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Fill in the blanks spaces

1 Foul _______of rotten things is very unpleasant.

2 There are no umpires and referees in the ________
3 Ladies ______is different from that of gents.
4 Eyes helps us to understand the distance and ________of object.
5 _________bring spirit of competition and sense of discipline among
6 Surahis and flower pots aremade by a__________
7 It sounds differently when we cover our __________.
8 It is important to lay down________for each game.
9 Now a days, people prefer to use ready- made ________.
10 Taste _________ of tongue pick up four tastes.
11 Children solve the fighting issues_________in games.
12 __________often pray to God for safe journey.
13 Tongue helps to _________ also .
14 Playing games like cricket in ___________leads to fighting.
15 Jack and spanner are used to change the __________wheel of a vehicle.
16 Skin protects the internal___________of our body .
17 Some games like cricket , football etc. are played by -________only.
18 Compounder and _________assist a doctor.
19 Elderly people advice children to play cricket in __________.
20 All human beings have _______ sense organs.
21 Among all the sense , _______ are themost important sense organs.
22 Games bring the spirit of _________ and sense of ________among
children .
23 ____________ is the material that is required to play a game .
24 A cobbler makes and ______ the shoes.
25 The job of pilot is very _________
26 A ___________uses a lot of tools to repair vehicles.
27 A ________ is expert in driving motor vehicles.
28 Carpenter learns his skill from ______.
29 Nose helps us to _______ and ________ between different types of smell
30 In professional games ______and ________decidethe fighting issues.
1 Smoothness of feather can be felt with the help of :
a )Tongue b)Skin c) Ears
2 The game should be playedas a :
a )Fair play b) foul play
3 We can differenciate between colours with the help of:
a) Ear b) Eyes c) Nose
4 In the streets children make wickets with ____to play cricket.
a) Bricks b) Woods
5 Fragrance of rose can be known with the help of:
a) Nose b) Tongue c)Ears
6 The _____ decides issues in the game of cricket.
a) Umpire b)Captin c) Player.
7 Chirping of birds can be judged with the help of:
a) Eyes b) Skin c) Ears
8 Sports equipments is ______ at school.
a) Provided b) Not provided
9 Taste of food can be known with the help of :
a)Eyes b)Tongue c)Ears
10 Children keep goood health by :
a) Eating more food b) Sleeping c) playing games.
11 Thorns of the rose can be felt with the help of
a)Nose b) Eyes c) Skin
Write 'true' or 'false' for the following :
1 Size and shape of things are judged with the help of ears.
2 Closed eyes help to understand the feeling of a deaf man.
3 Ladies make use of their nose while cooking food.
4 We make use of more than one sense to know the things.
5 Skin helps us to differentiate between hot and cold surface.
Question and Answer
1 Why are games essential for children?
2 What structure does an engineer make?
3 How many tastes can be picked up by our tongue?
4 What is the need to lay down the rules?
5 Who is pediatrician?
6 Can we know about the things with closed eyes ?
7 Who solves the fighting in professional game?
Complete the following figure :
Answer the questions
1 What are the parts of the computer ?
2 What is a System Unit ?
3 Write the full form of :
4 a) CPU -
5 b) ALU -
6 c) CU -
7 d) MU -
8 What is the function of the ALU?
9 Which are the three parts of the a CPU ?
10 Why is CPU called the brain of the computer?
Fill in the blanks spaces
1 ______________ Unit contains floppy drive,CD drive,hard disk and CPU.
2 The _________________ unit controls the CPU.
3 The storing device of a computer is known as the _______________.
4 The ________________and ____________ unit perform comparision
5 When we type something on the computer, it goes into the ___________.
6 Hard disk, Floppy drive and CD drive are the external storage __________.
7 _________ controls all the parts of the computer.
8 An important part of the system unit is the _________________________.
Fill in the blanks spaces
1 _____________ softwares are the readymade programs available
according to the requirement .
2 Software are of two types : __________ and _________
3 Operating system is the ___________ softaware.
4 The part of the computer you can touch are called _________
5 The computer carries out the instructions given by the ___________.
Match the column
1 Electronic Spreadsheet a)To create and design document .
2 Word Processing Software b)To create full motion video.
3 Multimedia Software is used c) To analyze data ,perform calculation.
4 Data Base management System d) To store and manage large amount of
Answer the questions
1 What are the types of software?
2 What is hardware ?
3 What is software?
Answer in one word
1 The partsof the computer you can touch are called.
2 User friendly operating system.
3 Never touch the cables of the computer attached behind the_____
4 Computer parts when attached to one another in a certain order are called.
5 The computer carries out the instruction given by the .
Complete the following
Fill in the blanks spaces
1 Translator converts computer language into a ___________ language.
2 The ________________ is made up of special commands .
3 MS-DOS is a ________________ User System.
4 Example of Multi-User System _____________ .
5 Operating System acts like a _______________ .
6 Use of _________ prevents misuse of computer .
7 Memory is measured in _________ and ________.
8 We gave ___________to the computer through operating system .
Answer the questions
1 What is an Operating System ?
2 Name two types of Operating System with example ?
3 Write any two examples of Operating System.
4 What is a computer language ?
5 Mention the functions of an operating system.
Answer the questions
1 What is a procedure ?
2 Define Algorithm :-
3 Write three steps of the procedure.
4 What is problem solving ?
5 When is repeat command used ?
6 What are the rules for writing an algorithm ?
7 What are the advantages of algorithms.
Number the step of Algorithms
A Correct the Algorithm for polishing your shoes by writing the correct order in
the boxes given below :
Pick up the shoe-polish
Close cap.
Pick up your shoes.
Open the cap.
polish your shoes
Put the shoe-polish back in place.
ABC 10101
B Correct the order of the following algorithm for taking a bath.
Stand under the shower.
Wipe with the towel.
Apply the soap.
Get your towel.
Open the shower.
Close the shower.
Answer the questions
1 Which are the two method of reproduction ?
2 Why do we soak a leaf in warm alcohol?
3 Why should animals reproduce ?
4 What material do plants use for preparing their food ?
5 What is ment by photo synthesis ?
6 What is ment by reproduction ?
7 Name some animals whose eggs are hached by the warmth of the sun .
8 From where do plants get carbondioxide to make their food ?
9 How are plants useful to us ?
10 Define : Mammals .
11 What is ment by parental care ?
12 Through which part does water enters the plant?
13 What is the food for the growing embryo inside the egg?
14 How do you test a leaf for starch?
Fill in the blanks spaces
1 The larva of the butterfly is known as a ________________
2 The green pigment found in plants is called ____________
3 When an egg of a frog hatches a_____________ comes out
4 Plants get water from __________
5 The youngone of a grasshopper are called __________
6 Iodine solution turns _________blue.
7 The food for growing embryo inside the eggs is in the __________.
8 The excess food in a plant is stored in the ___________ and
9 The egg of the lizard and snake get their warmth from the ________.
10 We eat roots of the plants like __________
11 We eat stems of the plants like __________
12 Birds have ___________ and mammals have _________
13 Birds lays their eggs in ___________.
14 The leaves get the water from _________ , carbon dioxide from ________.
and the energy from _______ to make food.
15 Only in _____________ mother suckle their young one.
16 In leaves green cells contains _________-.
17 Spaces between two cells are connected with tiny pores called ________.
18 Two animals which lay their eggs in water are ________ and __________.
19 Leaf has network of ______ which carries ________, __________and
food to different parts of the plants.
20 In mammals the young ones develop _________ the body of the _______.
21 ___________ is the process of shedding old skin.
22 The food [sugar] made in the leaf is changed into __________
23 All animals produce ___________of their own kind.
24 The baby bird has no________.
25 the young ones ___________their parents in every way.
26 Mammals also posses ___________.
Tick the correct choice
1 The important raw material for building sugar are __________________
{nitrogen and water , carbon dioxide and oxygen , carbon dioxide and water.}
2 The {cow, rat , dog , snake } lays eggs like birds.
3 We get sugar from the ______{root, leaf , steam} of the sugarcane plant.
4 A {housefly ,butterfly ,cockroach} sucks the nectar from the flower.
5 We eat roots of some plants like {potato, carrot ,ginger}
6 The {frog, parrot, cat} is a mammal.
7 Photosynthesis or the process of food making in plants carries on _______
{during night, during the day only, at sun set ,day and night.}
8 In the life-cycle of a butterfly , the {pupa , adult , caterpiller} comes out
after the egg hatches.
9 A caterpiller is the larva of {mosquitoes , butterfly}
10 The animals which does not pass through the four stages of growth is the
{butterfly, mosquitoes, grasshopper housefly .}
Write Meanings
disrupt diligent ashamed hiccups relieved
to get into someon's bad book crisply starched provocation
ordour retorted scribbled tusker engrossed
pottering drenched
Question and Answer
1 From where had Karan's family moved to Bangalore ?
2 What was Suchitra's pet name ?
3 What was Suchitra suffering from ?
4 What happened to Suchitra when she got in to go to school ?
5 What was the compliment given by Miss Sheela ?
6 Why did all the teachers in the old school like Karan?
7 What did the doctor prescribe for curing Suchitra from her fever ?
8 What was the advice Mrs Rai gave to karan ?
Who said to whom.
1 "Which school were you before this ?"
2 "I'm sorry."
3 "Have a good day"
4 "You are the born writer."
5 "Good morning," Ichibo.You are early today!"
6 "St. Ann's in Secunderabad, teacher."
7 "Okay, sit down, I'm going to read out a poem to you."
8 "Don't worry,Just relax and have a drink of water.That'll help."
9 "She's new,"
10 "'I hear we have a new teacher"
11 "I will get to know your names during the roll call."
12 "I want you to write about 'Your First Day in School'."
13 "The best essay"
14 "We have a new teacher."
15 "And did you like her ?"
16 "Your sense of smell?"
17 "She's okay"
Make Sentences.
ashamed relieved odour
scribbled drenched engrossed

Write Meanings
1 Terrifed 2) Ragged 3) Boastfully 4)Cuddle 5) Erupted
6 Companion 7) Deprived of 8) Interrupted 9) Trick 10) Peep
11 Stinging 12) Rebuke 13) Souvenier 14) Deceived 15)Wrinkly
16 Burished 17) Rumbling
Question and Answer
1 What did the Baboon asked the Lepoard to do in order to get the
house back?
2 Why had the writers grandmother come to stay with her ?
3 What did the Rabbit do when he saw the Lepord collecting sticks?
4 Who is the oldest friend Neha was talking about ?
5 Why were the children pinched by the mother Rabbit ?
6 Why was neha upset with her mother ?
7 Did the Baboon cheat the Leopard ? How can you say so?
Who said to whom.
1 "They are crying for the Elephant's liver ".
2 "Its his first day at school".
3 "But we must tie our tail in order to go together ".
4 "And I was really upset with my mother for trying to throw her out ."
5 "Who is that mad person lighting a fire in my house?"
6 "Why are the children crying ?"
7 "Dear ,we must move away from here immediately."
8 "Why are you sweating so much?"
9 Oh,I know the Rabbit . That's one of his tricks ."
10 "Is that your plan, Mr Baboon?"
Write Meanings
1) Lenient , 2) Flounced , 3) Pest , 4) Shrieked . 5) Commotion
6) Contentedly , 7) Decorating , 8) Reaction ,9) Dumstruck
10) Shoddy , 11) Welled up ,12) Tugged , 13) Petty
Question and Answer
1 What does his mother do to help Abu improve his speed of writing ?
2 What were the three things Rachana told her mother related
to her school ?
3 List the good things that the school teacher says about Abu ?
4 Why couldn't Mrs Sharma cook anything intresting for dinner ?
5 Why was Priya dumstruck ?
6 What were Rekha's two complaints against the food at home ?
7 Do you think Priya was right in feeling ashamed about the gift ? Why ?
8 What does his father ask him to do daily during the holidays ?
Make Sentences.
1) lenient ,2) decorating , 3) petty 4) hugged 5) drag 6) protest
Who said to whom.
1 "I am not going to take bath, or sleep in the afternoon "
2 "You want me to write ?During holidays ?
3 When I grow up I shall have a machine to writ for me "
4 "Write something about intresting not what everyone does"
5 "Write about yesterday before you forget "
6 "Write in your best handwriting ".
7 "I don't know to do fast ".
Write Meanings
1) Ruin , 2) ignorance ,3) precaution , 4) criminal , 5) allergy
6) emergency , 7) vanished ,8) boast ,9) cautiously, 10) despair
11) gleaming , 12) astonish
Question and Answer
1 What was the last wish that billy made to genie ?
2 Why should fireworks be lit under adult supervison only ?
3 What precautions should be taken to prevent accidents during Diwali?
4 What was special about the purse that the genie gave to billy?
5 What places did billiy cross on his magic carpet ?
6 Give three safety measures to follow while lightning fireworks
7 What happened to Revathi when she took her mother's medicine ?
8 What did Revathi promise her parents ?
9 What lesson did billy learn ?
Who said to whom.
1 "Remember never to take other peoples medicines"
1 "I 'm so lonely and unhappy"
2 "You 've got chocolate all around your mouth"
3 "Are you by any chance Aladdin ?"
4 "I can have as many wish as I want"
5 "If I dont feel well,I'll go to the doctor"
6 "What has happened to you !"
Make Sentences.
1) vanished ,2) boast , 3) astonish ,4) accustomed ,5) grant
6) Ruin , 7) Ignorance , 8) Criminal
Write Meanings
1 Complexion 2) Fuzzy 4) Timid 5) Pretends 6) Nagging 7) Alert
8 Adventure 9) Persuade 10) Cretonne 11) Lie unconcious
12 Exhaustion 13) Monster 14) Relucantly
Question and Answer
1 How can we make our mind active and alert ?
2 Why does the poet say that the Chameleon is timid and shy ?
3 Why did Veeru did not like to do exercise ?
4 Why does the poet wish to be a Chameleon ?
5 Why are out door games important ?
6 What does the Chameleon do?
7 How Did Veeru's parents try to help him ?
8 Why does the poet want to look like the arm of the chair ?
Give Rhyming Words
1 Thin 2) Hear 3) Grow 4) Neat 5)Say
6 Rest 7) Play 8) Wealth 9) Gay 10) Air
Fill in the blanks spaces
1 Division is __________________ 2) 4 x 6 = 6 x _________
3 In 8 x 6 = 48 , 8 is called the _______________
4 Divisor x Quotient + Reminder = ____________
5 57 x 100 = ____________
6 The number by which the dividend is divided is called the __________
7 1050 10 = ________ 8) 1020 x 100 = ________
9 ________ x 149 = 0
10 95000 100 = ____________ 11) 6 x 100 = ______
12 4278 2 gives the quotient _______ 13) _______ x 125 = 0
14 5009 6 gives the reminder
15 Multiplication is a short form of ______________ of the same number.
16 The product of any number multiplied by 'zero' is always _________.
17 The number which is left over after finding the quotient is called
18 the _____________. It is always __________ than the divisor.
19 If there is no remainder,the quotient and divisor are always the ________ of
the dividend.
20 The result obtained by the process of division is called the __________.
21 The number to be divided is called the ____________.
The answer is called the ___________.
22 If there is no remainder, the dividend is always a __________ of the
quotient and divisor.
23 The number being multiplied is called the ______________.
24 The product divided by the _____________ equals the multiplicand.
25 The number by which the multiplicand is multiplied is called the _________.
26 The product divided by the _____________ equals the multiplier.
1 John earns a salary of Rs 5,754 per month.How much money will he earn
in one year ?
2 A car travels 3,465 km consuming 231 litre of petrol.Find the distance
covered by the car in one litre of petrol.
3 Sam purchased a laptop (a small computer) on instalments. If he pays an
instalment of Rs 4,275 for 24 months, what is the cost of the laptop?
4 How many pens costing Rs 25 each can be brougth for Rs 3,125 ?
5 A car travels 53 kilometres in one litre of petrol.How far will it go in 237 litres
of petrol ?
6 Rs 6,745 have to be distributed equally among 5 people.How much money
will each one get ?