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Team 3

 Aerospace  Insurance
 Automotive  Manufacturing
 Banking  Media
 Business & Consumer Services  Medical Devices
 Communication Service  Mobile Devices
Providers  Pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech
 Computer Peripherals  Retail
 Computer Software  Securities & Capital Markets
 Computing  Semiconductors
 Consumer Electronics  Storage
 Consumer Packaged Goods  Telecom
 Energy  Telecom Equipment
 Government  Transportation
 Healthcare  Utilities
 Hi Tech
 Hospitality & Leisure
Wipro Lighting
 It manufactures and markets the Wipro brand of
 Wipro Lighting offers lighting solutions across various
application areas
 Commercial lighting for modern work spaces
 Manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies
 Designer petrol pumps
 Outdoor architecture
 Markets in Malaysia, Middle East, Indochina and
Product Portfolio
 Modern workspaces:
 Brightness Management Philosophy
 direct, indirect and mirror luminaires

 Lighting Controls:
 Lighting controls cut energy costs upto 70%
 Max. utilization of natural light, Min. wastage
 Presence Detection Systems, Managed Lighting
 Landscape lighting
 Pathways, Post Top, Drive Overs, Flood Lights, Under
water Lights, Step Lights
 Retail lighting
 Store visibility and to enhance store ambience
 Mirror optics, wall washers, downlighters
 LED’s
 Endless color changing possibilities
 Cabinet, Underwater, Accent lighting
 Pharma and F&B lighting
 is governed by FDA /GMP norms, using anti-
corrosive/food grade materials
 Industrial/ Factory lighting
 guided by GMP, Uniform and Glare free
 Street and Flood lighting
 Fluorescent and Halogen
 Accessories
 For energy efficient lighting
 efficient luminaires cut energy costs by 35%.
 Pricing based on customer
 B2B
 B2G
 Bulk Pricing
 Relationship-based pricing and credit policies
Competitors to Wipro Lightings
 Philips
 GE
 Bajaj lightings
 Osram
 Havells
 Autolite Ltd.
 Surya Roshini Ltd.
 Usha
Core Competency
 Wipro Lighting has the portfolio and expertise to offer
a comprehensive lighting solution

 The only Indian company to have developed lighting

solutions for sterile pharmaceutical production centers
Distribution Channel
Manufacturing Units

115 Dealers

Dealers Dealers

Business Retailers
Retailers Retailers Retailers
Distribution Channel
 Wipro has manufacturing units in Mysore, Baddi and
 Wipro lighting distribution is one-level channel or
sometimes zero-level channel
 They also provide consultations for various business
purposes(Zero-level channel)
 115 dealers cover the distribution channel in India
 The retailers in turn depend on dealers for all the
lighting needs
 Wipro lightings follows Push Strategy in distribution of

 This involves Channel Membership through collaborative

relationship management
• Selective Distribution
• Exclusive Distribution(authorized dealers)

 Channel Motivation by providing incentives through

margins and credit days

 A customer-centric organization, has a dedicated team

called Customer Advocacy to address any unforeseen
challenges. Their objective is to enhance the customer
Internal Score Card
Communication Strategies
Positioned as a

 Energy saving lighting system

 End-to-End lighting solution for green energy
 Trade Shows
 LED expo
 Architectural trade shows
 Light Shows

 Bill boards
 Lead over its IT clients
 Makes its presence strong in B2B websites

 Collaborative partnership with Business Influencers

- Architects, Builders and Large Contractors

 Use of publicity and PR

Factors influencing Sustainable
 Green Energy

 Strong Penetration in Government sector

 Strong Brand Value
 Leading R&D and Innovation