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Mobile: +91
Email: ***********
Total experience of 11 years with extensive experience of over 6 years in SAP technologies.
Onsie experience 4 years at Apple !ondon "#
$roficient in !asis A"minisraion User A"minisraion %"ser &ro'p (ole )"A*
Daabase !a#$%& etc.
)omprehensive pro+lem solving a+ilities self,motivated excellent comm'nication
willingness to learn and team facilitator.
A&&re#iaion from almost all the clients with whom - was associated with
.xperienced in offshore &ro'e# ransiions and enhancements.
/aving (oo" #omm%ni#aion s$ills +eing a smooth team leader0player with excellent
interpersonal s1ills
2achelor of .ngineering in .lectronics and Telecomm'nication 3an 4556 2angalore
7iploma in .lectronics and )omm'nication from 8.3.$olytechnic 3'ly 1999 2angalore
)ompany $eriod
9ahindra 8atyam 2angalore 8ep 455: , till date
-29 &lo+al 8ervice ;e+ 4551 , A'g 455:
)9) !imited A'g 1999 ;e+ 4551
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SAP E+&erien#e:
Pro'e# , - S%&&or
)ompany 9ahindra 8atyam
$ro<ect0)lient $hilips
7escription $hilips is a simpler and more foc'sed company with glo+al leadership
positions in 1ey mar1ets of /ealthcare. !ighting and )ons'mer !ifestyle
addressing people=s /ealth and well+eing needs and aspirations as its
overarching theme.
(ole 2asis Administrator
7'ration 9 month , 3an 4514 to 8ep 4514
Pro'e# / - S%&&or
)ompany 9ahindra 8atyam
$ro<ect0)lient Apple >nsite "#
7escription Apple designs and creates i$od and iT'nes 9ac laptop and des1top
comp'ters the >8 ? operating system and the revol'tionary i$hone and
(ole 2asis Administrator
7'ration 4 @ears , Aov 455: to Aov 4511
Pro'e# 1 - S%&&or
)ompany -29 &lo+al 8ervice
$ro<ect0)lient )elestica
7escription )elestica is one of the leading contract man'fact'rers prod'cing a range of
sophisticated electronic prod'cts for c'stomers in the "8 and .'rope.
(ole 2asis Administrator
7'ration 4 @ears , 9ay 455B to A'g 455:

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S%&&or Role:
$erforming Transports with Transport 9anagement 8ystem.
Transports 7omain )onfig'ration
)reating and maintaining 'ser master records.
8A$ "sers )reation Administration and A'thoriCation.
8ystem monitoring for all servers.
2ac1gro'nd 3o+ $rocessing and 9onitoring +ac1gro'nd <o+s.
-mplementing all type of )hange (eD'est on $rod'ction system.
-nstallation of front end 8A$ &"-.
(espond to alerts for filesystem 'sage +ac1'p fail A2A$ 7'mps ta+lespace alert excl'sive
loc1 and trace file.
$rinter and 8pool administration
-nteracting with 8A$ with regard to >88 messages
8'pport pac1s 'p gradation on prod'ction system
72 administration thro'gh +rtools
9emory0dis1 'tiliCation management $lan data+ase growth $erformance t'ning monitoring
+ac1'ps and restores.
#ernel "pgrade
9aintaining 8ystem $rofile $arameters
7aily +ac1'p
!ive cache monitoring
)lient Administration
7ata+ase monitoring and maintenance 9emory0dis1 'tiliCation management $lan data+ase
growth $erformance t'ning monitoring +ac1'ps and restores.
"nderstanding and doc'menting the $rocess delivery methodologies
8A$ >88 "sers )reation >88 7eveloper #eys 8A$ >88 Aotes "pdation >88
2asis activities s'ch as )lient copy a'thoriCation E profiles patches performance t'ning of
>8 0>racle 0 8A$ &o !ive chec1s .arly Fatch (eport etc..
8tr'ct'red Tro'+leshooting
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Non SAP Pro'e# S%mmary:
Pro'e# / - S%&&or
)ompany -29 &lo+al 8ervice
$ro<ect0)lient &lo+al 7eliver -8
(ole 8ystem Administration -T)8 8ec'rity
7'ration 4 @ears , Apr 4554 to 9ay 4554
.nvironment Findow AT Findows 4555 A-? !ot's Aotes
8$>) for 8ec'rity 8tandards and $rocesses implementation across -&8- .xports
$erforming T)$0-$ penetration scan for -T)8 systems to ens're clos're of (esponsi+le for
creating and periodic review of 8ec'rity $rocess as per -29 sec'rity standards
)ompletes a'dit tas1s as per the tas1 doc'mentation to maintain a'dit readiness.
8ched'le a'dit coordinate with external a'ditors to chec1 for complains of all servers
connected in -29 networ1.
/ad +een assigned primary ownership for Forld Fide data+ase called 9ixed address
data+ase to register all the server in -ndia.
$rimary administrator for )hange management data+ase generate reports and ens're
approval for all changes and reports.
Pro'e# 1 - S%&&or
)ompany -29 &lo+al 8ervice
$ro<ect0)lient -8 , -&A
(ole 8ystem Administration
7'ration 1 @ear , ;e+ 4551 to 9ar 4554
.nvironment Findows9B Findows AT Findows 4555 and A-?
7es1top0Thin1$ad s'pport for -29 8tandard >perating 8ystems Fin 4555 ?$ AT 9x
Applications s'pport for !ot's Aotes G4EB !ot's 8mart8'ite $)>99 2rowsers )hat
8oftware %G$ 2'ddy E 8ametime* 98 >ffice etc.
/ealth )hec1ing on Findows 4555 8ervers.
-nstallation and config'ration of 9icrosoft 45550AT 8ervers for )'stomer $ro<ects.
-nstallation and )onfig'ration of !ot's 7omino 8ervers on Fin 4555 Fin AT for )'stomer
Administration of !ot's Aotes 8erver on Fin 4555
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H2ravo awardI for achieving -T 8ec'rity )ompliance for exports &ro'p 3an 14 455J
HThe 2est of -29I for excellent cross f'nctional teamwor1 and dedication for the managing
)hange 9anagement has helped -&8- &7 to s'ccessf'lly pass A$ $er review for -T)8 154
Awarded with the H-29 -ndia )'stomer 7edication AwardI for strong contri+'tor to o'r high levels of
client satisfaction 9arch,4556.
)ompletion of @4# activity in (eserve 2an1 of -ndia and -T- d'ring the service in )9) limited
FA8 6.45 training from 8A$ -ndia
SAP (0J Administration
SAP Ar#0i1e
Ora#le 7ata+ase Administration
-29 AI) 8ystems Administration
"ndergone training from -29 for Mi#roso2 3in"o4s /555 Administration
Trained on Lo%s Noes administration
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