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The levels of employees satisfaction of Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh.
Mohammadi Group
The Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry captures a unique position in the Bangladesh economy.
Ready-made garments are mass-produced finished textile products of the clothing industry. The industry
plays a key role in employment generation and in the provision/ distribution of income to the poor.
Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment.
Epping moral high among workers can be of great benefit to any company, as happy workers will be
more likely to produce more ,take fewer days off ,and stay loyal to the company .There are many factors
in improving or maintaining high employee satisfaction ,which wise employers would do well to
implement .
To measure employee satisfaction ,many companies will have mandatory surveys or face-to face
meetings with employees to gain information .Both of these tactics have pros and cons ,and should be
chosen carefully .surveys are often and anonymous ,allowing workers more freedom to be honest without
fear of impact Interviews with company management can fill intimidating but if done correctly can let the
worker know that there voice has been heard and their concerns addressed by those in charge .surveys
and meetings can truly get to the center of the data surrounding employee satisfaction ,and can be great
tools identify specific problems leading to lowered morale.
Scope and Objectives of the report
The objective of the report is to develop our knowledge about Research method as well as to elaborate our
thinking. Through this report, we will able to make our self at any situation when
I got the any sort of assignment or task or making any report regarding Research area. It also help me for
fulfillment our knowledge. The main objective of the report is to gather knowledge and information how
an organization performs their task and what are the levels of employees satisfaction of (RMG) sector in

1. To Judge the level satisfaction among garment employees.
2. To identify the factors there are affecting the satisfaction level of garments employees.
3. Identify the major factor behind the satisfaction level of garments employees.
4. To identify the relationship between factors and employees satisfaction level.
5. To classify whether and how RMG worker were harassed by their factory manager or other

Research Limitation:
Time constraints is a major limitation is this research as the research paper will have to be finished in two
months time which can lead to various forms of error. The sample size which will be used for the survey
is very less to actually understand the depth and various variables involved in this research. Budget
limitation will limit the paper from other methods to conduct this research which could have been more
accurate and effective.
The survey carried out might have a biasness trend which can limit us from understanding the factors
preciously for this research and hence lead us to conclusion to a different direction.

Research Methodology
Methodology is the most important component in any study since it explains the procedure and methods
through which a particular study was carried out. This paper includes Data / Information Collection,
Study Population, Study Area, data collection, Sample Size, Allocation of sample and calculation etc.

Research Timeline:
I have planned to complete my secondary data analysis by the first week of April. By this time, i will
prepare a detailed outline of the research project. On the following week, i have planned to prepare my
questionnaire for the primary data collection and make a plan about data collection. On the third week of
April, i shall start our fieldwork. By the end of April i will be done with my primary data analysis. I will
complete writing the final draft of our Research Paper by the last few days of April, and submit it by the
specified deadline towards the end of this semester.

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