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Vertex in Aries

You are expected to pick up the reins of leadership, initiate new directions, take a
decisive stand, overcome inhibitions to activate personal drive, learn courage, and
conquer fears.

Doing these things may satisfy a fundamental need for expression that you are
psychologically ready to fulfill. It can challenge your ability to lead, troubleshoot, or
innovate, and it can bring abilities forward from your unconscious that you were not
aware of. You can gain awareness of personal courage and self-identity as well.

Not accomplishing these things may put the initiative into anothers hands or leave you
unfulfilled because you have compromised or fallen into tempting mediocrity. It is also
possible that you will develop a gap in your personality because of a psychologically
damaging identity complex.

Vertex in Taurus

You are expected to complete something already set in motion. Others expect you to
become self-sustaining and self-supporting, to deal with security problems, and to
support the arts in some way. People want you to deal with the world on a material

Accomplishing these things may create a solution for a severe emotional or material
lack. You outgrow dependency on others and manage your own affairs.

Not doing so may keep you from attaining the self-esteem that you could gain from
being self-sufficient. You may also feel social or emotional indebtedness.

Vertex in Gemini

You are expected to bring your ability to communicate or write to the fore, and to use
hard-core facts to clarify situations. People expect you to come up with ideas and
present them clearly, speak, write, or instruct, debate your own view point, and gain a
position as a spokesperson.

Doing these things may improve your ability to get your ideas across to others because
you learn to choose your words carefully and have the facts to back them up. You also
gain the confidence to speak out because you have developed communication skills and
maintained a youthful curiosity. In short, you are well prepared with facts when tested.

Not developing these skills allows you to generalize or go off on a tangent, losing the
point you are trying to make. You may avoid research and fail to achieve mental
flexibility and clarity, or you may get hung up on a single goal instead of developing the
diversity you need.

Vertex in Cancer

You are expected to deal with the public or in the public interest, handle the emotional
factors in situations, and learn to deal with women or public figures. People also
anticipate your ability to spot trends and accept a background or parental role, and to
acknowledge the emotional side of your nature.

Doing these things may help you to develop your nurturing qualities and to recognize
your own dependency needs as legitimate concerns in your life. You may also discover a
capacity to play the parent role to the world.

Not accomplishing these things may put you at the mercy of other peoples emotions.
Situations become distorted and conflicts develop with people who feel you have let
them down. You may also give in to the temptation to suppress your emotions.

Vertex in Leo

You are expected to become an individual and not just a member of the group, and to
project your own emotions in a special relationship instead of maintaining emotional
separation. People expect you to be responsible for teaching, working on an
entertainment project, or dealing with young people or children. You also should
acknowledge and accept your need for admiration.

In doing these things, you may become aware of your own individuality or creative
expression. You give outer expression to the affectionate, creative side of your nature.
You strengthen your own ego by helping other people to develop theirs, and you instill
confidence and self-worth in those around you through your magnetism and dignity.

Not accomplishing these tasks may lead to a psychologically crippling ego-complex or
create conflict within you. You could suffer from the same impersonal treatment you
sometimes indulge in.

Vertex in Virgo

You are expected to use your practical insights and your ability to discover flaws. People
also want you to provide service, compile material for practical use, and supply work
details. You should develop your discriminating faculties, become a useful and
productive member of society, and develop conscientious habits and the ability to
accept criticism.

Doing these things may make you feel useful in the world and offset a tendency to
worry about your health. You also learn to believe in your own self-worth, regardless of
the opinions of others. Finally, you are able to function at your most efficient level,
knowing that your life has meaning.

Not doing so may bring inner conflict because you give in to confusion. You can make
yourself nearly invisible. You can also create disorder in your life and a feeling of

Vertex in Libra

You are expected to bring opposing factions together, counsel or arbitrate on a fair and
equal basis, or seek a satisfactory compromise. You also may develop a cooperative
spirit and sense of fair play to help yourself and others to move forward. You may
become conscious of a persecution complex that produces inner conflict. You also can
relate to others as equals, thereby creating inner balance and avoiding unreasonable
social demands. You are expected to cultivate the arts of compromise and detachment.

Accomplishing these tasks may help you to put aside personal ego in partnerships. You
also learn to relate to others with a sense of justice. Finally, you learn how to accept the
need for balance in your personal life and in your environment.

Not doing so may result in a situation in which you are biased in judgment, and this
result could add to your agitation. You may become demanding, in which case you could
allow self-centeredness that deepens relationship inhibitions. Then you could fall into
both indecisiveness and inertia.

Vertex in Scorpio

You are expected to learn total self-mastery. You will explore the limits of your desires
and appetites, defining the limits not only in terms of self but also out of respect for the
rights of others. You will assist others in terms of mutual financial arrangements. You
may deal with the dead or dying, healing, and good business practices in which you
reform or recycle what is obsolete. You may provide concrete assistance to enhance the
security of a partnership, acquaint yourself with metaphysics in order to sharpen
perspective, and gain a sense of collective values. You may also bring occult knowledge
forward into the light.

By doing these things, you may express an inner emotional need to reform, recycle, or
find personal rebirth each time you are tested by appetites of the lower nature. Then
you gain strength in the regenerative or healing forces of the higher realms, and you
may be reborn to the higher self. You could be involved with the issues of working to
gain the support of others as well.

If you dont accomplish these goals, you may bow to the base material desires of
others, creating a smoldering resentment within yourself. As a result, you may feel
conflict and emotional insecurity.

Vertex in Sagittarius

You are expected to develop broad vision and a deeper understanding of the
significance behind the facts. You may develop a new religious awareness or a
philosophical view of things. You could become inspired by reaching toward higher
truth. You may travel or attain a higher education, deal with legal principles, teach a
class dealing with religion or philosophy, and editorialize, promote, or bring
understanding to difficult situations.

Doing these things may teach you to have faith in yourself, your abilities, and your
goals in life. You will learn that faith in yourself must come from faith in something
outside the self.

Not accomplishing your goals may incline you to accept a law or principle without
looking past the facts to see how it will actually affect people. You will find it difficult to
accept the accolades and rewards you have earned and, instead, drift aimlessly through

Vertex in Capricorn

You are expected to accept the fact that in carrying out your duties and obligations, you
prepare yourself for positions of greater responsibility. You need to accept limitations
and diligently work through them. You will realize that you are being forced to develop
organizational ability, caution, prudence, and patience. You may possibly run for an
office at a time when no one else wants the position. You need to accept limitations
whether they are self- imposed or imposed by the outside world.

Accomplishing these goals may make you aware of how much your organizing ability is
needed. You will also purify the self through struggle and restriction.

Not fulfilling these tasks may keep you from moving up to a higher position, due to your
apparent undependability, instability, or excuses. You may claim that you lack the
necessary time due to domestic considerations. You may experience inner conflict if you
see yourself as the victim of an unstable environment. You could also have subtle
feelings of inferiority from your lack of discipline.

Vertex in Aquarius

You are expected to deal with all kinds of people, even those you feel you cannot
tolerate. People want you to develop enough detachment to rise above individual
pettiness so you see your peers not as strangers, but as "brothers." You can grow
through developing true individuality, unfettered by peer group pressures. You need to
accept the idea that you are one among equals.

Doing these things may help you avoid feelings of superiority. You are not too important
to bother with being a friend. You will learn to overcome your own ego.

Not accomplishing the above tasks may mean that you become the object of intolerant
treatment from any group you are prejudiced against. You may be blocked by those you
oppose, simply because they decline to create the future openings you need.
Accomplishments become meaningless, and the impact you hope to make on the world
falls well short of your expectations.

Vertex in Pisces

You are expected to develop selflessness and cultivate emotional or psychological
insights rather than the practical, material insights that come more naturally to you.
People want you to develop compassion and the ability to listen to people who may be
hurting inside and simply need to know that someone cares. You may decide to serve in
areas of confinement, institutions, or places where work must be done quietly behind
the scenes. You will also need to accept the fact that we are children of the universe
and are here in order to convey the ideal of infinite love and beauty to our less aware

If you accomplish the above tasks, you may grow through contact with the very people
you have assisted. You will gain insights above and beyond practical considerations, and
you will realize that you are basically secure in your knowledge of the scheme of things.

Not doing so you turn back into yourself, only to rediscover things you already know.
This could generate a sense of futility, which can lead to despair and self-destruction.
Vertex Conjunct Sun

You find it relatively easy to be a person of importance. Your own self-esteem attracts
prominent people to you, and the risks you take are usually sound. Being in charge of
others and coming before the public are areas in which you are comfortable.

Vertex Conjunct Moon

A woman or women in your life may be the catalyst for finding the emotional life you
want. Sometimes this occurs within the family. You are seen as a nurturer to others as
well as yourself. You are expected to be the heart of your family, helping others to find
their lives worthwhile.

Vertex Conjunct Mercury

You need people with good communicative skills in your life who will stimulate you
mentally. A sibling or spouse may fulfill this role. Since you take a mental view of life,
education is important. Pets and automobiles are often part of your life.

Vertex Conjunct Venus

You are often expected to rely on your charm and good looks to advance in life. Money
is usually plentiful and important to you. There is a love of beautiful possessions and an
active social life for which you are willing to put out a lot of effort. There is usually
popularity too.

Vertex Conjunct Mars

Others may push your buttons easily. You have to develop the tact and charm to
overcome this. You could attract aggressive or assertive people, which may be to your
benefit if you handle it well. Some people with this aspect, such as policemen, carry
weapons. Use your own assertiveness to get the things you want.

Vertex Conjunct Jupiter

Much is expected of you since you have the potential for outstanding achievements. You
may have been born into a privileged family or one that values education highly. The
fields of law, publishing, or higher education may attract you. You are tolerant of
foreigners or those of a different background.

Vertex Conjunct Saturn

Far from having a negative impact, your characteristics of seriousness and sense of
responsibility are assets. Usually you accept your responsibilities willingly. You are one
who can be counted on even if you have to sacrifice some of your own desires to do so.

Vertex Conjunct Uranus

There is a determination to express your uniqueness or sometimes genius. This can be
favorable as long as it doesnt become mere eccentricity. Modern technology is a natural
for you.

Vertex Conjunct Neptune

You may attract very strong personalities or rather weak ones. Also, you may be
attracted to artistic, sensitive, or spiritual types, or those involved in drugs and alcohol.
Big doses of realism enable you to avoid negativity. While deception is possible, you
may be the one deceiving yourself. You could become pompous or mystical when you
are in over your head.

Vertex Conjunct Pluto

Though you function in large organizations well, you experience control issues. You
want control of your own life, even if its a subconscious urge. The use of force or
jealousy from or toward you may be excessive, but it does indicate great power for
good or evil to be who you want to be.

Vertex Conjunct Ascendant

This is not possible in the northern or southern hemispheres.

Vertex Conjunct Midheaven

You may be fated to have a very influential incarnation. Like Ghandi of India you may
be here for a special purpose. Your parents influence your career as well as your moral
and spiritual values.

Vertex Sextile Sun

Opportunities come in your life to boost the value you place on your services. Usually
these come through male figures. You may develop a talent for working with children
too. Sports and creative efforts smooth the way for the promotions you seek.

Vertex Sextile Moon

Your everyday efforts and warmth hold the family together so there are opportunities
for your home and family to give you emotional support and satisfaction. Any type of
nurturing is your greatest blessing. You carry out household chores willingly.
Relationships with women are favored too.

Vertex Sextile Mercury

Communication and education are two areas where your abilities are expected. You
have a good mind. You have opportunities to be involved with neighbors, travel,
brothers and sisters, or writing. Your opportunities may come from new technology.
Keeping up with the latest means of communication is a must.

Vertex Sextile Venus

You have the opportunity to have a rewarding love or romance in your life. Social affairs
and marriages tend to work out well, and relationships with young women go well.
Luxury items and money are available to you more easily than for most. Money may be
earned by the sale or handling of anything that beautifies your surroundings.

Vertex Sextile Mars

You may use your abundant energy in many different ways depending on the signs
involved. Fire signs might be inclined to favor sports or exercise programs. Air signs
need to use their mental energy. Water and earth may be emotional and nurturing or
down to earth and practical.

Vertex Sextile Jupiter

The benefits of having good luck are yours when you use good judgment. Youre
expected to travel, if not literally then vicariously, to expand your world and increase
your income. You may have opportunities to expand through volunteering for some of
the many jobs that need volunteers.

Vertex Sextile Saturn

You can set long-range goals so that you do not have to have instant gratification. You
develop self-reliance that others lack. You may have to go to work early in your life to
help the family. Illnesses usually come with the opportunity to solve them.

Vertex Sextile Uranus

You are allowed the personal freedom to be yourself to best express your uniqueness.
Friends may help you achieve this goal. Sudden events in your life, while not feeling
sudden to you, keep others wondering whats next. Youll benefit from the study of

Vertex Sextile Neptune

You find forms of escape that are practical and constructive. Anything that creates an
illusion, such as photography or cosmetics, interests you. Daydreaming, travel, or
spiritual goals are constructive outlets too. You are also compassionate and idealistic,
and services you render are helpful and imaginative.

Vertex Sextile Pluto

Control issues are softened here. There are opportunities for regeneration or to make
yourself whatever you want to be. Deaths, surgeries, power issues and other drastic
changes may be handled well because you see yourself as a powerful person. You may
change your world as well as yourself.

Vertex Sextile Ascendant

This is not possible in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Vertex Sextile Midheaven

Opportunities come to you due to the favorable influence of your parents. Later in life it
may be your fate to be given chances to excel career wise and to reap the benefits of
what you have learned from one or both of your parents. An important move could
bring opportunities too.

Vertex Square Sun

Once you overcome the negative images you have of male figures or anyone in
authority, you have the ability to gain status You have the drive to overcome the
obstacles that have stood in your way. You put out the effort needed when health issues

Vertex Square Moon

When you feel tied down by domestic duties or find your home unsettled, you may have
to enlist the help of the whole family or friends. You may find an emotional support
system by being an emotional supporter for others. Efforts need to be made to improve
conditions for females in your life.

Vertex Square Mercury

Physical concerns include respiratory problems, allergies, or colds. Since you may feel
that you do not learn as easily as others, you often overachieve in mental areas and
become an excellent communicator. A brother or sister could burden you with his or her
problems if you allow it.

Vertex Square Venus
Your love relationships require special attention. To avoid conflicts, you have to be
careful to encourage only those whose values are similar to your own to avoid conflicts.
You may experience the loss of a loved one. Laziness or a lack of neatness may
manifest. Great care is needed in the handling of money. Physically, there can be
concerns with the throat, voice, tonsils, or veins.

Vertex Square Mars

Finding your best niche is necessary for overcoming the anger or strife you might feel or
be subject to. You could feel helpless to overcome the stress from other people, yet you
have the energy to act. Just be sure your actions are constructive. You may be
impulsive not spending enough time or effort to do your homework before acting.

Vertex Square Jupiter

The only thing negative here is that you may have too much of a good thing or you are
overly self-indulgent. You may spoil your children or be spoiled yourself. Getting to
know people with different ideas better and walking in their shoes for a while may help
you work out prejudices.

Vertex Square Saturn

The difficulties or lack of warmth you have with your father (or parents) inspire you to
do better with your own life if you do not let negativity take over. Some difficult
conditions are based on fear. In overcoming the fear, you overcome the conditions and
become a stronger person.

Vertex Square Uranus

You dont seem to be cut from the same cookie cutter as others. This opens you up to
many interests others avoid, and these interests are not always accepted by the
masses. Relationships that dont let you express who you really are may have to end
abruptly, whether you or the other person initiates the action.

Vertex Square Neptune

You may have a blind spot which brings problems or situations you would normally
resist. Drugs and alcohol can play too large a part in your life, or you may be dealing
with others problems with these. Turning to the arts or giving service are constructive
ways to handle this energy. You have a tendency to romanticize your life.

Vertex Square Pluto

You must deal with the drastic changes that come in your life. You could be the victim
of power plays from others, or you exert power yourself in a negative way. Jointly held
money or sexual issues are prominent too. Tax and insurance matters must be handled
with integrity. Although it is not easy, you have the power to regenerate your life.

Vertex Square Ascendant

This is not possible in the northern or southern hemisphere

Vertex Square Midheaven

Some of you have suffered from the care or lack of care from a parent. There can be
too little or too much parental guidance. This could affect your career by making it
difficult to trust that authority figures will meet your needs.

Vertex Trine Sun

You get the rewards of the efforts you have put out to succeed. Theres a certain
amount of luck and drama with this aspect. There should be many who hlep you to feel
positive about your life. You are favored by the men in your life, your father, son,
brother, boss, etc.

Vertex Trine Moon

Not only do you expect yourself to have a harmonious home life, but you also have a
good business sense. You seem to know what the public wants. Emotional situations are
usually happy, with you providing a stabilizing influence. You may have good instincts
about real estate.

Vertex Trine Mercury

Your clarity of thinking and skills in expressing yourself could make you a good teacher,
student, or writer. You want to exchange ideas and you have many mental interests,
making you an interesting person to talk to. You also know when to avoid talking.

Vertex Trine Venus

You are fortunate where finances are concerned because you do not let money become
a problem to you, whether you have it or not. You try to make the most of your
appearance and personality making you a pleasant person to have around. Your
relationships are usually quite happy and fortunate too.

Vertex Trine Mars

Not only do you have abundant energy but you also use it constructively. When you find
it necessary to be aggressive, you do so in a way that is productive and positive. You
can be especially helpful to young people, perhaps as an athletic coach. You are
probably ambitious and competitive, liking to be number one.

Vertex Trine Jupiter

The expectations you have for yourself often motivate high achievements. In some
cases there is fame and luck. Legal, religious, and philosophical matters are carried out
with the highest ethics. You see people for who they are, and you want your life to
expand beyond the life in which you were born.

Vertex Trine Saturn

You are usually self-motivated, not needing the constant encouragement and pushing
some require. Even as a child you were the one who could be relied on to take care of
yourself and do what you believe is right. You may show wisdom that you may have
gained in other lives as well as this one.

Vertex Trine Uranus

You benefit from the surprising events in your life. Friends open your world to greater
things than you ever dreamed of. Humanitarian and group activities are favored. Your
uniqueness is an asset to you, and others find you to be an interesting person. You may
be ahead of your time.

Vertex Trine Neptune

There is hardly a better aspect for the arts, music, painting, dancing, etc. However, you
may live in a fog, lacking reality in your life. Yours is a life best spent pursuing spiritual
goals rather than material ones.

Vertex Trine Pluto

This indicates enormous power to open up new phases of your life through
regeneration. Situations that would devastate others may be dealt with in constructive
ways. Once you decide on a course of action, there is little to hold you back. You are
expected to use this power well.

Vertex Trine Ascendant

Fate seems to be kind to you. You meet the expectations that the world has of you, and
you express yourself in a way that shows the result of constructive effort from this or
other lifetimes.

Vertex Trine Midheaven

You draw people and situations to you that help you gain prestige and allow you to
express your talents. You probably had a positive role model in one or both parents.
Your own abilities are allowed to have beneficial expression. Changes in your position in
the world are happy ones.

Vertex Quincunx Sun

Caring for your health and making adjustments to conditions of others in your life,
especially men, may bring out the best in you. The adjustments you must make often
steer you in the direction of your true calling. You may have concerns about your
partners money, insurance, or taxes.

Vertex Quincunx Moon

Youre expected to make the needed adjustments due to changes in the family. This
could be due to a new baby or caring for an elderly relative. Divorce or death may
necessitate building a new life, or your work situation could change. You know how to
meet these situations without sacrificing your own health.

Vertex Quincunx Mercury

Your attitude toward education is to balance education and other areas of your life. You
may not understand the importance you place on work and study, and you find going
along with others ideas difficult. Respiratory problems may occur. Being around smoke
or unclean air is especially detrimental for you.

Vertex Quincunx Venus

You are certainly one who needs to know yourself well and define what you want out of
life. If you dont you may compromise more than is necessary and then resent others
for having to do so. Your efforts to improve or maintain your appearance give you more
confidence. Throat or voice problems may arise at times.

Vertex Quincunx Mars

Some of your actions can be quite startling to others. You might be expected to serve
as a fireman, soldier, policeman or another emergency responder, requiring quick
adjustments to emergency situations. Initiative, strength and endurance are strong
points for people of both sexes.

Vertex Quincunx Jupiter

You must learn moderation to avoid liver problems or other problems related to
overindulgence. Adjustments have to be made for children going off to college or for
your own education and travel. It helps to use good judgment regarding legal matters
so that you avoid frivolous or vindictive actions.

Vertex Quincunx Saturn

You may experience chronic health concerns. Although extra work is required in many
situations, your ability to be flexible and solve problems is usually an asset. You learn
how to relate to authority figures out of a necessity to do so.

Vertex Quincunx Uranus

It is important to you to have your personal space and you will fight to insure this for
others as well. You would like to be your own boss. If you have small children, you
really need time out occasionally. Electronics and all forms of modern technology draw
your attention.

Vertex Quincunx Neptune

Idealism, need for service, and health matters may be combined in a career as a
pharmacist or in any of the health fields. Situations may seem more glamorous than
they are. You may be somewhat nave, and you may need to be more realistic and
informed. It might be easy to try to escape in one of many ways, but eventually reality
has to be faced.

Vertex Quincunx Pluto

Major expectations of you are often the result of world conditions. These may affect
your job and income. Sometimes accidents or deaths impact on your ability to adjust.
Either / or situations are a part of your life. You must learn to adopt a constructive and
unselfish attitude to money.

Vertex Quincunx Ascendant

You could be one of those people who often has to adjust to health conditions, changes
within your job, or deaths within your circle. You have the know-how to adjust to these
situations from both the standpoint of strong inner resources and the flexibility to
bounce back.

Vertex Quincunx Midheaven

Health concerns may interfere with your career or position in the world unless you learn
to accept the changes that are necessary. Women often have to balance career with
family needs, or a death in your own circle requires adjustments in your position.

Vertex Opposition Sun

You find that by doing something for yourself, you attain the success or happiness you
deserve. You may achieve a feeling of importance due to the confidence you feel about

Vertex Opposition Moon

It is necessary to balance your emotional needs with those of others. A strong
knowledge of who you are as an individual helps you gain this balance. Others need
your help and emotional support. You could gain much satisfaction from being in public
life or running for a local office.

Vertex Opposition Mercury

There may be opposition to your ideas or you feel that you have to give up your favorite
ideas. There may be conflicts to work out with others in travel, writing, or teaching. In
some way your good mind could make others think you are marching to a different
drummer. You need to do something for yourself.

Vertex Opposition Venus

Some inhibitions or feelings of unworthiness may cloud your romantic and social
prospects. Your ideas about social activities have to be balanced with other people's
plans. Your throat and voice are important to you so you have to avoid abusing them.
You need to pamper yourself and let your charm come through.

Vertex Opposition Mars

Opposition to your actions comes from other people, and you are expected to learn how
to handle these difficult situations. You could say that this ability is being brought forth
in your nature. While these situations are not easy, you may draw on your own charm
to bring balance.

Vertex Opposition Jupiter

You may receive some opposition to your plans for higher education, travel, or anything
that broadens your life. Sometimes compromises have to be made. You need to listen to
others' ideas if your judgment is not sound about a matter, or if you are blinded by
emotional involvements. People may oppose you in the courts too.

Vertex Opposition Saturn

You may be pushed into a role that is not your real self. Others oppose your efforts so
that you have to learn to stand up for yourself. Your own sense of responsibility
provides balance that enables you to be the person you should be and to defuse any

Vertex Opposition Uranus

When other people or situations curb your freedom, you can rebel. Usually its more
productive to balance other people's needs with your own individuality. You come in
contact with new and exciting friends, and you would thoroughly enjoy a study of
astrology in groups.

Vertex Opposition Neptune

There may be a hidden side to your nature. Indecision and compassion are strong too.
Sometimes a touch of genius causes misunderstandings. You may attract people with
drug or alcohol problems, and it may take all your strength to avoid getting caught up
in this. Spiritual and artistic matters bring out the best of this energy.

Vertex Opposition Pluto

Some things that are no longer needed are purged from your life making way for other
experiences. You are expected to handle powerful opposition and power struggles to
bring about regeneration. Sexual feelings may meet opposition, or taxes and insurance
concerns may be forced on you. By taking the ethical high road, you may meet these

Vertex Opposition Ascendant

You have major lessons that usually involve another person. Some individual is likely to
have a very strong influence on you. This may be your spouse or anyone else who is
important to you.

Vertex Opposition Midheaven

Issues that arise with your family and in your home are intense and powerful, and you
can grow as a person by learning how to deal with these important relationships and