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Father God: On the New Ascension Path

Father God:
It has been an intense week for many of our Lightworkers on the
ground. Energies continue to fow in great wa!es from the Great
"entra #un$ our #ource. %hese &owerfu energies are s&ecificay
designed to he& those on Panet Earth and esewhere to raise their
!ibrations as &art of the 'ni!ersa ascension &rogram. It is es&eciay
he&fu at this time for humankind$ as a (NA is being infuenced in
the con!ersion from carbon to crystaine)based functioning.
*ou are &robaby curious about how this change in your (NA wi
affect how you o&erate$ how you fee$ and what difference it
makes. I wi gi!e you the not) too)technica e+&anation. *ou are
famiiar with the &ower of a crysta to hod information. Many of
you are learning about the scientific uses for crystals as powerful
storage and transmission devices. Imagine the difference between
creating a com&uter storage or transmission de!ice with a um& of
coa$ as o&&osed to the deicacy and intricate ca&acities of an e,ua
amount of diamond or emerad. %his is the kind of transition you
wi e+&erience ) a huge -um& in the &ower of your brain$ your
&hysica heath$ and es&eciay your &sychic abiities.
As your abiity to recei!e and transmit &sychic information$ you wi
begin to access the wisdom of the 'ni!erse ) the Greater #ou which
informs and guides a creatures$ arge or sma. In your case$ you
wi$ as human beings$ become much coser to your Gaactic
brothers and sisters because you wi be abe to communicate with
them directy$ across great distances and across dimensions$ as a few
of your .channes. are abe to do now. As you raise your s&iritua
!ibration$ you wi be gi!en more and more of the crystaine
com&onents which are awakening in your (NA stands.
It is not a matter of indi!iduay being gi!en a gift from "reator$ but
rather it is for you indi!iduay to caim the great gift which is
a!aiabe for a who reach for it. *es$ you wi need to ee!ate
yourse!es to a state of o!e$ com&assion$ forgi!eness$ em&athy and
kindness in order to o&en your body systems to the com&ete shift.
%hose who are sti at a ower !ibrationa e!e wi be he&ed by the
incoming energies but wi not be abe to absorb as much or
transition as ra&idy$ but a wi e!entuay e+&erience the change.
/hat are the ad!antages of o&ening to the incoming catayst and the
effect it brings0 I wi gi!e you a few e+am&es of the great ad!ances
you wi e+&erience. Not ony wi you be abe to communicate with
beings throughout the uni!erse$ but you wi be abe to harness the
&ower of creati!ity and manifestation in far more &owerfu ways.
Where it now takes days or weeks to manifest the visions you
create with your thoughts and feelings, you will find yourself truly
creating magic, as your thoughts are manifested immediately.
%he transmission of your Light energy wi reach far and wide$ as you
ha!e seen de&icted in the &aintings of your &owerfu 1asters with
haos$ radiating Light. *ou wi ha!e the same &ower$ and more. It
is this &ersona &ower which has been used in your distant &ast to
ee!ate great stones$ to buid massi!e structures without machinery$
and to &ower and direct great s&aceshi&s. *es$ you$ within the
structure of your human body$ are truy a free energy generator.
As your body e!o!es into a more so&histicated and com&e+
resource$ it wi become far easier for you to understand and de!eo&
more ad!anced technoogies. Just as you now design cameras to
mimic the human eye, and wireless cell phones to mimic
telepathy, you will understand the elegant principles behind our
more advanced technologies which are reflections of our
individual and group states of being.
*our e!oution has aready begun$ and with it you wi see a around
you the s&ringing u& of new creati!ity$ origina ideas$ and
remarkabe taents which ha!e been unheard of in your ifetimes.
Aready you are seeing the a&&earance of chidren who are
magnificent artists$ &recocious musicians and mar!eous &erformers.
*ou are going to see a goba burgeoning of the arts which wi be far
beyond anything that a&&eared during the 2enaissance in Euro&e.
*ou wi be fied with awe and wonder at the deightfu gifts you wi
recei!e in the form of ins&iring song$ ee!ating &oetry and &ainting
to make your hearts sing with -oy.
*ou wi begin to see what it means to be .made in God3s image..
*ou wi see architecture to refect the mar!es of the Grand "anyon$
and gardens which wi s&eak to your heart of Eden. *ou wi grow
fruits and !egetabes of such su&erb ,uaity that you wi wonder at
how you e!er sur!i!ed on the so)caed food of .the od days.. *ou
wi find yourse!es de!eo&ing skis and taents to a much greater
degree than you e!er had the time or the abiity to achie!e$ and you
wi i!e ong years to de!eo& those taents.
As your bodies and brains e!o!e$ some of you wi e+&erience ea&s
and bounds in your de!eo&ment$ as when you are abe to ascend to
the higher dimensions for .fine tuning. as we ha!e described ) a
makeo!er to com&ete your transition to &erfect heath and youthfu
bodies$ as you desire. A is &ossibe as you raise yourse!es higher
on the !ibration scae. %his &rocess wi mo!e ,uicky for some$ ess
,uicky for others$ but a wi e!entuay mo!e into the higher
dimensions$ as you ha!e been &romised.
The process I am describing does not sound like the all-or-nothing
Ascension you have been told about earlier, does it This is
because you have !umped across timelines to a rather different
ascension process - one which will be more beneficial to the
group as a whole. %hose on the fast track wi fee great benefits
which wi bring them ha&&iness and many deights aong the way$
whie the sower cass wi be ins&ired by their .eders. to &ay
attention and focus on their essons and the ad!antages which are in
store for them.
(on3t be too disa&&ointed$ 4eo!ed Ones$ that the &romise of being
&ucked out of your chair and into the heaing chambers to
e+&erience dramatic change in a moment wi not be ha&&ening in
e+acty that way. "y raising the vibration on the planet, you have
created a new pathway - one in which your transition will be
more gradual and which will make drastic shifts and differences
between you and your loved ones less difficult. %hose who are
ascending wi know who they are$ and wi detect the higher state in
others in their midst$ but those who are ess ad!anced wi fee but
not fuy understand the differences. It is a mercifu and more
beneficia &rocess$ in the ong run$ and it wi a!oid the great
disru&tions and drastic shifts that woud ha!e occurred on &re!ious
Mother #arth herself is beginning to e$perience the leveling effect
of a more !oyful and loving population, as the massive wars are
dwindling, and more hearts are swelling with the hope of peace
and prosperity for all. A around the word$ ho&e is on the
u&swing$ and where there is ho&e$ o!e bossoms. %he heaing of
1other Earth hersef has created a new &aradigm ) the best outcome
we coud ha!e ho&ed for. %ou see, the healing chamber you
looked forward to is right here beneath your feet& %ou are being
healed and changed moment by moment, day by day.
*ou wi begin to see that the aging &rocess has sowed$ then hated$
then it wi begin to re!erse itsef and you wi see yoursef getting
younger. It wi not be the sudden transition you had been tod to
e+&ect$ because e!erything has changed since we aerted you to
those &ossibiities. *ou and your &anet ha!e -um&ed a number of
timeines in the &ast month. %his means that e!erything wi &ay
out differenty$ and better for the Greater Good.
While it may have seemed dramatic and perhaps glamorous to
think of yourselves being given an instant 'make-over,' I assure
you that this more gradual transition will allow you to be in
complete command of your own ascension process, lifting your
own vibration and acclimating to the new feelings and abilities as
you go. /hie this takes a bit onger$ it offers you the ad!antage of
earning and absorbing at your own &ace$ fufiing your destiny of
becoming a member of the "reator 2ace with a the &owers and
abiities that come with it. 2each to connect with your 5igher #ef$
and you wi be in contact with the greatest heaer and the most
he&fu e+&ert you coud want.
%hese abiities you are growing into wi de!eo& graduay$
something ike your growth and e+&ansion from chid to adut.
5owe!er$ you are being he&ed by the incoming &owerfu energies of
the "entra #un$ so the &rocess wi fow ,uicky for those whose
hearts are fuy o&en. 4reathe$ 4eo!ed Ones$ absorb the o!ing
energy$ fee the Light &ouring down on you$ and o&en your crown
chakra to et it fow.
E!erything is in fu+ now$ you see. %he moment of %ruth which
occurred a moment ago is aready &ast$ and the future is wide o&en
to higher and greater !ibrationa e!ents. It is not that the things we
tod you in the &ast are not true6 it is sim&y that they are no onger
true because of the massi!e changes you ha!e created by raising
your !ibrations and by he&ing to hea your beo!ed 1other Earth.
%ou, "eloved (nes, are now the privileged inhabitants of a great
healing ship) *tarship Terra+ *he is becoming a powerful healing
force, as she recovers from the trauma of earlier dark times. #he
is sti sustaining driing and fracking in-uries$ but the shattering
atomic testing has ended$ and the great &ain of feeing her beo!ed
chidren at war is subsiding. %he Light energies you generate and
the heaing force of the "entra #un energies ha!e he&ed her to
reco!er from the dire state she was in -ust a few months ago.
*ou see$ our rescue mission ) swoo&ing down to rescue our
Lightworkers and to inter!ene to &rotect dear %erra wi no onger be
necessary. *ou ha!e -um&ed to a new$ more fa!orabe time ine$
and in doing so you ha!e eft behind the traumatic Armageddon
scenarios which were &ossibe -ust a few months ago. *ou no onger
need to be rescued because you ha!e sa!ed yourse!es$ and you ha!e
brought your dear &anet through to safety as we. %es, we did
intervene to neutrali,e nuclear weapons, but without that being
public knowledge, you have raised the vibration of the entire
planet and made it unnecessary for us to intervene publicly.
%his has aowed us too to &roceed more graduay. *ou wi see our
.Peek)a)boo. &rogram unfod naturay ) a war)sto&&age here$
bu77ing a city there$ making our &resence known as the friendy and
aid)back 4rothers and #isters who come ony to he& you achie!e
&eace on your &anet. It is a roe we thoroughy en-oy. It aso gi!es
e!eryone on the ground time to reassess their &riorities$ to earn
about ascension$ and to begin to raise themse!es to mo!e with
others who are awakening now.
#o$ you see$ it has been a win)win situation$ as you say. %hose who
need it can be gi!en more time$ and those who are on the first wa!e
wi continue to their destiny in higher dimensions. A wi &roceed
as you had been tod earier$ but it wi be ess -arring$ and wi gi!e
you the o&&ortunity to continue to be com&etey in charge of your
own growth and &rogress. /e are o!er-oyed about your courage and
your abiity to forge ahead against difficut odds. *ou are admired
/e are aso ceebrating the gradua and !ery effecti!e re!auation of
currencies &ro-ect which is going to unfod with as itte disru&tion
and chaos as &ossibe. A is mo!ing aong e!en more smoothy than
we once e+&ected$ and you wi be recei!ing your bessings$ aong
with our encouragement to continue your great good work. It is
truy a New (ay ahead. As #t. Germain has said$ it is ony a breath
I am with you aways$ and I send you my endess Lo!e$ ooking
forward to sunny days and s&arking nights$
I am your Father God$ the one who is known in higher dimensions as
2a$ and whom you ha!e known in the &ast as *ahweh$ 8orra$
9eho!ah and Aah.
%ranscribed by :athryn E. 1ay$ 9une ;;$ <=;>$ ? P1$ New *ork
Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is
given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is
given to the channel and to the website,
#ananda: A %ime for "hange
I want to gi!e the word a written message which wi e+&and u&on
my tak from yesterday on It was
an unusua message for me$ in that I incuded many &hioso&hica
and mora &oints which are the basis for what you might ca our
s&iritua way of ife. It is the foundation for what 1other@Father
God ha!e caed %he %rue /ay. #ince we began to gi!e you these
messages through many 1asters$ there has been no guidebook$ no
.4ibe. which you coud refer to which ca&tures the essence of our
&oint of !iew. I ha!e gi!en written messages ike .%he "ourse in
1iraces$. but we find it is o!ery com&e+ and detaied for most
.%he New #cri&tures. I dictated through :athryn were intended to
be the outine for further understanding. I wish to continue those
writings with greater detai$ and more rea ife e+am&es for &eo&e
who strugge with day to day decisions. It is a time of great change$
&owerfu energy shifts$ and im&ortant choices for e!ery i!ing being
on the &anet. *es$ animas$ insects and e!en &ants make choices
in their own way$ whether indi!iduay or as a grou&$ and a are
now making im&ortant decisions as to the future of their e+&erience
on Panet Earth and their reationshi& with humankind.
Let us begin at the beginning. It will come as a surprise to many
that the human species did not begin on -lanet #arth, but is a
combination of several races of humanoid beings from other
planets who gave their ./A to combine what was hoped to be
the best of all possible 0ualities - a being who is truly made in
the image of our 1reator& This is your potential, the destiny you
were created for&
*our (NA carries within it the abiity to e+&and into a crystaine)
based ifeform$ to transmute yourse!es into muti)dimensiona
beings who can mo!e through s&ace and time into higher
dimensions. It is a &rocess which is we underway. *ou are being
he&ed by the infu+ of high !ibrationa energy from the "entra #un
as we as the skifu 1asters on the ground who are directing and
managing this &rocess of acti!ating human ca&abiities and
reacti!ating your &anet3s higher dimensiona crysta energy sources.
A is &roceeding according to &an$ graduay ifting a ) 1other
%erra and a her inhabitants ) into a higher e!e of e+istence.
#ince you are sentient beings with free wi$ you wi ha!e many
choices to make concerning your &artici&ation in this greater
&rocess. *ou wi be he&ed by the rising energies which encourage
Light)fied ife choices$ but you wi not be ifted against your wi.
In fact$ there is much a being can do to resist the changes$ to
&re!ent their own ascension$ and much you can do to acceerate it.

/e wish to he& you with these choices$ with the understanding
that words aone cannot &ro!ide the feeing information you need.
For this reason$ we imbue a these messages with our higher
dimensiona o!ing energy$ which you wi fee e!en more when you
isten to the !oice messages I ha!e eft for you. %he archi!es carry
the energy -ust as hearing them in the &resent does$ but words
aone cannot guide you to %ruth. *ou must fee your way$ referring
aways to the dee&est &art of your heart$ where your sou
connection &ro!ides direct contact to us through the &orta in your
brain near the &inea gand. %our pineal gland is the engine for
absorbing 2ight and converting your ./A to its more
sophisticated crystalline 'operating system&' 3ere lies a ma!or
key to your future as higher dimensional beings&
/e ha!e described to you .%he Lucifer Pro-ect. which was
&ur&osefuy designed to offer humankind the greatest &ossibe
chaenges$ within the duaity of Light and (ark. %he (ark Ones
who came with the intention of taking o!er Panet Earth were
aowed to remain for a time$ creating the conditions you ha!e
strugged against. It was$ as I ha!e said$ your wish to try to regain a
foothod yourse!es. In the &rocess$ you earned to hod on to your
Faith$ your attraction to Light$ and your o!ing hearts. %his$
4eo!ed Ones$ is the success we now ceebrate.
%ou were not able to defeat the 1abal alone, because they do
not abide by 4niversal 2aw. *ou were not wiing to com&etey
ado&t their tactics and their destructi!e intentions in order to win
at their game$ inside the 1atri+$ as you might ca it. %his is to your
credit. *ou ha!e earned we that the end does not -ustify the
means. *ou ha!e had to maintain your integrity e!en at the cost of
death$ and you are disco!ering through many ifetimes that death is
to be feared ess than seing your sou for &rofit.
%ou are, by now, well aware of the interference by the .ark
(nes in every area of your lives) the imposition of fossil fuel use
because it is more profitable than more #arth-friendly free
energy5 the use of to$ic chemicals and pesticides to grow large
amounts of inferior food, at the cost of depleting your soil and
fouling your water and air5 the mistreatment of animals, and the
promotion of animal protein as a food source5 the development
of medical practices which promote disease rather than curing
it& All these systems, and more, were deliberately designed to
interfere with the transition to crystalline form, and therefore to
interfere with your Ascension.
It is now your res&onsibiity$ 4eo!ed Ones$ to ook to your way of
ife to understand the com&e+ web of (arkness which has tainted
e!ery facet of your socia and &oitica structures$ the methods you
use to manufacture and buid$ and the ways you have adapted
yourselves to a life of struggle and enslavement. *ou$ 4eo!ed
Lightworkers$ are the ones who wi he& to guide your brothers and
sisters out of this com&e+ interconnected system of de&endencies
which the "aba has created to kee& you$ iteray$ in the dark for
thousands of years.
(f course, the enslavement gained momentum with the
invention of money and the ability to use it to amass wealth and
power and thereby control the resources on the planet which
sustain life for all. %he rest is famiiar to those who are wiing to
acknowedge that the effect of these acti!ities ) the degradation of
the &anet and a u&on it ) was in fact the &ur&ose. Ony by
ste&&ing back$ seeing the entire &icture with your third eye$ your
intuiti!e understanding$ and your abiity to obser!e a without &re)
-udgment are you abe to see the %ruth.
%he higher dimensiona !iew aows one to obser!e a the currents
within the ri!er of time which ha!e ed to the &resent state of
affairs. .o not hesitate to peer around the corners of the
obstacles which have been deliberately placed to obscure your
vision & *hine your light into the shadows and the subterranean
hiding places where secret societies and secret governments
have plotted against the 2ight in their efforts to defeat 6od, and
humanity7s loving heart which is 6od& .ig up the evidence and
bring it to the 2ight, for all to see& In this way, you will literally
'un-#arth' the leftover thought-forms which linger in your midst .

%here is no &ace in the new Goden Age for the od habits and
thought)forms which defined ife on Earth since .%he AdeiberateB
Fa. thousands of years ago$ which began during the Lemurian
ci!ii7ation. 2ucifer and I will provide further messages in the
weeks to come to help you understand your own part in the
creation of the plan that was courageousy initiated to &ro!ide
humankind with the utimate test of Faith which woud &re&are you
for your destiny as eaders of the cosmos. %o reach the e!e of
integrity and knowing in the dee&est reaches of your beings$ you
were iteray forged in the fire which is ife in duaity behind the
Cei$ se&arated from your hea!eny famiy.
A must be ceared away now$ a must be acknowedged$ gi!en
recognition as the dark chaenges which caused us to stri!e so hard
together to bring back the Light. In doing so$ we ceebrate our
strength and our dee& connections to one another and to God.
%his ong &ath through darkness into Light has created the great
o!e we now share with our courageous comrades ) the sou famiy
which sustains and su&&orts us e!ery ste& of our way. /e are and
ha!e aways been the Gaactic Famiy of Light$ &re&aring ourse!es
here on our beo!ed Panet Earth for our destiny as eaders of the
Light$ the re&resentati!es of God3s %rue /ay.
*ou are now at a cross)roads. %ou will be put into the position of
having to use your deepest connections to your 3igher *elf and
6od in order to see the intention behind actions, the motivation
that leads people to do destructive and disturbing things. %ou
are often told to follow your heart, but what if your heart seems
to be confused .ear (nes, hearts are never confused& %ou can
become confused when you listen to the words instead of
allowing your heart to guide you through the confusion, no
matter how improbable the ultimate e$planation&
In my channeed message through :athryn this week$ I &resented
you with a difficut diemma. %ou are being asked to open your
minds to reconsider choices you may have felt strongly about,
and to listen carefully to discern which motives are pure and
which are not& 8emember, 9athryn was chosen as the one to
channel my /ew *criptures after years of rigorous training& It is
not obvious to you, but I assure you that our conversations are
not only for the purpose of publication& *he has been on
intimate terms with us for years now, and knows well who is
speaking to her by our energies& Another item of interest is that
her trainer and mentor through years of testing was Father God.
%he &rimary reason that :athryn was chosen for these messages was
that she !owed to us years ago that she woud &ass on whate!er we
say to her as channeing regardess of the im&act on hersef or her
&ersona feeings about a message. %his has generay not been an
issue since she knows us$ trusts us and our methods we$ and we
rarey ask her to carry a message which wi cause &robems for
her. %his week has been an e+ce&tion in that the message she
carried for me &ut her in a !ery difficut situation$ in o&&osition to
those she has o!ed. I regret this$ but know that a wi be
re!eaed soon and wi become cear for a of you.
8emember that now is the time for your optimal growth, for
profound change and complete shifts in the belief systems you
have held all your lives. %ruth must be re!eaed6 %ruth wi be
s&oken. %his is not an easy &ath to foow$ but it wi ead to
freedom for a humankind. Awaken$ 4eo!ed Ones. *our time has
come. 2et us walk firmly, with steady steps, into a future which
is built from higher consciousness, greater awareness, deeper
heart connections, and the will to remove all from our path that
is not of the 2ight.
%his chaenge$ at this time$ is not sim&y about feeing good. It is a
serious strugge for some$ a wide)awake effort to remain steady in
the face of &owerfu o&&osition from une+&ected ,uarters. "ing to
the truth that o!e is e!er com&assionate$ generous and kind$ but it
does not mean we bow to those who threaten or try to distract us.
Again I encourage you to turn away from re!enge$ embrace
forgi!eness$ and you wi create a new arena in which to buid your
New %omorrow.
I o!e you beyond words$
I am your #ananda$ e!er in your ser!ice.
%ranscribed by :athryn E. 1ay$ 9une <)D$ <=;>$ E P1
Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is
given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is
given to the channel and to the website,

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