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2 Supplier evaluation for the first time - key procurement

For key products, components or activities of purchasing, the company enterprise management
organization and evaluation criterion should e ased on specific each supplier site, including the
a# $erify the supplier %uality management in conformity !ith the provisions of the %uality
management system&
# 'valuate the supplier can meet the procurement re%uirements in the follo!ing !ay"
revie! on the related production activities, or
implement first article inspection to ensure that meet the re%uirements of the rules or
(hen eing limited y the patent, regulations and)or the terms of the contract, it
should determine the supplier of the product ho! to meet the re%uirements of the

Supplier evaluation - non-critical purchasing for the first time
For a direct impact on product realization or the final product of non-critical products,
components or activities of purchasing, organized y enterprise management, the supplier
evaluation should meet the re%uirements of or one or more of the follo!ing re%uirements"
+# $erify the supplier,s %uality management system, conform to the provisions of the %uality
management system re%uirements, or
# 'valuate the supplier !hether meet the re%uirements of the company,s procurement, or
c# -onfirm the final inspection of product or product provided y supplier Supplier evaluation again
+# 'nterprises management department shall e responsile for the organization of the
relevant units to revie! the supplier .critical and non-critical#, according to the re%uirement of the
# /e-evaluation of supplier should e done at least once a year, according to the results of
the revie! to ad0ust the scope of supply, the management representative for approval after the
issuing of related departments. 2utsourcing
a#company should control the outsourcing activities, and the responsiility of the purchasing
department !ill e asked to transfer to the outsourcing party comply !ith the control re%uirements
of the company to ensure that accord !ith the re%uirement of corresponding outsourcing process.
# -ompany should take full responsiility for product and outsourcing products. 3ake sure
the products meet the re%uirements of regulations, including the applicale +45 product
specification re%uirements. /ecord
'nterprise management department and purchasing department should keep the supplier
evaluation, selection and daily management of the records, and any action arising from the
evaluation records& 7uality inspection center and purchasing department kept records of
purchasing and outsourcing activities, the management of records according to the record control
procedure is carried out.
7.4.2 4urchasing information 4urchasing information
8he description of the purchasing information fully intends to purchase the products or
activities, including the acceptance criteria"
+# 8he supplier .contractor# products, procedures, processes, e%uipment, personnel,
%uality)environmental)occupational health and safety management system and so on re%uest. Such
as e9plosion-proof certificate re%uired to provide certain products, provide the survey certificate
or the third party inspection certificate, or management system certification, production license,
the safety of products, as !ell as the re%uirement of environmental protection, etc.
# Supplier .contractor# in the !orkplace and into the company should clear their o!n
%uality, environmental)safety responsiilities, and resolve all differences efore !ork.
-# 8he numer, category, class or other accurate identification should e included&
Specifications, dra!ings, technical re%uirements, test procedures, the name of the traceaility and
other relevant technical data or other positive identification, and applicale version. +pproval and transmission of purchasing information
a# 8he company,s purchasing information should e according to the purchasing)plan and the
purchasing)agreement or contract file form of e9pression, and should e in accordance !ith the
provisions& the e9amination and approval authority for approval to ensure that purchasing
information is sufficient and appropriate.
# 4urchasing department choose the supplier in the catalog of %ualified suppliers and pass
the approved purchasing information.
c# 4urchasing department keeps communication !ith suppliers for the change of the
purchasing information and the formalities for e9amination and approval.
7.4.* 4urchasing product validation
7.4.*.1 $alidation activities and determination of accepted standards
-ompany develops the :management procedure of inspection and testing:, the %uality test
center according to the importance of the product characteristics to determine the purchase
product validation activities.
7.4.*.2 $alidation activities
a# 8he company full-time inspection staff in the company stock validation activities.
# (hen the company needs to verify the supplier,s premises, the procurement department
shall e adopted in the procurement contract validation of the method and the method of product
release, and the %uality testing center makes the inspection plan and performs the validation
c# $alidation activities !hen customers need to supplier site, e9cept # in accordance !ith the
inspection plan should also negotiate !ith customer and get approval. $alidation of the customer,
the supplier shall not e e9empted from and the responsiility of the company to provide %ualified
products, also can,t e9clude the customer re0ected due to %uality prolems. -ustomer validation is
no sustitute for incoming goods inspection.
7.4.*.* /ecords of validation activities
7uality inspection center, supplies company, material distriution center should e
responsile for keeping the records of validation activities.
7.1.1 8he control of the production and service provide
8he company set up and keeps to

3anagement procedure for the !orking process

the effective control for the production and service process. 8he specific production process is
sho!n in figure *. 8he plan for the production and service

4roduction manufacturing department make up the monthly production plans and report
on the deputy general manager in charge.

4roduction manufacturing department handed do!n to every manufacturing unit and

department as the production and purchase asis after has confirmed all the documents and
resources in the confirmation, 4roduction control

Science and technology management office is responsile for the distriuting of

documents !hich involved in the goods re%uirements to all departments. .+s the sample, the
technical process, the test process, the purchased parts list, the technical route.#
# 4roduction department and production unit choose right e%uipment according to the
production character, to meet technology re%uirement and machining accurate re%uirement
c# 8he operator of the key !orking procedure should accept the training of relevant
kno!ledge, and post operation aility&
d# 4roduction manufacturing and production units choose appropriate e%uipment according to
the product features to meet the re%uirements of process documents and machining accuracy&
e# each production unit and inspection personnel shall e e%uipped !ith the necessary
monitoring and measuring e%uipment, and use the e%uipment for production process and product
characteristics of monitoring and measuring activities, the implementation of the check .self-
inspection, mutual inspection# system&
f# (hen needed, implementation of product inspection test plan should e done&
g# (hen applicale, it should meet the re%uirements of design and change&
h# 4rocess control documents .see
7.1.1.* Service control
+ccording to the re%uirements of the :management procedure of product delivery and
service:, product service activities should e controlled as follo!s"
a# Sales department should organize the revie! and implementation according to product and
services and other service re%uirements&
# service personnel can otain suitale service e%uipment, including testing, monitoring and
measuring devices, and use these devices&
c# !hen applicale, !ork instructions should e provided on-site service&
d# identification and traceaility re%uirements should e throughout the entire service
e# the implementation of monitoring and measuring activities should e done&
f# the use of process control document .specific see
g# release re%uirements of service product. 4rocess control documents
a# 8racking tickets check list, process -+/;S and other forms of documents should e done
during the process route.
# 4rocess control including validation" conform to the applicale product %uality inspection
test plan, +45 product specifications, customer re%uirements and)or other applicale product
standards)criteria re%uirements.
c# 4rocess control documents should also include test, inspection and customer stop or
!itness points needed to guide and acceptance criteria. 4roduct realization aility file