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Nacionalistic Song- It would be music of a particular nation, and

the pride of that nation and about things that are specific to
that nation. Most national anthems are nationalistic music.
Ex.1.Ako Ay Pilipino
3.Handog Ng Pilipinas Sa Mundo
4.Bayan Ko
5.Isang Mundo Isang Awit

Love Song- A love song is a song about falling in love and the
feelings it brings, and/or about ones heartbreaking and how it
feels. Anthologies of love songs often contain a mixture of both
of these types of song. A bawdy song is both humorous and
saucy, emphasizing the physical pleasure of love rather than
the emotional joy.
Ex.1.All Night Lover
2.Youre On My Mind
3.Missing You
4.I Still Love You
5.In Your Wildest Dreams

Filipino Composers

Nicanor Abelardo- was a Filipino composer known for his Kundiman songs,
especially before the Second World War.

Francisco Santiago-was a Filipino musician, sometimes called The Father of
Kundiman Art Song.
Francisco Buencamino Sr.- is a Filipino composer who performed as concert
pianist during the American colonial period.
Antonio Molina-was a Filipino composer, conductor and music administrator who
was named a National Artist of the Philippines for his services to music.
Antonio Buenaventura-known as Colonel Antonio Buenaventura, was born on 4
May 1904 in Baliuag, Bulacan. He inherited his interest in music and military from
his father, Lucino Buenaventura. He was born to a family of musicians and actively
involved in the band.
Lucio San Pedro- was a Filipino composer and teacher.
He was born on February 11, 1913 in Angono, Rizal, the Philippines. He is known
in the Philippines as the composer of the popular lullaby Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (in
collaboration with Levi Celerio) and the symphonic poem Lahing Kayumanggi.
Rodolfo Cornejo-he first Filipino composer who received an honory degree from a
government recognized music school in the United States. He is also remarkable
for his pianistic and compositional know-how by extemporizing a piano
composition at the spur of the moment.
Julian Felipe-was the composer of the music of the Filipino national anthem,
formerly known as "Marcha Nacional Magdalo", now known as Lupang
Juan Nakpil-was a Filipino architect, teacher and a community leader. In 1973, he
was named one of the National Artists for architecture, and tapped as the Dean of
Filipino Architects.
Lucrecio Kasilog-was a Filipino composer, music educator, and National Artist for

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