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Accessories for the MV SWGRs to be provided by the contractor & some other points to be verified:

1. Lifting truck for VCB 3 nos

2. Wall mounted tool rack - 3 nos
3. Spring charge handle for each swgr panel
4. VCB racking handle - for each swgr panel
5. E/S racking handle - for each swgr panel
6. Setting gauge - ? (I could not found this details in the MV SWGR /VCB manual. Should be asked with
Tihama o&M.)
7. Test Plug 6 nos
8. Emergency trip handle for VCB - for each swgr panel ?
9. Emergency capacitor tripping device to be provided? But, this point should be clarified with Client
(Tihama). Because, if it is provided, it will trip the VCB automatically, which is not suitable for incomers or
transformer breakers. But, this device can be provided, in case, if we are tripping the breaker by using an
Emergency trip push button (during the failure of DC power supply-main & back-up, again it is very rare
we used this device (Condenser trip unit) in EMCC Incomer at PP11, which created trouble during the power
failure. So, we bypassed this future in PP11).

10. Two dummy feeder for each bus
11. Busbar joints shall be enclosed by removable molded plastic covers.
12. One spare CB for each bus section.
13. Trip free operating mechanism for VCB (electrical & Mechanical) (as far as I checked the circuit of
control scheme and vcb internal scheme, these provisions are already done)

14. Thermostat is required for Space heaters. May be a mistake in the P.O.

15. Interlock and safety features:

16. Special test equipment for maintenance test (PC) with the connecting leads and plugs (Communication

17. One test plug for each assembly.

18. Supervision relay for 86

19. Kilk key for the each feeders 2/3 sets.
20. Isolation Test Switches not provided. But, it is not so important in this HHI SWGR.

21. Annunciator to be provided. But, this is not necessary. Because, all the status, alarm and trip signals will
be indicated in the GE relay front side.

22. Not less than 10% spare terminals in each terminal block.
23. Mechanical protection for wirings in relays and meters (plastic cover)
24. Cross ferruling for the internal wire also.
25. Set of test plug for relay testing and Portable test equipment for meters?
26. A set of test jumper cables for testing secondary control contacts of VCB in withdrawn position.
(i.e. a set of wires with approx.. 2-3 meters in length, which connects the jack of the withdrawn VCB at one end
and to connect Fixed jack at VCB chamber in the swgr.)

27. One set of High voltage probe?

28. Provision for locking the calibration adjustments of the meters/instruments. (HHI will provide the meter,
such a way that the calibration cannot be changed because of normal handling or vibration.

29. Supplier shall furnish the list of special tools and field test devices