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The recent fighting in South Sudan is

devastating. The loss of life and the horrific

crimes and abuses that have occurred are
unimaginable. It is hard to understand how
the people of South Sudan can ever recover;
however the hope of the country is its people.
Whatever we can do to help them prepare to
repair a broken country is an investment that
will make a difference.
Below are the amounts needed for each
leader. Please consider giving a one time gift
or please give on a monthly basis.
Thank you!
Master of Science in Agricultural Economics, University of
Tuition, Fees and Books: $3,750/year
Stipend for family of nine: $1,750/month
Residency, Kampala International University
Stipend for Thon and his family: $2,150/month

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science,
Cavendish University in Uganda
Tuition and Fees: $700/semester
Stipend for housing and meals: $400/semester

Three-month professional training on peace and conflict
resolution at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand
Stipend for housing and family expenses:
$1,200/month for 3 months

One-year Intensive Masters program for Conflict Analysis and
Resolution, George Mason
Summer Semester: $4,539.25

Education &




S u d a n U n l i mi t e d
Since fighting broke out in South Sudan
on December 15, 2013
Sudan Unlimited seeks to support all Sudanese and South Sudanese
in their efforts to secure and enjoy freedom, justice, equality,
democracy, peace and prosperity through advocacy and initiatives
in the U.S. and development projects in South Sudan.
Tax deductible donations for Sudan Unlimiteds Education and
Leadership Fund may be made payable to New Life Church, marked
for Sudan Unlimited ELF, and mailed to New Life Church, 300 Ulloa
Street, San Francisco, CA 94127. Thank you!
S u d a n U n l i m i t e d
$230 M
needed to
avoid famine
Sources: UNICEF, World Food Programme April 4, 2014
warning; OCHA Humanitarian Snapshot as of May 12, 2014
Child soldiers
Mamer and his family were rescued from fighting in South
Sudan in December and they are now living in Nairobi.
Mamer, being the eldest, is responsible for his entire family.
Some members of his family have relocated to refugee camps
but nine are with him and his wife, Aliet, in Nairobi. Before
fighting broke out, Mamer and Aliet had a solar powered
home in South Sudan. Mamer was working for a NGO, Pact
Sudan, and developing AgSudan, his commercial farming
project, and Aliet had a small business that employed seam-
stresses. Now, everything they built and owned has been
stolen or destroyed. Even though a peace agreement was
recently signed, fighting continues and it is not safe for
Mamer and his family to return While Mamer is away from
South Sudan, it important for him to prepare for his return.
Mamer has a BA in Economics from Point Loma Nazarene
University in San Diego, and he is enrolling in the Master of
Science in Agriculture at the University of Nairobi .
The Fund put Thon
through medical school at
Kampala International
University. He graduated
without completing his
residency program, but he
secured a very good job in
South Sudan with a NGO
training medical personnel
for the national army. Thon invested his earnings in build-
ing, furnishing and supplying a clinic, Live Well South Su-
dan, which was opened in South Sudan on July 25, 2013 (the
website is ) When fighting
broke out in South Sudan, Thon was in Uganda, where his
family lives, taking tests for a Masters in Public Health.
Fortunately he was not caught up in the violence but his
clinic was looted and he lost everything. Thon will take the
time away from the country to finish his residency. He needs
help providing for his family during this time.
While Thon was employed, he
was putting his younger brother,
Gai, through college. Gai is
earning a Bachelor of Science in
Environmental Health Science
from Cavendish University in
Uganda. He has completed the
first semester of a three year
program and hopes to secure an
education in order to help his family and his country.
Sarah is a leader
within the South
Sudanese Diaspora
in the U.S. She is
the Program
Director of My
Sisters Keeper, a
member of South
Sudan Women
United, and she is
the recipient of the 2010 Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights
Award. Sarah has been accepted into the Rotary Peace
Fellowship program for a three-month professional
training on peace and conflict resolution at Chulalongkorn
University in Bangkok, Thailand. The fellowship covers
tuition and expenses, but Sarah needs help covering ex-
penses for her three children who will remain in Boston.
Agnes is a diplomat of the
Government of South
Sudan and she is the Co-
Founder of South Sudan
Women United. Agnes
graduated from the
University of Washington
and has been admitted to
a one-year Intensive
Masters program for
Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason. Agnes
needs assistance with tuition. If she has funding, she can
start the program this summer and take three classes: Intro
to Conflict Resolution, Theories of Conflict and Conflict
Resolution, and Philosophies and Methods of Conflict
South Sudan
After decades of war and isolation, South Sudan gained its
independence in 2011. Three years later, conflict within the
country left thousands dead and a million displaced in just
100 days.
It is a devastating tragedy and the way forward is difficult to
see; however and as always, the hope of South Sudan is its
Sudan Unlimiteds Education and Leadership Fund provides
opportunities for South Sudanese who are committed to
participating in the long process of securing peace and
prosperity for South Sudan.
Mamer, Aliet, Ajak and Anok
S u d a n U n l i m i t e d
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