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Ouantun B|ofeedback 5erv|ces

w|tn 5anantna Huston

5anantna Huston nas ||ved
|oca||y |n Centra| Ca||forn|a ner
ent|re ||fe. Dr|ven to pursue
know|edge of nunan
consc|ousness and tne n|nd/
body connect|on, sne |s an
educated and pass|onate
Ouantun B|ofeedback coacn.
5tudy|ng yoga for over 25
years, sne br|ngs tne w|sdon
and |ove of ner pract|ce to tne off|ce.
5anantnas n|ss|on |n ner work |s to ne|p us to becone
respons|b|e for our energy, transforn|ng our ||ves and
env|ronnent |nto a nea|tn|er, napp|er connun|ty.
After rece|v|ng Ouantun B|ofeedback tnerapy nerse|f |n 2DD5,
5anantna fe|| |n |ove w|tn tne 5ClO {5c|ent|f|c Consc|ousness
lnterface Operat|ng 5ysten).
5anantna now works w|tn peop|e and tne|r an|na| fan|||es to
reacn tne|r goa|s pnys|ca||y, enot|ona||y, and sp|r|tua||y.
ln ner free t|ne, 5anantna |s off tne gr|d, connun|ng w|tn
nature and pract|c|ng yoga on tne tra|| w|tn Brando, Ocno lnf|n|to
c 5snowsat|ona|.
About 5an
||ease ca|| or ena|| for ava||ab|e appo|ntnent t|nes and |ocat|ons
na|| 5anantna Huston
S5BD Go|den |ond Way
Creston, CA S3432
ena|| san_sanantnanuston.con
pnone BD5-7D4-SG7B
skype |d sanantnanuston'
|qu|ne and can|ne serv|ces are a|so
ava||ab|e at Go|den |ond 5add|e Canp, a
tn|rty n|nute dr|ve fron 5an |u|s Ob|spo,
Atascadero or |aso |ob|es, Ca||forn|a.
l spec|a||ze |n norse and r|der re|at|onsn|ps,
bu||d|ng trust and creat|ng conf|dence.
lf you are |ook|ng for an equ|ne
exper|ence to open your neart and sootne
your sou| on your nea||ng ]ourney, tne
rancn norses and l are a|so ava||ab|e for
gu|dance and tra|n|ng.
B|ofeedback sensors confortab|y read e|ectr|ca| |npu|ses fron tne body and
send tne |nfornat|on to tne conputer. 1ne pract|t|oner |s tnen |s ab|e to educate
tne c||ent as to wnat spec|f|c areas of tne bodyn|nd are nost |n need of stress
reduct|on and re-educat|on. 1nese data f|nd|ngs a||ow tne c||ent to better
understand tne|r react|ons to stress and better contro| tne|r pnys|o|og|ca|
responses. Wn||e tne b|ofeedback process |s conp|ete|y non-|nvas|ve and gent|e,
tn|s powerfu| stress nanagenent support systen a||ows re|axat|on and
|ncreased ab|||ty for tne body to nea|.
|enenber, tne body |s des|gned to nea| |tse|f. 1ne process of b|ofeedback |s not
to nea|, ratner to ne|p tne body restore a ba|anced and stress free state. Wnen
we entra|n tne nea|tny patterns of a re|axed state, a process of se|f regenerat|on
nappens natura||y.
1ne nost asked quest|on about Ouantun B|ofeedback |s: How nany sess|ons
w||| l need? lt |s |nposs|b|e to answer tn|s quest|on, as eacn |nd|v|dua|s
exper|ence w||| vary. lt nay take tne c||ent nu|t|p|e sess|ons to entra|n and
estab||sn nea|tn|er patterns. Otners respond very qu|ck|y, espec|a||y tnose wnose
||festy|e cno|ces are a|ready a||gned w|tn good nea|tn. Genera||y speak|ng, tne
|onger a c||ent nas ne|d certa|n stress patterns, tne nore sess|ons tney w||| need
to create we||be|ng.
|ersona||zed, confortab|e and conf|dent|a| support
for a|| nea|tn and we||ness needs. |e|axat|on tra|n|ng w|tn coacn|ng
and gu|dance to ne|p w|tn stress nanagenent and goa|s.
SD n|nutes S'2D
GD n|nutes SSD
5O||| 5|55lON5
A 2 nr nan|festat|on protoco| for focus|ng on creat|ng cnange.
||rst na|f |s for c|ear|ng b|ocks and free|ng up ava||ab|e energy.
5econd na|f |s for focus|ng on |ntent and creat|ng
tne preferred rea||ty. lnc|udes restroon break and refresnnent.
'2D n|nutes S'75
|lNl 5|55lON5
|or return c||ents and cn||dren.
Cnoose fron:
|not|ona| Ba|ance
Bra|n Ba|ance/ |earn|ng Ab|||t|es
5p|na| |nergy ||ow/ lncrease Cn|
Hornona| Ba|ance c 5tab|||zat|on
Add|ct|on |e|ease/ |estore Creat|v|ty
Organ |estorat|on/ lnnune 5ysten 5upport
|everse Ag|ng |rotoco|
3D n|nutes S5D
Ouantun B|ofeedback 5ess|ons