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The Case Study on


Sr. no. Topics
1. Company profile - ABI
2. Corporate social responsibility
3. ! practices " #rie$ance %an&lin# ' trainin# met%o&s'
moti$atin# employees ' safety meas(res an& recr(itment
). *ro&(ct o$er$ie+
,. *ro&(ction process " porcelain an& polymer plant
-. .(r obser$ation
/. .(r e0perience
We would like to acknowledge the staff members of Aditya birla insulators halol for guiding us
and imparting us knowledge about the production processes and the HR practices they follow.
We would like to thank BBA programme for giving us an opportunity to get a field experience of
the theories we learn.

Abo(t A&itya Birla Ins(lators
A subsidiary of Aditya Birla Nuvo Aditya Birla !nsulators is !ndia"s largest makers of high#
performance insulators.
$heir products have benchmarked industry standards in technology and %uality to deliver highly
dependable products making them one of the most trusted names in the industry. Aditya Birla
!nsulators leverages the rich legacy of the Aditya Birla &roup and the technical expertise accrued
through over four decades in the industry. $he company provides a comprehensive range of
high#performance insulators to the power industry in !ndia as well as overseas.
Aditya Birla !nsulators is the country"s largest and the world"s fourth largest manufacturer of
electrical insulators. $heir extensive product range includes hollow solid core disc pin
post insulators finding applications in substation e%uipment and in transmission systems.
Aditya Birla !nsulators is the preferred partner of a global clientele that includes leading power
utilities and national and international power e%uipment manufacturers. $heir products are
exported to over '( countries worldwide with focused markets in )urope America *iddle
)ast Africa and +hina.
$o deliver superior value to their customers shareholders employees and society at large.
$o be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus on each business.
!ntegrity, Honesty in every action
Acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair honest and following the highest standards
of professionalism. !ntegrity for them means not only financial and intellectual integrity but in
all other forms as are commonly understood.
+ommitment, -eliver on the promise
.n the foundation of integrity doing whatever it takes to deliver value to all stakeholders. !n the
process taking ownership of their actions and decisions those of their team and that part of the
organisation that they are responsible for.
/assion, )nergised action
A missionary 0eal arising out of emotional engagement with the organisation that makes work
1oyful and inspires each one to give their best. Relentless pursuit of goals and ob1ectives with the
highest level of energy and enthusiasm that is voluntary and spontaneous.
2eamlessness, Boundary less in letter and spirit
$hinking and working together across functional silos hierarchies business and geographies.
3everaging the available diversity to garner synergy benefits and promote openness through
sharing and collaborative efforts.
2peed, .ne step ahead always
Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. +ontinuously seeking to
crash timelines and choosing the right rhythm to optimise organisation efficiencies.
Aditya Birla !nsulators Rishra has won the &olden /eacock National 4uality Award
5&/N4A6 7889 in the manufacturing category. $he &/N4A model is based on *BN4A
5*alcolm Balridge National 4uality Award6 and is aligned with the World +lass
*anufacturing /ractices 5W+*6 : $/* process. $he award was given to ; organisations
out of a total of <(= participating organisations.
Aditya Birla !nsulators has been receiving the top export award : special export award
from +apexil for the past <( years > an unprecedented record e%ualled by none.
Aditya Birla !nsulators has also won awards for export excellence from the president and
prime minister of !ndia? proof our unfaltering commitment to %uality and delivery.
$he brands of A-!$@A B!R3A include,
Aan heusen
Ray one
/eter )ngland
3ouis /hilip
Allen solly
Birla sun life insurance
/lanet fashion
Birla white
Corporate social responsibility
With a special focus on girl child education several of their units are
supporting Casturba &andhi Balika Aidyalayas 5C&BA6 # residential
schools for girls.
$hey administered DD.7 million polio doses to children at Eagdishpur
&ummidipoondi Aeraval Halol and Renukoot.
$he plant does not release pollution and so it does not harm the environment.
$hey are also engaged in blood donation camps which is conducted on <F
November every
year the birth anniversary of aditya birla.
+alm and clean surroundings eco#friendly:pollution free environment. $rash Bins are placed
wherever re%uired.
Infrastr(ct(re De$elopment7
$o address the drinking water problem in primary school villages
2arasva Gmrala and Aadodara a hand pump pipeline has been installed
under the &u1arat Water 2upply and 2ewage Board. !ndian Rayon is setting
up safe drinking water pro1ects under the "2wa1aldhara @o1ana".
! *ractices
At Aditya Birla !nsulators their work culture is oriented to the core values of the Aditya Birla
&roup > integrity passion commitment seamlessness and speed.
Aditya Birla !nsulators values its people as its most precious asset. $he company accords highest
importance to the welfare health safety and satisfaction of the employees.
All business activities are carried out seamlessly with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
and well laid#out procedures. $he company works towards creating a positive work ambience for
all employees to grow and prosper.
$he organisation is committed to develop a world#class workforce by offering challenging
assignments and opportunities to apply learning in an environment replete with robust mentoring
and coaching systems. $he organisation encourages the continuous growth of employees through
delegation and empowerment.
$hey recognise the value of providing continuing education in the skills and career development
of the employees. $he aim is to create highly motivated individuals who will work well as a
team with a sense of belonging and commitment.
ere are some of t%e ! practices performe& in t%e or#ani8ation7
4rie$ance %an&lin#
.pen forum is conducted on D
2aturday of every month. $he open meet begins with feedback
of the employees. Burther in case of dissatisfaction of the employees %uestions are welcomed
from them and solutions to those issues are brought through discussions.
$he company also has a trade union Named HRa1shree kamdar sangh.I !t helps the workers to
present their grievances in front of the management.
-isciple check is kept on regular basis on employees to avoid the mis#conduct and absentism of
the employees.
$o solve the issue of high absentism they go for counseling of the employees. Herein employees
are asked the reasons for being absent and are guided J motivated accordingly.
Trainin# met%o&s
$raining is provided on the basis of soft skills and departmental skills.
Bor imparting skills on the 1ob K they go for class room training. A&itya birla 9no+le&#e
centre is there at the plant for providing the class room training.
$raining is also provided with the help of outside agencies and experts.
/re and post training tests are conducted to know whether the training programme is
efficient or not to know whether employees implement what they learn at their
workplace and also to know their capabilities.
5oti$atin# t%e employees
$he employees having ;8L or above attendance are recogni0ed by giving awards and
incentive of extra pay.
$hey motivate their employees by taking care of their monetary needs.
)mployees suggestions and ideas are recogni0ed and they are given benefits for the same.
$hey direct and motivate them towards their organi0ational and individual goals
$hey follow the Abraham maslowMs motivational theory to motivate and satisfy needs of
their employees.
Canteen :acilities7 $he employees are provided with facilities like air#conditioners water
coolers with R. 2ystems and hygienic food. $he cleanliness of the canteen is well maintained.
!ecreational :acilities7 $o reduce the boredom of the employees AB! has arranged for
3+-s music systems.
Colonies for labo(rers
E- news bulletin board, $his notice board is kept in the staff canteen where the following
things are highlighted K
<. Health tips for staff.
7. News and events.
D. Rewards and recognition
F. $raining
'. /ower sector news
=. *anagement insight
9. 2afety
(. 4ui0 time
*onetary recognition through pride felicitation programme at AB! halol and rishra
plants. /ride is a monetary recognition scheme which will be administered at business
level biannually 5in .ctober and april every year6 and applicable to all management cadre
Bestivals like republic day !ndependence -ay -iwali and vishwakarma 1ayanti is
$heir future planning is to indulge in sports activities.
Safety 5eas(res7
2afety kits are provided to the workers working in the factories. $hese kits include
masks helmets ear plugs etc.
Bire )xtinguishers were installed in the factories for emergencies. $o avoid ma1or
accidents they provide various //)s 5/)R2.NA3 /R.$)+$!A) )4G!/*)N$26 to
their workers.
AB! follows the internal recruitment process i.e. they recruit employees within the AB
group. $his also motivates their employees to work hard. Whenever there is a vacancy in
any department they provide their re%uirements to HAditya dishaI from where they get
applicants for the same.
!f in case the organi0ation lacks internal human resource then they go for external
recruitment agencies.
*ro&(ct .$er$ie+
Aditya Birla !nsulators is the largest !ndian manufacturer of high voltage porcelain insulators.
World#class technology and cost competitiveness produce high %uality insulators at state of the
art manufacturing facilities.
The company specialises in the production of high-strength equipment porcelains for use in SF6
circuit breakers, instrument transformers, condenser bushings, disconnectors and insulators for
the traction system of the Indian Railways, and high-end transmission products up to 6! "#
system $oltages%
$he Aditya Birla !nsulators" product range is exported to '( countries around the world with
focus on markets in )urope and America. Aditya Birla !nsulators exports one third of its total
sales. $he business has been proactive in gauging changing customer needs and adapting its
product range to meet high %uality standards and customer satisfaction.
With its products extensively tested in reputed national and international laboratories the
resultant output is truly world class and this is vindicated by its long#term customers that include
leading power utilities and multinational companies.
$he key customers of these insulators which come in range from <<CA to <788CA are,
;(ality policy
Aditya Birla !nsulators continuously reinforces and upgrades the %uality management systems
and functions conforming to !2. ;88< standard. $he unit"s progressive %uality ob1ectives focuses
on customer care and business excellence while continuously assessing the effectiveness of
4*2 to demonstrate continual improvements.
.(r <(ality ob=ecti$es
$imely and consistent delivery of %uality products
Adherence to global standards and specifications
+ompliance to applicable regulatory and statutory re%uirements
*inimise errors and defects
/rovide technical and skills development training to all employees
/rotect and enrich the environment through sound environment management practices
during manufacturing
A&itya Birla Ins(lators' alol manufactures two types of insulators,
<. /orcelain
7. /olymer
$he ma1or materials re%uired for manufacturing porcelain insulators are
$hese raw materials mainly come from Ra1asthan 5!ndia6 and also imported from $hailand. $he
Aluminium comes from Hindalco which is a part of Aditya Birla &roup.
$he raw materials were divided into different segments i.e. Gnder $esting and $ested .C.
-ifferent areas were allotted for different types of approved raw materials i.e. &la0e Raw
*aterial and H / Ball +lay.
*ro&(ction *rocess
Aditya Birla !nsulators follows world#class manufacturing practices in the pro&(ction of
porcelain ins(lators. $he important stages in the manufacture of porcelain insulators are,
<. Collectin# t%e sample7 Brom the whole lot <L sample is taken and sent to the Research
and -esign -epartment for sampling.
7. Testin# of Sample7 $esting is done on the basis of Aisual !nspection
!nstrument:*echanical testing and +hemical $esting. $he $is(al inspection is based on
the colour moisture content spillage conditions of bags and abnormalities of the raw
material. !n instr(ment testin# the si0es of the particles are tested in a particle si0e
analy0er. And in c%emical testin# the chemical properties of the raw material are tested
alongwith the plasticity and non#plasticity of the raw material. $he plastic and non plastic
clay is mixed together to form a slurry. $he plastic clay act as a bonding agent to non
plastic clay in insulators and the non plastic clay provides mechanical strength to the
D. Ceramic sl(rry preparation, +lay the raw material is mixed with water in a vibrater.
$he vibrator has a magnet which separates the particles. Here the product made is known
as slury.
F. :ilter pressin#, After the slurry preparation next is the filter press. Here water is drained
from the slury and then the product which comes is known as filter cake. After this step
moisture content retained should be <9 to 78L. /*R is there to check the stiffness of the
filter cake.
'. *reparation of blan97 in a pug mill charging of filter cake is done. $he charged filter
cake is known as blank. !t is cylindrical in shape. )ach cylindrical blank is given a
drawing or a serial no. it is given to differentiate the output from various machines. Here
vacuum is also given for the removal of air bubbles. Here moisture remains the same. Bor
preparation of one blank it re%uires F8 to ;8 minutes depending upon design.
=. Dryin# to remo$e absorbe& +ater7 blank then goes to the electrical dryer. After passing
from the electrical dryer the moisture of the blank comes down to <F#<=L. !t takes ; to
<' days for drying. +opper masses is stick to both the sides of blank.
9. S%apin#7 after drying it goes for shaping in +N+ machines. 3ength and diameter are
different for different transmitions of insulators. the design is programmed in the
computer according to which shaping of cylindrical blanks are done. .nce the shaping
process is started it cannot be controlled in the shaping machines. $he output which is
waste will be recycled again and put through every process.
(. Dryers7 there are two types of dryers ,
# *rimary &ryers
# Secon&ary &ryers
After shaping it goes to primary dryer. !n primary dryer ;'L humidity is maintained.
they also contained water sprinklers to maintain the humidity in the dryer. $he
temperature re%uired was F8 degree. !t is '#; days long process here. $he time limit can
be changed but the temperature cannot be changed
After passing through primary dryers they are passed through secondary dryers. Here
humidity is not maintained. the temperature re%uired here is <D8 degree. $his is a D#'
days process. +loth and paper were used to cover the shaped blanks to maintain the
After passing through primary dryer the moisture should be less than or e%ual to (L and
after passing through secondary dryer the moisture should be 8.=L.
;. Dry finis%in# sta#e7 here the outer surface of the finished blank is cleaned with scotch
brite to remove the unwanted extra particles.
<8. 4la8in#7 it is done for making a glossy surface of insulators. it is one type of glass
coating used to polish. !nitially the finished blank is dipped in water and then in the gla0e.
After that it is dried in the machine. Non grog sand is sticked on the top of the finished
<<. 3oa&in#7 loading is done in shuttle kiln and tunnel kiln. 2huttle kiln is done by cycle
hours i.e batch wise 5specific time period6. $unnel kiln is for continuous production.
<7. :irin#7 it is placed in a furnace for =8 hours at <D88 degree.
<D. C(ttin#' #ro#in# an& cementin#7 here two sides are cutted and #ro#in# is &one +it%
sand. $hen cement is applied to grog and metal flang is fitted.
<F. Testin#7 here height dimension visual inspection electrical properties and mechanical
properties are checked.if they are not appropriate then re1ected.
<'. Dispatc%in#7 after testing the insulators are kept in wodden tray to send them for
*ro&(ction process of polymer plant
<. Crimpin# mac%ine, the first stage is crimping machine where BR/ rods are attached
with metal.
7. S53 testin#, it is a mechanical test to check the strength of rod.
D. In=ection mo&el, here the silicon rubber is molded over the rod.
F. :inis%in# process, the finishing process is known as deflashing.
'. Inspection, here the testing of final product is done.

.>! .BSE!6ATI.N
$hey have a very well maintained and clean canteen facilities were provided to the staff.
$he environment was clean calm and green.
!n the factory very few workers used the safety kit provided to them.
!n the plant various pictures paintings and slogans were there to promote the use of
safety e%uipment to save water to reduce the wastage of oil and other raw#materials
$here was a systematic storage facility for raw materials.
High %uality raw material is used in the production of insulators.
$he production process is reliable as at every stage samples are taken and tested.
$here are chances of minor accidents occurring as we saw that the clay was dropped on
the floor because of which people moving in the plant can slip.
When we raised the %uestion of not having the re%uired number of ventilators we got to
know that ventilators are present according to the re%uirement of humidity of the product.
!n the polymer plant for the safety of the production process people were asked to go in
with bare foot.
$hey lacked in providing proper sunlight to the plant wherever re%uired. -ue to this there
was suffocation in the plant.
$he grievance redressal system for the employees was a fair practice.
$hey take test of the trainees before and after their training. $hey also talk to the
supervisors of these trainees about whether is there any change in the performance of the
trainees. $his helps them to get knowledge about the effectiveness of training on their
$he motivational activities are monetary as well as non#monetary. $hey take care of their
employeesM needs goals and satisfaction.
$he e#news bulletin board at the canteen made the staff aware about all the news and
events of the AB group and AB! as well.
.ur industrial visit at the A-!$@A B!R3A !N2G3A$.R2 HA3.3 was the first and
memorable one. We were allotted personnel from AB! group to guide and explain the whole
production process of insulators. We were given detailed information of the whole production
process. He answered all our %ueries patiently and indeed was a great help for us. We were also
given a presentation on the current position and future aspirants of aditya birla insulators as well
as the AB group. $here was an interactive session held between us and the *r. /anchal 5Hr dept.
head6 wherein we were informed about the HR practices at AB!. He was highly impressed by the
BBA students and was proud to see us as future managers of the corporate world. He even
motivated us to be very appropriate and committed to our work. He %uoted the example of shri
ramaMs commitment to his father inspite of difficulties he faced for <F years of exile for the same.
!t was energi0ing 5the environment and the people6 and enlightening 5the exposure to the
We are thankful to the Aditya birla insulators halol for giving us this knowledge in spite of their
busy schedule. We are also thankful to the BBA programme for taking us to such a learning and
informative industrial visit.