l@oding

lo lhe pa$€g.,

a.ifrals lhal 6n'

prcd@ antbodb. br hohans aE

(a) hors.nd chrcken.,



(D) hoB* 8nd guiiea plgs,



{ollNing besl expEs66 lh.

lin. 13?

'/. which ol the

ne.nhg of tF wd 'aenal'ln

60. Tn

iB rb


purpo$ in vntng lhis pa5sge

{A) @nl65l tle antibodle. obiained ltum

hufran6 and tD* lom

(Bl l^lomrhallh.E.Evsriou.sMiesoi

inf€ctious di*ase t,

(c) dNineirat ibodle€.E p.nicul.ry


(O) €lucidaE thsl.hicke. eggs €n

tuded htJ a reapon lo


rE.t dis*.


l! is lhe nal! rc ol youth ro m€ k€ a

Eckel Thrs happens reliabty tn Ns Yolk c ity ewry w*kday

shoot ters out t€en€gets spin onb the s dwa ks aid

thelr oifioms aid shed d@rum,

tn. ch ekiig oul They sing lhe

b€lwe€n lwo snd lh G. in rhe .nemood when

dssnd below gbund inb ln€ subwal

wherc h ing too*ned

ri,ah6y@upyth6€i are*holtr dg, fliruns, aa uing, €joting chedkhg

{9 song ot thomsslv$, loudly, iubil.nt t

to a dytm thal on y th€y en hear

ti 0ie coding dsys, lh€ !6ds and r#ns

ln and arcund the oity willexper ene a s mllarvlsftalion,

iion p€riodi€l c ed.s. For 3.v€nleen

b.€n unddgound, 3 pping on r@tels and

Faq juvenl es oflhEe species ofthe lenus Magici@da have

quiedy gr@ing. When

Oe eit€ches lhe dghl tmpe€tuF

€*eF,me*rEdeighthch6doM-lheywi merce in.sirrMing nufrbs, frott, ctimb iniD

lhree reeks or eo of lhen [ves, sing a. ex6ketstDn,€nlng ohoruB.

the sp€c es th.t emeEe .nnuaLty,

ii hr l€9r numbe6, .nd sing

ln an, iou I ot which eh€lg€ .re

iq tha tong


tife cyct6 is lh€ subFcl


lto) lh€ tE.s, 5nd, ior lhe emahiig

P€dod el cicad* aE dbtinct tron

in rs dog dsys ol summ.r (

thin€on y€aE, in ih. Souih.m

Ihe€ are seven M5gici€d. spel*

and Mld@stern sEl€s) The eaaon

old€bab, butlh€pointollhedlnlscleaito@ud.ndm.isands.tanInepe


Th. Ecket@me. frcm the males Each sings by rapidlycttckrig a po ioi othis abdom.n n.nd

clict and unoliok an empty soda cai.

He ate6 ils shape snd p@ lion to msk6 th€

can Gsr aT d$€rg E€ fe.

ty of n6 soig vai€s.ro1g ap* e.

sorgs. *ifi mo.6 puc br *

cor pt€x

r roslt r-o o* ir acts


oul, ar one mlght


ampires lhe sout a.d blad€sb {lor some disEre

aLdliory organs. so $e,/ donl dealen f enselv$ r Tl-eqLa sor€ ci.adas in SoL th€.st A.E pbo ue specEc id' y nusirs

ft ecuenoies and hahoniG ' D5vid Matshan, a ci€da


esercher at the U n iv$ity ot Conn 6cfcur, n

Srore, lold me. 'The€ aE sm€ thar sound rike bids wheeas ou6 aE mo gEring dhough som. make a pleaent syrupy dEne.'


s*.cen-y€ar bbod, kn4i to$iedtsls 4 Brcod tt exlends nlm Conn€cri rto




phone, in t.\e pa$enger sBar of. er in E

John Cooley a


"no ""o'"ton

kin, Nonh Carctina, near nre sourhem I m r oflh€ .meE.nej

@ll€gue was d iving 'Were d dviig arcund vith our wtndore open, tisrening,' M.Eh€tt

eveDnhe@, and the researcneF aG

c5an19 r€I r€spBctv€ dEr'b

-"'tne pasi len r,eaT

Marshall ard h s wite, K.ilty H l, \.v€ r€@ded nost

said. The lhee sryenleen-y€r specios .r€h t equany abrrdar,

irir*ied in. anonq otfe' t'ings,

ol lho ci€dss ot €astem NorhAmeica, as well as many soulh-resl€n sp€cies, and the sonos

awilable on fEn W.b 3ile, in*cldnge6.oom.

"Wete using h€n sound.lo tettus rhch spcies a


and gening out @siondl

making @ €clion s for DNA .eq uen oing ' he said. Sir dyin g pe odi*l ci€das eund€d a lor ik€ a bad

'Wer6 just drtvinO arcund in Ih e ar a tol p€try

dM,' Macharr

much att datl frcm n ine in tE

eid 'Then u lirl .rash at e cmpsound and have

(35) ldp, minus th6 er st r€o.

noning unli th6 sun go*


Pedodi€l c cadas dont iast .ll th.r ronq when rhey come od: you onry have a rew @eks to

galher all lhe iitomalion you can.'

61. Aocoding Io fE



snat i. NOt true

aboul N4 Yotk Cily

(A) Th€y cEv€ atEnlon aid comp menrs fiom $en surcundingg

(3) Whei tn.y ae tooetE thev tend ro

makB 5 gr@t din



lik6 b i n sith on6 €nolhd .nd blk


Th.y le$6 €nd chElt* in . m.nn€r th.t ontthey€. undeBia.d,

62. Ao@ding to lhe pasge, whal is the similariiy


Ns York cll, tee.ageB and




Th.Yb.lh llkebmakenoise.

They cEat6 a @mdd yet melodious din.

oilyuemaret i both grcup6 make a

(D) Bolh en tt n€d th. r hdadn$ aoainsl


Whlch ol lh followi.g w.d6 @uld b€st

sobsdrutg rhe m.d'a.toniehiig'in line 9?

what ls the pllposo ol he peiodic.l oi€dG

(A) To unl$sh the enercY kept duing

(B) To auGct lh oppo3ii. sd ln od$ ip

(c) Io t'ishlen predaloc .nd ksp lhem al

(D) To let othe. cic€d

knw lhet ex.d

Bel4.B.ha€cbrl6t€s ol p€riodicel

{{ (q

rhey gw

brw u1e gound bl y€6.

rh€y go dt on lha srcund in laqe

(c) They 9o out &ry y€r ln rhe sunder io

(D) They die an* about lhGe M.k3 d lh€