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This is an inspirational and motiva-

tional approach to learning. Once
students get over their initial timidi-
ty their eyes light up!
Mahlah Robinson, Grade 6 Teacher

This is an engaging and engrossing
approach to learning. Classes are
transformed into conversations.
Natasha Lake, Grade 3 Teacher

Challenging, rewarding and trans-
formative are some of the words I think
about when I reflect on this approach.
Cherryann Hislop, Assistant Principal

Socratic Seminar

Socratic Solutions
By Stafford H. Byers

Services Rendered Through
Literacy Support Systems, Inc.
College and Career Readiness
Anchor Standards for Speaking
and Listening

Evaluate a speakers point of
view, reasoning, and use of
evidence and rhetoric
Present information, findings,
and supporting evidence such
that listeners can follow the line
of reasoning and the organiza-
tion, development, and style
are appropriate to task,
purpose, and audience.

Writing Standards
Write opinion pieces on topics
or texts, supporting a point of
view with reasons and infor-
Produce clear and coherent
writing in which the develop-
ment and organization are
appropriate to task, purpose,
and audience.
Draw evidence from literary
and informational texts to
support analysis, reflection, and

Stafford H. Byers is a clergyman, attor-
ney, motivational speaker, law professor
and an educational consultant. In addi-
tion to his legal training, he also
received special training in the Socratic
Approach to teaching at Harvard Law
The Socratic Approach, teaching by
asking questions,
creates and fosters
an energetic,
dynamic and
engaging learning environment. It
causes shy and timid students to break
out of their shell and become more self
assured, confident and assertive. It forc-
es teachers to sharpen their skills and
innovate, and at the same time enable
students to be thoughtful, engaging,
and involved in their own learning.
Professor Byers has served as faculty
advisor to Texas Southern Universitys,
Thurgood Marshall Law Review. He has
coached teachers in and spoken to
administrators about the effectiveness of
the Socratic Method.
Through the use of the
Socratic Method, Stafford
will provide an approach
to teaching that focuses
on the Webbs Depth of
Knowledge for questioning, and on the
Common Core Learning Standards for
writing opinion pieces and supporting a
point of view with reasons.
This consultation will also provide educa-
tors with structures and scaffolded
activities for teaching students to write
creatively and ground their work with
text evidence.

Each Socratic Seminar will provide
teachers with the following tools:

Socratic seminar protocols for classroom
teachers and students.
Classroom Rubric for grading students as
they participate in discussions.
Classroom Rubric for grading the writing
pieces of students.

Each Socratic Seminar will address
the following Common Core Learning
College and Career Readiness Anchor
Standards for Writing
Write arguments to support claims in
an analysis of substantive topics or
texts, using valid reasoning and rele-
vant and sufficient evidence.
Produce clear and coherent writing in
which the development, organization,
and style are appropriate to task, pur-
pose and audience.
Gather relevant information from mul-
tiple print and digital sources, assess
the credibility and accuracy of each
source, and integrate the information
while avoiding plagiarism.