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me me

O O 1. Things usually don’t bother me

O O 2. I find it very hard to talk in front of a group
O O 3. There are lots of things about myself I’d like to change
O O 4. I can make up my mind without too much trouble
O O 5. I’m a lot of fun to be with
O O 6. I get upset easily at home
O O 7. It takes me a long time to get used to anything new
O O 8. I’m popular with persons my own age
O O 9. My family usually considers my felling
O O 10. I give in very easily
O O 11. My family expects too much of me
O O 12. It’s pretty tough to be me
O O 13. Things are all mixed up in my life
O O 14. People usually follow my ideas
O O 15. I have a low opinion of myself
O O 16. There are times when I would like to leave home
O O 17. I often feel upset with my work
O O 18. I am not as nice looking as most people
O O 19. If I have something to say. I usually say it
O O 20. My family understands me
O O 21. Most people are better liked than I am
O O 22. I usually feel as if my family is pushing me
O O 23. I often get discouraged with what I am doing
O O 24. I often with I were someone else
O O 25. I can’t be depended on