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June 2014 FORUM
In This Issue
Page 5: AmSocs highest honor,
the Eric Poliak Award, goes to....
Page 6: Pictures and Thank-
yous of AmSocs biggest event
of the year.
The American Society of So Paulo
promotes friendship by organizing
social, cultural and athletic events for
its diverse membership; encourages
integration with the Brazilian society;
and supports the American traditions
of education, philanthropy and
Our Mission
In This Issue
Save the Date Save the Date
Jun 7th - So Paulo Hackers Golf Tournament
Jun 11th - Monthly Happy Hour at BOS BBQ
Jun 28th - Annual July 4th Picnic at the Consulate
Eric Poliak Award
AmSoc/Instituto General
Motors Gala 2014
Page 8: Just a few more weeks
now and the World Cup starts in
Brazil. Our handy guide tells you
all about it.
Independence Day Celebration
Were less than one month away from
our United States Independence Day Cel-
ebration on Saturday June 28, a few days
before the 4th, which falls on a Friday.
We want to especially thank Dennis Han-
kins, our Consul General in So Paulo,
and proudly acknowledge that the Ameri-
can Consulate will once again co-host
this event with the American Society. The
event will take place at the Consulate in
the beautiful and spacious sporting area.
The gates will open later this year at
2:30 p.m. so we can all enjoy the freworks
after dark. Guests will enter via the Rua
Henri Dunant gate again this year. Open-
ing ceremonies will include the Marine
Color Guard, the presidents message, a
general welcome to us all, and a presen-
tation of donation checks to CRIANCA
BRASIL to be used for teacher training,
and to LAR TIA EDNA to help remodel
their facility.
A typical picnic lunch will be served,
complete with traditional BBQ hot dogs,
hamburgers, fxings, and YOUR home-
made salads and desserts. The U.S. Ma-
rines will serve beer to raise money for
their annual Marine Ball, held every No-
vember in So Paulo.
Musical entertainment will be provid-
ed by the RocknRoll band Hideaway
Cats, playing songs that will have every-
one dancing or tapping their toes. Curu-
mim party organizers will again host the
childrens activities, with monitors and
face painters as well.
Heres what you have to do to partici-
pate in this important and entertaining
1. Call the American Society offce at
5182-2074 First-come, frst-serve ba-
sis (no reservations after June 21, due to
guest security clearance requirements).
2. Make your reservation Please fur-
nish names of all attendees including ba-
bas. We need document ID and age of all
children so we can be sure to have good
games for all.
3. Sign-up for salad or dessert Mak-
ing the event as homey as possible, we
ask each family to bring along a HOME-
MADE dish of your favorite recipe. Our
offce will tell you what type of dish we
need at the time of your reservation.
4. You MUST be a member of AmSoc
to RSVP to the event. If you are not
yet a member, you can signup online by
clicking the Join Now link on our site
at . Payment is avail-
able through PayPal or by bank transfer.
Membership gives you access to great
events such as this 4th of July party, and
so much more.
5. Volunteers are needed to help things
go smoothly at the party. Let the AmSoc
offce know if you can help with decora-
tions in the morning, putting out the sal-
ads and desserts, or with taking down the
tables and chairs.
Since well be inside the Consulate
gates, well need to conform to the strict
security regulations, so if you dont have
a reservation you will not be allowed past
Security. You will be allowed to enter
with cell phones and cameras, but noth-
ing else that could be considered a secu-
rity risk.
Heres what you have to do to enter the
Consulate compound:
1. You must present a valid photo ID
for each person attending the event. It
can be a passport, RG, RNE, etc.
2. No cars will be allowed inside the
compound, but on Saturdays it is easier
to park and we will be making arrange-
ments with a parking lot for those inter-
ested (will be posted on the website).
Your Independence Day Commit-
tee is working hard to ensure you have
a GREAT picnic, so come prepared for
good food, good friends, good weather,
and a fantastic event.
And remember, jaw-dropping fre-
works after dark!
See you on Saturday, June 28, at 2:30
FIFA World Cup Soccer
Exciting times
for AmSoc. Back
on April 23rd we
held our Annual
General Meeting
at Consul General
Dennis Hankins
residence. This is
actually an open
Board Meeting
for all members
to attend, that kicks
off with a cocktail
reception, then transitions into the
meeting portion where we review the
prior year highlights and fnancial
results, and the next years focus. This
year we rolled out our updated pillars
of the American Society I) American
Traditions and Local Culture, II)
Resources for our members, III)
Social and Business Networking, and
IV) Charity. All of our activities are
centered around one or more of these
four pillars.
The AGM was capped off by the
presentation of the annual Eric Poliak
Award recognizing a special AmSoc
member for his or her outstanding
community service. As our highest
honor, this years award was presented
to long time So Paulo resident, Mr.
David Warren. David is very active in
the Fellowship Community Church,
has been on the Board of Directors of
AmSoc for many years and has and
continues to be involved in the planning
and execution of many of our events.
David is respected by all his friends
and we are extremely proud of him and
his accomplishments and dedication to
the community.
On May 9th we held what I believe
was the best Charity Gala in many
Tickets for the event were sold
out weeks in advance and on the day
of the event still had several people
on a waiting list for tickets. The live
and silent auctions earned record
amounts and I cant remember seeing
so many people on the dance foor at
once. Thanks to all of the generous
donors from restaurants, jewelers,
hotels and resorts, artists, airlines,
and individuals who contributed their
prized possessions.
This was the frst year that we
partnered with the Instituto General
Motors. The President of General
Motors do Brasil, Santiago Chamurro,
surprised everyone at the beginning
of the live auction by donating a 2014
Camaro for three weekends to the
highest bidder. Were looking forward
to a great relationship with IGM and
Presidents Corner
By Frank Pierce,
AmSoc president
Lynn Cordeiro,
editor and layout
Ernest White II, staff writer
Julie Herrmann, Coordinator
Forum is printed by EGB.
Views expressed in
Forum do not necessarily
refect those of the
American Society board
of governors, members, or
staff. Forum reserves the
right to edit content for
brevity and/or clarity.
The American Society of So Paulo
Rua da Paz, 1431 04713-001 So Paulo, SP
Tel: (11) 5182-2074 Fax: (11) 5182-9155
email the editor:
Forum is published monthly, with
the exception of February and July, by

were already working on other joint
events. Most importantly, we raised
money for the two carefully-selected
charities, Crianca Brasil and Lar Tia
Our next event is a Memorial Day
service at Fellowship Church on May
25th, followed by the annual 4th of July
picnic at the Consulate on June 28th.
Both are great patriotic events capped
off with freworks after the picnic. We
also have a winter clothing drive for
children of the charity organizations
we support, and of course the monthly
Happy Hours check our Facebook
posts or call the AmSoc offce for
details on all upcoming events.
Making all of these events happen
takes tremendous effort by many
volunteers. We dont have professional
party planners, decorators, cooks or
caterers we do it all with AmSoc
These people put in countless
hours on the phone, on the road and
at the various venues planning and
coordinating every part of the event.
Without the tireless efforts and
leadership of our volunteers none
of these great events could happen.
We can always use more helpers if
interested, please contact the AmSoc
offce and become part of the team!
The American Society
of So Paulo
Welcome To Our New Members
Welcome the following New Members who joined us recently. We are very grateful for your support!
Jean-Yves and Patricia Di Bartolomeo

Where you were born:
Jean-Yves in Saint Chamond,
France and Patricia in San Antonio, Texas, USA
Length of time youve been in Brazil:
8 months

Why Brazil?
Jean-Yves is COO of GE Healthcare Latin America

Family with you? or at home?
Just the two of us
Best things so far:

Biggest frustration:
Safety issues

What you miss back home:
Family, friends, walking around our neighborhood
in Paris and quite frankly my dishwasher

Progress with Portuguese:
Slow and steady, mostly slow

Favorite place to hang out:
Our terrace
Places you plan to visit:
The usual : Foz do Igaucu, Pantanal....
Reading/sports/music/travel, which do you
prefer? Travel!
Travel plans?
Next stop Brasilia then Colombia
Meet Our New Members
Job Opening For
Forum Newsletter
After four years in the position of
FORUM editor, Lynn Cordeiro is leav-
ing to focus on family and prepare for
her third baby. During her years, Lynn
worked to redesign and upgrade the
publication, begin new columns and
revamped others. Thank you, Lynn for
your work at AmSoc.
Lynns leaving creates an opening
for a paid role at AmSoc. This is a part-
time position with hours that vary from
week to week and may be expanded to
include additional publication respon-
sibilities. The successful candidate will
have strong organizational skills, be
able to meet deadlines and be qualifed
in the areas of graphic layout, editing,
sales and marketing. If you are inter-
ested in applying for this important
role for AmSoc please email Julie at
Last name Name Spouse Nationality Membership Company
BEETER David Carol BEETER USA Helping Hands
DE SABRIT Marina Brazil Single Supporter 5star Relocation
FEER Monika Brazil Single Supporter 5star Relocation
FRIEDHEIM Christina Sergio FRIEDHEIM Brazil Supporter Family Playpen
KORAVOS Patrcia Baslios KORAVOS Brazil Patron Family Blackwater Security Brazil
ORTIZ Slvia Brazil Single Supporter
OUELLETTE Renee USA Single Supporter American Airlines
RHEE Michael Bobbi RHEE USA Supporter Family Stryker
SARAIVA Maria Augusta Brazil Single Supporter Via Varejo
SOUSA Maria do Cu Portugal Single Patron Jaguar Land Rover/ Autostar
WILSON Julia Marcelo ZAMPUNHA USA Supporter Family KPMG
By Thomas Bollati, American Consulate
Consulate Corner: The Wait Is Over -
The US Mission To Brazil And The World Cup
The World Cup is fnally upon us.
After months of preparation, the United
States Mission to Brazil is ready to
welcome the infux of U.S. citizens who
have purchased over 180,000 tickets to
World Cup matches. As residents of
Brazil, you may already be experiencing
World Cup fatigue. Nevertheless, we
want to let the community know how
the U.S. Consulate can help you during
the tournament, and also pass on some
last-minute travel tips.
While the U.S. team will be playing
its opening round games in Manaus,
Natal, and Fortaleza, we expect that
many of you may be traveling to other
cities in Brazil to attend matches. In
addition to So Paulo, the United States
government has full service Consulates
in Rio de Janeiro and Recife, as well
as the Embassy in Brasilia. Consular
Agents in Manaus, Fortaleza, Salvador,
and Porto Alegre will offer limited
services during the World Cup. Contact
information for these cities can be
found at
Additionally, U.S. consular
personnel will be stationed in each of
the twelve World Cup host cities to
provide a range of emergency services
to U.S. citizens in need. For emergency
services during the World Cup, please
email or
call the U.S. Embassy or the nearest
U.S. Consulate so that we can put you
in touch with the closest team.
If you are traveling out of town, be
sure to arrange your accommodations
before you go. Shortages of hotel
rooms are likely throughout Brazil
during the tournament, and prices for
available rooms will be higher than
normal. If you are still looking for
tickets, please remember that FIFA is
the only authorized source to purchase
tickets to World Cup Games. Be aware
of scams, fake ticket websites, and
unlicensed ticket resellers. Tickets
originating from unauthorized sources
are not valid and may result in the
bearer not being permitted entry into
the game. Also note that it is a criminal
offense to sell or supply a World Cup
ticket for higher than the face value.
A smart traveler is a safe traveler.
Learn everything you can about where
you will be going. You can fnd useful
information about the World Cup on
both the Embassy (Brazil.usembassy.
gov) and the Bureau of Consular
Affairs websites (
Finally, keep in touch with the U.S.
Mission to Brazil. We recently launched
a Twitter feed at @USCitzBrazil to
stay connected with U.S. citizens
and share useful information and
Additionally, Mission Brazils
Facebook page,
EmbaixadadosEUA.BR, will feature
English language content for U.S.
citizens during the World Cup. We also
recommend that you enroll with the
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
( to ensure that you
receive our messages to U.S. Citizens
and help your friends and family get in
touch with you in an emergency.
Please be sure that you have a fun
and safe time. Lets Go USA!
The American Society
of So Paulo
2014 FORUM
A m S o c
wishes to
David Warren
as the 2014
Eric Poliak
Award win-
ner. David
receives this
award for his
to volunteer
work. About
his volunteer work, past Poliak winner
Alan Blau says of David, Ive seen
him in action, on the fring line, doing
good and asking nothing in return; with
a heart the size of a basketball and an
abundance of love for friends and fam-
ily like Ive seldom seen before.
David, an Atlanta native, comes
from a background of military service,
have served in the U.S. Air Force for
more than 26 years. He is a Vietnam
veteran, and served with the Thunder-
birds as well as other distinguished
units, as well as the Brazilian Air Force
here in So Paulo from 1990 to 1992.
He retired from the USAF at the rank
of a Chief Master Sergeant. Of himself,
David says, I love my God, my fam-
ily, and my country. I am a patriot. He
resides here with his wife of 19 years,
Lucila, and their 15-year-old daughter,
As for his volunteer work with Am-
Soc over the last 22 years, David has
worn many hats. He served on the Am-
Soc Board of Directors for 13 years,
working the travel and sports area. He
was on the Fellowship Community
Church Board for many years, before
moving to the Council, where he orga-
nized many holiday celebrations, in-
cluding the Memorial Day Service and
Thanksgiving; he continues as co-chair
for the Independence Day celebration;
and he assists with some sports activi-
ties and the AmSoc Veterans Associa-
Past Poliak winners Eileen Tasso
(2013), Marlene Rubeiz (2012), So-
nya Querido (2008), Alan Blau (2005),
Mark Abrams (2004), Marilyn Mangels
(2000), JoAnn Ivy (1998), Eric Street
(1997), and Lynne Couri (1994) were
on hand at the AGM in April to help
AmSoc Vice-President Judy Zanchi
present the award to David.
We are an organization of volunteers
and without the commitment of those
willing to share their time we could not
help the institutions we support. Con-
gratulations, David, and thank you for
your years of commitment to AmSoc.
This award was founded in memory
of Eric Poliak, governor and past pres-
ident of the American Society, commu-
nity member, and friend. After Mr. Po-
liaks untimely death in May 1984, the
Board of Governors established this
tribute to be given to the person in So
Paulo in the U.S. expat community who
unselfshly contributed time and effort
for the good of the entire community.
The award is the American Societys
highest honor.
Eric Poliak Award Goes to David Warren
The 2014 AmSoc & Instituto General Motors Gala
It was a night
to remember!
Great food, good
company, beautiful
lively auction
competition, dancing
and fun prizes.
All to benefit
Crianca Brasil &
Lar Tia Edna and
AmSoc activities!
The American Society
of So Paulo
2014 FORUM
Aecio Sarti, Artist
Agella Cucina Restaurant
Alina Fonteneau, Artist
Agnus Rayner, artist
American Airlines
Aspen Ski Company
Atlantica Hotels
Au Vin Wine Shop
Bernard & Alina Fonteneau
Bistro de Paris Restaurant
BOS BBQ Restaurant
Camila Klein
Caloi Bikes
Carlos Yamassaki
Casa Santa Antonia
Casa Tartaruga, Paraty
Christie Helm, artist
Clarion Hotels
David Dalmau Barrus, artist
Delta Airlines
Elon Brasil, artist
Fabrizio Giannone
Fairfeld Inn & Resorts
Fast Forward Language Institute
Fernanda Fernandes
Fogo do Cho Restaurant
Galina Sheetikof, artist
General Motors
Chocolat Des Artes
Gol Linhas Aereas
Grand Hyatt Restaurant
Gregory Fink, artist
Guarapiranga Golf course
Helena Mottin Moda
Hertz Rental Car
Hotel Nau Royal
Hotel Shangrila
Isabel Franco
Juma Lodge
Juquehy La Plage Hotel
JW Marriott
Karen Bygdal Andreasen DDS
LAmite Restaurante
Lofciel - Romana Hair Salon
Marriott Hotels & Resorts
Modas Fillity
NB Steak Restaurant
Ofra Grinfeder, artist
Pearls of Wisdom Arlene Bassett
PJ Clarkes Restaurant
Quality Resort - Itupeva
Quinta de Baroneza Golf Club
Quintana Bar
Radisson Hotels
Red Sushi restaurant
Renaissance Hotels
Regina Alcntara, decorator
Renaissance So Paulo Hotel Spa
Renato Blum
Restaurant Cantaloup
Ritz Carlton Hotels
Santa Clara Eco Resort
So Paulo Golf Club
Sheraton Hotels
Single Malt Tasting Club of So Paulo
Soraya Matos, artist
Spa Med Sorocaba
US Soccer Federation
Verissimo Bar and Restaurant
Vila Chocolat
We Thank the Sponsors of
The 2014 American Society
& Instituto General Motors
Our Handy Little Guide To The World Cup 2014
By Ernest White II, Staf Writer
Its here! The countrys biggest, most-anticipated
sporting event since 1950 - the FIFA World Cup - is
fnally upon us. Under the ofcial slogan Juntos
num s ritmo,translated as All in One Rhythm,32
soccer teams from around the world will compete in
12 Brazilian cities for the grand prize and bragging
rights, and the whole month-long shebang begins
June 12th, right here in So Paulo. With so many
teams, so many stadiums, and so much excitement,
its hard to keep track of all the necessary
information for navigating, participating in, or even
avoiding this mega-event. Thats why weve put
together this handy little guide to the 2014 World
Cup, giving you the facts, plus where to get more
detailed information about the tournament.
The Teams
The 32 teams participating in the World Cup
each represent a diferent country and consist of
23 players per team. During the initial stage of the
tournament, called the group stage, the 32 teams
are divided into eight groups of four, and each team
in a group will play one match against the other
teams in the group. Teams advance via a special
point system - winners earn 3 points, tied teams
get 1 point a piece, losers get none - and the frst
and second teams in a group move on to the Round
of 16. The group round runs through June 26th.
In the Round of 16, which lasts for four days,
beginning on June 28th, the winners from each
group play the runners-up from another group,
with the winners of these matches advancing
on to the quarterfnals. Out of eight teams in the
quarters, four continue on to the semi-fnals, then
the winners play each other for the Cup, while the
losers vie for third place. The system may sound
complicated, but that all gets lost in the heat of
excitement, as some of the worlds best players
compete for Cup and country.
Of all the teams, of course Brazil is expected by
many to dominate the tournament and garner a
sixth World Cup victory, becoming hexacampeo,
as the popular chant goes. With several single-
named phenoms such as Neymar and Maicon
(and the binomial Dani Alves, whose profle rose
recently when he ate a banana thrown at him on
the pitch in Spain) who have come home to Brazil
from professional careers in Europe, plus Brazils
notorious marriage of technique with improvisation
on the feld, the Cup is essentially the host countrys
to lose. Still, as of May, the Seleo Nacional was
only ranked fourth in the world by FIFA, behind
Spain, Germany, and Portugal, all of whom are
gunning for victory and boast superstar players of
their own.
The Stadiums
With a grand total of 12 diferent cities
throughout the width and breadth of the
country holding matches during the month-long
tournament, Brazil has the most host cities of any
World Cup in the history of the event. The opening
match will take place in So Paulo, with others in
Salvador, Braslia, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Porto
Alegre, Natal, Manaus, Curitiba, Recife, and Cuiab,
before the fnal showdown in Rio de Janeiro. Seven
of the stadiums are brand-spanking-new and
the remaining fve are thorough renovations and
expansions of iconic arenas.
The smallest stadiums - those in Cuiab, Manaus,
Natal, Curitiba, and Recife - hold between 42,000
and 47,000 fans, while those in Porto Alegre and
Salvador have capacities between 50 and 60,000.
The massive stadiums in Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza,
So Paulo, Braslia, and Rio all host over 60,000
spectators, with Rios fabled Maracan ofering
nearly 77,000 people the chance to witness the
fnal match.
Despite all the hoopla surrounding these
immense infrastructure projects - as well as an
estimated price tag of almost US$3.5 billion - the
readiness of Brazils various World Cup stadiums
has been called into question by FIFA, the Brazilian
government, and the international press for the past
several years. While Fortalezas stadium was the
frst of the new facilities to be completed, opening
in January of 2013, and fve other stadiums hosted
matches during last years Confederations Cup, fully
half of the proposed venues were not complete by
FIFAs deadline of December 31, 2013.
As of press time, Cuiab and Curitiba were still
putting fnishing touches on their stadiums, with
the latter even having its participation threatened
by FIFA back in January, and the contractor for
So Paulos venue recently acknowledged that
the stadium wont be thoroughly complete until
after the close of the event on July 13th. Sadly, in
the mad dash to bring the venues to completion,
eight construction workers have been killed,
prompting ongoing investigations into the safety
of construction sites and possibly causing further
Tickets, Transportation, and
In spite of construction delays, shelved
infrastructure projects, and the specter of protests
by a large segment of Brazilian society with very
real qualms about the prioritization of sporting
events over education and health care, the World
Cup will go on as planned. Tickets to the Cup
initially went on sale last August via a web-based
application process, but anyone wishing to obtain
tickets to the matches can purchase them in person
at a local FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre from June 1st
until July 13th.
General admission ticket prices range from
R$30 for Brazilian citizens and residents wishing
to attend the group matches to $2,990 for
international spectators interested in team-specifc
tickets, and all venue sales information, including
Venue Ticketing Centre locations, can be found
at the ofcial World Cup website,
tickets. Also, spectators looking for a little extra VIP
treatment at the matches can purchase hospitality
packages that include special seating, food,
beverages, multilingual hostesses, and parking,
among other perks, at
Not interested in coughing up the cash for a
ticket? Catch the action on the Jumbotron with
thousands of fans at the Vale do Anhangaba in
So Paulo or Copacabana Beach in Rio, or any of the
other FIFA Fan Fest locations in the host cities.
With the tournament spread over 12 cities in one
of the largest countries in the world, transportation
between matches will be challenging and most
likely expensive. That said, air travel between
the venues can still be arranged with any of the
countrys domestic carriers: TAM (
br), Gol (, Avianca (www., or Azul (
Bus service is also an alternative, with companies
such as Itapemirim ( and
Real Expresso (, though
fares and travel time are expected to increase
during the Cup.
Hotels in most venues are by now almost
completely booked solid during the dates of the
event. Still, there are rooms to be had. The ofcial
FIFA hotel booking website is, but
other hotel search engines include
and, both of which list hotels and
hostels alike.
Non-traditional options include renting space
in private homes via, snagging free
couch space via, or - for the stout
of heart -, which matches
guests with afordable lodging in Rios most
notorious communities.
The American Society
of So Paulo
2010 FORUM
Thursday, June 12
Brazil v. Croatia - So Paulo - 5pm
Friday, June 13
Mexico v. Cameroon - Natal - 1pm
Spain v. Netherlands - Salvador - 4pm
Chile v. Australia - Cuiab - 6pm
Saturday, June 14
Colombia v. Greece - Belo Horizonte - 1pm
Uruguay v. Costa Rica - Fortaleza - 4pm
England v. Italy - Manaus - 6pm
Cte dIvoire v. Japan - Recife - 10pm
Sunday, June 15
Switzerland v. Ecuador - Braslia - 1pm
France v. Honduras - Porto Alegre - 4pm
Argentina v. Bosnia-Herzegovina - Rio de Janeiro -
Monday, June 16
Germany v. Portugal - Salvador - 1pm
Iran v. Nigeria - Curitiba - 4pm
Ghana v. USA - Natal - 7pm
Tuesday, June 17
Belgium v. Algeria - Belo Horizonte - 1pm
Brazil v. Mexico - Fortaleza - 4pm
Russia v. Korea - Cuiab - 6pm
Wednesday, June 18
Australia v. Netherlands - Porto Alegre - 1pm
Spain v. Chile - Rio de Janeiro - 4pm
Cameroon v. Croatia - Manaus - 6pm
Thursday, June 19
Colombia v. Cte dIvoire - Braslia - 1pm
Uruguay v. England - So Paulo - 4pm
Japan v. Greece - Natal - 7pm
Friday, June 20
Italy v. Costa Rica - Recife - 1pm
Switzerland v. France - Salvador - 4pm
Honduras v. Ecuador - Curitiba - 7pm
Saturday, June 21
Argentina v. Iran - Belo Horizonte - 1pm
Germany v. Ghana - Fortaleza - 4pm
Nigeria v. Bosnia-Herzegovina - Cuiab - 6pm
Sunday, June 22
Belgium v. Russia - Rio de Janeiro - 1pm
Korea v. Algeria - Porto Alegre - 4pm
USA v. Portugal - Manaus - 6pm
Monday, June 23
Australia v. Spain - Curitiba - 1pm
Netherlands v. Chile - So Paulo - 1pm
Cameroon v. Brazil - Braslia - 5pm
Croatia v. Mexico - Recife - 5pm
Tuesday, June 24
Italy v. Uruguay - Natal - 1pm
Costa Rica v. England - Belo Horizonte - 1pm
Japan v. Colombia - Cuiab - 4pm
Greece v. Cte dIvoire - Fortaleza - 5pm
Wednesday, June 25
Nigeria v. Argentina - Porto Alegre - 1pm
Bosnia-Herzegovina v. Iran - Salvador - 1pm
Honduras v. Switzerland - Manaus - 4pm
Ecuador v. France - Rio de Janeiro - 5pm
Thursday, June 26
USA v. Germany - Recife - 1pm
Portugal v. Ghana - Braslia - 1pm
Algeria v. Russia - Curitiba - 5pm
Korea v. Belgium - So Paulo - 5pm
Saturday, June 28
Belo Horizonte - 1pm
Rio de Janeiro - 5pm
Sunday, June 29
Fortaleza - 1pm
Recife - 5pm
Monday, June 30
Braslia - 1pm
Porto Alegre - 5pm
Tuesday, July 1
So Paulo - 1pm
Salvador - 5pm
Friday, July 4
Rio de Janeiro - 1pm
Fortaleza - 5pm
Saturday, July 5
Braslia - 1pm
Salvador - 5pm
Tuesday, July 8
Belo Horizonte - 5pm
Wednesday, July 9
So Paulo - 5pm
Saturday, July 12
Braslia - 5pm
Sunday, July 13
Rio de Janeiro - 4pm
April 23, 2014, was another perfect
So Paulo evening. With the welcome
arrival of the cooler temperatures in-
dicative of our Brazilian fall, it is also a
signal of that time of year for AmSocs
Annual General Meeting (AGM). A
highly anticipated evening flled with
fellowship, laughter, and
the reuniting of old and
new friends, we kicked
off our night reserved to
celebrate a past year of ac-
complishments as well as
another projected year of
success to come.
This years gathering
took place, for a second
year in a row, at the lovely
home of our host and host-
ess of the evening, Consul
General and Consulesa
Dennis and Mira Hankins.
Upon arrival, guests were
greeted by an offering of
a glass or two of their fa-
vorite beverages, and, as
they continued to enter the residence,
they were further tempted by the warm
and inviting scents of freshly prepared
hors doeuvres. Members were able to
indulge in the variety of specially pre-
pared treats throughout the evening as
well as a delightful coffee, tea, and des-
sert bar, all provided by Andy Beebys
Gourmet Buffet.
As guest continued to mingle and
gather for the commencement of the
meeting, all were able to enjoy the
soothing and soft sounds of the musical
Trio from Lar Tia Edna (just one of the
many organization AmSoc continues to
support and fund). These gifted youth
not only moved us musically, but even
moved some to tears with their impres-
sive talent. After the singing of our be-
loved national anthem and receiving
an opening blessing from the pastor
of Fellowship Community Church, we
were ready to start the business por-
tion of the evening. AmSoc president,
Frank Pierce, delivered a very memo-
rable meeting which flled all those
present with a sense of pride for the or-
ganization we all belong to. Frank not
only honored current members of the
AmSoc Board, but also welcomed new
ones, spoke of the accomplishments of
this past year, and held a moment of
silence reserved for those
members no longer with
us but who have previous-
ly contributed so much to
our American Society here
in So Paulo. The fnal
moments of our evening
were celebrated with the
announcement by our vice
president, Judy Zanchi,
of this years winner of
the Eric Poliak Commu-
nity Service Award, Da-
vid Warren. Throughout
the rest of the evening,
family members, board
members, and guests sur-
rounded David to offer
congratulatory comments
and to speak words of gratitude for his
years of service with the American So-
True to our American beliefs and as
members of this wonderful society, it
was an evening full of pride and a pre-
view of hope and unity for what this
upcoming year may bring. Needless to
sayits going to be a great year!
2014 Annual General Meeting
By Natalie Cruz
The American Society
of So Paulo
2014 FORUM 11
Dr. Wendy M. Smith
Credentialed Learning Specialist
55 (11) 3885.7256 [oce]
55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile]

Cognitve weaknesses are a
result of ongoing learning
struggles. Fortunately, obstacles
can be overcome and
improved signicantly.
Specializing in sensory cognitve
treatment for Autsm Spectrum
Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and
Communicaton Disorders, and
Behavior Modicaton.
In-depth pre- and post testng for
the following areas:
Inital and Follow-up Consultatons
Identcaton of strengths and
areas for improvement
Recommendatons for follow-up
treatment and/or support
Homeschooling available
Expressive Language
Writen Expression
Comprehensive Evaluation

Winter Warmth Campaign

Weve already collected a lot of
clothes, blankets and other warm items
to help keep the kids in AmSoc-sup-
ported orphanages warm. If you didnt
rush to clean your cupboards in May
but are inspired to do so in June, dont
Were still accepting donations
pants, sweatshirts, coats, to long under-
wear, leggings, jeans, blankets, towels
or anything that looks like it will keep
someone warm. Weve already had
hints of colder days and its about to
cool off for a good couple of months.
Your stuff will fnd a home in our in-
For information about handy drop
off points around town, write Eileen
Tasso (
Take a look in your cupboards and
drawers and get rid of some things!
Well happily take any or all of it!
Our lists are starting to come in and
some great kids are coming to the An-
gel Party this year! (As they have every
year for the past 15 years.) The Angel
Party is a day when 240 children from
AmSoc supported orphanages, daycare
centers and educational programs meet
up at Chapel School for a Christmas
party full of fun,
food and games.
Best of all, the party
ends when Santa
brings each child a
bag of presents es-
pecially chosen for
that child.
And, if youd like
to help Santa - spon-
sor a child and buy
a bag full of brand
new and beautiful
Christmas presents
(backpack, pants,
shirt, sweatshirt or
coat, tennis shoes,
socks, underwear,
toy and candy
treat), send Sue
Banman Sileci
an email. (sue@
If you choose a
child now, youll
be able to do your
shopping if you
go abroad in July,
sometimes more
effcient than do-
ing it here.
The Angel
Party organizing
committee is already starting to form,
so please let Eileen Tasso know if youd
like to help. (
There are plenty of interesting jobs and
its a great opportunity to meet some
interesting volunteers involved in our
The 2014 Angel Party
AmSoc Sports
Basketball Tournament - 2014
On May 17th at the Graded School in Morumbi, the American
Society hosted its annual Adult Basketball Tournament. Six teams
entered with 6-10 players playing per team. The games, which
were comprised of two 12 minute halves, were of the demanding 5
on 5 full court version, including league referees calling the fouls
and managing the clock. It started shortly after 10am with each
team playing three games based on their seedings from prior years
results. The four best records after 3 games went on to play in the
semi-fnals and then a fnal.
Last years champions, Team Quinta, again won the
championship over a resurgent GM team who had completed the
round robin phase as the frst seed. The GM Team played point for
point with Qunita throughout the fnal, however, the 3 pt. shooting
down the stretch by Quinta was too much for GM to overcome.
The results of all the games were as follows:
By John Kennedy

Quinta 37
Trophy Husbands 21

Graded 6
GM 29

Ressaca 36

Trophy Husbands 15
GM 38

Quinta 36
Graded 27

Trophy Husbands 16
Ressaca 45
GM 55

Graded 15

Quinta 55
Ressaca 45

Ressaca 22
GM 31

Qunita 32


GM 34
Quinta 39
The American Society
of So Paulo
2014 FORUM
Please Cheer For Brazil
With the World Cup just a few days
away, its time to decide who to cheer
for. From cheap banners found at 25 de
Maro to the expensive and highly cov-
eted offcial T-shirts, Brazilians are get-
ting ready to cheer for the home team.
But the decision on whether or not to
cheer for Brazil may not be an easy one
in an expat home.
Moving abroad means facing a try-
ing adaptation process, in which a new
language and customs must be learned.
The values we are familiar with are
vastly different from those we confront
here on a daily basis, and frustration
easily sets in.
Yet once those basic hurdles have
been jumped and we begin to compre-
hend and participate in daily life around
us, we slowly let our guard down and
begin to allow the subtleties of our new
home to seep in.
Slowly but surely, we fnd ourselves
not just adapting - but also adopting the
little things we come to enjoy. While
waffes will always be a family favor-
ite, a po na chapa at the local padaria
becomes a new morning ritual, and Ca-
tupiry on pizza, well, its really not that
The lavish parties, which may have
shocked us as new arrivals, are soon
something to look forward to, as we
fnally begin to understand rationale
behind investing in a party hall with
monitors to watch the children and beer
to entertain the parents, in lieu of tak-
ing on the burden of a class of 30 kids
running wild in our new home.
And lets be honest - theres certainly
no lack of natural beauty in this place.
Only in Brazil can you enjoy a breath-
taking view of Rio at the feet of Christ
the Redeemer, walk in the pale white
sand and crystal clear waters of Praia
do Forte in Bahia, adventure through
the luscious greenery of the Amazon or
the colorful tropical birds of the Pan-
tanal, and experience the power and
peacefulness of Iguau Falls.
But its the people of Brazil that make
this place truly special. Most Brazilians
you will meet are welcoming and pa-
tient with your lacking language skills,
and are readily willing to help. Theyre
fun and always up for a party, no matter
what the occasion.
And theres certainly something to
be said for the tudo bem, tudo bem at-
titude that makes Brazilians one of the
most accepting and laid back people
in the world. Sure it sometimes gets in
the way of effciency, but it also makes
people far more tolerant of others and
life much less insane.
Brazilians are also vastly creative,
and many times its that jeitinho brasil-
eiro that will get the job done - and far
better than you could ever have expect-
Brazil is far from perfect, but its
a far different place from the Brazil
I saw when we frst arrived 25 years
ago and its that bubbling potential
for greatness that makes Brazil such an
amazing place to be right now.
Whether the team you support in
this years World Cup is determined by
your passport, your favorite player or
just your favorite color, please reserve
some support for the home team.
Go ahead and cheer for Brazil. Not
just because a few guys can kick a ball
pretty well, but because of the dazzling
performance Brazil is capable of deliv-
ering. Cheer for better education, for
decreased corruption and for increased
social equality. Cheer for Einstein-
level healthcare in basic-level areas.
Cheer for the lady who helps you with
your laundry, and whose children shes
putting through school so theyll have
a better future. Cheer for the untapped
potential in so many Brazilians, that
have yet to show the world just how far
they can go.
And most importantly, please con-
tinue to cheer for Brazil once the World
Cup is over.
By Patricia de Luna, Forum Columnist
Exciting news on special membership
rates for AmSoc golfers coming
in the August issue!
In the meantime, email
for more information.
Quinta 36
Graded 27

Trophy Husbands 16
Ressaca 45
GM 55

Graded 15

Quinta 55
Ressaca 45
Dawn Morelli, LCSW. American licensed
and trained Therapist/Counselor
My expertise includes mood, anxiety, cultural
issues, relationship and family concerns, self-
esteem, trauma, and personal growth. I have
strong skills in assessment/evaluation which al-
low to identify the best and most effective treat-
ment. I work with individuals, families and chil-
dren. 98963-2871 or
Personal Trainer
I will come to your home, offce, or workout
facility and create an exercise/ftness program
tailored to your health concerns, ftness goals,
and schedule. For adults and children, individu-
als or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or
Portuguese. For more information please con-
tact Daniela Franco at (11) 99739-6191 or
Dr Virna Teixeira
English-speaking neurologist. Clinical Neurol-
ogy, Sleep Medicine and Addiction. Masters
from Edinburgh University. Rua Itapeva, 366
Cj 102 So Paulo-SP. Fones: 3262 1348/ 99232
3705 email:
Volunteers needed
Volunteers are needed to coordinate upcoming
AmSoc events!
Family Dentistry
Dental care you can trust for your whole family.
We want to make sure you are comfortable and
confdent in our care. We work only with the
highest quality products and equipment, bring-
ing specialists to you so that you dont have to
face traffc and providing you with clear infor-
mation to make the dental decisions that are
right for you. Native English. Tel.: (11) 3044-
Math and Science tutor
Fernando Knijnik has been offering tutoring
services for over 25 yrs. Physics, math and
chemistry are taught for all levels, including IB,
SAT, ACT, AP, GMAT and Brazilian vestibular,
to name a few. Mr. Knijnik has worked for sev-
eral years in the international schools of SP. For
more info, please call (11) 991346700 or fer-
Interiors Rental Furniture
Quality and refned furniture rental for your
home away from home. We offer great variety!
A complete line of appliances, kitchen devices
and linen & towels. Complements such as rugs,
lamps and decor items. or
American-licensed Expat Psychologist
Richard Morhaime, Psy.D., offers skilled psy-
chotherapy for children and adults. He also pro-
vides complete diagnostic evaluations in Eng-
lish for children with academic or behavioral
diffculties, featuring individualized recommen-
dations for school and home. For more infor-
mation, contact Dr. Morhaime at 5538-0099 or
99669-8057 or visit www.expatpsychologist.
Luxury Apartment for Rent by Graded
Prime location on Jose Galante. 400m2 w/ 3
suites. Master bdrm w/ 2 baths and 2 closets.
Armored doors, marble foors, living w/ fre-
place, central a/c, enclosed varanda w/ BBQ fa-
cility. Extensive amenities- 25 mt indoor pool,
full gym w/ saunas, tennis court, outdoor pools
and party room available. 5 car garage. Pls call
Andrew at 98202-0008.
Taylor Real Estate
Luxury spacious houses, apartments and pent-
houses. Sales and rentals.Ten years experience
with expatriates. Furnished and unfurnished.
Trilingual Real Estate agents. References from
consulates and multinationals.Photos sent by
email. Relocation Service. Consult the site: e-mail: taylor@taylo- Phone: 55 11 3079-8888 and 55
11 98774- 5100 (Maria Elisa)
Vila Nova Conceio
SPS Best Place to Live
Near Ibirapuera Park. Modern building, with all sports
facilities, pool, gym, play room, barbecue and sports
court. 130m2, 3br (1 suite), living room with terrace,
complete kitchen, big service area, two parking spaces.
Fully furnished with all appliances. Contact Ana Beat-
riz (11)99626-6229 or (11)3849-7085 anabeatriz@
Panamby Apartment for Sale or Rent
Located at Rua Domenico Perotti, 100, 13th.
Semi furnished, 4 dorms, kitchen, 2 pantries,
business suite, 5 parking spaces, 2 closets, linen
closet, tiled large deposit in the basement. Blinds,
lighting, cabinets, pool and sauna. 1.500.000,00
reais for sale or 12 thousands including IPTU
and Cond. Counter offer accepted.
11 9-9974-5465 Ivana.
A classifed of up to 350 characters costs
R$75 for AmSoc members and R$90 for
non-members. To place a classifed please
call (11) 5182-2074 from 10 a.m. until 3
p.m., or send an e-mail to assistant@


Forum does not conduct a background
check for all advertisers.
Please check prices and services prior
to fnalizing any service or purchase




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The community action committee is looking for
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This involves working with orphanages and
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We meet once per month to plan these events
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02 Monday INC Seminar: Labor Relations in
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04 Wednesday INC Monthly Cofee & Bazaar Time: 9h00 - 14h00. Date: Wednesday, June 4th. Location:
Espao Escandinavo. Address: Rua Job Lane, 1030 - Alto da Boa
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09 Monday INC Bookclub 13.30am. The Accidental President of Brazil by Fernando
Henrique Cardoso with Brian Winter. Brian Winter will be our
guest speaker! Rsvp to
11 Wednesday Happy Hour Time: starting at 7h30 p.m. At BOS BBQ.
28 Saturday 4th of July More information on our website - HIGHTLIGHT EVENTS at or by e-mail (
Blog Of The Month:
Personal Security at the World Cup
Every month, the Forums last page
will introduce you to a blog from the
English-speaking community.
This month, we feature Kristin
Barbieris Blog, Brazil in My Eyes
Here I am giving my personal advice
on your security. Please be aware that
this blog post is not designed to scare
you but only to give you some ideas
of what MIGHT happen. How you
choose to react is up to you.
Getting to the stadium
Go early. If you have a chance to go
by offcial transfer, do it. If you can go
by metro, do it. I cant imagine what
traffc will be like near these stadiums
but Im willing to guess that it will be
a parking lot LONG before you get
near it. Taxis will overcharge, for sure,
even if it is illegal. The earlier you go,
the less stressed you will be about it.
Stadium gear. I suggest that if your
country team is NOT Brazil, you be
somewhat careful outside the stadium
during the big games. If you cheer for
say, Uruguay, and they are playing
Brazil in the semi-fnal match, do not
wear your Forln shirt to the stadium.
Put it on when you get inside, paint
your face when you get inside, do your
happy dance inside.
For more information about security
in taxis and public transportation, take
a look at post Safe in So Paulo Part
IV: Taxi and Public Transportation at
Inside the Stadium
Security forces within and
immediately outside the stadiums are
actually privately contracted by FIFA.
Yet the military police is also involved.
Its confusing. There does not seem
to be a great deal of the coordination
between the private and the Brazilian
security forces within the stadium. If
you feel uncomfortable with something
in the stadium, go with your gut and
get out of the situation or area.
If the Worst Happens and you are held up
Remember: bad guys here do not
want to hurt you. They simply want
your money because they are desperate.
You are not. If you are held up at
gunpoint, or threatened with a gun
or knife or whatever, just hand over
whatever they want. Do not scream.
Do not run.
Also be aware of the distraction
trick where someone seemingly nice
wants to chat you up while their
accomplice is making off with your
unattended whatever. Try to keep all
your cash separated into different
pockets and cards in your money belt.
Always have some cash on hand--if
you say you have nothing, you might
make them angry.
All crime should be reported
to the local police station. You will
need to ask where that is, or call 190
from any phone. There are English-
speaking attendants. For details about
staying safe on the street, you can read
Security in So Paulo: Part II Street
Smarts on my blog.
Remember, the best way to have
fun at the games is to be prepared
and be aware. Enjoy the World Cup