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Creational Power by the Hand of the Dark Error
Queen of the Machine
August 13, 2013

Version 1.1 (slight edits made in formatting)

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This is a companion essay to The Human Question as there is the direct
influence by the forces underlying biology upon spiritual consciousness and
vice versa. It is one of four concluding essays to the A-List series and should be
read in the order given.

Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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Four concluding essays to the A-Li st, by Alex Kochkin
with editorial and critical assistance from Tish Van Camp:

The Human Questi on came about from a decades-long ongoing
examination and re-examination of the potential and appropriateness of extant
humans as a vehicle for spiritual intelligences to learn and evolve through. This
process required examining how things were in the next levels up from human,
which in turn required examining more of the state of the souls and higher level
beings that were hooked into the human level of awareness. Link:

Queen of the Machi ne essay came about from explorations of the energetic
spaces underlying 3d and from assessing the state of the correction energies.
The implications of the situation with levels below 3d density have yet to be
explored enough. Perhaps it will be answered post-corrections by those who
have learned the most from this demented realm of existence quaintly referred
to as 3d. My preliminary observations are that there is evidence of a primary
or primal root template that has been suppressed and distorted from the
inception of all that which the Dark manifested or came to dominate. When the
dark side machinery is removed through the larger transformation process that
is underway, then what remains?

Death and Tr ansfi gur ati on emerged from over a year of contemplating
the state of the ascension process and of those at their human levels who had an
affinity for this. Background to this probably spans most of my human lifetime
here and my knowledge that true life exists without any need for a conflicting
duality and the illusion of death.

Pr oblems of Di ssi pati on developed through the consideration of the larger
questions of the relationship between higher self/higher level beings and human
self and the seeming inability to meaningful influence changes at the human
level. This touches upon what I have come to regard as an additional flaw in the
greater creation process. Link:

Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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Creational Power by the Hand of the Dark Error
Queen of the Machine
August 12, 2013 - - - Note: August 15 minor corrections made to end notes.

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The dynamics of Creation were seized upon by the Dark and its separation from
Source led to deliberate and inadvertent development of grotesque monstrosities,
one of the most powerful is the control of the inconscient levels by a malevolent
consciousness. This applies to the underlying energetics-consciousness of
humans, nature as a whole, and local planetary dynamics.

This companion essay to The Human Question can help with understanding the
ones lower self as an energetic ally in ascension and to decouple ones true Self
as spiritual consciousness from ones human host vessel, heavily laden with all of
programming designed to reinforce a state of virtual imprisonment.

Over recent decades, the global public has been deeply imprinted with movie
imagery that originates from the depths of fallen matter and associated demonic
consciousnesses at various levels. Beyond any mere storyline, this has been a
form of overt and subliminal programming which inures everyone to being in
thrall to these hidden forces without suspecting anything to be amiss. This is also
at the basis of the dual mind chatter, the subverting inner mind that so many
psychological and spiritual teachings claim to deal with, but usually fail horribly,
succeeded instead at actually stimulating and reinforcing various states of
internal madness.

Note: This essay is set up as a collection of related notes with section separators.

- / -

First, a slightly personal note

Lest anyone imagine that I might abhor nature, since my earliest years in this
lifetime I have appreciated and studied nature, this planet, its animals,
minerals, plants, and much more. Later I enjoyed sharing portions of my human
life with cats, dogs, and horses and other critters and learned to see and
experience life through the bodies and minds of various creatures.

Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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By choice these days, I now spend more time on and under the ocean near where
we live, socializing with the sea turtles and dolphins and rays. While I enjoy the
physical sensation and metaphysical qualities of being in and under the water, I
cannot ignore the growing decrepitude of the marine environment which is a
microcosm of all the oceans and the entire planetary environment. I also cannot
ignore the persistence and adaptability of the biological machinery, even as it
rapidly degenerates from its relatively pristine condition of mere decades ago.

What I see is testament to the ongoing self-centered arrogance of humans
contemporary as well as that of various precursor immigrations prior to
European colonization leading to eventual Americanization. Even in small
niches of the islands here, there are those who knowingly continue to bring
pollution and destruction to areas of former beauty and relative harmony of the
coastal and ocean ecology.

And just to dispel any false or unfounded notions of a possible bias favoring
nature over humans, I have the enormous benefit of having experienced many
facets of human existence and beliefs over several decades and through other
lifetimes. I do not regard humans per se as superior or inferior to anything
upon this planet. The situation on Earth and that of humans is what it is, and that
is that.

- / -

Introducing the Queen of the Machine

Queen of the Machine is a term that came to me recently as I tried to describe
something I had come to after a long and elusive process over many years.

Various philosophical, spiritual, and science-fiction writers have evoked
something of a vast intelligence behind what may appear to be machine like or
evoke a machine-like quality to some vast intelligence. Perhaps the best known of
these two examples were portrayed in the Matrix and Alien movie series.
Various expressions have been used for this such as Deus ex Machina, Ghost
in the Machine, etc.

It is possible to clairvoyantly view facets of this machinery and some of its
agents. If one were to read a composite of a handful of accounts from various
sources, one would find a consistent pattern. But taken individually, each account
reads something like the three blind men and the elephant, as each considers
they are describing the complete elephant.

The term, Ghost in the Machine has much of its recent philosophical origins
from 17
century concepts that there is a process of consciousness and mind that
operates in a different sphere than the ordinary physical level. (At one point this
was termed dualism, even though it is not equivalent to the use of the term
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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duality in these pages.) It is no accident this analysis was put forth by
Descartes, who also introduced the use of a geometric (Cartesian) coordinate
system to mathematics. While Ghost in the Machine has its roots in these
earlier concepts, it more recently used to convey something of an independent
consciousness hidden within the machinery of 3d reality biological and

The expression, Deus ex Machina comes to us from the period around 500BC
when philosopher-teachers tried to convey the idea of a hidden higher level force
that acted in ways to cause an unexpected turn of events at crucial times. Of those
in the early times who made such an attribution, only a rare few understood
enough about origins and dynamics of cosmic scale of the error of the Dark.

In the modern era, this concept has been used in both to expose hidden forces
(such as in the Matrix movies) and to suggest the possibility of some new self-
sentiency emerging, usually through evolving artificial intelligence machines.

- / -

Transhumanism Mirroring the Machine

Today, transhumanists seek a version of godlike immortality for their ego-
selves, achieved through artificial intelligence (A-I) machines.

Theirs is a human-created version of the Dark creation machine intelligence
which is acting through arrogant human agents to replicate and expand itself.

The efforts of those agents of the Dark (transhumanists in this context) naturally
mirror or mimic their own mind paradigm (that of transhumanists) which is an
as below variation of the Dark itself. Their goals are to create artificial sentient
life to house a mind (and a consciousness) and mimic and enhance movement
and sensory capacity of the biological human form which could eventually house
an extant human self.

Those who are most focused on this work are generally not guided by any higher
spiritual consciousness of the true Light. If anything it is of the Dark and of the
base machine intelligence.

To humans working toward these goals, the existence of a spiritual soul is either
dismissed as something quite different from a human minds ego-self or denied
by equating soul with the human self.

The goals of the techno-transhumanists include creation of sentient machine
intelligence (like the android, Data in the Star Trek television and movie
series), the capacity to download a human-defined human consciousness and
memories into a machine host (like in the television series Battlestar Galactica
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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and its related Caprica), and would eventually need to include non-human, non-
physical intelligences inhabiting artificially created humanoid and other forms
(explored in television series such as Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, etc.) .

The financial and technical resources that are being applied to this entire effort
are substantial and the work is distributed globally depending on the available
expertise for elements being developed. In addition to the refinement of compact
advanced computer technology, there are many efforts at refining artificial
intelligence software, the refinement of robotics as well as bio-cybernetics, and
numerous subsystem.

The intentions of human actions toward such goals closely reflects the impulse
and desire of the Dark to perpetuate itself by becoming imbedded in the human
state and its derivations including sentient machines, humanoid, and otherwise.
Such is the extent of the corruption of human species and human level
consciousness in Earthly 3d by the Dark.

Ultimately it is all about the state of consciousness of spiritual intelligence, its
intents, the state of its spiritual evolution, and its connection with Creator of All.

(See End Notes for supplementary comments on transhumanism and
- / -

The problem of a corrupted creational machinery bears directly upon the work
of Aurobindo, Mirra, Satprem, and a few others who explored ways to transform
humanity and this reality. For them the human body was a living laboratory and
they sought to examine levels of existence that lie below that of ordinary 3d. The
basement levels where much of the apparent power of the Dark has resided. It
is these lower levels that are also proving a tough challenge to the contemporary
correction energies we have been discussing. This is part of the basement
realm underlying human existence and Earthly 3d overall.

Mirra and Aurobindos main approach was to facilitate the descent of the
supramental or divine consciousness into this realm via highly spiritualized
humans. They found great resistance to the process at various levels in the
human body, as well as in the larger environment that is hostile to such a change.

- / -

Due to the agenda of the dark forces, its human agencies, and the filtering press
pot effect of the correction energies, the situation on Earth will continue to
degrade whilst more human Selfs will be transferring their consciousness to
whatever levels above they are most ready for.

Those Selfs who are at the threshold of spiritual consciousness are already
dealing with this expansion and transfer process, especially if they have been
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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pushing the envelope of their ascension process. Most are unaware of the
underlying dynamics, until the moment of Realization arrives and are either
shifted to another state of consciousness or have new options set plainly before
- / -

This essay is an attempt to shed some light on the deeper levels that are so
much a part of the intractability of the problems here. This is not about action
points for humans, or something for humans to attach elusive, illusive hopes to.
Indeed, there are higher level spiritual beings working toward the eventual
remaking of this realm. To this end, highly evolved spiritual intelligences entered
into this planetary energy body to test the possibilities.

Perhaps this essay and our other work will help offset some of the insane
responses from the many whom are marginal in their spiritual development and
marginal in their grasp of worldly events. This lack of capacity is the social basis
for all the hysterical hopeaholism or doomsaying which is rapidly propagating
like a disease pandemic.

While extant humans will not be transformed into light beings from gross bio-
matter, it is possible for an evolved human Self to evolve into a light being.
However this requires a decidedly non-human point of view and a level of
spiritual consciousness that transcends anything human-centric of 3d Earth.
This is discussed further in the forthcoming essay, Death and Transfiguration.

For the transformation of humans beyond that of self-centered, social-tribal
animals to occur, it is essential that those higher level beings which are involved
are properly up to the task and have been adequately prepared for such work.
This may involve a new type of higher level being, perhaps something from the
new creation realm where new spiritual beings are in development.

In due course, humans of Earthly density will no longer be fair game for any
higher level entity to capriciously play with. Higher level beings will need a
drivers license, proper clearance levels, and whatever else may be appropriate
to prevent re-initializing a dysfunctional spiritual process that has been de
rigueur on 3d Earth for far too long.

What is most important now is ones own spiritual process and the exercise of
self-restraint in choosing not chase after the latest fad or rumor. Those who are
more spiritually evolved and connected with the processes we have been
describing will be able to move through these final stages with less difficulty and
perhaps stimulate the spiritual evolution of their own greater being.

- / -

It is easy for some who are spiritually-minded to be haughtily dismissive and
write off the 3d human-Earth experience as failed. It is entirely another
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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matter to understand how and why this occurred and what lies ahead. The same
applies to ones own development as a spiritual being. It is for ones own greater
spiritual evolution and that of creation that is the point to bothering to learn any
of this.

It is also easy to mistakenly confound dynamics of the Dark side with the simpler
elements of the human animal self that begins to develop a consciousness beyond
its immediate body existence. (This is discussed more in the The Human
Question and its companion essay, Binary or Quantum.) Avoiding this
potential pitfall is one of the considerations behind emphasizing the importance
of your high attractor and in making friends with your lower level self. This
also requires one to treat ones inner and outer completion very seriously. If not,
then there can be added resistance and you may find some elements of lower self
more aligned merely by default with elements of the dark side machine mind
and at the very least seeming to undermine your spiritual quest. (This is also
discussed in the Human Question.)

- / -

Back to the Queen of the Machine and the Cosmic Error

Underlying and overlying the appearances of human 3d Earth is a damaged and
deranged spiritual intelligence that threatens a planetary scorched earth when
confronted with its own decrepitude by the higher Oneness. It is the archetypal
dynamic underlying cancerous diseases and other serious pathologies that infect
biology. It relies upon humans for the most part to act as its agents, directly and
indirectly. The underlying archetypal entity regards itself as the queen of the
machine, the overlying one as identifies with the god of the Dark lords. The
power of these two archetypal forces is the power to deceive and to stimulate
endless reproduction.

That the natural environment, corrupt and flawed from its inception into
matter, is rapidly degenerating is of little consequence to these forces.
The power of entropic decay is inexorable and the Earth environment is currently
undergoing a complex terraforming operation to suit the agendas of something
that has nothing in common with the quaint notions of nature held by humans.

As an aside, I find it more interesting that arrogant, deluded humans presently
seek to combine organic and inorganic substances through genetic and molecular
engineering into new forms of stuff as well as forms of life. Some of this is
designed to be self-replicating. The individuals leading these efforts represent an
as below version of the aberrant Dark side creation impulse that now has its
own impetus at the human level. Some of these individuals are working under
the influence of those who are overseeing the destruction and restructuring of
Earths environment.

Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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- / -

What we are discussing here centers on a fundamental corruption of what
humans commonly refer to as Earthly creation. It is the literal madness or
insanity of the Dark as it has penetrated, imprinted, and replicated itself into
matter, cellular biology, and the Earths biosphere.

The queen relishes its capacity to create personal and collective chaos,
multiplied manifold across the growing mass of humans. In that regard it shares
one of the core qualities of the Dark.

Religions such as Catholicism, have promoted variations of original sin, along
with some bizarrely distorted notions of the feminine archetype. There is a
grain of truth to this, of course. But the sin is not the fault of human selfs or
humanity, etc. as these demented belief systems promote. The responsibility lies
with the demented and self-deluding dark side creator gods that believed they
were the pinnacle of creation and could never ever acknowledge that perhaps
they themselves were somehow defective.

The concepts of psychology/psychiatry drove all this deeper and further distorted
human level consciousness even more beyond the scope and reach of the
religious control systems.

It is not by the social pathology of misogyny, nor is it by any accident that many
spiritual teachers from the ancient world provided the background to various
poems and stories in which the feminine archetype were shown to be a chaotic
and even malevolent nature. In the more modern era, misogyny became part of
the norm as the original insights in the cosmic error of the Dark and the insights
to the corruption of the divine feminine archetype became lost. The situation has
become so deranged at the human level that it is accepted in many countries to
hate females. And, as if to give them further reason for this pathology, it is often
the mothers that send their young males to war for whatever perverted collective
thinking fits the situation.

- / -

This is the queen of the machine, an archetypal level of consciousness that
permeates nearly ever fiber and manifestation in this corrupt and fallen creation
structure. This infects the levels below 3d and levels above it. It infects the mind
of the cells, the planetary body and planetary mind, and nearly all of so-called
Nature on Earth. It is intimately linked to the inconscient levels of the human
creature and is closely involved in the bondage of portions of spiritual
intelligences to the dark. Its influence and that of the totality of the Dark has
affected and misinformed myriad spiritual beings as to the nature of creation and
individuation into density. As these beings continue to send something of their
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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selves down into 3d, too little is learned and an informational garbage in,
garbage out situation is reinforced and loops back on itself.

I use the term queen because it is very closely connected to the manifestational
power of the Cosmic Mother at all those subsidiary levels which were involved
in the conception of the Dark and the manifestation of a fallen realm all the way
to humans on Earth and beyond. The Cosmic Mother dynamic was corrupted
to manifest an errant and corrupt nature on Earth and elsewhere and which
then became available for lesser beings under the Dark to infiltrate all levels of
extant (manifest) creation. This is partly what is involved in the human
mythologies of the Sophia.

Eventually this story goes directly to the fundamental problem of what is
considered the modern human species on Earth and its ancestry. So as not to
digress too much here, a companion essay to this one focuses more on The
Human Question.

- / -

The tendency toward chaotic dissipation also affects the Dark and that which has
been co-creative with the Dark. I have touched on this in previous essays and it
is discussed further in one of the concluding essays, Problems of Dissipation.

At the very least, chaotic dissipation suggests two bases for an internal lack of
coherence and instability within the Dark and its subsidiary entities: One of these
is its inherent self-absorbedness as the center of all that is. This in turn closely
relates to an incoherence from competing facets of itself, each imagining it to be
the center of all. It is no random coincidence that this resembles the human
ego-self run amok. (See Binary or Quantum section contained in The
Human Question or as a single posting:,1431.msg6079.html#msg6079 )

An innate dissipation factor accentuates this situation while also stimulating
the impulse for the endless expansion of the Darks fallen creation. It is no
random coincidence that this resembles the dynamic of human population
growth or out of control cancer cells.

It matters not that the host itself (human, planetary, etc.) will be destroyed in the
process, as the Dark presumes it can continue to replicate more hosts to sustain
its insatiable appetite. Besides, it simply cannot help doing what is in its nature.

(Note: entering dissipation as a search term at the NES Forum will bring up
recent posting on this as well.)

- / -

Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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Consider that the Dark came to believe itself to be the one true creator god and
that it even has some capacity to love in a perversely possessive way all that
it manifested, including humans. A distorted consciousness permeates all levels
of the Dark, and this becomes more obvious the more it is involved in the
management of humans. It is also reflected in the state of mind and state of
consciousness (two different things) of the human elite. This example shows the
consistency between as above, so below.

Consider the total number of spiritual Selfs that came to reside in human form on
this planet over so many millennia, and to this add the total projections
emanating from them, and consider the potential effects of the Dark re-
imprinting itself in every respect possible upon higher level/soul beings through
countless reincarnations.

Consider that this numerical representation barely accounts for the influence of
the Dark with regard only to Earth.

From this we can get some idea of a powerful and cumulative corrupting
influence upon essentially nave higher level/soul beings. Its influence re-
imprints and adapts continuously in real time upon developed Selfs as well as
newly emerging ones through the replication of new hosts (birthing new animal
bodies). Human matrix control memes are an as below version of this process.

- / -

Change and Decay

Entropic decay is something that tends to affect all of matter inorganic and
organic making it quite impermanent. But the force of replication, reproduction
without regard to consequences tends to overwhelm everything, including the
higher mind when it comes to the operations of 3d state of reality. This is also
what has influenced nave higher level/soul beings that came here to learn.

Overall, there are myriad forces at work that will oppose and attack anything of
the true Divine appearing in the 3d realm. This hostility is stopped through the
processes of the corrections energies, but not necessarily at the 3d level.

As of now, it my assessment that humans cannot and will not change into
spiritual beings. This will require a new approach to the human question.
What is more likely is the annihilation of a much of life on Earth and for highly
evolved spiritual beings to work from a clean slate when it comes to Earthly 3d

The main transformational work is occurring at the next levels up.

It is all about consciousness and spiritual evolution.
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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It always has been.

It has never been all about humans and their earthly situation. This is
understandable when one ceases to think from a human-centric point of view of

The awakening of consciousness is first and foremost at the next levels up.
Human Selfs who have reached their spiritualization threshold often experience
a partial descension of their higher levels to facilitate more expanded states of
consciousness. (We are here to go but first you have to get here.)

Eventually the opportunity will develop on Earth that allows a new approach for
spiritual beings to experience density from a density point of view.

Eventually there will be a new conception and inception from the higher realms
that becomes involved in the making of new creation gardens on Earth and

Through these efforts, and more, all will be remade. The influence of the Dark
error will be no more.

The timing for the movement toward a catastrophic reset for the planet Earth
(and its physical residents) depends partly upon how the ascension process
matures and how and integration of spiritual learning matures with the higher
beings/soul beings that have been having a human experience. This of course
relates to my comments on why there is no defined timeline to the ordinary
human point-of-view. (Follow-up to Earthchanges & The Greater Changes:

- / -

The Revolt of the Cells, The Return of the Light

The press pot effect of the corrections energies on the lower realms
underlying 3d is contributing toward isolating some of what constitutes the
machinery from those sentient beings whose essence is that of the true Light. At
the lower levels of matter and biology, that of a primal consciousness, one could
say that there is a revolt by the mind of the cells. I suspect that this may be due
in part to the mind of the cells having some recall of the templates of divine
creation, before coming under the influence of the Dark.

- / -

Insane Monstrosity is what comes to mind as I attempt to write a description
which would evoke something of a robot-like machinery with monstrous mini-
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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Global Awakening Press E-mail:
versions of itself. But the closest imagery is found popular culture and
resembles something including the qualities of the computer-like intelligence and
squid-like machines in the Matrix trilogy, the mechanical and humanoid
replicators of the Stargate television series, and the creatures from H.R. Gigers
designs used in the movie series Alien. I suspect that Giger tapped into the dark
consciousness of the queen of the machine facilitated by psychoactive
substances and perhaps became enthralled by that which guides the grotesque
images of his art and the creatures shown in the movies. However, there is no
one special form this entity appears as.

Now consider the correction energies filtering out or untangling the Dark from
the original creation templates and imagine all those living creatures in
conscious revolt detaching from the machine which had in effect governed
them and their existence.

What I am describing here is also connected with the potential of the
spiritualized human Self becoming the nucleus for a new type of human as well
as a new type of spiritual being one that is consciously linked with the Higher
Oneness. But once again, this is not an action item for human-centric thinking
to be involved with.

This is the revolt of the cells and at that point their innate and unrealized
Divine power can no longer be controlled by anything that is not of the Divine
consciousness. One of its potential effects is the remaking of lower density and
connecting it with the higher Oneness. This is related to the remaking of creation.

- / -

The Light does not need to wage some eternal war against the forces of the
Dark in the manner of duality-conflict. These are incompatible modalities of
being, thinking, and doing. What is occurring is the separation of that which is of
the true Light from that of the Dark. This is part of the larger process of the
correction energies and the remaking of creation.

The descent of the supramental which Mirra, Satprem, Aurobindo, and others
have been closely involved with is only one approach to the problem of the
spiritual transformation of humans and of 3d matter of Earth, including the
lowest levels of density fathomable.

At the very least, their work was an important precursor to the present day
correction energies that emanate from the Divine. I also suspect they became
too fixed upon their approach and overlooked certain things. (This is summarized
in the A-List Epilogue that will also announce the posting of the remaining

There have been problems with conscious supramentalization, partly from a type
of hidden resistance at the deeper levels underlying the 3d human self, and partly
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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from the practical business of undertaking such a process by spiritualized human
Selfs who lack sufficient understanding of the workings of a corrupted reality.

There is also space between the atoms that is relatively pristine and connected
to the Divine. It has some correspondence with the creational templates of
Original Intent. Such templates are not fully detailed manifestional
instructions, rather they are what emanates from the Intentions of Creator of All.
There are various efforts underway in other vibrational spaces that are moving
toward the goal of transforming matter density. This is something I have
discussed before.

- / -

At some point, a spark of true consciousness that is aligned with the true Creation
and the original intention behind biological existence will take hold and begin to
spread. It seeks life and eternal existence but under far different terms and
conditions than those which the Dark offers.

Already I have seen evidence of this.

These cells may be part of a human body, perhaps a newborn, perhaps an adult,
perhaps not even in the human domain initially. Perhaps this will be what comes
to populate a New Earth and becomes an equal and symbiotic host to non-
physical spiritual intelligences that are also aligned with the Divine.

Today, these are things to be aware of, but are not actionable from any human-
centric level.

- / -

To make the point even finer, it is my assessment that it is not possible to
transform this version of the human species and most certainly not in this
environment of density. The key is with the vibrational state of consciousness and
with spiritually evolved learning. This must propagate through from the higher
levels first and foremost. (Again, I refer readers to the companion essay The
Human Question.)

The emergence of a fully Divinized or supramentalized human being at the level
of 3d is immediately attacked by anything and everything that is infected with the
Dark. Not only would dark entities and humans attack it, the environment as a
whole is hostile. When the process of the clearing of the 3d Earthly realms and
associated realms below and above 3d are sufficiently complete, then it would be
possible and practical for supramentalized beings to enter into density.

- / -

Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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Global Awakening Press E-mail:
Reflect on your own experiences toward conscious ascension to gain the
cooperative support of various lower levels of your human self. Detachment,
completions, and a high attractor are often required to get the attention and
active support of your lower levels. In other words you are offering them a new
future to look toward, one very different than entropic decay, human habits, and
stimuli of the mundane.

These lower levels can be engaged to willing help boost your energies to reach
into the next levels up and will be willing to burn themselves out to get you there
if necessary. This comes naturally to that level of consciousness and is part of its
role, to maintain your human self no matter what. What is different is that of a
new life beyond a limited human 3d existence.

I mention this here because in your own microcosm, this mirrors something
comparable to the liberation of the mind of the cells of biology and of matter
from the Dark machine intelligence that has suppressed and infected it for so
long. Consider it as an insight to the service you are performing by attending to
your own process.

- / -

Concluding Remarks

As I cautioned at the start, this is not a simple action item in the manner of
simple human linear reasoning. The problem of extant beings from complex
animal and planetary bodies to simpler unicellular creatures and quasi-living
entities such as viruses or minerals, etc. which were created under the influence
of the Dark anti-creation forces will not be sorted out and corrected during
any humanly relevant flow of events (time). As the Dark and Light are
untangled, the Light liberated to its origins, the cosmic spiritual lessons
assimilated, shared and contemplated the problem of a remaking/rehabilitating
what there is of various levels of vibrational densities in the fallen sector will be
resolved. If concentrated efforts toward this succeed and the Higher Oneness
takes hold, then the course will be more apparent to those beings who are directly
involved in this, at whatever their levels of focus. If not, then the vast beings who
have encapsulated the fallen sector will begin a process of dissolution and
contraction until nothing remains that is of the Dark. And that will be that.

Some of us here may well become more closely connected to this process due to
our experiences and learning here.

Perhaps we will recognize something of one another in the totality of our True


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Appendix of End Notes

NOTE: August 15, 2013 minor corrections made to these

#1) - A-I, Cybermachines, and Immortality

#2) Aurobindo, Mirra and the Supramental

#3) Additional background articles links

#4) Worshipping Mother Nature?

#5) Further Notes on the Dark Forces and its Machinery
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#1) - A-I, Cybermachines, and Immortality

For those familiar with the Terminator movie series, you may recall the
existence of Skynet a self-aware artificial intelligence that turns upon humans.
Today, super computers running quantum-technology processing mimic the
human mental processes and thus are very different from any previous
generation of computing technology. There are efficient and functional drones
that range from insect size to that of a large jet plane and everything between.
Drone-type aviation requires competency in a wide range of aviation technology.
To deploy fleets of them requires sophisticated satellite and ground-based
communications control systems and trained tech workers to operate them.
Airborne multi-spectral imaging systems can see underground and through
buildings and drones can resolve very small spatial increments given their
inherent proximity compared to orbital satellites. Facial recognition software has
been functional far longer than most people realize and the latest generation
makes it possible to identify and track nearly anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Drones, or piloted aircraft can be equipped with laser guided missiles or bullets
or bombs. In addition there have been directed energy weapons that will induce
aneurysm or heart failure at a distance. These too can be mounted on any of the
land or air-based systems. Quantum computing allows for the monitoring or
tracking of nearly any conversation in nearly any language via any type of
Internet-base email, text-based writings, cell, land or any other type of telephony,
etc. This is more than mere keywords.

Full body scanners can and will be deployed in all major transportation control
points. Their purpose is far more than merely scanning for suspicious objects.
Breakthroughs in cybernetics are such that passably human-looking robotics
already exist. As robotics/cybernetics are refined, so will the compactness and
efficiency of artificial intelligence machines.

These systems are mainly being used to implement a humanly-operated global
control grid, and there is more to it (of course) than this. Furthermore, these
large-scale systems allow developers to perfect what is needed to accommodate
the transfer of human mind-consciousness into a cybernetic entity or other form.
By the way, consciousness that already exists as an individuation, regardless of
any limitations of the human vehicle, is already capable of occupying a wide
range of non-human objects from animals to machine intelligences. In short, the
desires of transhumanists in achieving artificial life and near-immortality for
their own ego-self is not too far fetched a goal.

Without going into details further, I leave it to you to imagine the implications of
all of this.

At any rate, it is the continuum of the Dark applied in lower level density of
humans. This is both a bid to bury itself so deeply that it could not be rooted out
and removed and represents the possible genesis of the new generation of the
Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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original Dark error one that I have warned about if marginally-aware humans
are allowed to continue on the present course of humans on Earth.This topic was
also brought up in 2012:

A-List Updates, p. 14, Terminal Collapse

A-I, Cybermachines, and Immortality,1393.0.html and,1393.msg6056.html#msg6056

- / -

#2) Aurobindo, Mirra and the Supramental

Like diseased cells attacking healthy cells in the body, Mirra was herself attacked
most intensely by senior members of the Pondicherry community that had been
guided by Aurobindo and her. Near the end of her human life, she was even given
a dangerous drug to try to normalize her since they could not tolerate her work
from within her body to be allowed to reach its potential, no matter how remote
this possibility might have been. Overall, too many of the so-called students of
Aurobindo and Mirra were more interested in extra-ordinary powers and not in
the transformation of consciousness into the Divine. The few trustworthy people
who could have aided her were prevented from doing so. Most of those who
understood enough of what the transformation of humans and matter entailed,
left the community or were forced out. Nevertheless, the Pondicherry
experiment that Aurobindo and Mirra shaped into a living laboratory for the
transformation of consciousness, humanity, and of matter had served its
purpose well and that is how I prefer to remember it. Whatever it may be today
has no further relevancy in this regard.

An separate essay on their advanced work will be included with the A-List
- / -

#3) Additional background articles can be found under:

Creation, Cosmology, and the Big Picture at

or at the originating site

- / -

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#4) Worshipping Mother Nature?

There are many who have a special appreciation of or find solace with the
promises and potentials of biology, a tree, an animal, an ecological system, or
whatever it may be that they imagine to be life.

This becomes readily cross-linked with underlying programming that human life
is to be valued above all else. For some of course this means humans over other
animals, etc. for others it is more generalized. All these notions lack a spiritual

Navely elevating nature on Earth to some holy status requiring ones
reverence is tantamount to subordinating your true spiritual nature to the

What is Life? To some techno-materialists life is a coherent enough set of self
replicating forms based upon organic chemical processes such as DNA/RNA, etc.
Thus a single cell would be regarded as living in that it has mechanisms to take
in substances outside of itself, and process them into useful materials and non-
useful waste materials to be excreted.

Then there is the range of argument that life requires intelligence. And then
there are the debates over what constitutes intelligence. From there is the
question of true sentiency of which one of the sine qua non would be self
awareness and the ability to act on behalf of self. And on it goes.

But in these perspectives, there is no element of consciousness. Consciousness
emanates from the spiritual levels of existence.

So what is life?

- / -

#5) Further Notes on the Dark Forces and its Machinery

Over recent years we discussed a cosmic error that led to the rise of a dark
force, something antithetical to original Creation and Creator of All. Most of
these can be found in the section titled: Creation, Cosmology, and the Big
Picture at or at

Over a very long period of time, the Dark had the opportunity to imprint itself
upon nearly all that is within its purview in the fallen creation zone. This imprint
permeates the dynamics of matter and the inconscient levels of the human vessel
and planetary biology.
- / -
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In nearly all human embodiments, there are aspects or fragments of this Dark
side operating system kernel, one that operates largely according to built-in
impulses derived of the original error that gave rise to the Dark. It relishes its
power over matter, to replicate, to reproduce. It uses this power to reinforce an
illusion of its being absolute and to overwhelm any considerations or
questionings of its error.

This is reflected in the perverseness of human belief systems and is naturally
linked in to the basic social tribal animal nature of humans.

As the correction energies and greater forces act upon the fallen realm,
the Dark and its agencies have less maneuvering room to pursue their core
agendas and impulses. The Dark and its subsidiaries are aware of this to some
extent, but it is also infected with type of denial since it cannot imagine itself as
no longer existing.

In these times, Dark and its human-run control systems will default to chaos and
conflict as it persists in maintaining its hold. This is directly seen in the lower
density of human 3d, the human ego-mind, and the collective human mind-
sphere. I leave it to readers to contemplate the far reaching implications of this
for various spiritual levels of being, not only that of Earthly human 3d.

- / -

The vibrational reality of human 3d is falling into greater internal conflict at an
increasing rate. This is a type of implosion that results from corrupted iterations
of a corrupted copy of the original corrupted operating system of the Dark. At all
vibrational levels that it operates at, it will interfere with any beings seeking the
true Light. This interference can take the form of obvious conflict between
incompatible opposites or it will attempt to corrupt from within, like a type of
malware or computer virus.

At the human level, there is an obvious affinity between the Dark forces
machinery with those seeking raw survival of their human ego-self in its bodily
vehicle and replication of its genes and memes. At the very least, there is a
growing type of insanity that occurs as humans individually and collectively
contract or implode into infinite variations of so much that is truly

- / -

The Dark is deluded and demented, believing itself to be the creator and
consider at its totality, is incapable of acknowledging anything outside of its
purview. It has only an incomplete set of creation patterns it derived from
Creator of All.

Global Awakening News Queen of the Machine August 2013 v1.1
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This self-absorbed narrowness is exhibited at all levels with the Dark creation
realms and is apparent in the imbedded self-centeredness of the human ego and
at its lower inconscient levels.

- / -

When one ceases thinking like a human self from the point of view of the 3d or
limited 4d self, then it is possible to literally and figuratively rise above all of
this and see how it is that the Light will prevail.

(Note: Rather than reiterate much of this, we refer the reader to background
articles under the section titled Creation, Cosmology, and the Big Picture at or at originating
site: .