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Properties :

Very fast setting, two-component silicone moulding paste. To mould small objects and flat
decorations. 110g is sufficient to create up to 3 moulds of 4 cm in diameter. For amateur and
professional adults.

Product Usage :
Working time: 3-4 minutes; setting time: about 5 minutes. To have more time for application, cool
the mixture a few minutes in the refrigerator.

Properties :
Moulding Alginate

A natural seaweed-based powder. Suitable for moulding complete items, soft or delicate objects,
or the human body. For all adults.

Product Usage :
Dosage: 1 part powder to 2 parts water. The mould obtained is short lived, and allows a maximum
of three prints. Natural non-toxic product; may come in contact with skin. Allows for precise
moulding. For prints in plaster, reconstituted stone or wax.

Properties :

Concentrated formula based of natural rubber. It can be used to mould simple and complicated
shapes, small and large items and masks. For professional adults.

Product Information

Product Usage :
Apply the latex with a brush on the object to be moulded. At first, you will have taken care to
protect your brushes by coating them with dishwashing liquid. Allow the first layer to dry 10
minutes. Apply a second coat. On this layer still wet, place the gauze to strengthen the mould and
immediately apply a third layer on top. Allow to dry 10 minutes and apply a fourth layer. Allow to
dry 6 hours.

Properties :
Plaster strips

To cover all types of objects, produce masks by applying directly to the skin, make supporting
shells for Siligum, alginate or latex moulds. For all adults.

Product Usage :
Using Gdos plaster strips, make a supporting shell. Demould the shell once dry.

Properties :
Modelling paste

Wax-based paste. It is indefinitely reusable to model objects or figurines to be moulded. It cann
also be used to take the imprint of an object to make a plaster cast. For all adults.

Product Usage :
For a smooth finish, apply Rectified Turpentine using a brush or finger on the model to mould.
Place modeling paste model near heat to soften and work more easily.

Properties :
Demoulding talc

Sprinkled into the mould before casting, it simplifies the demoulding of plaster and metal castings,
and clay embossing. It protects the moulds.
Sprinkled and dusted on plaster decorations it produces a smooth and silky finish.

Product Usage :
To prevent the latex from sticking to itself, sprinkle the outside of mould with Gdos
Demoulding Talc and unmold. Poor the Gdo reproductive material: plaster, Crystal Resin,
reconstituted stone. Unmold. Allow to dry and decorate.

Properties :
Demoulding Vaseline

Brushed onto the mould before casting, it simplifies the demoulding of Crystal resin and protects
the moulds. It is also used to protect the eyelashes and eyebrows, before casting the face with
alginate or with plastered strips.