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IQ 8 Spells; Cost Remarks

Blur (T); [1/1] Subtracts 4 from DX of all attacks / spells agai

nst subject.
Detect Magic (T); [1/-] Directed at one item / being, tells user if the
item is magic or has any spells on it. Does not i
dentify spells.
Drop Weapon (T); [1/-] Costs 2 if victims ST is 20 or more.
Image (C); [1/-] Creates a 1 hex image for 12 turns.
Light (T); [1/-] Makes one small item glow like a torch for one d
Magic Fist (M); [V/-] Does 1D-2 for each ST point used to cast.
Slow Movement (T); [2/1] Halves victims MA for 4 turns.
Staff (S); [5/-] Creates a staff, does 1D damage if used in comba
IQ 9 Spells Cost Remarks;
Aid (T); [V/-] Temporarily adds 1 to ST, DX or IQ of the subjec
t for each point of ST
used to cast. Lasts for 2 turns.
Avert (T); [2/1] The victim must end their movement at least 2 he
xes further from the caster
than they started, each turn the spell is on.
Clumsiness (T); [V/-] Subtracts 2 from victims DX for each ST point us
ed to cast.
Lasts for three turns.
Confusion (T); [V/-] Subtracts 2 from victims IQ for each ST point us
ed to cast.
Lasts for three turns.
Darkness (S); [V/1] Extinguishes all artificial lights within it's r
ange. Range is 1MH for
each ST point used to cast. Lasts for 3 turns, m
ay be extended for 1ST per
turn after the third.
Dark Vision (T); [3/-] Gives subject the ability to see normally, even
in total dark.
Lasts for 1 hour.
Detect Life (S); [2+/-] Tells the caster if there are any living beings
within 2 MH. Range may be increased by 1 MH for ea
ch additional ST used to cast.
Fire (C); [1/-] Fills one hex with magical flame.
Reveal Magic (S); [1/1] Reveals Protective spells cast by an opponent or
magic items being actively used. Pre-requisite; Det
ect Magic.
Summon Wolf (C); [2/1] Brings a Wolf [ST 10, DX 14, IQ 6, MA 12, Bite 1
D+1] to follow casters orders. Costs 2ST to cast, plus
1 each turn the wolf remains.
IQ 10 Spells Cost Remarks;
Dazzle (S); [3/-] Creates a blinding psychic flash within 5 MH of
the caster.
Detect Enemies (S); [3+/-] Picks up on beings with general or specific host
ile intent. May also detect some kinds of hostile ma
gic or traps of a magical nature.
Far Vision (T); [1/-] Subject can see "like a hawk" for 5 minutes (60
Lock / Knock (T); [2/-] Used to control doors or gates, may hold them cl
osed or open them.
Shadow (C); [1/-] Fills one hex with totally black shadow.
Shock Shield (T); [2/1] Does 1D damage to any other creature in the subj
ect's hex.
Speed Movement; (T) [2/-] Doubles MA of subject for 4 turns.
Summon Myrmidon (C) [2/1] Brings a warrior [ST 12, DX 12, IQ 8, MA 10, Bro
adsword 2D] to follow caster's orders.
Trailtwister (S); [4/-] Trailtwister will confuse pursuing enemies that
are not within sight.
Lasts one day.
Trip (T); [2/-] Knocks victim down. Cost is 4ST if victims ST is
30 or more.
Ward (S); [2/-] Psychic "booby-trap", upto 3 hex's. Lasts one da
IQ 11 Spells Cost Remarks;
Control Animal (T); [2/1] Puts any one animal under the caster's control,
as long as the spell is maintained. Works only o
n real animals.
Create Wall (C); [2/-] Creates a solid wall in 1 hex. Lasts 12 turns
Destroy Creation (T); [1/-] Removes any one thing created by a creation spel
l. Exceptions;
(1) Summoned beings.
(2) Only 1 hex of a multi-hex fire, wall or shad
(3) Has no effect on a multi-hex image or illusi
on of a living being.
Illusion (C); [2/-] Creates a 1 hex illusion. Lasts 12 turns.
Persuasiveness (T); [2/1] Lets subject speak convincingly. Lasts one minut
e, plus one minute for each additional 1 ST.
Reveal / Conceal (T); [2/V] Multi-purpose spell used; a) to find a hidden ob
ject, b) to hide some object, c) to hide spells on an
item, d) to make hidden spells easier to find.
Reveal always costs 2ST. Conceal costs 2ST for t
he first, then double for each additional spell upto five. ie. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32.
Reverse Missiles (T); [2/1] Causes any missile spells, missile or thrown wea
pons aimed at the subject to turn against the one who
fired them instead.
Rope (C); [2/-] Creates a magical rope to entangle a victim, hal
ving their MA and reducing DX. Not effective against cr
eatures with a ST of 20 or more.
Lasts 12 turns, or until removed.
Silent Movement (T); [1/1] Lets subject walk, run, climb, etc. totally nois
Sleep (T); [3/-] Puts a victim to sleep until they awake naturall
y or are awakened.
Staff to Snake (T); [3/-] Lets caster turn his own staff into a small snak
e. Lasts 6 turns.
[ST 8, DX 13, IQ 4, MA 6, Bite 1D-1. DX -2 to hi
t] Pre-requisite; Staff.
Summon Bear (C); [4/1] Brings a bear [ST 30, DX 11, IQ 6, MA 8, Bite 2D
+2] to follow caster's orders.
IQ 12 Spells; Cost Remarks;
Analyse Magic (T); [4/-] This spell tells the wizard the exact nature of
the enchantment on any one object.
Blast (T); [2/-] Does 1D damage to every creature in the wizards
hex or adjacent to it, except the wizard.
Break Weapon (T); [3/-] Shatters one weapon, shield, staff etc. in the h
ands of a foe.
Drain Strength (S); [0/-] Lets the wizard drain life force from others int
o himself or his friends. No ST cost - but each 5 ST
drained gives only 1ST to the recipiant.
Eyes-Behind (T); [3/1] Improves the peripheral vision and coordination
of a subject.
3-hex Fire (C); [2/-] Like the Fire Spell, but covering up to 3 connec
ted hexes.
Fireball (M); [V/-] Does 1D-1 Damage for each ST point the wixard pu
tsinto it.
Freeze (T); [4/-] Totally freezes victim for 2 to 12 turns.
Invisibility (T) [3/1] Makes the subject invisible.
Mage Sight (T); [2/1] Allows its subject to see objects concealed by b
lur, invisibility, shadow, or ordinary darkness.
Magic Rainstorm (C); [4/-] Creates a storm one megahex in size. lasts 12 tu
rns. Puts out all fires real & magical. Fireballs, ligh
tning & dragon fire cannot pass through it.
Repair (T); [6/-] This spell will magically repair any simple item
of weight less than 2Kg. This spell will not repair a
complicated machine, it just joins simple breaks.
3-Hex Shadow (C); [2/-] Like the Shadow Spell, but covering up to 3 conn
ected hexes.
IQ 13 Spells Cost Remarks;
Control Elemental (T); [3/1] Puts any one elemental under caster's control as
long as the spell is maintained. ST cost to c
aster; 3 plus 1 every minute (12 turns) the spell is
maintained after the first. If the elemental has
a ST of 30 or more, double
the cost.
Control Person (T); [3/1] Puts any one human or humanoid under the caster'
s control for as long as the spell is maintained. Tar
get of the spell gets a 3D save against their IQ.
Curse (T); [V/-] The Curse is a general foul-up spell cast at one
individual. For every 2 ST the caster puts into the
curse, EVERY die roll the victim makes is increased
by 1 if the victim wanted to roll low, or decreased by 1 if he wanted to roll
high. The Curse lasts until removed by a Remove Thrown Spells.
Fireproofing (T); [3/1] Makes its subject immune to all effects of all k
inds of fire and flame.
Clothes and things carried will also be unaffect
ed. Costs 3 ST to cast, plus 1 per turn to maintain, for each hex of size of the
Flight (T); [3/1] Lets subject fly. A creature flying by this spel
l has a MA of 12.
4-Hex Image (C); [2/-] Lets the caster create an image of anything no g
reater than 4 hexes in size. lasts for 12 turns. Pre-
requisite; Image.
Open Tunnel (T); [10/-] Turns one hex of rock (or any other material) in
to air. The effect of this spell is permanent.
Slippery Floor (T); [3/-] Makes the floor over one megahex extremely slick
. Lasts 12 turns.
Sticky Floor (T); [3/-] Makes an area of floor one megahex in size magic
ally sticky. Any figure entering an area of stic
ky floor stops immediately. Each turn thereafter their
MA is reduced to 1. Lasts for 12 turns.
Stone Flesh (T); [2/1] Gives the subject's body the power to act as arm
our, stopping 4 hits per attack.
Stop (T); [3/-] The victim of this spell has a MA of zero for th
e next four turns.They may do anything else but may no
t move to another hex under any circumnstances.
Summon Gargoyle (C); [4/1] Brings a Gargoyle [ST 20, DX 11, IQ 8, MA 8/16 F
ist does 2D]
3-Hex Wall (C); [4/-] Like the Create Wall spell (IQ 11) but affecting
any 3 connected hexes.
Lasts 12 turns.
Telekinesis (T); [2/2] Lets the caster move objects by the force of his
mind. The caster may do anything with TK that he
could do if his own body were there. The object
manipulated must be where he can see it.
IQ 14 Spells Cost Remarks;
Dispell Illusions (S); [5/-] Causes all illusions within 5 megahexes of the c
asters own megahex to vanish immediately.
Explosive Gem (S); [?/-] Spell list incomplete.
Fresh Air (T); [2/1] The subject of the spell can breathe normally, r
egardless of where they are.
Glamour (T); [10/-] This is a special sort of illusion. A Glamour is
a magical diguise, it is
cast over some living creature to make it appear
as other than what it is.
It lasts until removed by a Remove Thrown Spells
, or the caster wills it away.
4-Hex Illusion (C); [3/-] Lets caster create any illusion no greater than
4 hexes in size. Lasts for 12 turns. Pre-requisite; Il
Lightning (M); [V/-] An electrical discharge, it does 1D of damage fo
r each ST point the wizard
puts into it.
Remove Thrown Spell(T); [2/-] Negates the effect of any thrown spell.
Spell Shield (T); [3/1] Prevents any spells from being cast on its subje
Summon Lesser Demon(C); [20/-] Allows the caster to summon a minor demon, who w
ill perform one service for him, or fight for 12 tur
Demon [ST 50, DX 13, IQ 16, MA infinite. Skin st
ops 3 hits, Hands 2D]
Summon Giant (C); [4/1] Brings a Giant to follow casters orders.
Giant [ST 30, DX 9, IQ 8, MA 8, no armour, club
does 3D+3.]
Telepathy (T); [4/1] Lets the caster read the mind of one subject.
Weapon/Armour Enchantment (T); [See Creating Magical Items]
IQ 15 Spells Cost Remarks;
Astral Projection (S); [10/-] Lets the caster send his astral body travelling
on the astral plane.
See spell description for further info on the as
tral plane.
Calling (S); [5/-] The caster of this spell can draw towards him th
e closest being of any kind he specifies. The creature
called will move towards the caster as fast as it can
travel without putting itself in severe danger. Its reaction when it arrives
is not modified by the spell.
Create Gate (C); [100] Allows the caster to make an instant transport G
ate between two locations. Cost is 50 ST to set up
one end, and 50 ST to set up the other.
Giant Rope (C); [5/-] A stronger version of the Rope spell (IQ 11). La
sts for 12 turns.
Hammertouch (T); [V/-] The subject of this spell can thump a person or
object with their fist, doing one die of damage for ea
ch ST point put into the spell.
The spell lasts for 3 turns.
7-Hex Image (C); [4/-] Lets caster create any image occupying up to 7 c
onnected hexes.
Lasts for 12 turns.
Iron Flesh (T); [3/1] Lets subjects body stop 6 hits per attack.
Megahex Avert (T); [3/1] Like the Avert spell (IQ 9), but cast on the occ
upants of a whole megahex.
Pentagram (C); [5/1] Creates a magical barrier which keeps out or con
tains evil influences.
Size one megahex. Takes 3 full turns of concentr
ation to draw the Pentagram. When the first attack is made against the pentagram
, the caster must make a 3D test vs IQ to see if it was drawn correctly.
7-Hex Shadow (C); [3/-] Like the Shadow spell (IQ 10), but affecting up
to 7 connected hexes.
Lasts for 12 turns.
Summon Small Dragon(C); [5/1] Brings a small (4-hex) dragon to follow casters
Dragon; [ST 30, DX 13, IQ 16, MA 6/16, Armour -3
, Claws 2D-2, Breath 2D.]
Teleport (S); [V/-] Instantly "blinks" caster to another hex. Cost 1
ST for each megahex transported.
Unnoticeability (T); [3/1] This spell makes it's subject hard to notice. He
is not invisible, he is simply very easy to over
IQ 16 Spells Cost Remarks;
Death Spell (T); [special] When this spell is cast, compare the ST of the c
aster with that of the victim. The lower strength at th
at moment is the amount of ST lost by each of the two.
Create Elemental (S); [5+] This spell will create one elemental which will
do the bidding of it's creator for one day, before tryi
ng to escape. In order to create an elemental, the
caster must be in a place appropriate to that element and must expend 5 ST
plus 1for every ST that Elemental is to have.
Destroy Elemental (S); [10/-] This spell destroys all elementals within a 5 me
gahex radius of the caster.
7-Hex Fire (C); [4/-] Like the Fire spell (IQ 9) but cast on any 7 con
nected hexes.
7-Hex Illusion (C); [5/-] Creates an illusion of anything occupying no mor
e than 7 hexes.
Long-Distance Telepathy (S); [12/-] Allows the caster to send a short (5 word
) message to any one he knows. Two wizards who know eac
h other and know the spell may converse for 30 seconds
(they split the ST cost).
Megahex Sleep (T); [8/-] A sleep spell which effects every figure with st
rength less than 20 in a single megahex, or a sin
gle figure with ST of 50 or less.
Staff of Power (S); [special] A Staff of Power cannot be bought or traded, it
must be made by the wizard who is to use it. It takes f
our weeks to make, at a cost of 10 ST per day.
Summon Dragon (C); [5/2] Brings a 7-hex Dragon to serve the caster.
Dragon; [ST 60, DX 14, IQ 20, MA 8/20, Armour -
5, Claws 2D, Breath 3D]
Trance (S); [10/-] The caster seems to sleep for one hour of game t
ime. During this period he may ask one yes or no questi
on of the game master. The GM will answer truthfully.
7-Hex Wall (C); [6/-] Like the Create Wall spell (IQ 11) but cast on a
ny 7 connected hexes.
Write Scroll (S); [n/a] Lets the wizard create a scroll.
IQ 17 Spells Cost Remarks;
Blast Trap (S); [Varies] An object prepared with this spell will explode
under some one condition set by the caster. The force
of the blast depends on the ST put into the spell.
For 6 ST he can set a blast which will do 1D+1 to anyone in the hex.
For 12 ST he can set a blast which will do 2D+2
to anyone in the hex, and 1D to anyone in an adjacent hex. For 24 ST he can set
a blast to do 3D damage to anyone in the hex and 2D to anyone adjacent.
The spell lasts only one day; it must then be re
Cleansing (T); [20/-] This spell will kill all small life forms (disea
se germs, vermine etc.) within the specified area. Up t
o 7 connected hexes may be cleansed with one spell at
a cost of 20ST per hex. Any living being wholly within the area effected will
be killed except those specifically named by the caster.
The spell always inflicts 1D of damage, even on
the individual the caster names.
Dissolve Enchantment (T);[Special] This spell will de-enchant a person or object
of any one spell on it except the Spell Shield.
Expunge (S); [special] The Expunge spell is cast as part of the enchant
ment process on a magic item. It will erase ench
antments on an item, when a certain specified
condition occurs. Its ST cost is 125 ST/day for 3 weeks.
Geas (S); [10/-] A Geas is a command to do, or not to do, a certa
in thing. A wizard who has this spell may lay a Gea
s on any subject just by talking to him. The victim
gets a saving roll 4D vs IQ. A wizard may only attempt a geas once ever on
any figure, and a figure may only have one geas at a time on him.
Insubstantiality (T); [4/2] The subject of this spell is rendered temporaril
y "out of phase" with the rest of the universe. No phys
ical weapon, atttack or missile spell can affect an
insubstantial figure, but Thrown-type spells can.
Remove Cursed Object(T);[20/-] A temporary version of the Dissolve Enchantment
spell. It suppresses a Curse or other spell on an obn
oxious magical item for just long enough for the
wearer to put it down or take it off.
Spellsniffer (T); [2/1] This spell cast on any figure, gives that figure
a combined Reveal, Detect and Analyse Magic ability th
at covers everything within 5 hexes.
Summon Demon (C); [30/-] Allows the caster to summon a 3-hex Greater Demo
n. The demon will do one of three things: 1) Fight f
or 12 turns and disappear. 2) Grant one regular wish.
3) Perform one service.
[ST 100, DX 14, IQ 20, Armour -4, Fists 4D, may
use any weapon.]
It takes 10 turns undisturbed to cast the summon
Warning! Penalties for failure are very severe.
The Little Death (T); [Special] This spell puts it's subject in a suspended an
imation closely resembling death. A figure can cast
this spell on itself or another. It costs only 1ST
for a figure to cast the spell on itself. The ST cost to cast the spell on
another figure is 4 ST if the subject is willing or unconscious; otherwise the
cost is 10. But the figure will lose 1ST per day until he is truly dead or the
spell is removed. A figure cannot voluntarily leave the Little Death.
IQ 18 Spells Cost Remarks;
Control Gate (C); [10/-] By casting this spell, a wizard can determine wh
ere the other end of a Gate is and what rules govern it
; By casting it again he can change the rule on either
a temporary or permanent basis. ST cost to do either of these things is 10. A
wizard who knows this spell can also destroy a Gate (both ends) at a ST cost
of 50.
Lesser Magic Item Creation (S); [Special] Lets the caster create any magic item
on the Lesser Magical Item List.
Megahex Freeze (T); [12/-] A Freeze spell (IQ 12) which affects all figure
s with ST less than 20 in a given megahex. Or any si
ngle figure with ST less than 50.
Shapeshifting (T); [10/20] This spell turns its subject into any known type
of creature, with any attributes. However the
IQ may not be raised, and the total of ST and DX may
not be raised. ST cost is 20 to shift another, 10 to shift yourself. The spell
is permanent unless removed by Dissolve Enchantment, a wish, or another
Wizards Wrath (M); [V/-] The most powerful of missile spells can have the
physical effect of any of the other three. It does 1D+
1 for each ST the caster puts into it.
IQ 19 Spells Cost Remarks;
Long-Distance Teleport (S);[20/-] Lets the caster "blink" himself or one other f
rom anyplace to anyplace else, provided the wizard has
been to the destination or can see it (or a clear
memory of it) by some means, magical or otherwise. If the caster misses his DX
result with any result except a 16, the subject is dead, lost forever.
Revival (T); [50/-] This spell will restore any dead creature to lif
e, provided death took place less than an hour ago. T
he revived character loses 5 points from some
attribute or combination of attributes.
Zombie (T); [5+/-] Lets the caster reanimate a corpse to create an
undead servant. The Zombie
has no IQ and a DX of 2 less than it did in life
. It's ST is equal to the ST the wizard puts into it when he casts the spell. ST
cost to create the Zombie is 5ST plus whatever ST (must be at least 2) you give
the zombie.
IQ 20 Spells Cost Remarks;
Greater Magic Item Creation (S); [Special] Lets the caster create any magic item
on the Greater Magical Item List.
Possesion (S); [Special] The wizard casting this spell puts himself int
o a trance and takes over the body of some other creat
ure. To be possessed, a person or animal must be in
physical contact with the possessing wizard or some object he has previously
prepared as a trap, Or must be well known to the wizard. The victim gets a 4D
saving roll against his own IQ to avoid being possessed. Possession ends when
a) The possessing wizard dies, b) the victim dies, c) the possessing wizard
voluntarily lets go, or d) a successful exorcism takes place. A Dissolve
Enchantment spell ST 50 will exorcise the possessor without harming him or the
victim. ST cost to cast this spell is 20 if it succeeds, 5 if the victim makes
his saving roll. The ST is spent when the attack is prepared. Preparing the
trap uses the same spell costing a seperate 10 ST.
Word of Command (S); [3/-] A wizard who knows one of these Words can say it
to any figure (or to a group) and compel obedience. Ea
ch hearer gets a 5D vs IQ roll to avoid obeying.
Effects of a Word last one minute (12 turns). A number of different Words of
Command are known. Each is a seperate spell and must be learned separately.
Examples include:
Believe; Hearers will believe anything that any
one tells them.
Come; Hearers will come to the wizard and fo
llow where he leads.
Do not.; This must be used with another Word of
Command. It cannot be used with an ordinary word. Hearers do the exact opposite
of the negated Word. Total ST cost remains 3.
Flee; Hearers will run madly from the wizard
Go that way; This Word must be used with a ges
ture. Hearers will travel in the direction indicated.
Kill; Hearers will mindlessly attack anythin
g living.
Obey; Hearers will attempt to obey any comma
nd given them by anyone.
Quiet; Hearers do their best to make no sound
Stop; Hearers stop whatever they're doing.
Surrender;Hearers will drop their weapons or cea
se flight and stand meekly.