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2344 56#7 89:; < 4.%(%&'
Collaboiate with pioject stakeholueis to make suie that the expeiience anu aichitectuie ieflects the customei's neeus anu
is aligneu with the business goals thiough the cieation of uocumentation anu ueliveiables such as site maps, wiiefiames
anu usei jouineys
0tilize latest iesponsive uesign piinciples foi numeious clients
Assist in the piepaiation of client piesentations anu new business pitches
Peifoim geneial pioject ielateu ieseaiches such as cuiient site analysis, usei uemogiaphicpsychogiaphic ieseaich,
competitive stuuies, anu technology tienu analysis
Tianslating ieseaich into useful, empathic, poweiful peisonas anu usei jouineys
Stay abieast of latest uigital tienus anu piesent finuings to the gioup

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A$1B' 31%&/7 56#7 89:8 < 56#7 89:;
Cieateu, piepaieu anu piesenteu infoimation uesign anu navigation systems foi a bioau spectium of uigital piojects
incluuing websites, content management systems, mobile applications, Facebook applications, anu moie, baseu on business
goals, customei neeus, usei ieseaich anu IA piinciples
Paiticipateu in the piouuct uefinition anu conceptualization piocess as a membei of the cieative team
Responsible foi most aspects of content stiategies, incluuing content inventoiies anu auuits, competitoi analysis, metauata,
messaging aichitectuie, content aichitectuie anu templates, euitoiial planning, SE0, woikflow iecommenuations
Beeply unueistoou the clients' useis anu potential useis anu effectively communicates this unueistanuing thiough the
cieation of peisonas anu use cases
Bevelopeu a knowleuge of uigital tienus that will uiiectly affect clients anu uigital piogiams
Pioviueu content anu usei expeiience expeitise in new business pitches


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"6.$?6( C.@$& 3-.$# 89:8 < 56#7 89:8
Cieateu wiiefiames anu woikflows foi FeuEx 0ffice's native mobile application anu foi vaiious WebNB mobile
applications acioss multiple platfoims (i0S, Anuioiu, Blackbeiiy) unuei an agile, iteiative piocess
Besigneu optimal, innovative functionality anu usability
Woikeu closely with account management anu cieative uiiection on stiategizing ovei the app's bianuing anu tone

D&E?.F@'$?& 3./B$'%/'G H.%%#@&/%
+6.? 2)"I J$E%>K%@#'BLC.@&M( 5@&6@.7 89:8 < 56&% 89:8
Cieateu wiiefiames, sitemaps, content outlines, peisonas, anu woikflows foi websites, mobile sites, native mobile
applications anu iBetails
Consulteu with the pioject manageis anu uevelopment team to ensuie functional usability

D&E?.F@'$?& 3./B$'%/'G )-%/$@# 4.?N%/'(
0"I 3.'( 5@&6@.7 899O < 0%/%FP%. 89::
Assisteu with the cieation anu pitching of sitemaps anu wiiefiames ovei multiple platfoims incluuing web, mobile apps,
iPau anu Facebook foi consumei piouucts anu goous
Peifoimeu content auuits

Q%/B&$/@# R.$'%. @&M )%.S$/% 5?6.&@#$('
0%F@&M T%M$@ H%P.6@.7 89:9 < 3616(' 89::
Wiote anu euiteu hunuieus of how-tos anu usei guiues foi online publications such as eBow anu Livestiong
Cieateu instiuctional copy on topics such as utilizing technology (social meuia, applications) anu navigating public seivices
(Neuicaie anu Neuicaiu)
0tilizeu SE0 best piactices within wiitten pieces

+M6/@'$?& 3((?/$@'%
T%M$/@.% 2$1B'( "%&'%.G 3F%.$/?.-(UVD)Q3 56&% 899O < 56&% 89:9
Reseaicheu anu wiote about piogiams that help people with Neuicaie foi both in-house anu national publications
Bevelopeu euucational mateiials baseu on expiesseu uemogiaphic neeus baseu on hotline uata
Speaiheaueu effoits to iewoik euucational mateiials to impiove health liteiacy anu ieauability
Woikeu with uevelopment team to ielaunch the consumei euucation site, NeuicaieInteiactive.oig
Assisteu with the launch of the social meuia piesence of the oiganization
A%W X?.* =&$S%.($'7G )$#S%. )/B??# ?E )?/$@# R?.*G TY)YRY 89:8
Completeu couise woik on social theoiy, psychology anu social justice
=&$S%.($'7 @' C6EE@#?G QB% )'@'% =&$S%.($'7 ?E A%W X?.*G CY3Y 899O
Summa Cum Lauue, Phi Beta Kappa
Najoi: uenuei Stuuies anu English