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phone: + 45 86 29 90 45

fax: + 45 86 29 90 45
Addrs.: Siøvej 30
Hadsten DK-8370

Asia Ship Breaking And Builders Ltd. date: 24-11-


Dear Sir,

Further to your request for financing for your project, which we have received from our Exclusive
Agent in Bangladesh Mr. Pranab Biswas, we hereby have the pleasure to inform you that we are in
a position to seek a RFF ( Request for a Financial Facility) of EURO 170,0 Mio ~ US $ 250,0

We only have the facility to seek a RFF in EURO on the following Terms & Conditions:

Request for Financial Facility (RFF) : EURO 170,0 mill

Initial Payment: EURO 100.000,-

Commitment-Fee : 1,0 % of the RFF amount

Project Appraisal-Fee: 2 % of the Total RFF amount,

Expenses Budget : 2 % of the Total RFF amount,

The RFF is based on the following:

1) Grace period 3 years

2) Payback period 12 years
3) Interest rate 3,5 % p.a. ( Three and a half per cent pro anno )
4) A full scale Feasibility Study acceptable to TIA-Group and the Financiers
5) The Client conforming to the Terms & Conditions for such a RFF.

The above mentioned EURO- rates are indicative only, and subject to changes in accordance
with changes informed to TIA-GROUP INTERNATIONAL, by the Financiers , related to
inflation, rate of exchange, increase in prices and/or any other increase in expenses which
are out of TIA`s control, without further notice. The interest rate is inter alia subject to
confirmation on the date of signing the RFF.


The initial payment is charged for opening the project-file for the Client, as well as for the
elaboration of the initial draft RFF-materials , and shall be transferred to TIA`s Bank
account, as per TIA`s Proforma Invoice, before the case is opened.

phone: + 45 86 29 90 45
fax: + 45 86 29 90 45
Addrs.: Siøvej 30
Hadsten DK-8370

1.) The Client shall hereafter fill-in the draft-forms and present the following to TIA :

a) A Letter of Intent
b) A Letter of Request for TIA to start seeking the RFF
c) A transfer of the full Commitment-Fee to TIA`s Bank account, as per TIA`s
Proforma Invoice.

2.) TIA will hereafter confirm the receipt of the above point 2a-b and c, and present a
CIP (Clearance In Principle).

3.) TIA shall hereafter elaborate and forward the Draft of the FORM OF AUTHORITY
for the Client to sign at the first meeting, and the Client shall at that meeting present :

- a Power of Attorney ( PA ) to prove that the person signing the FORM OF

AUTHORITY is authorised to do so, for and on behalf of the Client.

- a copy of a valid passport enlarged by 30%, for the mentioned PA-holder,

The PA-holder shall be the person controlling the Bank account for the RFF-amount.

4.) The Client shall hereafter transfer the amount for the Appraisal-Fee, into TIA`s bank
account within 10 days after the date of signing the FORM OF AUTHORITY, as per
TIA`s Proforma Invoice.

5.) TIA has got the facility to offer a Client a Bridge-Finance of up to 50% (fifty per cent)
of the Expenses Budget during the period from the date of signing the FORM OF
AUTHORITY and until the date of all parties signing the Final Agreement for the
RFF. The amount will be included in the financial facility together with the Success-
Fee, and paid to TIA by the Financiers from the first disbursement of the Financial
Facility. The interest-rate charged for this Bridge-Financing is 1,0% (ONE per cent)
per month, payable every 3 months in advance.

6.) TIA`s Project Appraisal will start within 6 weeks after our receipt of the transfer of
the Appraisal-Fee, with the elaboration of the Terms of Reference for the full scale
International project-materials, thus enabling TIA to start the procedure of seeking
the Financial Facility.

7.) This RFF will be effectuated through NOVACOM INTERNATIONAL ApS, a

company in TIAGROUP .

phone: + 45 86 29 90 45
fax: + 45 86 29 90 45
Addrs.: Siøvej 30
Hadsten DK-8370

The above offer is valid for 60 days(sixty days) from today’s date, and subject to our receipt of the
initial payment of EURO 100.000,-.

We look forward to your reply with interest and remain

Sincerely Yours


Kai Andersen
Executive President