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Sermon preached at The Church of the Holy Trinity,

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Sunday June 8
The Re!erend "lan #eale
Drink, drink, drink
$%o forth into the streets and e!an&eli'e, proclaim the %ospel( Remem)er that
the Church *as )orn to &o forth, that mornin& of Pentecost( +et yoursel!es )e
&uided )y the Holy Spirit, *ith that same freedom( "nd please, do not ca&e the
Holy Spirit,- . these *ords *ere spo/en )y Pope 0rancis( #o* 1 am sometimes
told that His Holiness and 1 )ear some resem)lance, true or not *e definitely
share resem)lance in our theolo&y of the Holy Spirit . the Spirit is crucial,
fundamental, inte&ral to the life of the Church and the Christian, the Spirit is ali!e
and potent today and, all to *retched and poi&nant, the Spirit can )e, as it *ere,
ca&ed )y the Church, )y the Christian(
$2o not ca&e the Holy Spirit- . and yet *e seem to a)ound in P3Ps,
po*er4plastic outlet protectors as if *e are children, una)le to cope, to mana&e
*ith the dynamic po*er of the Holy Spirit,
The Pope5s *ords are a clarion call much needed to )e heard today as *hen St(
Paul *rote to the 6phesian Church $2o not &rie!e the Holy Spirit- 76phesians
The Pope5s *ords are a rele!ant call as today is the 0east of Pentecost, one of
the three ma:or festi!als of the Church5s ;ear alon&side Christmas and 6aster(
"nd yet< it is an understatement of classic proportions to say that this day is
&enerally o!erloo/ed, ne&lected and i&nored(
3ur Prayer =oo/ omits any special openin& salutation nor any special final
)lessin& and our Hymnal allots se!en hymns to Pentecost, one less than
"nd yet our %ospel today records the one of only three instances *hen Jesus
cries out, shouts< John >?8> $3n the last &reat day of the 0east, Jesus cried out,
@1f anyone thirst, let him come to me and drin/ and out of his heart shall flo*
ri!ers of li!in& *ater and this He said a)out the Holy Spirit-(
Here is *hat the offer< *ater, Spirit that is fresh, ali!e, !italA *ater, Spirit that is
o!erflo*in&A and *ater4Spirit that reaches to the !ery depths of our )ein& 7/oilias
. )ellies9(
Here is the means of appropriation< thirst 7reco&ni'e the thirst9, come
7intentionally, deli)erately turn to Jesus9 and drin/(
2rin/< and here my friends 1 reached an impasse< and here 1 reached out to
others for help( To Car/ Smith, to someone *ith *hom 1 struc/ up a con!ersation
yesterday in the Square, and to my past(
Dhat does it actually mean, *hat is Jesus as/in& me4you to do *hen he cries out
*ith ur&ency, $2rin/-(
1 e!en, earlier this mornin&, found the *ords of a Cario +an'a son& come to my
mind $2rin/, drin/, drin/<- and felt a little less em)arrassed *hen 1 !ie*ed an
"quafina *ater commercial usin& the same son&(
Dhat *ould you su&&estB
1n desperation 1 resorted to CerriamEDe)ster5s 2ictionary<
to ta/e in or suc/ up ? a)sor) $drin/in& air into his lun&s-
to ta/e in or recei!e a!idly Fusually used *ith in $dran/ in e!ery *ord of the
to ta/e liquid into the mouth for s*allo*in&
to recei!e into oneGs consciousness
2rin/ . a)sor) all that is possi)le a)out the +ord, His historic and His current
*ays of *or/in& *ith His creation( The Pope prayed that *e *ould eHperience an
$holy intoHification-(
2rin/ . recei!e a!idly e!erythin& *ord of the +ord in Scripture particularly, )ut
also in e!ery opportunity that is presented to us daily(
2rin/ . s*allo*, in&est, ma/e your !ery o*n possession the &reat truths of our
2rin/ . ma/e this desire part of your consciousness, to drin/ deep drau&hts and
often of all the Holy Spirit presents you(
Please, to use the Pope5s plainti!e *ord, < do not ca&e, do not limit, do not
quench the Holy Spirit( AMEN