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United Nations Global Compact Principles

Principle 1: (Human Rights) Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally
proclaimed human rights
a) Companies can respect basic human rights and refrain from infringing upon them. This includes
refraining from using forced or child labor, fair wages, the right to life, the right to be treated equal, etc.
b) tarbuc!"s# tarbuc!"s states, $The tarbuc!s %ission includes the commitment to treat its
employees with respect and dignity, and to be a force for positi&e action in the community in which it
does business'. tarbuc!s respects the inherent dignity of all persons, and see!s to enable all
employees to do their best wor! by embracing and &aluing the unique combination of talents,
e(periences and perspecti&es of each employee.
Principle 4: ()abour) The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
a) Companies can as! employees to wor!, and respect the wishes of employees who say no. )abour
should be freely gi&en and employees should be free to lea&e in accordance with established rules.
b) Tim Hortons has a policy in place which states that $employment should be freely chosen and
wor!ers should be free to lea&e wor! or terminate their employment with reasonable notice'.
Principle 5: ()abour) The effecti&e abolition of child labour.
a) Companies can ensure that the employees they hire are legally old enough to wor! in the gi&en
country, as well as ensuring that the wor!ers are payed at least minimum wage.
b) ubway has a $*endor +mployment ,ractices Code of Conduct' in place which states that, $-o
person shall be employed at an age younger than ./ (or .0 where, consistent with 1nternational
)abor organi2ation practices for de&eloping countries, the law of the country allows such e(ception)'.
Principle 8: (+n&ironment) 3nderta!e initiati&es to promote greater en&ironmental responsibility
a) Businesses can wor! with suppliers to impro&e en&ironmental performance, e(tending responsibility
up the product chain and down the supply chain.
b) 4pple uses greener materials to ma!e their products, uses less pac!aging, attempts to reduce
unhealthy emissions from transportation methods, ensures that all their facilities are energy efficient,
and has set a goal to ma!e all of their stores, corporate offices, data centres, and all facilities run off of
.556 renewable energy in the near future (solar energy, wind energy, etc.)
Principle 10: (4nti7Corruption) Businesses should wor! against corruption in all its forms, including
e(tortion and bribery.
a) Businesses can put policies in place to discourage acts such as bribery or e(tortion. By ma!ing these
policies, as well as the punishments for brea!ing them, well !nown, employees will be less li!ely to
perform acts of corruption.
b) %icrosoft has a policy in place which states, $%icrosoft prohibits corruption of go&ernment officials
and the payment of bribes or !ic!bac!s of any !ind, whether in dealings with public officials or
indi&iduals in the pri&ate sector'.