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Secret Power Strategies

Secret Power Strategies
Ingo Swann is the author of Natural ESP, Psychic Sexuality,
Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrials and Human Telepathy, and
Secrets of Power: Individual Empowerment and Societal Depowerment.

He is the creator of Remote Viewing techniques for the Army and CIA.

Two Definitions of Power:
1) Control, authority and influence over others, including over their
minds, beliefs, emotions, knowledge, intelligence and position.
2) The source, cause or means of producing an effect; personal mental
efficacy creating the ability to act or transform. These two definitions
may be in direct conflict: societal authoritative power vs. personal
causative power.
Secret Power Strategies
Hidden and Secret Aspects of Power: The wheels of power
turn not only on the clever and covert manipulation of
information and media influence, but on a wide variety of
secrets that are protected from public awareness. By bringing
hidden aspects of power into visibility, we can reduce our
powerlessness and increase our personal empowerment.

The Web of Secrets Preventing Access to Empowerment: We
must realize that we are attempting self-empowerment in a
society which has established ingenious devices, organizations
and regulations to limit too much self-empowerment.
Secret Power Strategies
The First Secret of Power is that 10% of people in our society are
relatively powerful and 90% are relatively powerless, and the 1%
who are truly powerful are invisible to the powerless. Also
educational and social conditioning ensures subservience and
powerlessness in the 90% of the population. The Powers That Be
link secrecy and power, depriving the masses of any power
knowledge, condition them for maximum depowerment,
suppressing studies of true human powers and abilities, including
the scope of human awareness, such as, intuition, telepathy,
foresight, and remote viewing.

The Absence of the Science of Powerology: If having power is
one of the most important goals in the world, and there is no
organized study or enterprise or schools teaching people how to
obtain that power, then there must be an organized effort to
defeat and eradicate any teaching of powerology and personal
empowerment, there is no Power Studies 101.
Secret Power Strategies
Four Frames of Reference regarding Power: There are four generic
kinds of power: Force Power(totalitarian), Artificial Power
(authoritarian government), Stealth Power (secret agendas and
activities), and Real Power (Life-Force, Insight, and Intelligence).

The Makers of Power: Power Makers are above all the rules, but
establish the rules for all others. Visible power leaders must at least
appear to follow certain rules. The invisible power elite have no such
need. Power makers need executives through which to establish and
exercise their power with delegated artificial power.

Your Life Force Equals Power and Empowerment: Even if something
has happened to prevent, deactivate or diminish your powers, and
broken your intellectual contact with them and made you confused
about it, they are still innately there, awaiting a renewed activation.
Secret Power Strategies
Life itself is power. Life is maintained, enhanced and expanded
by innate power, and is experienced as sensation, movement
and thought. The beginning of your power starts with the
realization and admission to yourself that power does actually
exist within you. All power must begin small, then grow and get
more powerful. Power manifestations do not begin LARGE.

Exercise: Make a list of 10 times you felt or had a sense of
being powerful and what happened because you were powerful
at the time.

The Power Elite have set up systems to control all areas of
society, including schools, colleges, the media, politics, the
pharmaceutical companies, science and technology research
(including suppressed technologies), banking, and the military.
Secret Power Strategies
Ten Categories of Will and Dynamic Energies of a Power-
Energized-Human: Intelligence, Faculties, Capacities, The Arts,
Ingenuity, Intuition, Cleverness, Sagacity, Abilities and Skills.

Power Games go on continually within societal and corporate
pyramids. Power games will be discussed further in this session.

Exercise: Go over your list of situations in which you were
powerful and consider current situations in which you want to be
empowered. Continue to use and explore your internal Life
Force, your Mind (Visualization), your Heart (Compassion), and
your Gut (Intuition) to project your Personal Power into those
situations to manifest the Reality that you desire.
Secret Power Strategies
Source: Ingo Swann is the creator of Remote Viewing techniques for
the Army and CIA, and the author of Secrets of Power: Volume I:
Individual Empowerment vs. The Societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment.

Four Frames of Reference regarding Power:
There are Four Generic Kinds of Power: Force Power
(totalitarian), Artificial Power (authoritarian government),
Stealth Power (secret government agendas and activities),
and Real Power (Life-Force, Mind, Insight, Intelligence).

Power Games go on continually within societal and
corporate hierarchies and power pyramids.
Secret Power Strategies
The equilateral triangle representing the Power Pyramid is
a way to condition people into believing that the top 1/3
controls the lower 2/3.

In fact, in most countries, a few hundred powerful people
can control hundreds of millions, who are powerless.

Social conditioning takes the form of rewards for those
who work on behalf of the power structure and
punishment for those who work against the elite.
Secret Power Strategies
Punishment demonstrates to potential trouble-makers
what can happen to them is they step outside the norms.

Social conditioning used to depower their subjects needs
to be invisible but strong for behavior modification and
mind control of the masses, typically with the mass media.

The top dogs are the very few pyramid apex dwellers
who exercise ultimate control, authority and influence
over the entire pyramid collective population.
Secret Power Strategies
The underdogs are the very large mass of people who
volunteer or are conditioned to respond to and be
managed by the top dogs.

Social conditioning uses stimulus-response with pain if you
are in error and reward if you agree with the powers-

The neat and simple power pyramid image hides
inconsistencies from the ignorant public, such as that the
pyramid includes the powerful and the powerless.
Secret Power Strategies
In fact, the powerless are not included in the power
structure. They are outside of the power pyramid.

The power pyramid represents only the powerful few
controllers who have control over the enormous
powerless mass of controllees.

There are numerous power pyramid groups who are
competing for dominance. They attempt to incorporate
the other contenders or to eradicate them.
Secret Power Strategies
Real power is always concealed behind the scenes of the
visible pyramid power players presented to the public.

Most real power holders are very wealthy, connected to
intelligence networks, and ethically challenged (ruthless).

The powerless must either knowingly or unknowingly
accept the dominant control of the powerful.

Controlling education is the best way to limit power
knowledge and the ways and means of empowerment.
Secret Power Strategies

Keeping information about depowerment techniques from
the depowered is understood as necessary by the elites.

Whatever we have not learned via our public educational
system is considered by most people to be not real.
Teachers and educators deny these conspiracy theories.

To get inside of and understand the power pyramid and
empower ourselves, we must look beyond our present
public educational system.
Secret Power Strategies

Empowerment can be defeated by intellectualizing and labeling,
such as, naming it socialism, capitalism, democracy, communism,
authoritarianism, totalitarianism, anarchism, utopianism,
revolutionism, fundamentalism, individualism, or any kind of

These isms are constructs created by the elites to divert
attention from the actual real power behind them.

If we look back through history, most intellectualisms regarding
power are only fabricated ideas that come and go. There are
only 3 aspects that remain similar and familiar which are the
pyramidal formats and power ladders and how empowerment
and depowerment are to be managed.
Secret Power Strategies

There is upward power mobility even among anarchists and
intellectuals. There will be power ladders to climb.

With all of this shifting of fabricated ideas or labels about
power, empowerment is illusive and dumbfounding to most

Most of the books establishing the anatomy of power dont
distinguish between the different kinds of power. They are
written by the powerful who want to establish and maintain
control over society with the power pyramids they describe.
Secret Power Strategies

The kinds of power which are meaningful to the powerless are
not the structures designed to distract and control the real
existence of power indwelling within each one of us.

This inherent individual power must exist, because the elites
create artificial labels to manipulate, control and separate us by
groups, classes, income, race, religion to separate and
manipulate, divide and conquer the masses.

So lets take what we have learned and apply it to an individual
level of the four kinds of power.
Secret Power Strategies
Four Kinds of Individual Power: Force Power (bullies, fists,
guns, intellectual snobs, terror), Artificial Power (titles,
licenses, positions of authority , status), Stealth Power
(behind concealed, hidden, secret agendas and purposes),
and Real Power (Life-Force, Mind, Insight, Intelligence).

Force Power can be used to enforce opinions, beliefs, or even
whole realities on the population. It is parasitic and takes by
force from its host victims what it feeds on.

Artificial Power is used in groups and communities to delegate
power, status downward from the most to the least powerful.
Secret Power Strategies
Stealth Power is used via social conditioning and mind
control to intentionally de-stimulate and de-power the
intelligence and awareness of most individuals.

Stealth Power is imperceptible and invisible so it can
proceed and conduct its activities without being noticed.

Stealth is also an innate capacity of individuals which can
be used to accomplish our own goals and purposes.
Secret Power Strategies
Real Power is the ability of an individual to escape and
walk away from the control, authority and influence of the
artificial societal power structures.

Real Power is not derivative, dependent, or contrived, but
is inherent in the individual and exists in and of itself.

Real Power must be felt and sensed by the individual and
by others in its manifestation or projection.
Secret Power Strategies
Power structures fear individual intangible Real Power
and therefore deny it exists and focus on tangible
assets and bodies that it can exert control over.

We must induce and enhance Real Power within ourselves
without resorting to power games using secrecy, cunning,
duplicity, and the clever corruption all around us.

Real Power must be aware of depowerment systems and
competitors who would challenge real individual power.
Stealth Power attempts to select the winners and losers.
Secret Power Strategies
Rules for Power Games deployed within Powerdom are known
as playing by the rules or playing by the book. The object of
Real Power is not to play games, but to control objectives.

Pyramid or Hierarchy of Power: Makers of Power,
Primary Executors, Secondary Executors,
Yes People, and Zero People.

Societal Power vs. Individual Power: most people have more
power than they manifest or actively demonstrate. Society is
set up to prevent or limit access to power for the zero people
and distribute power to the favored ones.
Secret Power Strategies
Depowered people see society as limiting their
opportunities but cant identify the power switches or the
means and methods of depowerment.

Power seekers likewise cant identify how to turn on the
power switches within themselves because there is no
organized source of empowerment knowledge.

Present ignorance and illiteracy involving empowerment
and power switches create a power knowledge vacuum
which is exploited to designate who is to have power.
Secret Power Strategies
Individual Power, which is internal and indwelling within
the individual usually can only activate itself as much as
allowed, limited and shaped by external societal forces.

In a larger overview, the conflict between individual vs.
societal power remains only until it is realized that the
source of both is the human Mind per se, which
constructs both viewpoints. They are concepts, not real.

There are large reservoirs of powers with each individual
which can be accessed by larger number of individuals in a
group for more joint power.
Secret Power Strategies
It is obvious that if the human Mind did not exist per se,
then neither individual nor collective societal power could
come into existence in any way. Therefore, we should
look at the source of all power within our intrinsic Mind,
not outwardly.

The elite controlled mass media discuss equal rights and
egalitarianism (another ism) while understanding the
implications of depowerment and regulation and control
of the masses.

It has been difficult to discuss and examine depowerment
when there is no such word in the dictionary. But we
have discovered it and will also discuss empowerment:
Secret Power Strategies
Depowerment and empowerment can be thought of as
the low or high volume of power, slowing down or
speeding up, inhibiting or revitalizing our power potential.

The human species is exceedingly competitive. The best
way to overcome a competitor is to use Stealth Power to
keep him from becoming a competitor in the first place by
warding off, sidetracking and depowering him covertly.

We can obtain power by hearing, feeling and sensing as
living, breathing, animated human beings that we are the
carriers of innate powers, with certain inalienable rights.
Secret Power Strategies

Even though it is possible to imitate the results of power,
this is a charade and will be easily identified as fake by
those in power.

Its not necessary to model or copy the power we see in
others. We can nurture, activate, and turn on our own
power switches.

Potential is defined as 1) existing in possibility or capable
of becoming actualized or 2) anything in a field that may
be calculated or sensed.
Secret Power Strategies

Exercise: Observe or interview people who you consider to
be powerless and sense and make notes on what you think
accounts for their being powerless, and what potentials in
them have been de-energized. Now how do your
conclusions apply to your own powerless feelings and how
your potentials might have been de-energized?

Continue to sense when you are powerful and when you
give away your power, and how you can energize your power
more often. Next we will give you more specific exercises
to activate your power switches.
Secret Power Strategies

For any individual wanting to embark on a path of
personal empowerment, the societal power systems are
rigged against individual empowerment and are rigged
for individual depowerment.

This double rigging makes it very difficult for the individual
to achieve very much empowerment, except via self-
discovered loopholes in the rigging, or cunning and stealth
sufficient to outwit the empowerment preventives.
Secret Power Strategies
Most books dealing with empowerment focus on the individual
exclusively. These are the sweetness and light power within
you type of books.

Although some of them have sold millions of copies, none have
ever been endorsed by any conventional mainstream societal
organization, nor been added into any academic study or
college curriculum.

The first type of theme of these books is that if individuals can
just awaken the powers within them, then there will be clear
sailing ahead, so there is no real need to inform the reader of
societal preventives that will soon be encountered.
Secret Power Strategies
The second type of theme of these books makes the individual
feel good, important and of bigger stature than whatever might
inhibit the awakening, so again there is no real need to
elaborate on social-conditioning inhibitors.

It is obvious that the smallest power unit in societal power
structure is the individual. And it also seems obvious that these
sweetness and light and feel-good books do not prepare the
reader for the open field of power machinations populated
with lean, mean fighting machines.

So we initiate this discussion of the individuals power versus
societys panorama of power by equating the Life Force which
animates us as the basis and source of activity, motion and
individual power.
Secret Power Strategies
Since the human species operates within and constructs power
structures, it is a given that we possess tremendous known
powers and probably many more that are generally unknown.

So even though someone or some group may have done
something to prevent, deactivate or diminish your powers, or
break your intellectual and energetic contact with them, they
are still innately there, waiting to be reactivated.

Life does not exist unless it is both an expression and a
function of the power that makes for life in the first place. Life
itself is power, is maintained by power, and is enhanced and
expanded by power. When you experience a sensation, move
your body, or reflect on or think about something, it takes bio-
kinetic or mental-kinetic power of some kind to do so.
Secret Power Strategies
Although it is difficult to find comments on it today, in the
and 19
Centuries this Life Force was granted a great
deal of respect wherever it was encountered. It was even
feared if it was seen not to be on your side.

In the 20
Century, this Idea of the Life Force was lost or
suppressed, including all concepts which would draw our
attention to these powers of our bio-mind.

Today, even highly educated scientists and philosophers
seem to be unaware that it takes consciousness to power
and activate their bodies and minds.
Secret Power Strategies
Since we are not taught to have any idea of our own indwelling
Life Power(s), to get and gain power we try to emulate what
we perceive to be power factors outside of ourselves.

But this represents a reversal of over four thousand years of
thinking regarding what power consists of.

If we study history looking for what past cultures thought
about power, we discover that the Life Force was always
considered the fundamental source of all human power. All
other factors which might come to represent power were
thought of as extensions of this inherent Life Force Power.
Secret Power Strategies
Living biological bodies were considered to be the container or
vehicle of the power of the Life Force, causing them to be
thought of as sacred.

If you wish to know about power, what it consists of and how
to enhance it, which of these two ideas do you consider true:
1) You believe that power pre-exists within you and that there
is a power pattern pre-coded within you, or 2) You believe that
power exists in phenomena and activities outside of you, and
that you have to participate in them, perhaps take them over, to
get that power for yourself. Consider the implications of each.

Remember that all power begins small, grows and gets larger.
Hardly any power manifestations begin as big things.
Secret Power Strategies
The beginning of an individuals power starts with the frank
realization that one does have actual, not just potential, power
somewhere within yourself.

The power(s) of an individual may be blocked, hampered,
confused, made ineffective, defeated, distorted or mind-
programmed into a depowered condition. Your power may
have been educated to non-effective levels, adulterated,
intimidated, or suppressed by yourself or by others, but your
power still exists within you.

Your sense of power may even have been intellectually and
emotionally attacked. Or it may be that others dont want you
to manifest your power, and have taken active, preventive
measures to prevent its expression within you.
Secret Power Strategies
It is far more likely that most of us are simply mis-
educated or mis-directed regarding our own power, and
power in the circumstances of the world around us.

Your Life Force, your Higher Power, loves to have you
remember that it is there, and to consult with It at all
times. This is the beginning of empowerment.

When you lose touch with It, various kinds of
depowerment can proceed against you.
Secret Power Strategies

Having a sense of power is usually associated with actions
rather than processes of thinking or feeling.

Having a sense of true personal power may be difficult
given that the educational system teaches you what to
think in terms of topics, subjects, assumptions and beliefs.

No one teaches us how to manage and expand our own
thinking parameters and capabilities.
Secret Power Strategies

Having (or not having) a sense of power is important
when it comes to understanding many things.

It is also important regarding your desires for
empowerment and increasing your personal power.

Having or not having a sense of power is always an
individual thing.
Secret Power Strategies
If individuals do have an sense of power, it is probably
within their own personal frames of reference.

These personal frames of reference are then projected
onto others in order to influence them.

The definition of power over others literally implies
power over the power of others.

The idea that power over others consists merely of power
over their bodies, minds, possessions, behavior or activities is
quite misleading.
Secret Power Strategies
If you dont achieve power over your adversarys sense of
power then power can shift or change hands very quickly.

The conventional dictionary definition of power as control,
authority and influence over others does need to be amended
to include this hidden aspect of a sense of power into visibility.

To obtain power over others including their sense of power,
you must obtain power over their frame of reference and their
sense of reality.
Secret Power Strategies
The Powers That Be spend a lot of time, energy and
money managing the structures and frames of reference
and the perceived reality of the citizens.

Individual empowerment involves discovering WHAT to
empower within yourself so as not to give back control of
your sense of power to the controllers and managers of
societys frames of reference.

Frames of Reference are the standards by which a person
compares something to form his opinion, attitude, analysis
or to make a judgment.
Secret Power Strategies
A frame is thought of as something that encloses something
else, such as a picture or painting.

As a verb, frame means to formulate, shape or construct.

Frame of reference is also defined as a set or system of factors
or ideas serving to orient or to give particular meaning.

But another definition is an arbitrary set of axes, which are the
main lines of direction, motion, growth or extension, which
provide the references to describe the position or motion of
Secret Power Strategies
Frameworks of References refer to systems of facts or ideas
serving to orient or give a particular meaning WITHIN the
context of a given system.

Axes of References refer to evolutionary lines of direction,
motion, growth or extension, which are unfolding BEYOND a
predesigned or limited system of facts or ideas.

Be aware of both definitions and make them interactive so you
can have or develop a sense of unfolding your individual power
within but also beyond your current belief system.
Secret Power Strategies
Contrast having or gaining power with its opposite: having
or adapting to a sense of powerlessness.

Consider that if you feel powerless, or dont have a sense
of active power, then the fault is not you as an individual
living energy being, but with the frames of reference you
are using or have become stuck with.

Think about how your accepted frames of reference about
who you think you are or what you can or cant do are
very limiting, especially if they are based on an illusion.
Secret Power Strategies
We can observe that most people cling to their frames of
references and their life situation through thick and thin,
no matter how bad things get, even without seeing what
their frames of references are.

All of the evidence shows that people can be depowered
or made to feel powerless, but that feeling and the
actuality of being powerless are two different matters.

In fact, your feelings can have more effect and be
experienced more intimately and immediately than the
perception of the actual reality outside of you.
Secret Power Strategies
The urges and drives to living your life to the fullest are very
strong, so depowerment techniques must be very subtle and
insidious if they are to convince us that we are limited and
powerless to achieve our desires.

A sense of powerlessness can result from (1) personal feelings
of inadequacy within societys power system or (2) the socially-
conditioned dumb-down awareness or lack of awareness of
your life-energy powers over all.

Frames of reference are enormously important regarding your
perceptions of your personal empowerment and desire to
become power-active in any sphere of activity.
Secret Power Strategies
Openly or covertly changing or deconstructing the frames of
reference of others is often a very workable way of achieving
more control, authority and influence over others.

The deprivation of certain frames of reference is the equivalent
of deliberately engineering a kind of stupidity in others. They
arent even aware of certain things.

Power falls into the hands and minds of those who have
achieved the best knowledge of the workings of stealth power.
Secret Power Strategies
We can certainly control the frames of reference and thoughts
within our own minds if we are aware of them.

You can also influence the frames of reference and focus of the
thoughts of others by directing their attention where you want
it to be. Magicians do this by misdirection.

The general public is permanently denied access to power
knowledge by social conditioning and by misdirection using the
corporate media, which is controlled by the power-makers.
Secret Power Strategies
You do not have to feel powerless because you can transcend
the societal power structures and energize your innate
intelligence , insight and wisdom. Power starts in the individual.

Even if you were born into poor or disadvantaged
circumstances, you can take advantage of the philosophy of
freedom, equality and equal opportunity to assert your will.

And despite the modern redefinition of will as desire, wishes,
appetites, choices or inclination, the true meaning of will is
intention, purpose and resolute determination, which leads to
some mental or physical action. When you decide to overcome
learned depowerment, your will power will empower you.
Secret Power Strategies
One of the central considerations of empowerment is to
realize what is active and what is not, with regard to yourself,
and to the environment and experiences around you.

If you are passive, you wont accomplish very much, but you can
use your will to actively carry out your intentions and plans.
You can cause changes in your environment and in the minds
and emotions of the people you influence or control.

You can dynamically focus your mind toward producing actions
and activities which create a strong force to actively initiate the
exact changes which you have chosen with your intellect.
Secret Power Strategies
There is a difference between obvious power and subtle power.
Subtle, stealth and secret powers can achieve much more than
obvious uses of power which can be blunted or attacked,

You want to pursue and gain power which is ingenious, artful,
crafty, keen, cunningly contrived, skillful and mentally acute.

You can also magnify your power by associating with those
who are well connected and can bring you into a web of power.
Mastermind groups of 2 to 12 people are extremely powerful.

Examine and discern the motivations for yourself and others.
Secret Power Strategies
You also want to consider the difference between developing
external power, and unfolding , expanding and opening up your
internal powers. This includes intuition and 6
sense knowing.

Developing, innovating or assuming visible powers that did not
exist before is quite different from unfolding powers that are
already innate, perhaps invisible, but already there within you.

As you unfold and blossom with newly visible powers from
within, you will be able to out-think and out-maneuver your
opponents, and overcome the social conditioning of a power
elite which wants you to believe that you are powerless.
You arent.
U Hypnosis
Secret Power Strategies