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Menentukan informasi tertentu yang tersurat dalam sebuah teks (report)

The body has five main senses : sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. More
information about the outside worlds enters the body through eyes and earsfrom
pictures, noises, words on paper and everyday soundsthan through all the other senses
combined. !ll the body"s sense organs work in the same way. They detect changes or
features, and produce patterns of tiny nerve signals that are sent to the brain. The eye
detecs light as rays of different colour and brightness. The ear detects vibrations of sound
that reach it as invisible air wave. #oth of smell and taste are chemosenses. They detect
tiny particles of chemical substancesodorants floating in the air, and flavourants in foods
and drinks. The two senses work separately, but they usually both send messages to the
brain at the same time when we eat and drink. $o does the sense of touch, as the lips,
tongue, gums and cheeks detect the temperature and hardness or consistency of the food.
$mell, taste and touch are closely linked or associated in the brainesspecially when we
eat. %hat we imagine as the &taste" of a meal is the real combination of these three
%hen is right time as the smell, taste and touch are closely linked in our brain '
a. when we hear b. when we study c. when we walk
d. when we cry e. when we eat
%hat kind of them that &the ear" can detects '
a. the smell of the food b. the taste of the milk c. the sounds of music
d. the soft skin e. the food scenery
Menentukan informasi tertentu yang tersurat dalam sebuah teks (report)
The platypus is a semia(uatic mammal endemic to eastern !ustralia, including
Tasmania. It is one of the five e)tant species of monotremes, the only mammals that lay
eggs instead of giving birth to live young.
The body and the broad flat tail of this animal are covered with dense brown fur
that traps a layer of insulating air to keep the animal warm.
It uses its tail for storage of fat reserves. It has webbed feet and a large rubbery
snout. These are features that appear closer to those of a duck than those of any known
%eight varies considerably from *,+ to ,,- kilograms, with males being larger
than females. ! male average .* centimetres in total length, while the female average
appro)imately -. centimetres
The platypus has an average body temperature of /, degree 0elcius rather than /+
degree 0elcius, that"s typical of a placental mammal.
%hat animal is being described in the te)t above '
a. 1ctopus b. 2hinoceros c. Mos(uitos
d. Platypus e. 3iranhas
4ow much the weight of this described animal in the te)t above '
a. 0,7 to 2,4 kg b. *,+ to 5,- kg c. *,+ to /,- kg
d. *,+ to -,- kg e. *,+ to 6,- kg
%hat is the fur color of this described animal in the te)t above '
a. Brown b. %hite c. 7ellow
d. 2ed e. 0hyrsanthium
Menentukan informasi tertentu yang tersurat dalam sebuah teks (!dvertisement)
FO !"#$ %$$&'OO(
) /bedroom family home, double garage. 8ew condition. 9arge garden. $hort walk
to city and schools. :+-.**
) Modern ,shorey ;bedroom home, large living room, separate dining room, /
bathrooms, basement, garage,. #eautiful big garden and swimming pool. <)celent
condition. :5.*,**
) 9u)ury ,bedroom apartement, near ocean. =uiet location. -. minutes from city.
) !ttractive /bedroom family home, separate dining room, , bathrooms. 1pposite
busstop, . minutes from town. <asy look after (brick, with small garden)).
) !vailable immediately. 9arge 5bedroom city appartement, fully furnished with
(uality furnishing. 9arge living area, dishwasher, refrigerators. :/.,**
) !ttractive 5bedroom appartement in new building. 1nly /* minutes from city
center and 5* minutes from airport. >nfurnished. :,?,**
The topic of the te)t is about@.
a. %reenwood
b. Types of homes
c. 2ecidences for sale
d. 3rice of the appartement
e. 9ocation of the recidences

! home which has swimming pool is priced at
a. *+,0,00
b. :,?,**
c. :..,**
d. :/.,**
e. :+-,**
!n appartement which has unfurnihed is priced at
a. :5.*,**
-. *2.,00
c. :..,**
d. :/.,**
e. :+-,**
! home which has /bedroom with double garage is priced at
a. :5.*,**
b. :,?,**
c. :..,**
d. :/.,**
e. *74,00
/"01&% 12$ 2$"/ '134O53 /"241&$
5. Airst of all, prepare your ice cream mi)ture, and then chill it over an ice bath.
,. 0ontinue to check the mi)ture in every /* minutes, stirring vigorously as it"s
/. Ceep checking periodically and stirring until the ice cream is froBen.
-. !fter fortyfive minutes, remove it from the freeBer and stir it vigorously with
a spatula or a whisk.
.. Then, pour your custard mi)ture in a deep of baking dish and put in the
;. The last step, transfer the ice cream to covered storage container until it ready
to serve.
a. +),)4)2)6)7
b. 5,/-.;
c. 5./,-;
d. 5,./-;
e. 5./,-;

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