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Remedial Measures are an important part of Astrology and forms part of the healing process. We use
remedial measures in Astrology whenever a planet is weak or afflicted in a chart and needs to be
Remedial measures can involve use of gemstones, yantras (numerical diagrams carrying the numerical
vibration of the planet), mantras (recitation of sacred words to propitiate the planets), herbs, colours,
scents, and simple actions.
The afflictions caused by the planets in our chart can affect us at all levels of existence, mental,
emotional, physical and spiritual. These afflictions lead to difficulty integrating certain energies and
qualities, which would enable us to lead more constructive and fulfilling lives.
The four aims of life outlined in the Vedas -Dharma, Kama, Artha and Moksha are all important for our
wholesome growth and development in life. The first three Dharma, Kama and Artha can be said to
belong more to the outer material activities and as long as these needs are sufficiently met, it allows us
the freedom to concentrate on higher spiritual goals.
Planetary afflictions are due to our past karmas. Using remedial measures can help relieve these
afflictions and make them more manageable.
Sometimes remedial measures give dramatically positive results. The most important way of course to
integrate these difficult energies is to learn to understand ourselves better, and change ourselves on an
inner level.
Real healing in life takes place on a soul level and requires a deep process of self- inquiry and self -
effort regardless of whether you employ remedial measures or not. However remedial measures can
certainly help the healing process.
All the planets play an important role in making us who we are:-
The Sun is an important planet as it symbolizes the soul and gives us our sense of identity.
The Moon is important because our mind is the vehicle through which we learn to understand our true
nature. It gives us emotional integration and sense of wellbeing.
Mars is important because it is our energy and motivation in life. It enables us to direct our will and
energy towards constructive goals.
Mercury is important as the planet of intellect, and enables us to discern and discriminate what is right
or wrong for us
Jupiter is important because we can utilize our good qualities and face life with optimism and a sense
of hope.
Venus is important because it governs our sense of love, compassion and our creative potential.
Saturn is important because it gives us discipline and the ability to structure our lives.
Rahu is important because it directs us towards the areas within our lifetime, which are important for
the soul's growth.
Ketu is important because it helps us see through illusion and recognize the divine aspect within
All weak planets can be propitiated or strengthened in some way using remedial measures.
It is important that we understand the difference between Propitiation and Strengthening Only the
benefic planets need to be Strengthened. The malefic planets when they are weak or giving bad results
need to be Propitiated.
Gemstones are of particular importance here. Gemstones carry very powerful vibrations and should
only be used to strengthen the Ascendant lord, or the benefic planets/lords in the chart. Strengthening
malefic planets/lords will certainly strengthen the planet's energies, but will encourage their malefic
influences as well.
Before using gemstones, one should seek advice from a competent Astrologer as Gems are so
powerful, and can give side effects when wrongly prescribed.
One should wear gems which are clear and without blemish.For best results one has to wear only the
highest quality. Natural gemstones should be used rather than synthetic gemstones which have seen
more recent popularity.
Gems can be worn around the neck or on the finger belonging to the particular planet, or on the finger
belonging to planets who are friends of the planet being strengthened.
Jupiter is the index finger
Saturn is the middle finger
Sun is the ring finger ( Moon's gemstone can also be worn here)
Mercury is the little finger ( Venus's gemstone an also be worn here)
Rahu's gemstone is worn on the middle finger.
Ketu's gemstone is worn on the index finger.
Gemstones have to be set so that they touch the skin. They need to be purified before being worn
either by being bathed in the Moonlight of the waxing Moon, or placed in a crystal of water overnight.
They have to be first put on at an auspicious time, such as the waxing Moon and on the day ruled by
the particular planet. A mantra belonging to the planet can also be recited.
As we know the Sun rules one's confidence, identity, heart, circulation, and eyesight. Afflictions to the
Sun can cause lack of vitality, ego problems, poor eyesight, lack of independence, lack of identity, and
struggles in the material world, difficulty finding recognition etc. A person with a weak Sun can suffer
The Sun is weak in debilitation, under malefic aspects, particularly of the nodes, or when placed in 6th,
8th and 12th houses.
Gemstone -Ruby
It can be worn to strengthen the Sun. It has to be 2 carats set in Gold and worn on the ring finger of the
right hand. It can be first worn on a Sunday when the Moon is waxing.
One should not wear this Gem if they have strong Pitta in the chart, as it will make the body too hot.
The Sun should not rule malefic houses or be combusting benefic planets. is also helpful.
The Moon governs body fluids, rules mind and emotions.
When it is afflicted we can suffer emotional difficulties, intimacy problems, lack of peace, depression,
moodiness, menstrual problems, weight problems, weak lungs, kidneys.
The new or waning moon is weak, and when aspected by malefics or placed in malefic houses. Saturn
is a particularly difficult aspect on the Moon.
Gemstone-Pearl (preferably white)
It should be 2 carats, set in silver and worn on the left or right hand on the ring finger. It should be first
worn on a Monday, during the waxing or full Moon.
One should not wear the gem if the Moon rules malefic houses, or if one has a high Kapha constitution.
Mars governs our vital energy. When it is afflicted it can give lack of energy, motivation.
It can cause tendency to injuries, lack of sexual vitality, problems relating to the blood. Mars is weak
when debilitated, or aspected by malefics and in difficult houses.
Gemstone -Red Coral
The Gem for Mars is red coral, 3 carats in size, set in gold and worn on the index or ring finger of the
right hand. The gem can be first worn on a Tuesday during the waxing Moon. If there is high Pitta in the
chart one should not use this gem.
Mercury governs our intelligence, coordination skills, speech, and when weak will bring harm to these
areas. Mercury weakness will give nervous disorders, allergies, communication and coordination
problems. Mercury is weak in difficult houses aspected by malefics.
Gemstone -Emerald
Mercury's gem is an emerald 1 1/2 carats, set in gold worn on the middle finger of right hand or the little
finger. The ring can be first put on a Wednesday when the Moon is waxing. This gem should not be
worn if Mercury rules malefic houses.
Jupiter is a planet, which gives us hope, optimism, faith in higher things, luck and grace. It rules such
things in the chart as higher law, wealth and prosperity. When it is weak all these things will suffer. In
regards to health Jupiter is important for a healthy liver and immune system. Jupiter is weak in
Capricorn, when aspected by malefics or in difficult houses.
Gemstone -Yellow Sapphire
Gem for Jupiter is a yellow sapphire-2 carats in gold, on the index or ring finger of the right hand. It can
be first worn on a Thursday when the Moon is waxing.
Jupiter being the greatest benefic is least harmful gem to wear in a chart unless it rules difficult houses.
If Jupiter is already powerful in a chart that has a high Kapha (watery) constitution wearing the gem will
cause health problems.
Venus is a planet of love, beauty, charm, compassion and creative potential. It rules semen in men. It
rules the feminine attributes. When weak Venus can give reproductive and bladder problems. Venus is
weak in debility, conjunct malefics or when placed in difficult houses.
Gemstone -Diamond
It has to be a minimum of 1 carat. It can be worn in silver on the middle finger of the right hand. Wear
the ring first on a Friday when the Moon is waxing. One should not wear the gem if Venus rules malefic
houses or if it is already strong.
Saturn is a planet of discipline, patience, logic, groundedness, and practicality. When Saturn is weak
one will suffer in these areas and be ungrounded, pessimistic, be unrealistic, lack endurance and
peace. One can suffer bone or bowel/wastage disorders. Saturn is weak in debilitation, when aspected
by malefics and placed in difficult houses.
Gemstone -Blue sapphire
The gem should be at least 2 carats in size. It is worn in silver or steel on the middle finger. It can be
first put on a Saturday when the Moon is waxing.
The gem should not be worn if Saturn is ruling difficult houses, or if other malefics in the chart are
strong. Usually one will need to strengthen a benefic planet along with Saturn to balance out its
naturally hard, cold and selfish nature.
Rahu rules over all kinds of desires, mental phobias, getting caught up in illusions. Rahu when weak
can cause nervous and mental dysfunctions and contagious diseases. Rahus is weak in difficult
houses like the 8th or 12th and when the lord of the sign it is in is also weak.
Gemstone -Hessonite Garnet
It should be at least 3 carats. It should be set in gold and worn on middle finger of right or left hand. It
can be first put on a Saturday or Wednesday when the Moon is waxing. Like Saturn, Rahu's gem
needs to be worn with those of other benefic planets to negate its darker qualities, such as too much
materialism etc.
Ketu gives powerful discrimination and detachment. When weak it gives lack of insight and self-doubt.
It governs nervous system disorders. It is weak when aspected by malefics or if its lord is weak.
Gemstone -Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl)
It should be at least 3 carats in size and set in a special alloy of 8 metal. Gold can also be used. It
should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. One can put the ring first on Thursday when the
Moon is waxing.
Ketu is like Mars so when Pitta is high one should avoid wearing the gem. One should only wear this
gem when Ketu is favourable in the chart.
This is a special ring one can get made which has the gems of all nine planets. The nine planets are
set in the ring according to the directions they rule over, Ketu will occupy the center, Sun the east,
Mercury the north etc.
This is a very safe ring and anyone can wear it in gold or silver on one's ring finger. It should be first
worn when the Moon is waxing on Wednesday.
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