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... through Bertha Dudde

The powers of heaven shall e sha!en ...."
# also foretold that $ the s%gns of the t%&e $ou w%ll re'ogn%se the
end %s near .... (nd these s%gns w%ll e so ov%ous that $ou w%ll no
longer need to dout and !now the hour $ou l%ve %n ....
For the powers of heaven shall e sha!en) $ou w%ll e ale to
dete't 'os&%' 'hanges) natural pheno&ena wh%'h should &a!e
$ou th%n!* the$ w%ll e oservale and even the lawful order of
nature w%ll see& to have een revo!ed .... and $et th%s) too) %s
governed $ d%v%ne law) for ever$th%ng that w%ll happen and ta!e
pla'e %s ased on +$ w%ll.
,et onl$ the truth of what was pro'la%&ed $ seers and prophets
and what # foretold $ou +$self aout the end shall e revealed to
$ou hu&ans.
For everything will become disorderly during the last days
so as to &a!e $ou hu&ans ta!e not%'e .... -%n'e $ou no longer
a''ept an$ fa%th %n a God and .reator) s%n'e $ou th%n! that My
wor!s of 'reat%on are su/e't to $our %nfluen'e) s%n'e $ou
'ons%der $ourselves powerful and e0traord%nar%l$ !nowledgeale)
$ou w%ll also have to e g%ven ev%den'e to the 'ontrar$) $ou w%ll
have to re'ogn%se $our powerlessness %n v%ew of pheno&ena
wh%'h 'annot e stopped or 'hanged $ $ou at w%ll ....
Further&ore) $ou &ust re'ogn%se that su'h pred%'t%ons) wh%'h
$ou 'annot den$) have alread$ e0%sted for a long t%&e and that
the t%&e has f%nall$ 'o&e when what %s wr%tten and what %s
repeatedl$ pro'la%&ed to people through +$ Word w%ll e
fulf%lled ....
,et people w%ll even regard the 'os&%' 'hanges to e the
'onse1uen'es of the%r own a't%v%t%es and 'ons%der the&selves as
&asters w%th the a%l%t$ to 'ause su'h 'os&%' 'hanges) and thus
the$ w%ll den$ God w%th asolute 'onv%'t%on. For +$ adversar$"s
a't%v%t$ %n the last da$s are %ntended to dethrone +e and
therefore he w%ll e ound aga%n ....
But there w%ll also alwa$s e people who are aware of the t%&e
and spea! on ehalf of +e and +$ !%ngdo& to the world) to those
who are ent%rel$ w%thout fa%th .... For the$ !now that the last
hour w%ll soon str%!e) the$ also 'ons%der the 'os&%' 'hanges as
ev%den'e e'ause # pred%'ted the& +$self when # l%ved on earth.
The powers of heaven shall e sha!en ...." th%s Word) too) has a
sp%r%tual &ean%ng wh%'h $ou hu&ans are as $et unale to
grasp ....
2ver$th%ng that 'o&es forth fro& +e) that %s ased on +$ w%ll) %s
al%ve) and s%n'e +$ strength) wh%'h alwa$s generates l%fe) w%ll
e0press %tself ever$ r%g%d for& w%ll e rought to l%fe .... #n the
last da$s efore the end +$ strength w%ll flow out aundantl$)
ever$th%ng w%ll e'o&e less dense ever$where) that %s) the sun of
+$ sp%r%t w%ll penetrate the dar!ness of n%ght wh%'h enshrouds
the whole of the earth ....
The sun of +$ sp%r%t w%ll flare r%ghtl$ and %ts rad%an'e w%ll g%ve
l%fe to ever$th%ng) %t w%ll awa!en what %s sleep%ng and g%ve l%fe to
the h%therto dead as %t %s stru'! $ th%s ea& .... Thus the powers
of heaven) wh%'h $ou hu&ans are %n'apale of stopp%ng) w%ll
e0press the&selves ....
But %n the end +$ power w%ll also e0press %tself %n a purel$
natural sense wh%'h no3one w%ll e ale to e0pla%n) for # pred%'ted
unusual s%gns efore the end) and these w%ll happen %n su'h a
wa$ that hu&an!%nd w%ll e ale to oserve the events %n nature
w%th horror s%n'e the$ 'annot prevent the& w%th the%r own
'ounter&easures ....
#nstead the$ w%ll even 'ontr%ute $ releas%ng for'es whose
effe'ts have not een as'erta%ned as $et and wh%'h therefore
result %n all3destro$%ng 'onse1uen'es and a''elerate the f%nal end
wh%'h) ad&%ttedl$) %s %ntended %n +$ eternal plan of -alvat%on
e'ause # have alwa$s !nown people"s w%ll and therefore ased
+$ plan of -alvat%on on %t .... ut wh%'h nevertheless w%ll e
'arr%ed out $ people the&selves who el%eve the&selves ale to
surpass +e and who are v%s%l$ under the adversar$"s %nfluen'e
whose devastat%ng effe't w%ll then e'o&e apparent ....
#t w%ll happen as %t %s pro'la%&ed) and an$one who pa$s attent%on
'an alread$ re'ogn%se the s%gns of the t%&e .... an$one who pa$s
attent%on also real%ses that +$ Word %s truth) wh%'h %s 'onve$ed
fro& aove to people as a greater than great g%ft of gra'e for
an$one who wants to a''ept th%s g%ft .... For at no t%&e have #
ever left hu&an%t$ w%thout forewarn%ng when %t was fa'ed $
events for wh%'h # had to send over people as soon as the$ were
at r%s! of utterl$ los%ng the&selves to +$ adversar$ ....
+$ /udg&ents have alwa$s een pre'eded $ warn%ngs and
ad&on%t%ons) for # alwa$s wanted to offer people the opportun%t$
to 'o&e to the%r senses and &a!e use of the short t%&e the$ had
left so that the%r souls" 'ould e&erge uns'athed fro& all su'h
,et these ad&on%t%ons and warn%ngs were never allowed to
'o&pel el%ef) and th%s %s wh$ +$ present pro'la&at%ons w%ll also
f%nd l%ttle 'reden'e no &atter how 'learl$ the s%gns 'an e
oserved .... 4eople tr$ to e0pla%n ever$th%ng %n a wa$ that %s
&ore to the%r l%!%ng) and th%s %s wh$ the end w%ll ta!e the& $
surpr%se) for the t%&e %s fulf%lled) the end %s near ....
4ul%shed $ fr%ends of new revelat%ons of God 5#nfor&at%on)
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