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Project Synopsis

Project Name : NetSpider

Company Name : Arete Technologies.
Client Name : NetSpider Infotech India Ltd.
Company Profile : Arete is a one shop solutions for all your technology requirements,
providing high quality solutions in the fields of information technology.
They are the Winner of Gold, iamond and !latinum cro"n A"ards since last # consecutive
years for commitment to quality $y %I, Arete aims not &ust for customer satisfaction $ut for
customer delight. We religiously follo" our motto '!lan your "or(, "or( your plan' for a
systematic and efficient e)ecution.
It is *ompany policy to supply high quality soft"are and services. They aim to ensure that all
our customer+s requirements are met and that pro&ects are completed on time and on $udget.
To formalise the provision "e have nominated an independent post "ithin Arete "ith
responsi$ility for ,uality Assurance "ith a direct reporting line to the -anaging irector.
As a quality company, Arete $elieves that servicing customers does not consist of simply
providing a piece of soft"are or a single service. It involves "or(ing together to fully
appreciate the customers requirements, $oth in terms of $usiness and operational
perspectives in order to provide a complete and satisfactory solution.
We$site esigning . evelopment
Arete develops smart and appealing "e$ site design "hich attracts vie"ers and effectively
convey your message so that you get results. We focus on ma(ing +"e$ site design+ that is
easy to navigate, "ithout compromising aesthetic quality. /ur "e$ site design includes solid
graphic design s(ills, high0end programming "e$ site application, and innovative "e$ site
optimi1ation techniques. We can do "e$ site design, +"e$ site re0design+ on every aspect of
your site, from graphic design . copy"riting to complete "e$ site development "or( for you.
Soft"are evelopment
Loo(ing for the latest soft"are developer resources2 3ou have come to the right place,
Whether you+re &ust starting out or are a promising entity, no matter "here you stand in the
$usiness cycle, you can rely on us to meet your customer4s requirements and your o"n IT
requirements too.
IT staffing
We provide recruitment and staffing services for IT industry "ith appropriate capa$ilities and
qualities. We handle staffing assignments at all levels and in all functional areas to ena$le our
clients recruit the right people.
Team Members: 3asmeen *ho"dhary.
Type Of Project: Live.
HR & Team Leader Details:

Name: Na1neen 5a&guru.
Contact Nmber: 677789:;:<<.

Members Detail:

Name: 3asmeen *ho"dhary.

Contact Nmber: >9>76>;;>8.
!mail"#d: yasmeenu$
Team $ide Name: Sunny Nahar.
!%istin& System:

!roduct overvie" is availa$le $ut not in detail.
Ne" !roducts cannot $e added or edited.
Shopping option is not provided.
!roducts are not classified in a proper manner.
A-* for product is not availa$le.
Ne" &o$s cannot $e added or updated.
No !roper validations and format.
All lin(s are not "or(ing.
All pagers are static pages and so dynamic content cannot $e added or displayed.
No facility for upload images and videos.
Admin account is not present to manage the "e$ site content.
Search functionality is not availa$le.
Proposed System:
Shopping module?0
Add shopping cart facility
*lassification of products
etailed specification of a particular product
Adding, updating or deleting products dynamically
Adding, updating or deleting tenders dynamically.
To vie" the tender those have $een passed $y companies.
This company
Adding, updating or deleting &o$s dynamically.
To vie" the candidates those have $een applied for a particular opening.
Administrator $ac(end?0
Adding, updating or deleting users dynamically.
To vie" total user those have registered on "e$site.
To manage the "e$site pages.
*reate ne" pages and adding ne" products.
*reate menus and su$menus dynamically.
@pload media files Aimages, videos, documents and animationB and *ompany logos.
*ase Studies?0
Adding, updating or deleting *ase studies dynamically.
To vie" total num$er of case studies vertical "ise and product "ise
Ne"s and event?0
Adding, updating or deleting ne"s and events dynamically.
Ceed$ac( and *ontact us?0
Sending mail a$out queries to admin, page "ise.
Searching functionality availa$le to search for products or other services.
Tec'nical details:

(ront !nd: )sp*net sin& C+*
,ac- !nd: Microsoft S.L S!/C!R*

)d0anta&es Of Proposed System:
Dasy to manage product sales and services.
Adding of ne" pages as and "hen required "ithout hiring "e$ developer every time.
!rovide security, consistency and transparency.
Save the considera$le amounts of time and money.
Searching a particular item.
@pdate ne" and event "hich occur on daily or "ee(ly $asis.
Scope of System:
/nline !roducts sale and service.
Administrator $ac(end for managing "e$ pages and products.
Search products "hich are ready for sales.
Eo$ opening can $e added and candidates can apply online.