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A Gold-Star Publicaton

Welcome back to the University of Notngham! Whether youve just
enjoyed a long summer break, or are a pharmacy fresher welcome back
for another fantastc year!
For students new and well-established alike, here is a reminder of who
the BPSA are and what we do.

The BPSA, Britsh Pharmaceutcal Students Associaton, is the ofcial student organisaton of the
Royal Pharmaceutcal Society (RPS). The RPS is the professional representatve body for pharmacists in
the UK. The Associaton promotes the welfare and interests of pharmacy students from day one of
their degree untl they qualify, giving us an opportunity to have an impact on the future of pharmacy.
The BPSA aims to educate, entertain and represent its members.
The BPSA runs various events and compettons over the academic year (for more details see the
PharmSoc website) and your partcipaton earns you one Professional Development Point (PDP), fve
PDPs over an academic year will earn you a Professional Development Certfcate (PDC). This is a great
way to show future employers that you really are dedicated to pharmacy and is benefcial to all years
helping you secure that summer placement or pre-registraton place you really want!
Heres a taster of whats coming up in frst semester:
Area Conference A day event that will take place in
November covering an important and interestng topic in
pharmacy at one of the schools of pharmacy in the central
area. The day will involve guest speakers, interactve
workshops, debates and lunch.
Science into Practce Conference Will take place on late
November/early December and focuses on industrial pharmacy! Itll give a good insight into the
feld and give students an idea of the jobs available. There will also be representatves from a
few of the key pharmaceutcal frms which will give opportunites to enquire about summer
placements and pre-reg places.
McNeil Responding to Symptoms Competton Is held in late November/early December at the
School of Pharmacy. In the competton you are given a scenario in which you have
approximately fve minutes to prepare, where afer you have to counsel a patent on a medicine
in a community pharmacy environment. The competton is very benefcial as its very important
to be able to talk to patents professionally as a pharmacist and is useful for the clinical exams.
You may now be thinking Wow that sounds amazing, how do I join the BPSA!?
Well its simple - you can join online at and selectng student membership. This
will sign you up to a joint membership with the RPS and BPSA giving you amazing benefts. Its quick,
easy and best of all FREE! Once youve signed up you will have a fve year membership with the BPSA
and a 4 year membership with the RPS. The BPSA executve and the RPS will also be coming along to
talk to you during freshers week so you will have the chance to sign up at these road shows.
It is defnitely worth your while joining the BPSA, you will meet loads of new people and the events
are really interestng! And best of all, it is FREE! If you have any questons or would like any more
informaton you can contact Kerry ( or Suraj (
by email. Well be happy to help!

Kerry and Suraj x
Welcome to PharmSoc
Hi everyone! Welcome back to a new year at Notngham University and PharmSoc.
Im Vanessa Eustace, the current President, and a 3
year! Im raring to go, and
excited about all this year has to ofer to its members!
With PharmSoc providing a social, academic, sportng opportunites there is
something for everyone to enjoy. We have a great commitee, dedicated to bringing
you the best events we can! Organisaton has already begun, and we have some
new excitng events, along with the classic and well-loved ones to look forward to!
Last year at the Students Union Societes Ball, PharmSoc was awarded a GOLD Star and Best
Departmental Society. In additon, six
members of the previous commitee
were given individual awards for their
outstanding contributons. The sign of a
great society!
The best way to fnd out more
informaton is to come and visit our stand
at Freshers Fair from the 26

September, or listen out for your year
reps in lectures! Were always looking for
new ideas and feedback, so dont
hesitate to contact me, or anyone else on
the commitee! Vanessa Eustace
The Malaysian Experience
Hi there and welcome to
Notngham! Im Andy, your current
PharmSoc Vice-President, and Ive
actually only recently come back
from my semester abroad in
Malaysia. Studying pharmacy at Notngham, you have a unique opportunity to transfer to the Malaysia
campus for your second year and again for your fourth year project. Whilst studying abroad Ive
managed to travel around Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan, as
well as undertaking an industrial internship and formulatng Nanopartcles as a form of ant-cancer agent
at the university campus. Its been a fantastc opportunity to meet new people and experience a new
culture, whilst studying material identcal to my counterparts in the UK. You will learn more about this
opportunity throughout the term, but if you wish to speak to me and ask me questons about my
experience my contact details may be found on the PharmSoc Notngham Facebook group. Enjoy
WeekOne and I look forward to seeing you all at future PharmSoc events. Andy Tran
Semester 1 Events
These events are currently stll to be confrmed. Keep an eye
on your uni email for updates!
Malaysian WelcomeWeds 5th October
Peer Parents eveningMonday 17th October
Pharmacy Book SaleWednesday 19th October
Halloween Socialw/c 31st October
Pharmsoc River Cruisew/c 28th November
First Aid Courseone Saturday in November/December
PharmSoc end-of-year ball 2011
The pharmacy ball is the biggest and most glamorous event of the
year! With a royal wedding theme, everyone looked extremely
glamorous turning up in black te and being greeted by a champagne
recepton. The venue was Blots Country Club which was beautfully
decorated and the tables looked incredible. Top food, great company
and fantastc entertainment and music made the night unforgetable.
Plus to top it all of there was a professional photographer and a
chocolate fountain, and not to forget the life size cardboard cut out of
Wills and Kate. Everyone danced into the early hours of the morning
and didnt want the night to end! This really is the event not to be
missed so make sure to
get tckets for this years which will undoubtedly be even
bigger and beter. Sinead Pryke
As one door closes...
As one era comes to the end, another one begins with the new PharmSoc commitee elect. We have had
an acton-packed year averaging an event every week so lets take a moment to reminisce.
It all started with a record number of members signing during a hectc Freshers Fair, followed by the
Malaysian Welcome and Peer Parents at Escucha where the Freshers paired-up with their Parents over a
classic pub quiz. As lectures dawned we held a second hand
book sale and then took to the streets for the Halloween Social
and then to the River Trent for the unforgetable River
Cruise. The Staf v Students Football Match ended with the
students thrashing the staf 6-0! To top of a busy frst
semester we held an Ice Skatng social with BladeSoc and a
Christmas Social with KenyanSoc!
Afer the January exams everyone parted hard at Minus One
and Oceana. PharmSoc held another book sale, a Valentnes
Speed Datng event, a prison and veterinary pharmacy talk and squeezed in a round of Pub Golf. The staf
managed to get their own back in the charity Staf V Student Pub Quiz, and then everyone enjoyed a
night of culture at SPICE. The PharmSoc Royalty Ball was the highlight of the year with almost 300
atending this night of dinner and dance with many postgraduates and staf atending too!
PharmSoc were very successful this year, with the
Students Union awarding us Best Departmental
Society and a GOLD star award for the second
year in a row! PharmSoc raised a record 437 for
our chosen charity the NUH Childrens Ward.
Overall this year has been amazing and being your
president was a pleasure. I would like to thank all
the commitee for their hard work and everyone
that has supported PharmSoc. Best of luck to the
new commitee for the year ahead! John Speed
Sportng round-up
Last year Pharmsoc had great success playing in the IM
(Intra-Mural) Girls Netball. Playing netball for pharmacy
gives you the chance to meet and talk with pharmacy
students in the other year groups, and enjoy netball on a
friendly, social level without too much of a compettve
nature. You will be part of a lovely commited team who
very much enjoyed playing together last year. Furthermore, you are regularly able to switch playing
positons at intervals within the matches, as we like to ensure everyone gets the chance to play in the
positon they enjoy most.
Amy Millar, Female Sports Sec last year, managed to organise for us to play a friendly match outside of
the Intra-Mural Sports League against NAMA (Nurses And Midwives Associaton). This match was a great
fun and we played extremely well, giving us good practce for the league games. We hope that this extra
match against NAMA will go ahead again this year.
Unfortunately, the IM Mixed Sex Hockey did not take of last year due to the lack of replies received by
the Sports Secs at the start of Autumn Semester. This year were hoping that people will be as
enthusiastc about playing Hockey as they were about being involved in the Netball and Football matches,
because throughout the year many people told me that they would defnitely love to play hockey if the
team were to be restored.
Overall, the Intra-Mural Hockey and Netball is great fun as there will be a relaxed series of matches
where you get to meet lots of diferent people from diferent courses and societes. If youre interested in
playing for any of the pharmacy sports teams I defnitely urge you to contact me (Sophie) and Sho once
and emails are sent round and everything is up and running at the start of term, as youll have a fantastc
tme. More informaton can be found on the Pharmsoc webpage or in the SU secton of the Universitys
website. Sophie Carter
Calling all budding journalists
Fancy seeing your name in italics? As a society, we love it when our members get involved, so we would
like to invite you to write for the magazine. We are looking for any interestng artcle which is relevant to
PharmSoc, or the wider world of pharmacy. Try to keep the artcle below 150 words, and make sure you
send us some relevant pictures along with it, to brighten up the magazine. We will read all submissions,
and the best ones will be published in the Christmas editon of PharmSoc Magazine. Please send all
artcles to by Friday 25th November. Any artcles received afer this tme will
be considered for the Easter editon. Jason Botomley

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