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Dr BK Chandra Shekhar, who electrified the participants at the Delhi Expo with his unique and

authentic revelations and insights, opens up about his life in an interview with Punya

Dr BK Chandra Shekhar is energy and alertness personified. A ready smile on his face, brimming
over with vitality and life force, holding himself with a military bearing, it is not hard to believe that the
Divine is indeed flowing through him, as his extraordinary story will testify. There is no pretence or
artifice, what you see is what you get. His earnest desire to help is evident in his interaction with a
student, looking for advice and blessings for an impending exam. What followed was 60 seconds of
crisp motivational advice, straight from his own experience. This reliance on his own inner knowing is
at the crux of his approach. He has had the deep privilege of being afforded many answers from the
Divine, which not only inform his approach to life but have shaped the therapies and techniques that
he offers the world. The knowledge he offers, therefore, has a rare freshness and power. Many have
healed through his intervention of even grievous ailments like cancer.
Prior to his life as a healer, he worked for the Air Force. It was at that time that cancer engulfed him,
followed by Hepatitis C. And it was in the wake of recovering from them that he had his mystical
experience that transformed his life forever. Thereafter, he founded SIGFA Solutions, propagating
the power of a focussed mind. A member of the Brahma Kumaris and an avid practitioner of Raj Yoga
as well as a Guinness World Record holder in speech category, Dr Chandra Shekhar is the
Programme Director of Memory Development & Psycho-Neurobics in the Tamil Nadu Physical
Education and Sports University; Chennai, and Founder Director of Invisible Doctors Solutions. He
has authored more than 15 books on mind, memory and healing power. He claims to have
rediscovered the missing dimension of healing in medical science and psychology, which he calls
Psycho Neurobics. In sum, this is a form of healing that combines mudras, colour therapy and sound.
Above all, it focusses on healing the mind for he believes that without the healing of the mind, the
body cannot heal. He introduced it as a healing science globally, as a tool best practiced with Raj
Yoga meditation for complete healing from incurable diseases.
Following is an excerpt from the interview:
How would you sum up your philosophy of life?
My philosophy of life is very simple. It is based on giving as well as forgiving others. When we learn
this art, life becomes an adventure for all of us.
Please tell us how you entered the path of spirituality.
Every spiritual path is connected to a need that someone is seeking to fulfil. During the toughest days
of my life, when I was undergoing treatment for cancer, my mind was wandering around several
seemingly unanswerable questions. Finding the answers to those questions was the emergence of
spirituality in my life.
What were these questions and what were the answers?
The first question I asked Him was Why me, God? Why did cancer happen to me? And He said,
Because you didnt come to me; you didnt take the healing current from me. He told me about the
spiritual current that comes from spiritual energy. It comes directly from the Source. The healing
current directly comes to our soul, where it is distributed to the mind and body for mental and physical
work. I asked him why people fall ill and he said that the main reason of diseases in the body is the
disconnection of mind and soul from the Source both while awake and asleep. During sleep, because
of dreams, and in the waking state, bacause of wasteful and negative thoughts. As a result, energy is
at a low voltage causing disease.
The difference between a living body and a dead body is only the presence or absence of that
spiritual energy.
Was spirituality a defining factor in curing your cancer?
I would say that I stepped onto the path while fighting cancer. I was in the hospital, undergoing
treatment when I had those flashes of a guiding light which were actually transmissions from God.
They completely changed my life. All my fears vanished. I transitioned from a fearful being to a strong
How has spirituality influenced the way you live your life?
My life is completely influenced by spirituality. I consider my SELF to be Spiritual Energy in Light
Form. Unlike before, I have started to think that any disease that happens is happening to my body
and not me per se. Also, my motto now is to increase the level of spiritual energy in every aspect of
my life.
How did SIGFA Solutions come into being?
SIGFA means Spiritual Incorporeal God Father Almighty. According to me, God is formless and is the
source of spiritual energy. SIGFA came into existence to do the divine work by spreading the
message of God in true sense.
But how did the idea bloom?
I was guided by God in that same flash of light to show the path of healing to the people. This was in
January 1999, and since then I have been striving to fulfil His command.
Have people healed from cancer or avoided its recurrence after they practised Psycho
Any therapy can prevent its onset if it is accompanied by or complemented with positive emotions,
faith in the healing process, and a healthy vegetarian nutritious diet. People have actually healed with
the help of Psycho Neurobics. Dr Gayatri Bhat from Delhi is a success story. She suffered from
multiple myeloma and bone cancer. She had undergone bone marrow transplant twice. Many
specialists advised her to amputate her legs also. In 2004 she met me. She was the first one to
experience the power of Psycho Neurobics. Today, she is leading a healthy life, and has healed her
traumas thanks to her positive attitude and Psycho Neurobic exercises. Plus, she did not even have
to get her leg amputated. Psycho Neurobics established a healing link among body, mind, soul and
God. With Psycho Neurobics, an individual can heal any psycho-somatic diseases.
How has spirituality changed the way you handle relationships?
It helped to change relationships into true social bonds. It led to complete harmony without any
expectation. Earlier, unfulfilled expectations would bring frustration and create chaos and clashes in
life. All that changed after I realised the futility of expecting from the world outside.
What about its impact on the way you deal with money?
My way of dealing with money is like a trustee, not as its owner. I do not want to hold or accumulate
money as the flow of currency is just like the flow of an electric current. When you hold an electric
current, it gives you a shock, instead of comfort. In the same way, hoarding gives a shock in the form
of heart attacks and many other diseases. So its always better to be a trustee of Gods property.
How do you cope with health issues today?
By regular practice of Psycho Neurobics exercises. I have made a DVD of five sets of practical
Psycho Neurobics, titled Heal Yourself. These exercises are a combination of hasta mudras (hand
gestures), healing frequency in the form of colour visualisation, and affirmations of various emotions.
What is your diet like?
I take pure satvic food with an abundance of fruits and green vegetables. I have dropped onion, garlic
and red chillies from my food.
What is your relationship with technology?
Technology has made a great impact on society. We should use modern technology in a balanced
manner and yet, must include some preventive exercises in our lifestyle to minimise its harmful
radiation effects. I use my third eye healing album to counter the fatigue and stress caused by a desk
job in front of a monitor.
How do you spend your leisure hours?
I write books. I want to make spirituality a requirement for the betterment of human life in the best
possible way.
What is your definition of a happy day?
I am content with whatever I have, and that defines happiness for me. Also, blessing others without
any expectation, also generates happiness.
What is your daily routine like?
I am an early riser and start my day at 4 am. I meditate and then practice Psycho neurobics followed
by a walk in the greens. I have a light breakfast and then proceed for the day which generally revolves
around counselling sessions, workshops and other work-related engagements. My evenings are for
my family and friends, preceded by a half hour meditation session.
What are your priorities in life?
I want to spread the message of SIGFA (God) to all human beings, motivating them to maintain a
healthy and happy life.
How do you view work?
The work I do is a responsibility given to me by God. I enjoy carrying out His command with His
What spiritual practice do you follow?
I practice Psycho Neurobics and Raj Yoga meditation on regular basis.
How about the way you make your decisions? Has that changed?
I have observed that I am able to take accurate decisions post a meditation session in Amrit Vela (at
four in the morning). I have a direct communication with Him during that time and He guides me
towards appropriate decisions and also helps in planning my future endeavours.
What would be your advice to others?
We all must strive to live a happy and healthy life full of divine qualities. One must not minimise the
vast dimension of life by running after money and luxury. To have a true purpose in life is to have a
reason for living, a clear objective, and a focal point for our efforts. The fact that we are endowed with
intelligence, conscience, and the ability to reason implies that the Creator had a good purpose in
putting us here.