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5.2 First Aid Review

Read each situation below. Provide step-by-step instructions for first-aid care for each situation.
1. 1. While you are camping, the knife your friend is using to open a can slips and cuts her
leg, resulting in a shallow laceration.
2. First, you would stop the bleeding by holding pressure on the wound. Secondly, you would clean
the wound with water, soap, peroxide, etc. Next, you would apply an antibiotic, Next, you would
cover the would with a bandage. Lastly, you want to watch for signs of infection and get a tetanus
3. 2. A woman at a food court in a shopping mall appears to be choking on a hamburger. She
is turning blue in the face. First, you would give five back blows. Then, you
would give 5 abdominal thrusts, and then you will alternate between the
two until the object is dislodged.
4. 3. You are standing in a long line with your sister. It is hot and she faints. How will you help
her? First, you would position her on her back. Loosen belts, collars, or other constrictive
clothing. Next, Check the person's airway to be sure it's clear. Then, check for signs of
circulation. If absent, begin CPR and call 911.
5. 4. You and a friend are hiking in the woods. Your friend steps on a branch and twists his
ankle. The ankle is painful and swollen. First, rest the injured limb. Next, Ice
the area. Next, compress the area with an elastic wrap or bandage. Lastly,
elevate the injured limb above your heart.
6. 5. Your friend's loose shirt catches fire as he stands over the grill. After the flames are
extinguished, you see that he has suffered second-degree burns on his chest. Because you are in
the mountains, the closest hospital is an hour away. First, cool the area with cool water. Next,
cover the burn with a sterile gauze bandage. Next, take an over-the-counter pain reliever.
7. 6. A man was involved in a car accident. He does not appear to be bleeding. He is very
restless, nauseous, pale and has a rapid pulse. He is in shock.
8. First, call 911. Second, have the person lie down. Thirdly, check for signs of circulation. Next,
keep the person warm and comfortable. Next, turn the person on his or her side. Lastly, seek
treatment for injuries.
9. 7. A four year old boy was playing in the kitchen when his mother went into another room
to take a phone call. When the mother returns, the boy young boy is holding a bottle of
household cleaner and has swallowed some of the cleaner. Call poison control
and try to make the boy vomit the cleaner back up.
11. 8. Your young cousin has stepped on a nail, which has punctured his foot. The wound looks
deep, but doesn't appear to be bleeding heavily. First, stop the bleeding. Next,
clean the wound. Next, apply an antibiotic. Next, cover the wound. Next,
change the bandage regularly. Lastly, watch for signs of infection. Then, see
a doctor.
12. 9. While eating a hotdog, a young child sitting next to you at the ballgame, begins choking
and coughing loudly. What should you do? What should you not do? You should try
to help the boy cough it back up rather than just watch him choke.
13. 10. While you are jogging through town with some friends, you see that a car has just struck
someone on a bicycle. Analyze and describe a strategy for responding to this type of accidental
First, call 911. Then, see if the victim is alive. Try to stop the bleeding of
wounds and comfort them until the ambulance arrives.