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Dr. Akram H Chowdhury Ex.

Executive Vice Chairperson
Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF)
Executive Chairperson, Center for e-Parliament
Research (CePR)
Advisor- Community Media Movement in
Bangladesh in line with BNNRC
Bangladesh's own internet country code top-level
domain -- .bd. Bangladesh's domain was launched in
The software that operates the server is still on the
4.8 version, but the 9.9.5 version is currently being
used for the same service globally.
All the domains globally have migrated to Internet
Protocol version 6 (IPV6)a version where billions of IP
addresses can be openedbut Bangladesh fell behind.
The .bd DNS (Domain Name System) is still in service
with Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV4) which has
limited IP address access. The Bangladesh domain is not limited IP address access. The Bangladesh domain is not
digitally signed yet so we have to be upgraded.
Two years ago, the regulator recommended handing
over the system to a private operator or entity.
The government declared a plan to launch another
operation for a domain for websites in the Bangla
language in 2011, but that did not happen either.
When an organization issued trade license by the govt. it
can be instantly and simultaneously offered country
Domain with trade license, such as Nigerian govt. & others
is giving this opportunity for five years at the license is giving this opportunity for five years at the license
providing time with free of cost. Bangladesh can follow it.
For domain registration, organization need not to submit
their Trade License number and Tax Identification Number
(TIN) separately.
Bangladesh should have back-up server in any sweet able
country outside Bangladesh.
Built on:
An Independent Management body
To be a liberalized .bd Council
For example: .in, .hk, .asia etc.
Human Rights and Shared Values
Open, participative, consensus driven
governance governance
Inclusive and equitable
Enabling meaningful participation
Access and low barriers
Stakeholder representatives appointed to
multistakeholder Internet governance
processes should be selected through open,
democratic, and transparent processes. Different
stakeholder groups should self-manage their
processes based on inclusive, publicly known,
well defined and accountable mechanisms.
Internet governance should be built on democratic,
multistakeholder processes, ensuring the
meaningful and accountable participation of all
stakeholders, including governments, the private
sector, civil society, the technical community, the
academic community, business sector and users.
Community Internet Cooperative
Association at the grassroots
Access resources earn from the .bd Domain Access resources earn from the .bd Domain
can be transfer to develop community internet
cooperative association in order to give digital
access to rural people.
Digital Bangladesh gained momentum
Contact information :
Centre for e-Parliament Research (CePR)
27 Bijoy Nagar, Flat# C 29, Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh.
Phone: +88-02-9332933, Fax: +88-02-9346105
Mobile: +88-01770021416
Dr. Akram H. Chowdhury Ex-MP