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Miqmak Card Project Name Block

In this project each person in the class will be responsible for drawing and labeling a card containing a
Miqmak mythological figure. Your color drawings of the figure in whateer human or animal form the
guide below describes must be small enough to fit onto the !" by #" Inde$ card proided by the teacher.
%he card must contain the name of the Mythological figure at the bottom center of the card and your name
in the top right corner. &se the internet to research the traditional garb of the Miqmak people if you get a
person. %he teacher will assign you a mythical figure. 'ircle the figure you are assigned to remind yourself.
Glooscap( )looscap is the beneolent culture hero of the Micmac tribe* who taught the
people the arts of ciili+ation and protected them from danger.
Kislkw( ,isulkw is a diine spirit with no human form or attributes -including gender. and
is not personified in traditional Micmac folklore. /ronounced similar to kih0soolk.
Nkset( %he 1un* who was the first being created by ,is2lkw and the one who carried out
most diine plans. 3ften personified as an old man in Micmac myths* and frequently referred to
as Niskam -4grandfather.4.
Nukumi( )looscap5s wise old grandmother.
Apistanwj( Marten* )looscap5s adopted brother* helper* and right0hand animal.
Malsum( %his name is sometimes gien as belonging to an eil wolf who is )looscap5s
twin brother.
Mikcheech( %urtle* )looscap5s bumbling uncle.
Kwimu -6oon.( )looscap5s faithful companion* messenger* and tale0bringer.
Bootup -7hale.( 8nother animal spirit that seres )looscap* by carrying him across the
Luks -or 6o$.( 8n eil spirit that seeks to destroy )looscap. 9e is usually associated with
the wolerine.
Ableegumooch and Keoonik( :abbit and 3tter* two light0hearted trickster figures from
Mi5kmaq folktales who rob and play pranks on each other. 6ike modern cartoon characters* they
sometimes kill each other with their tricks and then randomly return to life.
Muin( Bear* one of the most prominent animal spirits of Mi5kmaq mythology. 9e is
portrayed as powerful and honorable but gullible.
;rom http(<<<mikmaq0legends.htm
Miqmak Card Project Name Block
Lusifee( 7ildcat* an aggressie and dangerous animal in Mi5kmaq folklore.
Pulowech -/artridge.( 8n epic hero in Mikmaq myths. %he most famous stories in his hero
cycle inole him winning a water0fairy wife and then aenging her murder by eil wi+ards.
Chenoo( )iant cannibal ice monsters* similar to the 7indigo of the 8nishinabe and other
northern tribes. 'henoos were once human beings who either committed terrible crimes or
became possessed by eil spirits* causing their hearts to turn to ice.
Kukwes( 8 kind of man0eating ogre. %hey are greedy* hairy and hae bear0like heads.
Mikumwessuk( %hese are little people like dwares or fairies. %hey are generally
beneolent forest spirits but can be dangerous if they are disrespected.
Pukulatmuj or iklatmu!j( 8nother race of dwares from Mi5kmaq legends. /ukulatmuj
are rock spirits -sometimes called 1tone =wares or 1tone Indians in >nglish. who lie in
mountain caes.
"abawaelnu( 8nother race of nature sprites* these are water spirits* and like >uropean
mermaids* they hae human upper bodies and fish tails.
"ka#egamutc( %he ghost of an eil sorcerer* who returns to life by night to kill and deour
Kinap( 8 mortal hero gifted with uncanny physical strength and other powers.
$ipijka!m( 8n underwater horned serpent* said to lurk in lakes and eat humans. 1ince it has
only one horn according to most Mi5kmaq stories* it is sometimes called the &nicorn 1erpent in
Ka%tuka%( Mi5kmaq storm spirits* who cause thunder and lightning. %hey usually appear as
men with with bird5s wings* and in some stories their clan intermarries with Indian people.
Klu( 8 legendary giant bird of prey* said to eat humans and be large enough to carry off a
moose in its talons.
&ochigeaskw( 9eroine of a ;rench07abanaki fusion myth loosely based on the 'inderella
inpe( %he name of a giant magician in Micmac folklore* an enemy of )looscap.
;rom http(<<<mikmaq0legends.htm