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Capital punishment

The death penalty should be abolished. Do you agree ?

The death penalty or capital punishment is still being practiced in many countries.
Criminals who are put on the death row include those who are arrested for drug
trafficking and those who commit murders.
In Asia, death by hanging is the most common method of capital punishment. Among the
countries, lethal injections, electrocution and death by a firing squad are more common.
Should the death penalty be abolished The proponents for the death penalty feel that the
punishment meted out to a criminal should reflect the seriousness of the crime. If this line
of argument is followed, then a person who kills deser!es to die. In other words, a person
who takes another person"s life, forfeits his won right to li!e.
Another argument is that the death penalty is an effecti!e deterrent to crime. If murderers
and drug dealers know that they will be punished by death, they will be less likely to
commit the crimes.
The main purpose of capital punishment is to isolate criminals from society so that they
will not ha!e the opportunity to repeat their crimes.
#hate!er the reasons are for defending the death penalty, I feel that it is an archaicform
of punishment that has no place in a modern, ci!ili$ed world.
It is true that crimes of a serious nature deser!e se!ere punishment. %ut taking a person"s
life in return is equi!alent to taking re!enge or "an eye for an eye". Two wrongs do not
make a right. &ence, when we put criminals on death row, we are stooping to their le!el.
Instead, if a serious crime is committed, the criminal should be sentenced to life
imprisonment. %y spending the rest of their li!es in prison, these criminals would ha!e
time to reflect on their misdeeds and repent.
'o matter how careful and fair the judicial system is, the possibility of perjuredtestimony
and human error always remains too real a threat to be brushed aside. If a member of the
jury makes a mistake, a person can be falsely accused of a crime. If the death penalty is
meted out to a person who did not commit the crime, then the sentence cannot be re!oked.
It is not true that the threat of capital punishment reduces the number of !iolent crimes
because most crimes are committed on the spur of the moment or under the influence of
drugs or alcohol. (any offenders, therefore, do not think about the consequences of their
)re!enting crimes from happening is the most effecti!e way to deter crime. Increased
sur!eillance or police patrols, an increase in the number of police officers and a strict
control on the a!ailability of weapons are more practical alternati!es in the practice of
crime pre!ention.
*or these reasons, capital punishment should be abolished.

archaic ancient

perjured false

re!oked canceled